Nothing to See Here {Updated x2}

15 May 17:40 update. NBC reports another Amtrak train that left same station had windshield shattered by projectile and it is suspicion of NTSB was something happened to one that derailed. Engineer reports memory loss after leaving station.

13 May 12:35 update. At least 6 dead, one an AP video tech. And Congress about to vote on yanking a large chunk of Amtrak’s funding.

Y’know, a busy twitter day, largely dealing with the question of Seymour Hersh’s credibility and whether or not what he suggests is conspiracy. Never mind that exactly what the government described, tracking couriers and torture, is likewise conspiracy. More and more outlets, including NBC News, have supported at least portions of Hersh’s version of events.

And then the crashed hopes for a quiet evening. Been doing some updates to Wicked Game, mostly adding footnotes, chapters 4 and 6, correcting some grammar, and removing some contorted language, chapter 16, I think. I even inserted Holmes into the Loughner paragraph. You know, how that might have been about intimidating FICO into STFUpping about LIBOR and all its myriad implications about the top banks and the worth of what they say and decide. And how scrutiny of the Treasury and the Fed would be the natural result of learning about UK’s scandal. We’re talking some very serious money to some very serious financial top dogs. A few deaths to control the narrative is really no different than sending someone else’s kids to war if you have no conscience to start with.

And then this.


Who is Janelle Richards, you ask?


To be honest, I sometimes have trouble believing they did things like this largely because there don’t seem to be any negative consequences to being a shitbag in the direct or indirect employ of the military industrial complex to begin with. Really, if anything, there’s usually a reward.

But then logic and reason were never really the driving force last time we went through this.


Having been through traumatic experiences myself, I can tell you that the irrational “What did I do to deserve this?” is part of that process. I haven’t much written about the hours and days wasted searching my soul for an answer of guilt because there wasn’t one. It was in fact that that lead me to the conclusions in Wicked Game, that this was about someone else’s crime with me as scapegoat.

So, no matter how rational people at NBC are, they will make some connection if only internally, if only unconsciously. It is human nature to try to figure out how to better survive, part of evolution.

Once you reject the divine and pure accident/bad luck, what remains? This is what they mean by chilling effect. Emotional contagion, cognitive infiltration will happen. It’s a meme infection; a disease of lie-by-covert-op-example; a PSYOP.

I got nothing.


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