Additional Details on CIA Victim Stanley Milton Glickman

Recalling the passage from A Terrible Mistake, here…

Jack Kilpatrick, “Another CIA LSD Test Revealed – Another Life Destroyed,” Deseret News, 1 January 2001:

The legal questions offered to the Supreme Court in Kronisch vs. U.S. may be dishwater dull. The underlying story is something else. This is a case haunted by the ghosts of a time gone by.

The time was October 1952; the place was the Cafe Select in Paris.

Stanley Milton Glickman, a promising young artist, had been drawn to the cafe by an acquaintance who wanted him to meet some American friends. For several hours they engaged in contentious debate on political issues. U.S. Circuit Judge Jose A. Cabranes tells the story: “As Glickman prepared to leave, one of the men offered Glickman a drink as a conciliatory gesture. Rather than call over the waiter, the man walked to the bar to get the drink, at which point Glickman observed that he had a clubfoot. Halfway through the drink, Glickman ‘began to experience a lengthening of distance and a distortion of perception,’ and he observed that ‘the faces of the gentlemen flushed with excitement as they watched the execution of the drink.’

Clubfoot? Was this Sidney Gottlieb himself?

Rather than ask the waiter, the man himself went to the bar and brought drinks back to the table. Glickman noticed he had a club foot.

Thirty years later he learned this was a physical characteristic of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who headed the chemical division of the technical services staff with the Central Intelligence Agency.



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