Another Fine Meth

There’s something you begin to notice when it comes to scandal when you look at it long and deep enough. There is a point where the more horrible the crime, the less likely it will get covered by the news, result in indictments. Similar to the murder 10 and you’re a killer, murder a million and you’re a world leader meme, it also goes when the crimes are just too unthinkable.

If it’s bad enough to keep the average person awake at night, in general, we don’t want to think about it, or want it framed in such a way that we can accept the justifications for it. The excuse we give is “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” That’s a matter of perceptions, not truth; they require the same proof as any other claims.

Consider this 60 Minutes segment regarding the rape and sometimes murder of children as young as 8 years old. Not only Parliament and Lords involved, not only top MI6 spooks, but covered up by Scotland Yard.

And then there’s this possibly awaiting its turn.

John Vibes, “Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers,” Anti-Media, 17 December 2015:

Every time something like this does come to light, the response is the same: “Revealing the horrible things we do will help the terrorists.” The idea that maybe simply not doing things that make us look like the Great Satan don’t enter into it. Really, this is because they want radicalization because it provides more opportunities to raid the US Treasury.

Now backing up and taking a drive down the pre-Vietnam era drug scene. In Albarelli’s A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, he quotes conversations that the CIA’s Inspector General had that stated Sandoz Corporation and Eli Lilly may not have been the only two manufacturers of LSD-25 for CIA. A report also stated conflicting information about how much Sandoz had on hand but put the number around 20 pounds or 40 kilograms. This is an incredible amount–in the hands of just one supplier–for experimental use given the drug’s potency.

The answer then is, of course, distribution. But what isn’t clear, is why. Taking a guess, I think the first thought was to derail a future anti-war movement via saturation with mind altering substances. I think it’s fair to say some of that backfired, though some did not. The loss of Jimi Hendrix and others via overdose likely didn’t help end the Congressional cash cow that Vietnam had become. But one can see the idea: living in an illusion might effect one’s ability to organize, protest, affect changes to policy.

The second reason, perhaps, was untraceable income, to be used for operations that Congress had not approved. This is in part what the Iran-Contra Scandal was about: Using illegal arm sales to one country to fund revolutions in another country.

Additionally, we’ve seen many of the old Cold War programs, the ones Congress promised would not be repeated, would not occur again, reconstituted post 9/11. In some cases, clearly before that. NSA is wiretapping again. Law enforcement is opening mail again, and spying on civil rights leaders again. Not only is human experimentation back but it brought torture along for the ride.

During MKULTRA and other programs as they related to substances being researched for various purposes included both enhancing and resisting the interrogation as well as other aspects of altering behavior. Some of this research occurred on college and university campuses as well as corporate laboratories. On occasion, CIA also ran operations with the cooperation and/or cover of other agencies within the government itself.

Now to the point today. A National Institute of Standards and Technology {NIST} lab in Maryland exploded recently. The reason it exploded was it apparently contained a meth lab:

Morenike Adebayo, “Meth Lab Found At A Federal Research Facility After It Explodes,” IFL Science, 26 July 2015:

Are we there again? You’ll note that there have been no arrests as of that article, though that will hardly explain a potential that there are similar labs all over the country.

The problem with the War on Drugs, much like the War on Terror, is that it requires a long, hard, honest look in the mirror. The “call,” as in the slasher film trope, is coming from inside the house. Or very, very nearby.


Op, Sussanah

I had a dream the other night, when everything was still; 
I thought I saw Susanna dear, a coming down the hill.

Ran across this piece over at a site I found recently, Anti-Media.

Sebastian Swift, “5 Confirmed False Flag Operations and How to Spot Them in the Future,” Anti-Media, 14 July 2015:

Of the five, four I am somewhat familiar with. GLADIO was the brainchild of the brother of James Bond creator and WWII military intelligence agent Ian Fleming. The idea was to embed covert operatives in order to repel and sabotage some future Soviet invasion in Europe. Much like the US’ Top Secret America today, it’s purpose never came and so they repurposed it. The Soviets didn’t come, so they undermined unions instead by connecting them in the public mind with communist terrorist organizations, which they ran. One historian claims that even the IRA was infiltrated and turned radical by NATO’s GLADIO at just the time that Ireland was gaining its independence peacefully. The crackdown on the IRA delayed that for decades.

Got that? IRA violence was false flag, even if some of those carrying it out had no idea that was the case.

Next is CIA’s/MI6’s AJAX. In an unbelievably frank admission, CIA lays claim to having tilted the Middle East away from freedom. See the link.

The article also covers FBI’s COINTELPRO. It is essentially talking about the quote from the Church/Tower report I have at top. That is, they paid informants to cause problems between civil rights groups to the point people might have murdered each other.

Then the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which caused the Police Action War in Vietnam. There apparently weren’t even any North Vietnamese vessels in the area at the time.

The one I don’t recall hearing of is Mossad’s Operation SUSSANAH. It sounds a lot like the NORTHWOODS plan in that Mossad agents planted bombs in Egyptian, British, and American owned businesses and quasi-government facilities in the hopes to frame 8 Egyptians for it. The broader point, though, is again how these events alter politics:

However, the more far-reaching consequences of the Lavon Affair demonstrate once again how governments use false flags to achieve certain objectives that might not have been possible otherwise. In this case, according to a Stanford published paper, the operation triggered a chain reaction of game-changing events:

“A retaliatory military incursion by Israel into Gaza that killed 39 Egyptians; a subsequent Egyptian–Soviet arms deal that angered American and British leaders, who then withdrew previously pledged support for the building of the Aswan Dam; the announced nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser in retaliation for the withdrawn support; and the subsequent failed invasion of Egypt by Israel, France, and Britain in an attempt to topple Nasser. In the wake of that failed invasion, France expanded and accelerated its ongoing nuclear cooperation with Israel, which eventually enabled the Jewish state to build nuclear weapons.”

This is why the inclusion of PSYOPs on the American public within the past several NDAAs is disconcerting. This is why I believe those possible interpretations of events in the previous post are not only possible, they are likely.

There is an immense power grab going on, coming from several directions. That the government focuses its attention almost solely on the proxies and not the puppetmasters–many of whom are clearly inside it–is worrying. It implies that the big overthrow of the government that the government has been accusing so many people of, has already occurred.

What’s Old Is New Again

Some recent news that looks like old news to me.

Written 30 August 2011 regarding an event from 28 February 2011:

It is February 28, 2011…Delta flight 3948.

A lady sitting a few rows ahead of me feels faint and we had to land in St. Louis (I think that’s the correct city).

What I forgot to mention: I was actually ticketed to sit further back. A father and daughter {I think} were separated and I switched seats with the father so that they could sit together. Had it not been for that, I wouldn’t have been able to see and hear what happened as well as I did.

Christine Mai-Duc, “United Airlines flight bound for LAX diverted in Colorado after passengers become ill,” Los Angeles Times, 22 July 2015:

A United Airlines jet en route from Denver to Los Angeles was diverted to Grand Junction, Colo., and met by firefighters after several passengers reported feeling ill.

Firefighters evaluated 10 to 15 passengers, who reported feeling light-headed, nauseous and having headaches, Montgomery said. All of them were sitting next to or near the person who initially became ill, Montgomery said. That person was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

“It looks like there was a medical event with one person, and that caused a little bit of a chain reaction in several other people,” Montgomery said, adding that the incident created a “stressful situation” on the aircraft.

Only recently gave this any serious thought. The SANGUINE accidentally discovered side-effect of intoxication might be it:

Project SANGUINE – Ostensibly created by US Navy to study ELF and create SHELF (Super Hard ELF) The Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida, in the course of their tests carried out in Project SANGUINE, in Clam Lake, WI, discovered that exposure to the magnetic field component in the SANGUINE antenna – within ELF field of 45 to 74 Hz. – produced stress identical to gross alcohol consumption.

Wonder if short-range/on plane or long-range/outside plane.

Note also how little the Department of Defense thinks about the use of directed energy weapons in general with regards to civil rights.

Next, the recent “Saucy Jack” post about the decline in catching serial killers and how that may further political goals in some sectors.

David Lohr, “Neal Falls, Man Killed By Escort, Had Cache Of Weapons And List Of Prostitutes, Police Say,” Huffington Post, 23 July 2015:

The items, as well as statements the woman said Falls made to her, led police to suspect he may have been involved in other unsolved crimes.

Police also found a list containing the names of an unspecified number of women inside the man’s vehicle.

“We have examined as many investigation avenues as we can and have not been able to come up with much information about him,” Cooper said. “It does not appear he had a residence and we’ve done a thorough background and the only family members that come up are either deceased or unable to be found. We’ve got very little information on this guy. It’s almost like he was a ghost.”


And how “accidents” can make news networks rethink their strategies, especially after experiencing shock and awe.

NBC reports another Amtrak train that left same station had windshield shattered by projectile and it is suspicion of NTSB was something happened to one that derailed.

So, no matter how rational people at NBC are, they will make some connection if only internally, if only unconsciously. It is human nature to try to figure out how to better survive, part of evolution.

Glenn Greenwald, “NBC News Releases the Long-Awaited Trailer for its Summer Horror Film About ISIS,” First Look/The Intercept, 23 July 2015:

And one of the least lethal things out there gets far, far more attention than the ones that are far more so.

Justice Denied

Promised myself that I would do a follow-up to You Are Now Dumber TV™ post that I did here regarding shows related to law enforcement and intelligence as opposed to ghosts and aliens. Having done a little of the research, I can now state that it is almost impossible. Not even years of harassment and torture lite can prepare you for enduring hours and hours of bullshit like that. Apparently there are limits to my masochism. Who knew?

It’s not that I hate or distrust cops automatically as many people I like and agree with on many things do. As far as the real world goes, I think I get it. It’s not always about the guy who felt powerless in high school becoming the bully with the badge. It’s not always about KKK members infiltrating the sheriff’s office.

What it is always about, though, is being a tool of power. Almost all of the time, when there’s a problem, it can be traced to power, at least when the source of the problem is people. And how dumb do you have to be to continue to unquestioningly follow the orders of people who are ripping you off? Do African-Americans have power? What about your average Muslim?

What about cops? A little. But it pales in comparison to what you can accomplish as governor, prosecutor, senator, CEO, president. You’re just one soldier in a massive army.

But what I can is point out what the real world counterparts have been up to as means of comparison.

Jonathan Turley, “Cold Injustice? TNT Star Kelly Siegler Accused of a Pattern Of Prosecutorial Misconduct,” 22 July 2015:

Judge Larry Gist noted that “Of enormous significance was the prosecutor’s testimony at the habeas hearing that apparently favorable evidence did not need to be disclosed if the state did not believe it was true.” Thus, Siegler asserted that she would only reveal evidence if she was convinced that it was not just exculpatory but true — a very dangerous standard that would allow the withholding of a wide array of evidence.

Gist detailed an astonishing 36 instances of unethical conduct by Siegler.

That was just one of her cases.

John Whitehead, “The American Nightmare: The Tyranny of the Criminal Justice System,” 21 July 2015:

As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we’re operating in a new paradigm where the citizenry are presumed guilty and treated as suspects, our movements tracked, our communications monitored, our property seized and searched, our bodily integrity disregarded, and our inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” rendered insignificant when measured against the government’s priorities.

This kind of thing gets poopoohed by some media. I think this is because Obama is President and you would see the opposite if the other tribe, exactly like that one apart from rhetoric and privatization of Social Security *, were in charge.

Spencer S. Hsu, “FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades,” Washington Post, 18 April 2015:

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

You won’t see these kinds of truths represented with any frequency on TV or coming out of Hollywood. Surveillance state spending is too precious to too many powerful criminals to allow questioning abuse of power, unless that can be leveraged towards…

Now for the catch-22. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. All of this is happening in the hopes of privatizating all of it. If you think you’ve got problems with a Grand Dragon behind a badge, just wait until Globochem needs a few “volunteers” for research and also, by the way, provides law enforcement services for your town which the also own most of through that reverse mortgage you had to get in order to eat. The Libertarians are correct that there’s something wrong; they are delusional if they think the problems will get better in a corporatocracy–which is in part what we have now.

* The Democrats will reverse on this issue as well, and I’ll guess within the next eight years.

Stink Tank

You wouldn’t necessarily realize it from reading the article, and the man has dug up some amazing stories in the past, but this may be Jason Leopold’s biggest story to date.

Jason Leopold, “The DHS Planned to ‘Plug’ Federal Officers Into the Ferguson Protests, Documents Show,” VICE News, 21 July 2015:

The documents reveal that DHS received “intelligence” — largely based on a Fox News report — and subsequently investigated claims that Muslims had “co-opted” the protests in Ferguson.

Let’s back up a moment. What happened here? Who are the players?

Steven Edwards, “Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson protests, says watchdog group,” FOX News, 18 November 2014:

FOX News, I presume, needs no introduction, no explanation. Murdoch’s media empire seeks to distract and inflame the 99% against itself at all times. That they would aid and abet the attempt to tie black free speech {specifically the Ferguson protests} to terrorism should come as no surprise. We’re talking about a tentacle of the beast who hacked phone systems of 9/11 victims’ family members and others, and faced no criminal charges in this country for it.

CSP, on the other hand, the DC think tank that FOX used to propagate this idea, may require some discussion.

Think tanks in general are basically brainstorm sessions where the ideas are later written up into white papers, and become policy for whatever group benefits most from the ideas. Yes, it’s where real world James Bond villains would get their crazy plans for world domination, if they existed. Naturally, FOX would call Evil, Inc.’s braintrust a “watchdog group.”

CSP’s founder on Iraq on an appearance on Chris Matthews’s Hardball:

Steve Benan, “It never ends,” Washington Monthly, 13 March 2009:

There is also circumstantial evidence, not proven by any means, but nonetheless some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq being involved with the people who perpetrated both the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and even the Oklahoma City bombing.

So this guy is a warhawk. So far, so good on pointing out also a liar with motives possibly ranging from supporting that whacky radical doomsday cult that seems to mostly exist in Texas whether you’re talking W or Ted Cruz, who want to preserve Israel so Jesus can come back and destroy it; the military, intelligence, security industrial complex; and big energy, pharma, etc. who benefit via future CVS and BP stations in the Middle East.

Gaffney is a proven liar.

Moving on to the meat of their argument. They, FOX, claim that it is the connection between Brown and a Muslim shot at at least 21 times, hit 20, that makes it a-okay to suggest black outrage in Ferguson is really radical Muslim terrorism.

Who is this guy?


The FBI has said that agents shot him after the 53-year-old mosque leader opened fire on them as they tried to arrest him and 10 others during a raid on a warehouse in Dearborn, Michigan, on charges that included conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms. They say that Abdullah, who had an extensive criminal record, shot dead an FBI dog.

What’s missing?

Steven Gray, “Why Was a Controversial Imam Shot 20 Times?,” TIME, 1 February 2010:,8599,1958229,00.html

The autopsy, released by Wayne County medical examiner Carl Schmidt, showed that Abdullah was shot a total of 20 times, incurring 21 wounds. He had died during a raid by federal law-enforcement agents on a warehouse in Dearborn, a 20-minute drive southwest of downtown Detroit. And while federal authorities had claimed after the raid that Abdullah opened fire after refusing to surrender his weapon, Schmidt said Monday that when medical-examiner-office investigators found Abdullah’s body inside a semitrailer, the imam’s hands were cuffed behind his back. “I don’t recall police being involved in a case that’s had as many gunshot wounds,” he said.

While he might really have been a bad guy, it really gets called into question when you not only have to shoot him that many times but then either have to do it while he is handcuffed or have to handcuff him after you shoot him 20 times. Also possible, I suppose, someone else put the cuffs on him after he was shot but before his body was taken possession of. But really, why believe people who lie to us on a daily basis? That’s the problem with deception, it ruins your reputation, undermines credibility.

But then that’s kind of getting off topic. The point is that FBI and Department of Homeland Security based their operational plans on a FOX News report based on a liar and Iraq war hawks’ think tank. That is RUMINT–rumor intelligence. That is considered just about the worst thing you can do in the intelligence gathering business this side of torture and mass surveillance. It is basically lowering the bar so low that you can justify anything. You could cherrypick whatever you want for political and/or financial gain when you operate this way.

Of course, I already knew this. I’m a victim of the poison pen in addition to PSYOPs designed to make me react in such a way as to appear, or even drive me to do something that would make me, guilty of something after being harassed for an extended period of time. But you, you people, need proof that it happens.

A further point? Barack Obama is continually his own worst enemy. Homeland Security is tied into every state and local police organization in the country. Is it any wonder then that some police think that they can shoot or hang unarmed African Americans with relative ease and expect no real repercussions for it? The approval comes from the top.

Even more incredible is how Obama on the one hand criticizes Iraq war hawks for lambasting his deal with Iran on the one hand but allows them to set policy for his Departments of Justice and Homeland Security on the other.

More on Jason, whom our government has labeled a Freedom of Information Act {FOIA} “terrorist.”

Ravi Somaiya, “A Wizard at Prying Government Secrets From the Government,” New York Times, 19 July 2015:

The Fiction Blog

Four short posts over the past week regarding mostly old movies, books, TV at the fiction blog.

Consciousness, Imagination, and Change

This was going to go on the fiction blog. Part of the way through writing on a half-baked theory on consciousness, I realized why I was really writing it {climate change}, and so it more closely belongs here with the politics.

I am not a scientist, so in that sense–eg, I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, this is not based on my research–it is still kind of fiction. Further it will likely make people more knowledgeable on the subjects covered cringe. I’m doing it anyway.

Consciousness. There’s a search in the scientific community to try to figure out what it is, what it really does, where it resides in the brain, and how it came to be. Not all living things are conscious, so it is assumed to have come to be somewhere along the line through evolution. The possibility that it resulted from a mutation, possibly from a virus altering genes in some ancient species, is not out of the question.

One theory views consciousness as the mediator between other, unconscious processes. The usual example used is carrying a hot plate. Survival instinct is saying to drop it, to prevent injury from contact with an object uncomfortable to hold. Some other process is aware that it means eating and/or the fulfillment of a social or economic need in the case of a group gathering or employment in food service, so it’s okay to put up with that pain for a little while. The theory contends that consciousness is what allows those more abstract desires and impulses to overcome the “gut” or the lizard brain, the fear of being scalded, the pain from the heat.

What I’m suggesting is similar to this but perhaps more abstracted, more encompassing of behavior in general. A typical way adaptation occurs in species is by trial and error, or “survival of the fittest.” Gray-colored moths tend to get eaten more often by birds as compared to their off-white cousins in white-barked birch copses because birds can spot them easier on those trees. But along comes the industrial revolution, the white bark becomes gray from the soot from burning coal, and suddenly the gray moths have improved their odds of hiding from predators while the white ones start being easier to see, betrayed by the discoloration of the very same trees that once helped them to hide. The white moth population dwindles while the gray moth’s flourishes. Over time, the white moths may even become darker in hue as those with a darker shade of off-white have an edge over those who do not.

This multi-generational method of adaptation is how we often think of it. Many, many organisms that failed to implement a strategy that promoted offspring died off. Those that managed to propagate themselves–such as by performing almost random changes upon their hosts in the cases of viruses and parasites who did not kill their hosts–survived, without being conscious. In other words, using luck.

But what about the individual? What about managing to alter behavior quickly, without having to wait for generations to pass in order to implement the survival strategies necessary to adapt to external changes? Why rely only on trial-and-error as a means of keeping the species going when circumstances may not have allowed for that throughout Earth history? What about imagination instead of luck?

An additional question about consciousness is, what benefits can it provide that could not be just as easily emulated with some unconscious system? In the case of the hot plate, why not simply allow some kind of visual or olfactory clue to tell the pain system to switch itself off temporarily? Why does it necessarily require a conscious act of will to make it from the kitchen to the table? We can imagine ourselves getting beyond that initial pain.

“A system cannot understand itself,” per W. Edwards Deming. What if, then, there was a built-in emulator. A sort of “little man” standing outside the system looking in? It might be able to take a step back and look at the behaviors of the individual, even if–really being a part of it–it could not understand the whole. It might be able to implement changes in the behavior that might seem counter-intuitive, counter to survival, or counter to some other unconscious process but that actually improve survival. Damn whatever instinct and old habits are demanding, we can produce a behavior that is in the best interests of the individual because we can imagine changing scenarios.

Take for example, placing the pursuit of wealth that causes climate change ahead of dealing with something like climate change. We can feel our air conditioning making us comfortable now. We even know that we require money in order to keep that comfort system in working order and to pay for the electricity to power it. In this sense, we have stepped away from simple, gut instinct of jumping into a lake, moving closer to the poles, or simply languishing and perishing until such time as future generations manage to adapt to a warmer climate. We have overcome an initial step in resisting what Nature demands of us.

We further assume–because this is what we feel, what we sense–that wealth will somehow stave off the problem, make us secure. Even when those behaviors might be part of what is exacerbating the problem and leading to a situation where wealth loses worth altogether.

We cannot easily feel, see, know climate change, the effects nor the causes with our senses. Nor is it close enough in abstraction to our behavior to make a similar jump in altering behavior as reliance on air conditioning and behaviors that allow us to use it, nor the hot plate scenario. Is it that these ideas haven’t been around long enough in our minds to absorb and accept that a new kind of application of the will is necessary? Is it that have no real suggestions beyond a few concerning energy and water saving coming from a consistent, organized place we come to rely on for our information beyond what we sense directly?

We clearly have the ability to do it. Unconscious may be what drives us, but consciousness does seem to be able to intervene, at least as long as we are able to focus our attention on doing/not doing the behavior we want to change.

What then holds us back?