BBD – Barf Imitates Sites

{Well not entirely, but y’know, headline pun junky.}

In June of 2009, while I was in the middle of attempting to get the first in a series of what I hoped would be a three-issue comic produced, an anti-abortion group picked up the same URL but with .org that I was using for the comic miniseries with .com. Wasn’t the first time something similar and odd occurred. In The Wisp I had a couple of Greenwich Village progressive activists using Boston Tea Party methods and memes…well before I had heard of the TP movement.

Now, the Squidgate juror has a website to sell her wares as I think I’ve noted before. Her URL, with very little tweaking, resolves to a cannabis seller’s site. Imagine the confusion among intellectually challenged nothing-to-do-but-prey-on-Americans intelligence/private prison system perveyors…or an “intelligent” computer system that can’t think for itself but makes spooks look busy so as to justify their bloated budgets and contracts.

Thought of the day: Compare and contrast the real-world ALEC, hidden from public view from the 1970s until the 2000s with the fictional, disinformational Illuminati conspiracy theory organization.


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