BBD – The Downward Spy-ral

Yet another slo-mo train wreck as I watch friends deal with severe financial problems and am unable to help in any substantial fashion.

The lesson, it seems, from the Obama years, will be never help anyone, just always look out for yourself. Not surprising, I suppose, coming from Chicago and DC, but just so very much at odds with the rhetoric that it becomes difficult to imagine someone so very comfortable with speaking so eloquently on social justice and having his people incessantly engaging in every form of injustice imaginable. How did we get from what appeared to be a gust of fresh air when it began to the same only more pungent? How does one listen to fairy tales in addresses and deal with horror shows in the real world that seem so foreign from the former? A promise that if you try to make a difference, you will be crushed, pulverized, willingly and gleefully by the sociopathic system that gets advertised with labels like “patriotism” and “necessary”, “free market” and “progress.”

They want it all. And they’re gonna get it no matter who’s in charge.

So whatever you do, don’t care about anything or anyone because the political/corporate machine will destroy it. That’s the bipartisan lesson to us all.


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