State Dept. Was Looking for Answers


So I gave them some:

The most important pieces involve taming the military industrial complex and its incessant need for more contracts, etc. This is the biggest problem by far because once you set up a system where profit is dependent on unending problems and give that system nearly limitless power and secrecy in which to operate, the results are obvious: unending conflict. The second issue is closely related and that is getting media and intelligence back to proportion. Both have become politicized and cherry pick info rather than provide assessments related to reality. This results in public panic rather than realizing dying from lightning, or accident, is more likely than terrorism. Also related, end the spinoff programs related to MKULTRA that were used on, for example, Whitey Bulger and Ted Kaczynski, and maybe even the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan by CIA after they acquired the Russian acoustic psycho-correction system.

America creates most of its own monsters, so this boils down to looking in the mirror. Not something we’re likely to do, so just continue pretending.


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