BBD: General Analysis, pt. 1

This is more of a thinking out loud post. I’m getting it down while it’s fresh and put down a few ideas until a better one comes along.

As one might guess from the previous post, I’m doing a little further research about the past. Very recently, I decided to inquire about my dad’s military service when the opportunity presented itself. Earlier today it did.

He offered up an anecdote regarding his Army stint in Alaska. Though I still think things began much later than my birth, and this is the general era in question, I would of course look at alternate theories if only to reject them later in a fit of laughter. Not really seeing “MKULTRA baby” as being at all likely or probable.

In reference to things like the ’89-’90 training exercises with interns and actors as practice targets, there is typically some semblance of legality. That is, internally, I would expect Langley lawyers legal-weasel-lied in order to somehow justify the unjustifiable. I have doubts that that is the case anymore and legal justifications come long after programs begin. We’ve seen that possibly with the drone aka targeted assassination program. That is, there were drone strikes done under a process that wasn’t made official until several months later, and, by the way, referred to UK and Israeli law.

But back in the late 80’s there would likely have been some legal justification for, for example, ruining the lives of those three actresses by whichever means were used to emulate other illnesses. When, how, where did any of us give consent for this?

As noted in Wicked Game, there was at least one intern who has ties to CIA. Having spoken to several “targeted individuals” in the “organized stalking” subculture, I’ve seen that more than a few are military kids. What does it mean? I don’t know. If you’re born on base {I wasn’t, though conceived before my dad’s enlistment was up}, is there some rider or waiver signed by the enlisted parent in those massive stacks of paper one goes through in order to serve?

Anyway, Dad mentioned it. About a month ago, he started looking for his former C.O. Then Captain William Sheridan Flynn had risen through the ranks and at the time of his retirement in 1992, was a Lieutenant General.

Flynn served in Alaska from 1959 until, from what we can tell, 1978. The “ordinance” in question were the old warheads that used to be there, Nike Hercules, or whatever they were called.

Captain Flynn used Dad to… improve results, I am told. For example, when there was some test that the entire company was to take, he’d send Dad to find out what it was like in order to prepare the rest of the company for it.

He also provided his jeep and driver so Dad could pick up Mom when she came to Alaska to join him.

At any rate, Dad started trying to find out where it was that Flynn had retired to but hadn’t had any luck. He mentioned it to me, so I took a stab at it.

Flynn died. Yesterday.

Patch Newport, Rhode Island. On Memorial Day, no less. Perhaps trumping Paul Barry’s 9/11.

To be continued…


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