Why ‘False-Flag’ Lone Wolf is Obvious and Useful

Note: The purpose of this post is to describe why and to some extent how this phenomenon is being used as cover by organizations in order to prevent detection. I am not assessing the validity, legality, practicality, or value of surveillance of anyone. Rather, the point is that simply because the main factors associated with organizations don’t appear to exist does not mean that they don’t, merely that they are not in familiar forms.

The disadvantage to law enforcement and counter-terrorism in preventing so-called lone wolf terror acts and shootings, etc. is that they have none of the following:

• Leadership
• Membership
• Financing
• Communication

These are the attributes that allow law enforcement to detect terrorists and criminals in general when they operate in groups. When a crime is committed by a single person and they don’t communicate it to anyone else or have money to trace from suspicious sources beforehand, it becomes harder to detect and predict.

How much more difficult to prove leadership when the assailant is unaware that he has any? How much more complicated when he or she is unaware that the “bad luck” that they experienced, resulting in the irrational belief that the world is out to get them, was the result of covert psychological operations, harassment, misdirection, trickery, perhaps even the surreptitious administration of substances that can affect judgment and character as well as remote hypnotic suggestion such as is possible via the Frey effect and voice-to-skull or subliminally via other sound devices using the Russian acoustic psycho-correction? {For a classic case, see Lois Lang in the Shooters tab above.}

I have been wondering precisely how specific the ability to arrange events and make them seem other than they are is. Many times I have found myself in strange coincidences, at the same place at the same time as another person or event. I became a true believer in the ability to do that. The idea, then, that getting a person to a location at a given time seemed possible. Applications of that ability, it occurred to me, might include making sure an “undesirable” is on a particular doomed flight or in a café where a suicide bomber plans to detonate. Simple enough. You think you’re there for your own reasons and don’t realize that you and perhaps whoever invited and encouraged you to go there, be there may have had the idea planted in their heads. A bomb isn’t likely to miss, and a crashing airplane isn’t easy to survive.

But a few nights ago, I saw this:

Peter Stein, “Tributes pour in for journalist killed in Southeast Washington shooting,” Washington Post, 29 May 2015:


Charnice Milton had Asperger’s and a lifelong stutter that slowed her speech. She wasn’t the person you’d immediately expect asking the tough questions at community meetings or publicly challenging how local government officials spend their money.

But at 27, she was a contributing reporter for Capital Community News in the District and had already garnered a reputation for doing just that.

Milton was fatally shot Wednesday at 9:40 p.m. at Good Hope Road and Alabama Avenue SE while returning home from an assignment covering a community meeting in Eastern Market. Police say she was switching buses at the time and was not the intended victim.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said Thursday that a man on a dirt bike aiming at someone else shot her. McClenton said on his radio show that the intended target used Milton as a human shield.

And there you go. Doesn’t have to have so much collateral damage in order to take out one intended target. You just have to standing next to the wrong person at the wrong time.

You have an activist journalist out of the way of the powerful and the ability to stretch the truth and claim she was the cause of her own death by not being tougher on petty criminals instead of the ones in office, when in reality the opposite is true. And neither the shooter nor the intended target had any idea who she was. It’s an untraceable assassination without those four obvious, old methods of detection.

This is how they control the narrative. This is why we’re all losing to a criminal cabal called the Deep State.

BBD: General Analysis, pt. 3

Had hoped to have more to show as backup, but some of the events I’m going to detail below occurred before the electronic records age and so I am unable to find anything on the webs.

Before I get into the meat, it occurred to me today that there is an…

F} Limited Hangout. That is, by removing people who are retired and no longer involved in the projects and the off-spring projects, they protect those who are still involved. It’s kind of obvious, really. At the same time {recall the 3D chess analogy I’ve used from time to time: One move, multiple goals}, it might serve as an attempt at showing that some sort of justice has been dispensed for myself and/or those who suffered from events dating back to 1988 and 1989 or something. That is, “Here you go; we killed some folks responsible. We good now? You going to STFU about all this?”

You must please excuse me again for a moment.

Again, much of this is probably innocuous, unimportant. I’m sort of showing you how I work, giving you the raw story in lieu of something else like the Army accidentally shipping off deadly anthrax spores to various locations around the world. Duckduckgo it.

Right. 1980 or so. Freshman or Sophomore in High School Spanish class. Had a substitute teacher. Don’t recall her name. Said she had been a CIA analyst stationed in Germany. I don’t recall where but Stuttgart comes to mind for some reason.

I was, of course, curious. These are not things I’m proud of, but my heroes at the time or soon after were people like G. Gordon Liddy and Moishe Dayan. Complete Reaganite. This would all come crashing down and a serious re-assessment would occur a handful of years after.

At any rate, I had been considering a career in foreign service or the military. {When I later went to West Point between my junior and senior years, I asked one prof about Army intelligence, aka INSCOM or perhaps DIA. We never got into those kinds of details. He undoubtedly learned more about me than I about any of them.}

At the end of class, a fellow classmate popped a balloon on the way out the door. I don’t know what they teach on the Farm, but do know that even analysts who are direct-hires must go through that training and indoctrination. She seemed to jump out of her skin. So, yeah, I told her who it was and made my interest known.

As high school wound down, I was turned down for West Point. The next step down was Navy ROTC which I was likewise turned down for, or sort of dropped the desire for, I don’t recall. The former Navy man who sponsored me for that, a local doctor and successful by all accounts, later blew his own head off with a shotgun after the trophy wife left him.

The next step was going enlisted in the Marines. I didn’t get the specialty school I wanted {in fact, they offered me Interrogator instead with Spanish training and probable Mexico assignment} and I turned it down. Repeat with US Army.

Instead, I returned to school, switching universities.

Meanwhile, a close friend of mine started dating the guy who had popped the balloon who was behind bars. He had been caught along with an accomplice doing a break-in on a home and had shot a sheriff’s deputy in the face with a shotgun.

Yeah, there’s a lot of shotguns around here.

He didn’t kill the officer, but I gather besides being disfigured the deputy wound up being disabled. I once visited face-shooter on the inside with my friend. Interestingly, my friend tended to date cops after they split up.

At some point after his release from prison, face-shooter died in a hit-and-run. Apparently a notorious drunk with multiple DUIs was responsible. At least that’s the official story. And, really, don’t I have enough problems?

But the point. I think that that–1980 or so–was where it started. I think that was, one way or another–my uncle the ‘Nam vet, some other interest shown that raised a red flag, who knows–was where I got on CIA’s radar and not, heh-heh-hee, a few years before having been born.

And back to that for a moment. If there is anything odd about all that, it seems to have failed, no? Yeah, IQ well above average, but not surpagenius by any means. Not especially healthy, strong, or fast, but given my couch potato-ish life-style, perhaps again above average. Just not seeing the supersoldier stuff by any means.

I think overall this is an attempt to lose nothing and gain something. What do they care if a couple of old farts die? Not a whit. In fact, let’s review Flynn’s record a moment…

His accomplishments there included establishing a Total Quality Management Program, reducing unissuable materiel by $300 million, reducing contractors requiring special attention from 41 to 13, and increasing competitive procurements by more than 40 percent.

Christ, that practically carries a death-sentence today. Not eagerly supporting the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex? Not reversing those numbers and increasing the required number of contractors required? Not shoving so much money up the ass of…let’s say Senator Burr…for whatever kind of double-standard crap he gets up to in his down time. These are unforgivable sins in today’s USA.

Just ask Mark from Technodyne or Thomas Drake. Don’t ask the “military mafia” that has a stranglehold on the VA, who destroyed the career of Kernan Manion, the decorated drug lords who murder their own when they find out. If it doesn’t make some rich asshole richer or more powerful at the expense of the American people, it is considered sin.

How much more backwards and upside-down can things get?

BBD: General Analysis, pt. 2

Continuing basic notes in case I need to refer to them later.

First order of business is to get a few things out of my system. Excuse me for a moment.

“MKULTRA rubber baby buggy bumpers.”

There. I feel better. Now for a pop culture reference.


Unless / until they show Mengele was living in Alaska circa 1964 in the employ of the Army and/or CIA as other Nazi scientists did at Fort Detrick, cue fits of laughter.

But then… Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Prior to leaving the Army and Alaska, my parents attempted to have their first child. That child, a boy, was stillborn.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I share genetic makeup from both of my parents.

Back to Flynn. Is this a sign, along with Barry’s passing, that something is being rolled up? What are the possibilities here?

We are generally used to thinking in a binary fashion about things. “Did Oswald act alone?” “Was 9/11 an inside job, or is the basic government explanation true?” “Are carrots a vegetable or a root?” “Right or wrong?” “Good or bad?” We’re busy people, so give us quick, short answers so we don’t have to think about it.

The idea that there are gray areas or third options that fit the facts doesn’t much occur to us.

Here’s a list.

1} Both deaths were coincidence as were the curious dates. In so far as old warriors can choose when to let go, they chose dates with significance on their own. After all, look at Mark Twain’s DOB and DOD.

2} The men, both aged, were already ailing and someone manipulated the dates upon which they expired. Sort of like giving them a little push or helped them to hang on longer in order to send some kind of message.

3} Either or both men may have lived to be 100 and were murdered in order to send a message.

Were it not for a preponderance of other strange occurrences, I would, of course, embrace item 1, as would most people. Because I accept that there was/is certainly something bizarre going on and that it is related to those things I’ve written about here and in Wicked Game, I must reject it.

If you find items 2 and/or 3 childish, silly, nonsensical to a degree, petty, unnecessary, over-the-top and/or insane, congratulations: You have taken your first step towards understanding why radical intelligence community reform is vital to preserving pretty much any damn thing you want to preserve.

Assuming that 2 or 3 or similar are true, what are the possible messages being sent?

A} As always, as listed as the very first item of the 5 May 1955 draft CIA MKULTRA goals memo lists, it is to undermine credibility. Merely suggesting 2 and 3 are possible will roll the eyes of a person who gets their ideas about what the intelligence community does and why from fictional TV and movies or often equally fictitious mainstream American Pravda media news. It would also bring forth kneejerk reactions from authoritarians and those who have a financial stake in having a broken intelligence community, and those people are many. They typically align well with the same kinds of people who have been consistently wrong about Iraq, Afghanistan, and so many other issues and yet the proof that they either have no idea what they are talking about or are liars hasn’t cost a single one in this country their ability to find a major paper or TV station to provide them the opportunity to continue to be wrong. Say what you will about the UK’s scary big-brothery attitudes, but at least Tony Blair lost re-election for claiming invading Afghanistan was to reduce heroin production and the trend going far in the opposite direction.

Further, this forces me to examine events prior to where I believe this stuff began. More on that in the next part.

B} Whatever you do, don’t help me. If you even have the potential to reveal something about these old, clearly illegal programs, then we will whack you before you even get asked a question.

C} To send me a message, to try to teach me a lesson about exposing illegalities on the part of CIA: That they can and will murder people to avoid or partially avoid that exposure.

D} FBI is just that pissed off about how that old 1954 agreement between DoJ and CIA…

Incredibly, when the subject of possible federal prosecutions of CIA officials for capital crimes and felonies, such as murder and drug trafficking, came up in their discussion, Houston informed Rumsfeld and Cheney that there was little cause for concern.

Explained the Agency’s General Counsel, since early 1954, following the death of Army biochemist Frank Olson, a secret agreement between the CIA and the U.S. Department of Justice had been put in place whereby the violation of “criminal statutes” by CIA personnel would not result in Department of Justice prosecutions, if “highly classified and complex covert operations” were threatened with exposure. The agreement had been struck between Houston and Deputy Attorney General William P. Rogers in February 1954, not long after Frank Olson’s death, and still remained solidly in place.

Jeffrey Kaye and HP Albarelli Jr, ” Cries From the Past: Torture’s Ugly Echoes,” Truth-Out, 23 May 2010:


…that they did it due to conflicts between the goals of the two agencies.

E} A third option where it gets even murkier where CIA did and is trying to make it look like FBI did it or involvement of yet some other agency. From here, iterations lack payoff for going there. It’s the proverbial rabbithole.

So, if I wasn’t born to this and this is just a rabbithole, when did I first bump elbows with the Central Intelligence Agency? That’s a funny story.

To be continued…

BBD: General Analysis, pt. 1

This is more of a thinking out loud post. I’m getting it down while it’s fresh and put down a few ideas until a better one comes along.

As one might guess from the previous post, I’m doing a little further research about the past. Very recently, I decided to inquire about my dad’s military service when the opportunity presented itself. Earlier today it did.

He offered up an anecdote regarding his Army stint in Alaska. Though I still think things began much later than my birth, and this is the general era in question, I would of course look at alternate theories if only to reject them later in a fit of laughter. Not really seeing “MKULTRA baby” as being at all likely or probable.

In reference to things like the ’89-’90 training exercises with interns and actors as practice targets, there is typically some semblance of legality. That is, internally, I would expect Langley lawyers legal-weasel-lied in order to somehow justify the unjustifiable. I have doubts that that is the case anymore and legal justifications come long after programs begin. We’ve seen that possibly with the drone aka targeted assassination program. That is, there were drone strikes done under a process that wasn’t made official until several months later, and, by the way, referred to UK and Israeli law.

But back in the late 80’s there would likely have been some legal justification for, for example, ruining the lives of those three actresses by whichever means were used to emulate other illnesses. When, how, where did any of us give consent for this?

As noted in Wicked Game, there was at least one intern who has ties to CIA. Having spoken to several “targeted individuals” in the “organized stalking” subculture, I’ve seen that more than a few are military kids. What does it mean? I don’t know. If you’re born on base {I wasn’t, though conceived before my dad’s enlistment was up}, is there some rider or waiver signed by the enlisted parent in those massive stacks of paper one goes through in order to serve?

Anyway, Dad mentioned it. About a month ago, he started looking for his former C.O. Then Captain William Sheridan Flynn had risen through the ranks and at the time of his retirement in 1992, was a Lieutenant General.


Flynn served in Alaska from 1959 until, from what we can tell, 1978. The “ordinance” in question were the old warheads that used to be there, Nike Hercules, or whatever they were called.

Captain Flynn used Dad to… improve results, I am told. For example, when there was some test that the entire company was to take, he’d send Dad to find out what it was like in order to prepare the rest of the company for it.

He also provided his jeep and driver so Dad could pick up Mom when she came to Alaska to join him.

At any rate, Dad started trying to find out where it was that Flynn had retired to but hadn’t had any luck. He mentioned it to me, so I took a stab at it.

Flynn died. Yesterday.


Patch Newport, Rhode Island. On Memorial Day, no less. Perhaps trumping Paul Barry’s 9/11.

To be continued…

BBD: RIP Paul Barry, ? – 9/11/14

Paul Barry was the founder of and for a number of years producer, director and actor at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Folks who have read even portions of Wicked Game would know that this was where a few odd occurrences transpired in 1988-1990, that it was partially funded by former CIA director Richard M. Bissell’s Gerald R. Ford Foundation *, and what I believe was actually happening there. That is, they were using it as some kind of training ground for field operatives for psychological operations not unlike what happened under COINTELPRO.

Paul had begun a promising career with the New York Shakespeare Festival {now often known as Shakespeare in the Park} working with the likes of James Earl Jones, Roy Scheider, Laurence Luckinbill and other later-to-be movie, tv, and Broadway actors. The NYSF kind of began by touring schools and doing other performances of Romeo & Juliet. Paul played Tybalt to Scheider’s Mercutio. Luckinbill wasn’t there for long, but was cast as Romeo.

At some point, Paul split off from Joseph Papp and went his own way one state over.

Before Paul was removed as festival director in 1990, he had completed productions of the entire Shakespeare canon at the festival with King John being the final play to achieve that.

Paul’s IMDB entry. As you can see, it doesn’t list his date of birth, merely date of death. What prompted my search for his entry, and subsequent discovery that he died on September 11th, 2014, was the mention of Iwo Jima. Paul had said one morning in 1990 that he was there for the battle during WWII as a marine. I think he was a few years too young to have been there for that and was perhaps letting his imagination run a little rampant that morning, perhaps to explain his sometimes gruff demeanor. In any case, difficult to determine without a birthdate.

* And with all my talk of Ford Foundation, I see that the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation is a current donor. I think that I got that part wrong. Much editing to do. Damn…

The question remains, I suppose. Did Paul know that government funds were coming into the Festival for these purposes? Hard to say. People working under secret research programs often did not know that the ultimate source of funding was CIA. Some guessed, figured it out. I don’t see any reason why Paul would have had to know. Now, I won’t ever be able to ask him.

But I’m guessing FBI knows. For all the good that ever does anyone:

Bethany Horne, “The Case Against Matt DeHart,” Newsweek, 20 May 2015:


After doing a full run-up, the ER doctors concluded DeHart had suffered an acute psychotic break, “most consistent with drug-induced psychosis such as secondary to amphetamines, cocaine or other stimulants.” But DeHart denied ever willingly taking drugs, and he had been in the custody of law enforcement for 16 hours before his trip to the hospital. No matter. The ER tended to DeHart for four hours and then handed him back to the guards, who shuttled him back to jail.

He thinks he accidentally saw something he wasn’t supposed to see, something that would embarrass the FBI and the CIA, and expose a serious rift between the two law enforcement agencies regarding one of the most sensational and controversial crimes of the post-9/11 war on terror.

4-For-1 Stock Split for Your Thoughts

BBC, “Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents,” 7 May 2015:


Matt Wall, of the Centre for Imaging Science, at Hammersmith Hospital, said: “There probably are some decent companies doing work in that space, but there are a massive number of neuro-marketing companies that have sprung up in the last few years.

“Because of the wide availability and low-cost of the EEG hardware these days, they all seek to define their [unique selling point] and intellectual property (ie patents) based on their fancy analysis techniques and claim to measure things like ‘engagement’ or ‘interest’ from EEG signals.

“Any EEG researcher knows this is absolute rubbish, but they do succeed in producing fancy sciencey-looking graphs and results that appear convincing enough for the marketing people they’re selling it to.”

So mostly marketing bubble bullshit.



Mostly BS. Headline below is not really indicative of the article contents.

NBC News, “BRAIN Initiative: Scientists Control Mouse Behavior With On-Off Switch,” 30 April 2015:


The technique used to control neurons is called DREADDs (designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs). Brain neurons are genetically engineered to produce a custom-made — “designer” — receptor. When the receptor gathers in a manmade molecule that fits like a key in a lock, the neuron is activated. Because the receptor does not respond to other molecules, including natural ones in the brain, the only way to activate the neurons is via the manmade one. DREADDs allow scientists to manipulate neurons without implanting anything in the brain. DREADDs, invented about a decade ago, had been used to turn neurons on or off, but not both. DREADDs 2.0 are the first to do that, scientists led by Bryan Roth of the University of North Carolina reported in the journal Neuron.

The article touts mental health as the focus, but of course medical purposes is old-hat cover for military and intelligence uses such as found in the Church/Tower hearings on a fish toxin which CIA decided was biological when told to destroy stockpiles of chemical weapons and chemical when told to destroy stockpiles of biological weapons and then switched to enough to assassinate an army as being for ‘medical research.’ Much of MKULTRA was performed at universities and hospitals under much the same guise.

In this case, you can expect your multinational and Top Secret America {aka, the Deep State, the Double Government} overlords to require accepting DREADD-locks as a condition of employment. * Do right by the company? Be rewarded with cheaply initiated euphoria beyond your wildest drug, sex, and rock’n’roll dreams. Tick off your employer and find yourself unable to think of anything but self-destruction. Neurobiological Heaven and Hell brought to you by the Central Intelligence Agency and its longstanding fondness for all things Nazi. It’s Huxley and Orwell combined for you, you Pavlov working dog, you.

Sarah Knapton, “Mind-reading device invented by scientists to eavesdrop on ‘inner voice’; Scientists at the University of California were able to pick up several words that subjects thought using a new mind-reading device,” The Telegraph, 30 October 2014:


The reseachers [sic] also tested the decode and algorithm with Pink Floyd sons [sic] to see which neurons respond to different musical notes.

And I thought I was bad with the typos.

I’ll say the same thing about this that I said about surveillance: They aren’t really so concerned with what is in your head as what they can put in there. Surveillance and mind-reading are not nearly so disturbing as mind-writing, behavioral modification, brainwashing, brainhacking. The former can lead to the other, as peeping in windows can lead to rape. The former, brain-reading, is creepy, intrusive, and short-term disturbing; whereas the latter, brain-writing, is traumatic, can make profound changes in the target, and is an act of violence upon the individual. Deep State regularly engages in both.

Just a matter of time. Tick. Tock.

* The kind of thing you’ll find especially in Peter Watts’ 2nd book in the Rifter’s Trilogy, Maelstrom {2001}.

Not Committed In Secret

Mentioned NCIS before for its daring in mentioning ECHELON. I’m not a regular watcher. In fact, I’m not a regular watcher of anything.

But I happened to catch this one:

CBS, NCIS, “Psych Out,” Season 9, Episode 12


The info spewed was coming so quickly that I missed some of it. What surprised me was how much stuff there was similar to some I’ve been suggesting has been happening domestically and just how little of it gets mentioned anywhere else I can think of. INFOOPS, PSYOPS, and most especially using drugs to drive people to suicide.

Doing this in reverse order–that is I suggest you watch The Internet’s Own Boy before you watch the episode above–you’ll find that the MSM narrative that Swartz was simply trying to get stuff behind a paywall into the hands of the people to be a little shallow and missing an important piece. He likely was trying to do that, but his previous similar effort with PACER revealed statistically that court decisions were increasingly becoming more and more in favor of multinational corporations and weakening protections for the average citizen. That is, it’s not just the Executive branches and Legislative branches of governments on all levels who have succumbed to special interests like ALEC and the Deep State. It is also the Judicial and Citizen’s United is merely a latecomer to a longer term trend.

That is motive. The episode above explains in some detail, including at least one drug mentioned by name, potential weapon. Recall again that one must now also consider what the Army said via FOIA about specific microwave modalities and low energy field exposure being analogous to drug administration. Possible to disrupt the body’s own natural neurochemical state from a distance and tracelessly? Apparently, yes. *

May as well mention Gary Webb while we’re at it. And three others here.

* And speaking of…

It has been found that exposure of the animals to one modality of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy substantially decreases aggressive behavior during exposure. However, the opposite effects of microwaves, in increasing the mobility and aggression of animals, has also been shown for a different exposure modality.

…just have to wonder if someone didn’t have a bit of “fun” in Waco recently.

Jon Herskovitz, “Waco police say 170 people arrested for deadly Texas shooting,” Reuters, 18 May 2015:


Waco police said on Monday they have arrested and are booking 170 people in the wake of a deadly shooting between rival motorcycle gangs in a restaurant in the central Texas city.

The figure is revised down from 192 that had been given by police earlier on Monday.

Over a parking spot.

Coincidentally, of course, this is the town where the Branch Davidian showdown was as I made reference to in Inthrallis less than a month ago.