Let’s Make a Suicide Bomber

…or “lone wolf” shooter. The way that the Bush and Obama administrations did/do it. Similat to he way NATO did when it took control of pretty much every terrorist  organization after WWII.

Jeff Kaye, “Gladio: A Conspiracy So Big That It Demands Your Attention {Take That Cass Sunstein!},” Public Record, 4 April 2010:


Though you might find similar techniques used by FBI informants in their sting operations for money, that typically–so far as we know thus far–requires the direct involvement of the informant as charismatic “cult leader.” What I’m referring to here is a “hands off” approach in which the target is mostly unaware of human involvement in his or her decision-making process.

The thing you have to do, perhaps after an initial period of using both positive and negative PSYOPs and other reinforcement/punishment methods {see, for example, item 11 of the 1955 draft MKULTRA memo linked at top}, is to concentrate solely on negative punishment. This is required so that the covert organization can get the target to the point that he or she buys into the notion that living is no longer worth the effort and yet angry and frustrated enough to take it out on whichever group, organization, or individual{s} the PSYOPs and general base psychology of the individual deems appropriate in their modified behavioral state.

In essence, the operation moves from an initial Operant Conditioning status {a “loosening up” and isolation phase} to an ABA one {the process of altering world view to an entirely negative one}.

One example may be Dylann Roof’s problems with his love life {see also David Attias and Elliot Rodger}. We can easily assume or accept that he was awkward and had social issues related to dealing with the opposite sex and therefore lost a potential girlfriend who happened to wind up with an African American. However, even if partially true, this is not an either/or situation. It is quite possible that part of it occurred naturally and the PSYOPs team capitalized on it, enhanced it, made certain that Roof was unable to think of much else for extended periods of time. Looking for a method of coping with potential psychological harassment techniques, he may also have been steered toward hate groups that openly, and news outlets that espouse, race-based hatred.

There is a double-standard applied to young people, as there often is to the poor, especially African-Americans. In the latter case, poor neighborhoods are bombarded with advertising and mass media indicating that everyone should want X, Y, and Z in order to have a “normal” life. At the same time, the means to achieve such a life are denied, often in absurdly shallow and cruel ways. So it is with youth and the incessant need to have “bae.” Our opportunistic overlords pay attention to these things and use our desire to be viewed as productive members of society worthy of being loved to their benefit.

Operant Conditioning

Miltenberger, R. G. “Behavioral Modification: Principles and Procedures”. Thomson/Wadsworth, 2008

ABA / Applied behavior analysis

Baer, D.M., Wolf, M.M., & Risley, T.R. (1968). “Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis”Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1 (1): 91–97.PMC 1310980PMID 16795165

In a similar manner to how the APA reverse engineered SERE…

Todd Essig, “Why APA Leadership Should Resign Over Torture Scandal, And Why You Should Care,” Forbes, 10 May 2015:


…it seems quite probable that they altered conditioning designed to decrease unwanted behavior in patients to increasing it in targets of the intelligence community of the United States of America. I can see no other reason for consistent “punishment” type ops apart from driving an individual to a suicidal/homicidal state. Naturally, because we are talking about black ops, the events that occur on the surface must appear to have other causation, is, naturally occurring, online radicalization, “bad luck,” consequences of drug addiction and/or mental illness, etc. The clever liar, and this is perhaps the one thing the US need never worry about running short of, knows how to spin such stories and utilize narratives that we are already familiar with from mass media and to disguise what is not in reality the actions of an individual but rather the machinations of a political and largely for-profit/privatized extension of the military industrial complex.

If we are ever to wrest control of our lives away from warhawks and selfish privateers, we must first understand their methods and motivations. Corporate sociopathy combined with corruption of public officials has lead us to this point; only an open and courageous examination can restore sanity.

The APA has more shame yet to be revealed. History will show that this is close to what transpired. It is only a matter of time.

It should also be noted that political operatives can also be manipulated similarly and the two major political parties engage in similar black bag operations. Creating angry individuals who are radically loyal to one party or the other can be accomplished similarly.

Wicked Game update

This time regarding my company’s work with/on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque.


BBD – The Missing Link? {Updated}

And it’s the wrong words that make you prick up your ears
When later alone

Several hours after making the previous post live, a possible piece of the Wicked Game puzzle just sort of popped into my head. The problem is it actually makes sense, could explain a great deal. But then…well, you’ll see. While I should not be punishing those very few times I may have been told the truth {you should see the ridiculous crap I don’t even bother posting about}, there’s just something so neat and convenient.

First, let me back up a little.

2004 and on: Plamegate online warrior in which I really did put forth some good counter-arguments to those coming out of the Cheney administration. It related to the invasion of Iraq, which I have always opposed. Even when Bill Maher reversed himself once {“only Bush could imagine a Middle East so different from the one we know” or words to that effect} or when he had the King of Pentagon Stenographers on himself, Bob Woodward, dancing around how the Vice President’s office was illegally going around Congress to give the opposition money and weapons in order to reduce the number of American casualties temporarily in an election year. Always opposed it.

Then there was the Wexler impeachment event. All of this likely due to CIA engaging its unwitting asset to get back at Cheney and the Pentagon for Plamegate and backing Achmed Chalabi as Iraq’s replacement for Saddam Hussein. Would provide plausible deniability and appear as a grassroots kind of movement in which I was just one of many.

Then, let’s say, Cheney’s sycophants inside CIA alert his people to who I am. What is the response? For…

DIA or CIA in 2007-2008 to use me to remind George Clooney of his year from hell during the shooting of Syriana. Yeah, might have been either agency and one imagines DIA has the same non-prosecution agreement with DoJ that CIA has. DIA actually makes some sense, since there’s a chance the movie had CIA backing to begin with. Not sure, but the point was to remind him that he didn’t want to do another piece criticizing the War on Terror and how the US backs torture regimes. At this point, I’m on the radar. So…

{Here’s where the new piece comes in.}

Erik Prince bribes ‘Balding’ to use his capacity as a Department of Homeland Security operative to target me at some point in late 2008. The problem, he needs to hang the op internally on something. He uses the Manning leaks and DoD obliges by setting the date of the initial dealings of Private Manning back to October 2009. The problem? The party-crasher at the Halloween Party in October and the garbage was stolen in November 2008. The timeline shoots that tenuous connection right out of the water.

The purpose, as I’ve noted before, to turn me into the Lois Lang to Jeremy Scahill’s Nick Deak. The Squidgate op is initiated once they are ready to partially cloud the real issue and to hit two or three birds with one stone.

Now, who is missing from this scenario? Who comes out smelling like a rose when it’s all about “Blame the Republicans”? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a political party. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the Democrats want to be friends again. And with an election coming up.

I have several responses to that.

Remember my drive out of Minneapolis a few days after 11/11/11? Because I sure as hell do.

The rest of what I’m thinking is far less polite.

Of course nothing will ever come of any of those things I listed above. Cheney is untouchable. So is Prince, obviously…he’s back in the States and there’s no peep about any of the many charges that lead to him fleeing for some time to the UAE.

As for Balding, I expect to see Obama giving him medal any day now. At worst, he’ll be pushed out of DHS and wind up working as a contractor perhaps with a cushier training, sales, or desk job. Rewarded, as people always are in the US, for doing horrible things.

BBD – Walking the Plank

Back when the cloak and dagger nonsense began, after having been drugged or similar with something that both inhibited reason and caused sometimes rather extreme increase in adrenaline flow–thereby mimicking schizophrenia or the like–there was a lot of self-pity going on. I was sure, especially after the encounter in the Brooklyn McDonalds with the funny man who struck up the conversation about assassination, that I was going to get ‘whacked.’ When that didn’t happen, and a few more similar but less dramatic events happened, I became numb to the thought. One gets tired of feeling sorry for oneself, eulogizing yourself.

The point of these exercises are many, but clearly discrediting yourself and being made to feel simultaneously ashamed and to notice that all the people you thought cared about you actually don’t, are two of them. While neither of these thoughts/feelings are entirely valid, the ability to inflict them on a target can be a powerful step in the direction of ‘persistent adversity,’ ‘learned helplessness,’ and the ‘futility’ technique used in torture as reported on recently by Jeff Kaye, Jason Leopold, and Spencer Ackerman. There are parallels between today’s mostly-government done harassment and mostly-government done torture.

In any case, I’m posting this more like a journal entry. Needs to go somewhere and if secrecy can serve the enemies of democracy among us perhaps openness can serve me.

Back in the Spring of 2012, I had decided to make a trek to Canada. You may recall, if you’re a longtime reader, that I stopped off in Kentucky along the way. This, Murray–where I had gone to college–was where I picked up a rental car for the trip. Before leaving the parking lot, I went through two other rental cars, both of which had a several extremely bald tires.

While I was waiting for the car{s} to be ready, I had brunch across the street at a diner, the name of which I have forgotten. By the time I reached my destination in Louisville, I was feeling very ill. I slept sitting up all night because it felt as though I might throw up in my sleep.

The feeling passed, but a few days later, similar happened at a pizza parlor. My dinner companion felt no such similar symptoms. Then still more days later, after having a beer or two in a bar–where the bartender pretended to open the bottle of beer even though I could see he had done so in the back room first–was the third time. There may have been a fourth in Toronto later but it was not as bad.

Note: the bartender and beer probably had nothing to do with it. Look at things like chemtrails. It reminds me of the infamous animal psychology case that launched one expert’s career. A horse always went berserk when it saw a particular colored hat. She investigated and found that the animal had been whipped many times in its stall. Having no idea why it was being whipped, it stared at a post outside the stall upon which hung that color hat. It came to associate the hat with being whipped and so the existence of animal superstition was brought to light.

I think that there is a similar process to thinking chemtrails are poisoning us all, but that is a different topic. The point there being that the likelihood that I would actually catch the real person poisoning me was close to 0%. The bartender may have been bait. They may have hoped for a “there’s something on the wing” type over-reaction, resulting in police forcing me into some sort of psychiatric testing and/or care and/or arrest, depending on how such a thing played out.

But what did follow closely on the heels of having been poisoned three or four times was the chronic cough. I had thought it a harassment technique. I mean, who wants to hire someone who goes into coughing fits periodically? At my age? Doesn’t happen. Not to mention the repeated psychological trauma and covert ops designed to burn all my bridges.

Next I suppose I should explain the healthcare situation. I don’t have any. I paid an extra $95 for last years’ taxes due to not having it and being well under the poverty level in income. It is not automatic, it is not single payer. I think it costs around $400 per month to get it and pay for it yourself, but I don’t know because that is well beyond my means.

The point: I don’t know for certain what the cause of the cough it. I did see a doctor in Canada after getting pink eye–which coincided with the cough beginningeven though the cough came first–and he thought the two related. Pink eye went away, cough did not. Later in Chicago a doctor’s preliminary diagnosis was “likely connected to digestion.”

I think he’s right about that. I think that the “poison,” whatever it was, caused damage and now my esophagus creates excess mucous in order to compensate. There’s a name for this, I discovered recently when someone handed me a pamphlet: G.E.R.D or gastro esophageal reflux disease. I don’t have all of the symptoms, specifically the acid reflux. But I think whatever it is, it is both related to the poisoning and digestion system damage from same.

According to stats, there’s about a 1/3 chance of developing esophageal cancer from GERD. Let’s think about this mathematically and the way that Langley and Pentagon lawyers do.

If someone takes a six-shooter and puts only two bullets in it and pulls the trigger, was it attempted murder? Seems more like reckless endangerment. It is, as is for example the drone memo which relies on the law of two countries that don’t have constitutions, dancing around the legal issues, skirting the edge as closely as possible.

In any case, I don’t know for certain and I know that self-diagnosis is not a good idea. But you do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Who? Well I haven’t picked on ‘Balding’ lately. If there was any truth to the DoJ OIG response letter, then one would likely place him–and ‘Janus’ for that matter–at the Department of Homeland Security. Why not? They’re the ones who clearly had a reason to be involved, eg, the border incident. The street theater, going back to November 2008 with the garbage theft, etc. Assuming all of that was intended for me to see, for what purpose? Why the hidden music CD in the rental car? Etc.?

Because there are no real rules for these people. Not as long as they can convince any interested parties it’s all delusional.

Now on to why they would do this. There are several obvious and some less so reason.

1} To ensure that the odds of my being present for hearings not unlike the Church/Tower ones are minimized.

2} To send a message to everyone about what happens to you when you question the Deep State.

3} To try to root out any support I may have inside the IC, people sympathetic to the Rule of Law, Constitutional rights, etc. *

4} To try to make me desperate enough to do something rash. In point of fact, I also thought I had cancer during the Squidgate trial. Turned out to not be the case.

This last is the ‘walking the plank’ portion of what I’m referring to along with learned helplessness. The point is to convince the target that he or she has nothing to live for. In fact, they are already dying, so why not go out with a bang?

The idea then after that to use as examples to be held up in the news as to why we need fewer rights, why we need more funding for contractors who then feed that money back to the politicians who protect their criminal practices. And, of course, in my case, to try to paint LGBTetc as being as prone to violence as they have Muslims and as they are in the process of doing with African Americans.

That’s how it works. You can’t help wondering, once you’ve seen what they are capable of from a spycraft and brutality standpoint if this isn’t where Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations came from in the first place. They have certainly made a lot of people rich and powerful on the backs of dead Americans, Iraqis, etc.

* Let them look, there aren’t any. You think that if someone is let’s say feeding me inside information via V2K or similar, that that person is a friend? Lol. That person would be making me a target. Don’t really see that as all that friendly.

BBD – Sleep Dep

Just a ranty note. I think this marks the fifth or sixth night in a row of poor quality sleep. And I have not the slightest idea why. Or how; not even really why, assuming… Perhaps to do something impulsive or irrational. Perhaps to increase health decline.


5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

I’m loathe to mention “tricks” of the US intelligence community when I don’t have any idea how they are done. But day five or six waking feeling more tired than when I went to bed is getting tiresome quickly.

Parallel with this, yet more attempts to isolate me from my past. One assumes this is so there’s no one to corroborate any of Wicked Game if/when the time comes.

Race War

With racial tensions increasing in various places in the US and knowing how opportunists seize such events for their own glory and popularity, it seems appropriate to present some historical background regarding what some of the other root causes are, that is besides slavery and post-WWII racism in the VA and HUD resulting in handouts for white veterans and whites in general only, etc. Is there the potential that some of what we are seeing is distraction, exaggeration, narrative control, propaganda for political and/or financial gain, etc.? History would seem to shout, “Yes!”

{As is customary, I will also take a sharp turn at the end in order to show how each time you take a step back from a situation, you can see a larger one that encompasses it. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” would seem to the lesson.}

The most recent events pit police against African-Americans, with Facebook and Twitter armies passionately jumping into the fray of words. This is emotional contagion, which the Department of Defense, with at least one connection to the CIA via a son of a man already connected to it, tested on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks over the past year or two. Our indicators–news and the comments of those we interact with–become what shape our perception. Control the indicators and control perception. Control perception and you control reality, at least to the extent that belief and emotional attachment to beliefs control the reality.

If one follows what has happened with public opinion regarding Muslims in the United States and can actually understand the least little bit about math…


…can see that some things are grossly exaggerated. You can add ISIL and still not come close to the 1% mark.

Who would want to label people of color the same way? First and foremost, these same political opportunists whose continuing criminal activities require people to be focused on some other threat, to manipulate the sheep that they regularly sheer of wealth and property to be so afraid of someone or something else that they sort of look the other way while they are being robbed.

Perhaps, then, the better question is, who could label a group of people in this way? Who has the body of knowledge, the experience, the interest, and the utter lack of ethics to do so? What are some of the other historical items that we can point to?


Of course, there is at least one MKULTRA subproject related to race. Subproject #123. From the Freedom of Information Act info itself:

F-1976-00374 0RIPPUB U

However, you won’t find any of the known subprojects as being related to police–apart from some tenuous attempts to understand the mindset of security services in Eastern Europe. Not exactly what we are looking for.

However, if one looks at the CIA Family Jewels, one does come across an operation known as MERRIMAC. From the Director of Security’s cover letter:


He is referring to militarizing police. As is common when there is criminality being committed by an agency such as CIA, there is no mention of the root cause, merely a denial that it was illegal to do so. Why was CIA arming local police? Because their security personnel weren’t trained to deal with attacks and riots.

What it does not answer is why CIA should be concerned with violence and riots. The list of possible answers is so long that I would certainly miss some. Human experimentation would be top of my list, but running drugs into the US in order to fund other operations–and by the way fleece the poor in Los Angeles and make their situation worse via the very, very addictive crack cocaine–might be at top for others. ** Death squads might also rank high, as would spying on American citizens. And then there’s the similarity between militarizing local police for fear of attack by land and ‘Buzzy’ Krongard’s concern over the fire protection system at CIA HQ in Langley just months prior to 9/11. *


One weekend in, I think, Spring of 2011, I took a walk in Downtown. There weren’t many people about, so I assume this was a Sunday with most shops closed. As I passed an entrance to an interior mall, I saw several men–police and/or mall security–surrounding a young African-American male who was on the ground. This being during the heavily drugged phase of my ‘Black Boot Diaries’ experiences, I can’t be certain if I imagined them kicking him or if what I saw appeared to be just after such activity. What I do know, it was extremely creepy and disturbing, or would have been had I not been in that strange drugged state.

It might have been through these doors:


Let me pause before continuing and take a guess as to why they would–prior to engaging in this kind of thing on a larger scale–would share some early test with me. There has historically been one directive where methods {and sources} are concerned when it comes to CIA: Protect them. Along comes the Open Government Directive and suddenly CIA is faced with a dilemma. How do you on the one hand protect advances in manipulating human beings and on the other comply with being open? You can’t have a leak, not really, because whichever employee leaks it is in violation of signed agreements to keep secrets. Additionally, you don’t actually want people to believe it when you let it out. How do you solve that problem? You use an unwitting asset, turn him into a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ drug the hell out of him, harass him to the point of madness. You reveal the truth but make sure it’s not actually believed. Both directives are complied with.

Back to the story. As I walked a bit further, perhaps to the right of where the pedestrian can be seen in the street…


…I encountered another young African-American male who was cursing pretty much uncontrollably. I asked if there was anything I could do and he was entirely unable to verbalize what exactly it was that he was angry about. Drugged does not mean incurious apparently.

Here, again I reiterate that the Army stated internally in 1998 that this it is possible to make someone angry utilizing a ‘modality’ of pulsed microwaves. Via FOIA:

There is, however, a growing perception that microwave irradiation and exposure to low frequency fields can be involved in a wide range of biological interactions. Some investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems. For example, some suggest that power density and specific absorption rate of microwave radiation may be thought of as analogous to the concentration of the injection solution and the dosage of drug administration, respectively. Clearly, the effects of microwaves on brain tissue, chemistry, and functions are complex and selective. Observations of body weight and behavior revealed that rats, exposed under certain conditions to microwaves, eat and drink less, have smaller body weight as a result of nonspecific stress mediated through the central nervous system and have decreased motor activity. It has been found that exposure of the animals to one modality of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy substantially decreases aggressive behavior during exposure. However, the opposite effects of microwaves, in increasing the mobility and aggression of animals, has also been shown for a different exposure modality.

US Army, “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons,” 17 February 1998, declassified 6 December 2006:


This was not the only such event I encountered, though this one is not entirely the same. On another evening, I witnessed Minneapolis PD pushing a pair of young African-American females on horseback. That is, they were being ‘herded’ by horse, being driven towards the parking lot on the sidewalk left of center…


…while begging for the officer to stop it. Words like ‘please’ and ‘sir’ fell on deaf ears. I gathered that a male friend of theirs misbehaved, became involved in an altercation, at a club in Downtown and was arrested. The pair of women he was with were instead forced to leave as I’ve detailed.

To add insult to injury, when they arrived at the parking lot…


…the car belonging to one of the women had been broken into. Cars surrounding hers appeared to have been left alone.

Don’t know enough about what transpired in the club and really am not sure about the SOP regarding using horses in non-riotous situations, but the break-in certainly would make any normal person crazy right after the other events.


As I’ve stated many times, when they set their mind to it, the ‘game’ is played so that whichever way something falls out, it actually furthers the goals of the Deep State. I’ve called it 3-D chess.

In this case, what happens?

A} The return of open racism, pitting citizens against police while ignoring things like robbing of pension funds for government workers and imminent domain in poor neighborhoods. Taken to its logical end, the successful painting of African-Americans as they have largely done with Muslims. This will ensure further growth of the already private prison system in the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world.

B} A backlash against police resulting in the full or partial privatization of police. Only the wealthy and large companies will be able to afford justice. The rest of us will get to re-live the Old West or the Middle Ages ‘cept different. {See? You get your pick: Mob Lynching or the Plague.} This will ensure that the poor, because there won’t be a middle class when they’re done, are under the heel of corporate mercenaries. The bad cases we’ve seen recently will become commonplace enough that people will say when new ones are reported, “We know, this has been happening for decades,” as if that’s some sort of excuse.

But suppose, follow me for a moment, and agree for the sake of argument that the Central Intelligence Agency, directly or indirectly as employees and former employees work for special business interests, is behind it. Now what?


I’ll save you the trouble. He says CIA is out of control and dangerous. And he is not wrong.

But what is the fix?

Mark Ames, “Ron Paul Wants to Abolish the CIA; His Largest Donor Builds Toys for It: Why does 76 percent of the civil libertarian’s Super PAC money come from billionaire Peter Thiel, whose Palantir Technologies helps the government spy on citizens?” The Nation, 23 February 2012:


Privatization of the CIA? Exactly the same goal in driving a wedge between law enforcement and the poor. Put absolute power into the hands of billionaires. We are still deluded into thinking that a kind king is somehow better than democracy.

Government at least once had the attribute of being held somewhat accountable if the people knew what was happening, of checks and balances, and viewing very large, powerful lobbies as threats to liberty. Now they serve them.

The point? They’re just going to cut out the middle-man no matter how things fall out.

* One might wonder why I include these kinds of things. It’s to give some idea of what the true mindset it; a psychological profile. “Anything for a buck,” sums it up nicely but in my experience most Americans are unable to grasp what ‘anything’ truly means in that phrase.

** Actually, this occurred later, so not a reason at that point.

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