4-For-1 Stock Split for Your Thoughts

BBC, “Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents,” 7 May 2015:


Matt Wall, of the Centre for Imaging Science, at Hammersmith Hospital, said: “There probably are some decent companies doing work in that space, but there are a massive number of neuro-marketing companies that have sprung up in the last few years.

“Because of the wide availability and low-cost of the EEG hardware these days, they all seek to define their [unique selling point] and intellectual property (ie patents) based on their fancy analysis techniques and claim to measure things like ‘engagement’ or ‘interest’ from EEG signals.

“Any EEG researcher knows this is absolute rubbish, but they do succeed in producing fancy sciencey-looking graphs and results that appear convincing enough for the marketing people they’re selling it to.”

So mostly marketing bubble bullshit.



Mostly BS. Headline below is not really indicative of the article contents.

NBC News, “BRAIN Initiative: Scientists Control Mouse Behavior With On-Off Switch,” 30 April 2015:


The technique used to control neurons is called DREADDs (designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs). Brain neurons are genetically engineered to produce a custom-made — “designer” — receptor. When the receptor gathers in a manmade molecule that fits like a key in a lock, the neuron is activated. Because the receptor does not respond to other molecules, including natural ones in the brain, the only way to activate the neurons is via the manmade one. DREADDs allow scientists to manipulate neurons without implanting anything in the brain. DREADDs, invented about a decade ago, had been used to turn neurons on or off, but not both. DREADDs 2.0 are the first to do that, scientists led by Bryan Roth of the University of North Carolina reported in the journal Neuron.

The article touts mental health as the focus, but of course medical purposes is old-hat cover for military and intelligence uses such as found in the Church/Tower hearings on a fish toxin which CIA decided was biological when told to destroy stockpiles of chemical weapons and chemical when told to destroy stockpiles of biological weapons and then switched to enough to assassinate an army as being for ‘medical research.’ Much of MKULTRA was performed at universities and hospitals under much the same guise.

In this case, you can expect your multinational and Top Secret America {aka, the Deep State, the Double Government} overlords to require accepting DREADD-locks as a condition of employment. * Do right by the company? Be rewarded with cheaply initiated euphoria beyond your wildest drug, sex, and rock’n’roll dreams. Tick off your employer and find yourself unable to think of anything but self-destruction. Neurobiological Heaven and Hell brought to you by the Central Intelligence Agency and its longstanding fondness for all things Nazi. It’s Huxley and Orwell combined for you, you Pavlov working dog, you.

Sarah Knapton, “Mind-reading device invented by scientists to eavesdrop on ‘inner voice’; Scientists at the University of California were able to pick up several words that subjects thought using a new mind-reading device,” The Telegraph, 30 October 2014:


The reseachers [sic] also tested the decode and algorithm with Pink Floyd sons [sic] to see which neurons respond to different musical notes.

And I thought I was bad with the typos.

I’ll say the same thing about this that I said about surveillance: They aren’t really so concerned with what is in your head as what they can put in there. Surveillance and mind-reading are not nearly so disturbing as mind-writing, behavioral modification, brainwashing, brainhacking. The former can lead to the other, as peeping in windows can lead to rape. The former, brain-reading, is creepy, intrusive, and short-term disturbing; whereas the latter, brain-writing, is traumatic, can make profound changes in the target, and is an act of violence upon the individual. Deep State regularly engages in both.

Just a matter of time. Tick. Tock.

* The kind of thing you’ll find especially in Peter Watts’ 2nd book in the Rifter’s Trilogy, Maelstrom {2001}.


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