BBD – Robber Barons {Updated}

17 May 18:20 update: And, of course, Ye Olde Nail in Tire.

I’ve moved. I am temporarily with the parents to help them get ready to sell their home and move elsewhere.

Knowing full well how the crooked Deep State spooks think, I had planned to tell give them one…just one…piece of advice how to avoid having their home equity stolen out from under them.

Just. One.

And of course it turns out that my piece of advice is a year-and-a-half too late. Once again I am held hostage, forced to watch a train wreck that has, in my mind anyway, already derailed. Yeah, I know, that’s not the best analogy right now.

I won’t be going into more details until this unfolds further. It’s just amazing that, given I thought to myself there are probably dozens of ways for the US government and its private partners to steal my parents’ home, it was the one I was going to use as example that that they are going to use. Downright amazing. Downright ridiculous. Downright predictable when all there is is a criminal cabal and the thugs who protect it.

AND the power just went out. *

In any case, the US government/Wall Street effort to expand the terror market from Muslims to gays, while siphoning off all of the Middle Class wealth at the same time, is ongoing. More when the derailment begins in real time.

* Otherwise this would have been up hours ago.



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