BBD: General Analysis, pt. 2

Continuing basic notes in case I need to refer to them later.

First order of business is to get a few things out of my system. Excuse me for a moment.

“MKULTRA rubber baby buggy bumpers.”

There. I feel better. Now for a pop culture reference.


Unless / until they show Mengele was living in Alaska circa 1964 in the employ of the Army and/or CIA as other Nazi scientists did at Fort Detrick, cue fits of laughter.

But then… Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Prior to leaving the Army and Alaska, my parents attempted to have their first child. That child, a boy, was stillborn.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I share genetic makeup from both of my parents.

Back to Flynn. Is this a sign, along with Barry’s passing, that something is being rolled up? What are the possibilities here?

We are generally used to thinking in a binary fashion about things. “Did Oswald act alone?” “Was 9/11 an inside job, or is the basic government explanation true?” “Are carrots a vegetable or a root?” “Right or wrong?” “Good or bad?” We’re busy people, so give us quick, short answers so we don’t have to think about it.

The idea that there are gray areas or third options that fit the facts doesn’t much occur to us.

Here’s a list.

1} Both deaths were coincidence as were the curious dates. In so far as old warriors can choose when to let go, they chose dates with significance on their own. After all, look at Mark Twain’s DOB and DOD.

2} The men, both aged, were already ailing and someone manipulated the dates upon which they expired. Sort of like giving them a little push or helped them to hang on longer in order to send some kind of message.

3} Either or both men may have lived to be 100 and were murdered in order to send a message.

Were it not for a preponderance of other strange occurrences, I would, of course, embrace item 1, as would most people. Because I accept that there was/is certainly something bizarre going on and that it is related to those things I’ve written about here and in Wicked Game, I must reject it.

If you find items 2 and/or 3 childish, silly, nonsensical to a degree, petty, unnecessary, over-the-top and/or insane, congratulations: You have taken your first step towards understanding why radical intelligence community reform is vital to preserving pretty much any damn thing you want to preserve.

Assuming that 2 or 3 or similar are true, what are the possible messages being sent?

A} As always, as listed as the very first item of the 5 May 1955 draft CIA MKULTRA goals memo lists, it is to undermine credibility. Merely suggesting 2 and 3 are possible will roll the eyes of a person who gets their ideas about what the intelligence community does and why from fictional TV and movies or often equally fictitious mainstream American Pravda media news. It would also bring forth kneejerk reactions from authoritarians and those who have a financial stake in having a broken intelligence community, and those people are many. They typically align well with the same kinds of people who have been consistently wrong about Iraq, Afghanistan, and so many other issues and yet the proof that they either have no idea what they are talking about or are liars hasn’t cost a single one in this country their ability to find a major paper or TV station to provide them the opportunity to continue to be wrong. Say what you will about the UK’s scary big-brothery attitudes, but at least Tony Blair lost re-election for claiming invading Afghanistan was to reduce heroin production and the trend going far in the opposite direction.

Further, this forces me to examine events prior to where I believe this stuff began. More on that in the next part.

B} Whatever you do, don’t help me. If you even have the potential to reveal something about these old, clearly illegal programs, then we will whack you before you even get asked a question.

C} To send me a message, to try to teach me a lesson about exposing illegalities on the part of CIA: That they can and will murder people to avoid or partially avoid that exposure.

D} FBI is just that pissed off about how that old 1954 agreement between DoJ and CIA…

Incredibly, when the subject of possible federal prosecutions of CIA officials for capital crimes and felonies, such as murder and drug trafficking, came up in their discussion, Houston informed Rumsfeld and Cheney that there was little cause for concern.

Explained the Agency’s General Counsel, since early 1954, following the death of Army biochemist Frank Olson, a secret agreement between the CIA and the U.S. Department of Justice had been put in place whereby the violation of “criminal statutes” by CIA personnel would not result in Department of Justice prosecutions, if “highly classified and complex covert operations” were threatened with exposure. The agreement had been struck between Houston and Deputy Attorney General William P. Rogers in February 1954, not long after Frank Olson’s death, and still remained solidly in place.

Jeffrey Kaye and HP Albarelli Jr, ” Cries From the Past: Torture’s Ugly Echoes,” Truth-Out, 23 May 2010:

…that they did it due to conflicts between the goals of the two agencies.

E} A third option where it gets even murkier where CIA did and is trying to make it look like FBI did it or involvement of yet some other agency. From here, iterations lack payoff for going there. It’s the proverbial rabbithole.

So, if I wasn’t born to this and this is just a rabbithole, when did I first bump elbows with the Central Intelligence Agency? That’s a funny story.

To be continued…


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