A Brief on the Evolution of Assassination and Poisoning

Let us begin with the delivery mechanisms of our substances from the Cold War. There were two primary forms.

The first was up close and personal. In order to accomplish this, they hired stage magician John Mulholland under MKULTRA subprojects 4, 15 and 34.

See “Prick” for further background on that coming out of the Canadian McGill University lawsuit against the US and Canadian governments for human experimentation research.

The second we learned of from the Church/Tower hearings regarding the “M-1” device which attached to normal weapons and could fire micro-organisms or substances at targets in two ways, one of which would leave the target unaware that he or she had been fired upon at all. “Prick II.”

But what are we to put into our needle delivery devices? There’s the possibility of the over 140 drugs tested on human subjects under MKULTRA, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, etc. {though many of those were tested for interrogation and brainwashing purposes}:



And then there was MKOFTEN, with a few references to it in the Family Jewels:



You’ll note database references to both drug side-effects, in this case pharmaceuticals, as well psychological effects. CIA was compiling a playbook whereby evoking particular effects would be possible for a number of purposes.

But all or most of that has become irrelevant. Again, the 1999 FOIA document from the US Army on bio-effects of microwaves:

There is, however, a growing perception that microwave irradiation and exposure to low frequency fields can be involved in a wide range of biological interactions. Some investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems.

And you have your “drug” and your delivery system all rolled up into one. Various “modalities” can be used for a wide range of effects, some of which I documented here under the microwave section, and more recently here and especially here complete with a few examples of how it could have been used. Depression, anger, sleepiness, sleeplessness, confusion, and a lot more, including causing real disease by affecting the blood-brain barrier, can be invoked in a human being using a microwave weapon.

Since it is also nearly or completely untraceable it likewise becomes very, very attractive to the would-be assassin or psyop operative seeking to create a false consensus about a particular individual or group by embarrassing them publicly. Unchecked, this technology which the government has certainly shown ample interest in, is a threat to freedom, to a healthy republic, and human health in general.

And yet we cannot talk about it openly because of the implicit connection to “tinfoil hat.” We assume that there would be checks and balances, despite ample evidence that there are little or no checks and that things are incredibly unbalanced. We forget that any time the CIA commits a crime and it involves state secrets, the Department of Justice has a longstanding agreement not to prosecute.

[CIA General Counsel Lawrence] Houston stressed that deliberate exposure of the MK/ULTRA program by essentially offering it to the press would serve to placate the brewing feeding frenzy over so-called mind control projects, and would divert any investigative attempts into the multi-faceted Artichoke Project.

Houston additionally explained to Rumsfeld and Cheney that, along with the release of MK/ULTRA details to the media, the names of a few former CIA employees, such as Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, would also be released to the press. Incredibly, when the subject of possible federal prosecutions of CIA officials for capital crimes and felonies, such as murder and drug trafficking, came up in their discussion, Houston informed Rumsfeld and Cheney that there was little cause for concern.

Explained the Agency’s General Counsel, since early 1954, following the death of Army biochemist Frank Olson, a secret agreement between the CIA and the U.S. Department of Justice had been put in place whereby the violation of “criminal statutes” by CIA personnel would not result in Department of Justice prosecutions, if “highly classified and complex covert operations” were threatened with exposure. The agreement had been struck between Houston and Deputy Attorney General William P. Rogers in February 1954, not long after Frank Olson’s death, and still remained solidly in place.

Jeffrey Kaye and HP Albarelli Jr., “Cries From the Past: Torture’s Ugly Echoes,” Truthout, 23 May 2010:


A reminder about what happened to Frank Olson. He witnessed MI6 testing deadly nerve toxins on UK soldiers and sought counseling with a CIA psychiatrist. Once the psychiatrist notified Gottlieb that one of his own had grown a conscience, Gottlieb arranged a secret meeting at which half the people were supposedly drugged with LSD, Olson included. It was later discovered that Olson may have been given something else, which resulted in a psychological breakdown. Once in NYC for further counseling, CIA had George Hunter White and “Pierre Lafitte” throw Olson out a window and sold the whole thing as a suicide.

And so it all festers, grows, leading us to the disturbing stasi-state of perpetual lies and warfare that we have today. How do we break out of this cycle? Someone has to step up.

As a bonus, you’ll note ‘drug trafficking’ bolded in the quote above along with murder, eg assassination. DEA, like FBI, is in the DoJ. Are poor white Southerners the next ‘market’ for Deep State’s drug running?

Holly Fletcher, “Overdose deaths reach ‘epidemic proportions’,” Tennessean, 28 September 2015:


And opioids are made from what?

AFP/Business Insider, “A record Afghan opium output has increased the supply of cheap heroin in the US,” 26 June 2015:


Whether it’s prescription or ‘horse,’ Afghanistan is the gift that keeps on giving to the criminal elite.

OPiuM for Political Hacks

Today, John McCain was going batty over China and “cyber.” This is not so much any sign of sincerity, but rather a variant on the old politician trick made famous by Nazis {but only because they used it to perform genocide} and neoconservatives because Michael Ledeen codified it in neocon writings.

The basic idea is to ascribe to your opponents your own worst attributes. Nazis accused Jews of killing children. Neocons accuse everyone else of voter fraud. It’s to get out ahead of any revelations as to the truth of their own involvement in the same. To a weak mind, subsequent reports of those having made those statements actually being the ones doing it may sound like tit-for-tat.

So it likely is with the Office of Personnel Management hack. The amount they scream about China is directly proportional to the amount of time they spend in bed with it.

As noted somewhere in the long tweet thread from the previous post and noted in the post before that, the GOP created their own CIA which was in part the actual CIA. They have the same capabilities and since CIA officers can freely moonlight on Wall Street in their free time what they are up to during that time is anyone’s guess.

But how to make the OPM Hack possible? They had to leave a backdoor, which is what the intelligence community keeps asking for more of. Just as making the American people as ignorant–and therefore pliable–as possible, one must first gut education funding, they prevented funding from going to protecting the identities and personal data of most covert employees of the US government. Blackmail and extortion–that is, threatening someone’s family–are all quite possible once you have this data.

Congress was warned about the possible problem, failed to provide funding to fix it. Here:

IT News AU, “OPM Chief blames hack on decades of infosec underinvestment,” 18 June 2015:


And does anyone really believe that we are at ‘war’ with China? It’s effing preposterous. This is George W. Bush’s “favored status” nation. Crooks always need a boogeyman in order to distract you when they pick your pocket.

The point of the op was several-fold. First, you have the very private dirt on new FBI agents just out of the academy. Should they ever get the silly idea of actually doing their jobs–already apparently soundly beaten out of the older, existing variety–you can threaten or blackmail them into not doing that. Second, you can recruit more agents into your GOP-CIA and DNC-CIA shadow organizations in order to further subvert the law and the American people while shoveling as much NATSEC money into your own pockets as possible.

And China will play the fall-guy for you. Why not? It’s not as though we haven’t been hacking the hell out of them too.

Of course none of this will see the light of day for decades. Instead we have Obama making absurd statements like the one about deeds following words. Does he get the irony? I think he does, I just don’t know how he reconciles his ability to sometimes eloquently state the right thing to do and then do the opposite, knowing that the effects will be catastrophic down the road, playing ye ol’ kick the can, the game that is becoming ever more dangerous to play.

GOP will share, or have already shared, the data with the Democrat spymasters as well, you can be sure. This is part of keeping it quiet, sharing the loot with the other crime family. They will then divvy up the people they find a use for like a football draft. The battle between two shit-eating species of vulture will pick over the bones of their kills, whether that be the middle class, the country or the planet. There will be no suitable-for-the-masses solution to climate change so long as CIA exists and these two parties are dominant.

This was, despite our friendly standing with China, treason. But it’s not treated like treason when you have the right friends and already keep the Department of Justice’s tiny, shriveled gonads in your freezer.

Now, we are only hearing that we need more cyber-police {the old Michael Hayden call for ‘digital Blackwater’}, because politicians are in reality more concerned about what you know, what you think, than protecting a single goddam thing. By not protecting things, they get more kickbacks. It really is that simple.

They won’t use any additional powers that we hand them to fix what’s broke, but rather figure out how to screw the American people further. It’s just what they do.

Guess what kind of people are not in the OPM database.

Central Intelligence Agency: The Para-Doxxing

A long string of tweets beginning with the link below presenting a tapestry of behavior that explains many, many things, beginning with why people fight amongst themselves, never seem to get the government that they want.


Several guest stars, including some newspapers who print the words of people who have consistently gotten things wrong, politicians who cannot make words and deeds meet, and even a popular pontiff and so much more. Observe as reality shows that the public interest is consistently violated by an Agency out of control.

You’re welcome.


Covert Battlefield America

“This empire of dirt.” — The Man in Black

Things to keep in mind as you read:

Your own built-in, hardwired optimism that the following cannot possibly be true;

Or, if it were, someone would be doing something about it;

This is not the only example, not by a longshot;

Our own breed of radical that really believes some of the crazy stuff they promote.

Right. Love science shows. At least when they aren’t fluff pieces for some industry or other, aren’t whitewashing things like human experimentation or the cynical motives of those who did them. And especially when they bring up stuff I hadn’t considered or hadn’t heard of before.

Such is Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. Let’s take a look at some of the topics briefly:

S1E1 – “Is There a Creator?”

S1E4 – “What Happened Before the Beginning?”

S2E1 – “Is There Life After Death?”

S3E10 – “Did We Invent God?”

S4E1 – “Is There a God Particle?”

S4E2 – “Where Does Life Begin?”

S4E10 – “Did God Create Evolution?”

S5E1 – “Is God an Alien Invention?”

S5E8 – “Will We Become God?”

That’s just a smattering. Many of the other actual episodes include concepts, ideas, theories similar to these even if the main topic is not directly related to them.

Now I need to back up a bit and make an abrupt turn in order to provide some context.


See especially item 1 here, but also many subprojects connected to mental illness and effects that substances have on it here.


Summer 1980: Republicans create “GOP CIA” in order to conduct covert operations domestically for political purposes. History Commons. The line between the Agency and GOP becomes blurred and Director Casey is apparently aware of operations being conducted of behalf of both.

Writing in 2007, Kolb will reflect on the Republican Party’s “own in-house team of covert operatives, as capable of conducting espionage and sabotage for the Republican Party as for the CIA.”

You can safely assume that the Democrats have since done likewise.


18 September 2001: The Anthrax attacks occur. Pressure is placed on FBI to blame Iraq or Al Qaeda.

8 December 2001: Authority on DNA sequencing, Dr. Robert Schwartz, was murdered by his daughter and two other “pagan” teens with a sword.

AP, “Daughter Guilty in Dad’s Sword Killing,” 16 October 2002:


Patrick House, a former boyfriend, testified Oct. 8 that he and Schwartz were the primary characters in an elaborate role-playing game she invented called Underworld. Clara played the overlord, Lord Chaos, and House acted as an assassin assigned to kill “Old Guy” — Clara Schwartz’s father.

Let us recall the investigator’s desire to establish where the anthrax came from genetically. {Reminder: the perpetrator turned out to be an American, a Fort Detrick Army/CIA WMD expert named Bruce Ivins.}

Now on to what is obvious to me.

Mark Woods, “Morgan Freeman tragedy: Exorcism link to ‘senseless’ death of star’s granddaughter,” Christian Today, 17 August 2015:


The perpetrator, identified by the New York Post as an ex-boyfriend, screamed “Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!” as he stabbed E’Dena Hines, 33, whose grandmother was Freeman’s first wife.

While no further details have been released, the immediate assumption is that Lamar Davenport – who is known to have abused alcohol and drugs – is mentally ill.

Foxnews, “Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter reportedly stabbed to death in ‘exorcism’,” 17 August 2015:


… A police source told the Post that the suspect “was still making a stabbing motion with his arm, but he had nothing in his fist — the knife was jutting out of her chest.”

Davenport was described by law enforcement sources as an aspiring rapper who performed under the name Lyric. He is the father of two young children — neither with Hines — and has a history of abusing drugs and alcohol.





I could, I suppose link to dozens or hundreds of far rightwing politicians calling for death camps, executions, making crazy cult-like statements, bashing science, bashing atheists, etc. I hope there is no need to do that. They would do it, some of them, and FBI would stay out it not prosecute because some of these same people control their budget, not to mention the 1950s agreement with DOJ not to prosecute CIA if sensitive methods/sources are used.

It’s all there. We don’t want to believe it because it’s easier to dismiss it or think it actually is some supreme being’s doing. It isn’t, it’s just arrogant, un-American assholes.

The Potential Emptiness of Half Full

Neuroscientist Dr. Tali Sharot has been working on a theory she calls “Optimism Bias.” Some of her research centered around asking people questions, getting them to assign a percentage to various positive and negative outcomes, and then measuring the actual percentages.

Guess what? We tend to underestimate negative possibilities and overestimate positive ones. When you think about human evolution this makes sense. After all, fitness advantages likely went to those who thought a particular new day would be better than the one before. Negative Nancy has the disadvantage of not believing she is capable of things that Positive Patty is. While Positive Patty might overestimate, for example, her ability to outrun a predator, her belief that she could pushed her abilities to the max, while Nancy starved hiding in a cave because she “knew” she couldn’t, it was just too dangerous out there.

And so this bias became hardwired in us. People overestimate, for example, their place in the economic strata. Lower-lower class think that they are middle- or upper-lower class, and so on right up to the upper class. And that was before the GOP succeeded in convincing trailer dwellers that they and people like Donald Trump have something in common, that they are just alike. It can only have gotten worse since then.

This built-in delusion mechanism, however, has served us well. “Can-do” has long been a human trait in all kinds of inspirational media. It has undoubtedly lead to humanity becoming the dominant species on the planet every bit as much as intelligence itself.

It is, of course, also what could very likely spell our doom. After all, positiveness without data, while it allows us to go on with our daily lives without worrying constantly about this or that, also leads to inaction when there perhaps should be action.

Take climate change, for example. We believe deniers {now to be called doubters by the Associated Press, who has adjusted its style book because deniers complained that it made them sound like Holocaust deniers} want to believe someone when they are told that climate change, global warming is a hoax. That is actually being optimistic.

Then the rest of us, having our brains filled with candy via television of those hardworking spies and police whose only thought is how to protect them and their children from the big bad Muslims, means that the government must be altruistic. Someone must be doing something about climate change, they’re just keeping it secret from us, is what they think. But ‘Superman’ frequently looks more like Machiavelli when you pay attention without bias.

This is the problem. Even those of us who know something is rotten {mass surveillance, pro-business/anti-public legislation/legal rulings, etc.} do not yet grep just how bad it is. We don’t want to focus on that, of course, because it can be demoralizing, debilitating. “If it is as bad as Chris suggests, what can be done about it?”

Knowledge is the first step. Acceptance is the second. Calming down is the third. Then, deciding how to proceed is the fourth. We can be positive, but we have to understand the underpinnings of a problem before we can actually fix anything.

For example, I don’t think you can get money out of politics without also dealing with the lack of a barrier between the private sector and the intelligence community. They each protect the other, but this is not obvious. We are still talking as though, for example, electing Elizabeth Warren would fix all our problems. Brief diversion here regarding her interview on Colbert last night, but $10 billion is not a lot of money to recover compared with how much they have stolen and continue to steal. It’s not even a traffic ticket, more like loose change. End diversion.

Finally, because I like a plot twist, this is not the post I actually wanted you to read. This is just the post preparing you for the next one.

The Mind Killers

Yet another {the previous find being related to the Blood-Brain Barrier} microwave bio-effects paper with inadvertent non-lethal weapon applications:

Martin L. Pall, “Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression,” 21 August 2015:


Much of it related to excessive calcium being a problem.
They even give it a name: “Microwave Syndrome.” Let’s review just a few people likely to have been victims of some kind of weapon based on this old and new research.

Rex Niles – Whistleblower for crimes of the military industrial complex turned poster boy for tinfoil hat:

Kim Murphy, “Figure in Kickbacks Alleges Bizarre Plot by U.S. to Kill Him,” Los Angeles Times, 17 April 1988:


Instead, he is living in a suburban home outside Los Angeles, sleeping under a makeshift foil tent fashioned to block the microwaves he believes are killing him. By night, he scrutinizes the heavens above his back yard for a sign of the mini-nuclear reactor that he says is generating the X-rays that pierce his skull.

Aaron Swartz – Showed statistically that legal decisions made by courts have been for decades becoming more and more against the public interest and in favor of multinational corporations. Committed suicide after another attempt to do similarly with what some in The Internet’s Own Boy claim was a second run at that with different, newer data. Note that this is even more obvious when you consider that JSTOR’s pay model prevents Joe Citizen reading about decisions being made that affect every aspect of his life.

Similarly, science and psychology papers aren’t always in public view and they often relate to how humans can be brainhacked. It’s all rather one, isn’t it?

Gary Webb – Showed that CIA was running drugs into the US in order to fund overseas operations. Also important to note that mostly African-American neighborhoods were targeted for sales of same including especially the very, very addictive crack cocaine.

Backing up a little, this helps to try to erase the fact that white veterans were given inexpensive housing after WWII while the VA and HUD denied black vets that same and other services that allowed white vets to send their kids to college and otherwise do things with their money that gave the illusion of having pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps. This was socialism, pure and simple, and also explains where the deception that war does a country good came from. The Deep State no longer requires bribing white Americans in order to operate; now it manipulates, frightens, intimidates, ruins anyone who questions its criminality. Mostly, it pits various groups against each other who would be better served working together for mutual benefits.

Donald Friedman whose FOIA requests lead to the Army giving up that it has interest in these NLWs and their applications.

There’s another whose name I’ve forgotten and for whom I’ve been unable to find a trace of on the Internet anymore. He was a US ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He blew the whistle on the fact that the House of Saud had slaves, most disturbingly child sex slaves, and that the US was well aware of this. He seemed to go quite crazy, IIRC. He had blog posts that started with what he had witnessed and then turned to a lot a religious talk. This reminded me of Stanley Milton Glickman who was dosed with LSD and perhaps something else by CIA officers in Paris.

If someone has a broken leg, do you become afraid of them? Not likely. Then why do we become afraid of people with sprained brains?

More on that in the post on Optimism Bias and the evolutionary human need for religion, if I ever get around to writing it. In the meantime, your moment of the erosion between reality and the coming dystopian nightmare:

Mugdha Variyar, “Saudi Arabia to head UN human rights panel; Twitterati criticise move citing beheadings, Raif Badawai flogging,” IB Times India Edition, 21 September 2015:


The 9/11 Post {Updated}

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.”

It really is.

“We’ve got their teeth clutching the sidewalk and out [sic] boot above their head. Now’s the time to curb-stomp the bastards.” –conservative pundit Adam Yoshida on liberals shortly after 9/11.

It really was.

{UPDATE, borrowed from here}:


How full of disinformation must one’s head be, how deeply in denial must one be to ignore the obvious?

Mark Frauenfelder, “How the CIA created the Unabomber,” BoingBoing, 9 May 2014:


Alston Chase, “Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber,” Atlantic, June 2000:



Zbigniew Brzezinski and Osama bin Laden

Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway, “From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad,” Washington Post, 23 March 2002:


Historycommons, “1984-1994: CIA Funds Militant Textbooks for Afghanistan”:


Fauzia Nouristani, “USAID –Politics of Aid and Education in Afghanistan,” Education Policy Talk, 19 March 2014:


Some of the examples of the books distributed by USAID clearly show the US policy agenda: “If out of 10 atheists, 5 are killed by 1 Muslim, 5 would be left. 5 guns + 5 guns = 10 guns; 15 bullets – 10 bullets = 5 bullets, etc.” (Stephens and Ottoway, 2002). These books educated generations of Afghan refugee children to know nothing but war and violence.

Glenn Hefley, “How Generations Were Raised to believe in jihad,” GHefly.com, 6 July 2015:




The MKULTRA subproject for mass conversion FOIA.

And just so you can see how old and widespread the problem of deceit is with regards to warfare and the question of “whodunnit,” an incredible list of false-flag type narratives spanning the globe and the past century:

Washington’s Blog, “False Flag Terror. A Historical Overview,” via GlobalResearch, 11 September 2015:



What was the context of 9/11?

Before I begin, a quick thought experiment. Imagine you are sitting on a rock near the edge of the Grand Canyon. Person A is standing between you and the edge, leaning over and looking. Person B is sitting next to you. Person B “karate chops” your leg just below the knee causing your foot to shoot forward. Person A goes over the edge.

Who’s fault was it? Probably, most of you would say Person B. The knee reflex is involuntary, and therefore you cannot be held accountable.

Now I suggest reading the previous post and then come back to this. And the note that OBL was considered paranoid schizophrenic at the time of his death.

While there is, I suppose, an element of free will in a more complex situation like that one, it is also just really a more complicated series of karate chops and a cascade of reactions that are only as voluntary as being human in general is. Can you always control your emotions? What about when you’re drunk? At what point would you lose it and decide that some kind of payback–even if it costs you your own life–is worth the price?

Let me elaborate further. It was reported some time back that the CIA, in order to spy in certain areas in Afghanistan, posed as health workers giving shots for things like polio. This is the official story, and I don’t think that much is disputed.

What is also apparently not in question is that there have been polio outbreaks in not only Afghanistan, but Pakistan and now Ukraine as well.

If your goal is peace and to gather intelligence, why not use real shots instead of fake ones? You don’t want your opponent to catch on to your methods, so why not do a better job of hiding what you did?

The most obvious outcome is that real health workers will not be trusted in that part of the world. In fact, some will die due to paranoia.

But what else? The enemy figures out what you did and gets really, really angry. They strike back at someone else’s children and CIA and its allies make sure that that, but not their own crossing of the line, gets lots and lots of press.  American eyes and ears are filled with visions of inhuman monsters who don’t care if they kill kids. How dare they?

Public support for Permawar is maintained by having been manipulated into an almost likewise permanent state of hatred and disgust.

But what if these same kinds of operations were done at the end of Charlie Wilson’s War? Or later? What if we thoroughly, after training, arming and radicalizing the mujahedin to fight the Soviets, pissed them off on the way out? What if we poisoned wells, left mines where children play?

What kind of news did we have coming out of Afghanistan prior to 9/11? Damn little. Charlie Wilson’s War happened, where CIA radicalized, trained, and armed Afghanis to fight the Soviets. Later, the Taliban visiting US to make an energy deal. Then we saw the Taliban blowing up religious locations throughout the country. A few rather tightly controlled stories. We don’t know what happened over there because it was all secret and isolated.

The mujahedin fully understood the principles of guerrilla warfare, we taught it to them. They could easily figure out who left the place full of corpses and future fatal hazards, even if they could not prove it. Radicalization is the result.

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual

Pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, including “the troops”–see again the previous post and how that can apply especially to intelligence professionals themselves–is the trick. Why? In order to wage war without dissent, clearly. But if someone has decided that it has to be waged without the informed consent of the governed, then what is the justification for that?

People who just think that they know better than everyone else while simultaneously making lots and lots of money at it. Some realize their own hypocrisy. Others I think bury it in incessant attacks on others and blatant lies in order to not only distract their constituents but I think to even deceive themselves sometimes.

In any case, it is sometimes what we don’t know that allows us to be fooled. This is why transparency is so important as is investigative reporting, as opposed to dictation.

What are the real scandals regarding 9/11?

In the interests in keeping what will almost certainly be a long post short, I am not going to reference every single fact I’m going to rattle off. Most of these I have covered in the past {and you can find here anyway}. For example, CIA officer A. B. “Buzzy” Krongard. Besides attempting to make certain that the fire protection system at CIA headquarters was working in the Summer of 2001 and the unrealized attempt at shortselling airline stock later on 9/11 by Buzzy’s former trading company, he was also instrumental in getting Blackwater their no-bid contract to go almost immediately into Afghanistan after 9/11. This is even said to have saved George Tenet’s job after the “intelligence failure” of not seeing it coming. Or, if you prefer, not tying George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice to chairs so that Richard Clarke could get a meeting.

This also put Blackwater on the map. And, when it came time to look into some of this, it was Buzzy’s brother who was asked to do so as CIA Inspector General.

As suggested above, it doesn’t require a controlled demolition for there to be something fishy any more than Jared Lee Loughner’s attack required crisis actors to be so. I don’t have an engineering degree, so I can only go off of what I think makes sense and what I do know with regards to that otherwise. Mostly this has to do with the possibility of inadequate fire proofing, as I noted in Chapter 11 of Wicked Game as being a condition one could frequently find in NYC.

For example, the vibrations and explosion sound reported by some 9/11 survivors before, they believe, the first plane hit, may have another explanation. The Twin Towers were some of the highest man-made points in the world. This made them very suitable for long distance communications. NSA, the State Department and CIA, and even FBI and other government agencies and departments may have used some of the equipment there. Possibly some trading and banking information as well. This demolition could explain the noise and vibrations and still not be responsible for the collapse.

Thomas Drake notes that some materials may have behaved like bombs within the building itself:

Who else is benefiting from 9/11?

Soon after 9/11, Congress made a big deal out of, and passed legislation about, profiting from 9/11. Some company had within weeks minted 9/11 commemorative coins and/or other memorabilia. The outrage coming from the US Senate left us with the impression that they meant it.

This spirit was extremely short-lived. 9/11 and fear are really a market sector all their own at this point. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to see that we have an apparatus that is far, far too large for the job politicians tell us it does. Many have branched out to Wall Street, multinational corporations, and foreign countries in order to stay afloat. These companies do not have the same reporting requirements for their political donations due to the secret work that they do. And we already know that some legislators have spouses with businesses related to the surveillance industry and top officials like Keith Alexander made some obscure investments indicating he may have had information about the companies via NSA spying.

Put simply, there are more than a few new fortunes, and some growth of some very old ones, due to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Just about as soon as you can stop, take a deep breath, and think about this obvious, indisputable fact, there is either a new attack of some kind or some trumped up issue that gets trotted out again, such as we had today.

Additionally, going back to the second quote at the top, the creepy American History X, Nazified one, the rightwing benefited. This country has taken such a sharp right turn that the Democrats, rather than resist it, went with the flow. No wonder Obama has gone drill-baby-drill. No wonder Hillary touts the Bible as her favorite book. I don’t respect it, but I understand it. Whether this occurred mostly due to one party or the other hardly matters any more; we are stuck with two parties that are ultra-rightwing in deed/doesn’t much matter what they say.

If it weren’t for a myriad of other right-pushing programs, some of which pre-date 9/11 such as the behavioral modification program WWASPS which has ties not only to major GOP players but also probably the CIA, then you might be able to get away with thinking it’s just an accident, fate, etc. But the presence of these other programs really make me draw a red circle around Buzzy’s and Erik’s relationship and just how “lucky” they were, while so many others were not, that they were so prepared for September 12, 2001.

That is troubling. It is especially troubling when you can see that an agency that claims it has a solemn duty to protect its methods actually has its methods peeping out in major news reports all the time. Either it isn’t protecting those methods, or it is the one using them. Either way, that is mission failure.