BBD: General Analysis, pt. 3

Had hoped to have more to show as backup, but some of the events I’m going to detail below occurred before the electronic records age and so I am unable to find anything on the webs.

Before I get into the meat, it occurred to me today that there is an…

F} Limited Hangout. That is, by removing people who are retired and no longer involved in the projects and the off-spring projects, they protect those who are still involved. It’s kind of obvious, really. At the same time {recall the 3D chess analogy I’ve used from time to time: One move, multiple goals}, it might serve as an attempt at showing that some sort of justice has been dispensed for myself and/or those who suffered from events dating back to 1988 and 1989 or something. That is, “Here you go; we killed some folks responsible. We good now? You going to STFU about all this?”

You must please excuse me again for a moment.

Again, much of this is probably innocuous, unimportant. I’m sort of showing you how I work, giving you the raw story in lieu of something else like the Army accidentally shipping off deadly anthrax spores to various locations around the world. Duckduckgo it.

Right. 1980 or so. Freshman or Sophomore in High School Spanish class. Had a substitute teacher. Don’t recall her name. Said she had been a CIA analyst stationed in Germany. I don’t recall where but Stuttgart comes to mind for some reason.

I was, of course, curious. These are not things I’m proud of, but my heroes at the time or soon after were people like G. Gordon Liddy and Moishe Dayan. Complete Reaganite. This would all come crashing down and a serious re-assessment would occur a handful of years after.

At any rate, I had been considering a career in foreign service or the military. {When I later went to West Point between my junior and senior years, I asked one prof about Army intelligence, aka INSCOM or perhaps DIA. We never got into those kinds of details. He undoubtedly learned more about me than I about any of them.}

At the end of class, a fellow classmate popped a balloon on the way out the door. I don’t know what they teach on the Farm, but do know that even analysts who are direct-hires must go through that training and indoctrination. She seemed to jump out of her skin. So, yeah, I told her who it was and made my interest known.

As high school wound down, I was turned down for West Point. The next step down was Navy ROTC which I was likewise turned down for, or sort of dropped the desire for, I don’t recall. The former Navy man who sponsored me for that, a local doctor and successful by all accounts, later blew his own head off with a shotgun after the trophy wife left him.

The next step was going enlisted in the Marines. I didn’t get the specialty school I wanted {in fact, they offered me Interrogator instead with Spanish training and probable Mexico assignment} and I turned it down. Repeat with US Army.

Instead, I returned to school, switching universities.

Meanwhile, a close friend of mine started dating the guy who had popped the balloon who was behind bars. He had been caught along with an accomplice doing a break-in on a home and had shot a sheriff’s deputy in the face with a shotgun.

Yeah, there’s a lot of shotguns around here.

He didn’t kill the officer, but I gather besides being disfigured the deputy wound up being disabled. I once visited face-shooter on the inside with my friend. Interestingly, my friend tended to date cops after they split up.

At some point after his release from prison, face-shooter died in a hit-and-run. Apparently a notorious drunk with multiple DUIs was responsible. At least that’s the official story. And, really, don’t I have enough problems?

But the point. I think that that–1980 or so–was where it started. I think that was, one way or another–my uncle the ‘Nam vet, some other interest shown that raised a red flag, who knows–was where I got on CIA’s radar and not, heh-heh-hee, a few years before having been born.

And back to that for a moment. If there is anything odd about all that, it seems to have failed, no? Yeah, IQ well above average, but not surpagenius by any means. Not especially healthy, strong, or fast, but given my couch potato-ish life-style, perhaps again above average. Just not seeing the supersoldier stuff by any means.

I think overall this is an attempt to lose nothing and gain something. What do they care if a couple of old farts die? Not a whit. In fact, let’s review Flynn’s record a moment…

His accomplishments there included establishing a Total Quality Management Program, reducing unissuable materiel by $300 million, reducing contractors requiring special attention from 41 to 13, and increasing competitive procurements by more than 40 percent.

Christ, that practically carries a death-sentence today. Not eagerly supporting the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex? Not reversing those numbers and increasing the required number of contractors required? Not shoving so much money up the ass of…let’s say Senator Burr…for whatever kind of double-standard crap he gets up to in his down time. These are unforgivable sins in today’s USA.

Just ask Mark from Technodyne or Thomas Drake. Don’t ask the “military mafia” that has a stranglehold on the VA, who destroyed the career of Kernan Manion, the decorated drug lords who murder their own when they find out. If it doesn’t make some rich asshole richer or more powerful at the expense of the American people, it is considered sin.

How much more backwards and upside-down can things get?


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