Holmes’ Notebook

Claudia Koerner, “Here’s What James Holmes Wrote In His Notebook Before The Aurora Theater Shooting: Holmes sent the notebook to his former psychiatrist before going on a shooting rampage that left 12 people dead. Attorneys have debated what its contents show about Holmes’ sanity,” Buzzfeed, 27 May 2015:


Amid the thoughts and planning is a simple question: Why?

Holmes wrote the word 247 times over eight pages.


And someone actually counted them all.

Here’s an alternate answer to that question: The Fed needs to be audited but hasn’t been, just like Libor.

A very logical question to ask, one that someone else at FICO may have wondered about but decided it might not be worth asking post-postal. What are the odds that the UK national bank gets involved in fraud, but not its counterpart in the US? Hell, we probably did it first.


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