BBD – Breaking Down the PSYOP

Imagine that on the 23rd of  August your ex contacts you. Your dog had to be put to sleep.

Then, two days later, on August 25th, a family member notes that they, too, lost a dog. Turns out this dog actually managed to die before being put down.

Both dogs became fatally ill from the same symptoms. The 26th was National Dog Day.

While you might be inclined to think it coincidence, recall that similar happened before. What would you think?

Yes. This actually happened. Assuming for a moment that this was not entirely a coincidence–and really why should I?–what was the desired effect? First, you’ll note that I would be the receiver of the news from both. They wouldn’t be telling each other and noting it on their own. They are in two other separate states, on opposite ends of the country. To them, a sort of typical life event, thankfully not a too-frequent one.

But to the person connected to both, what of them? Assuming it’s not altogether an accident. Let’s assume that merely the timing was influenced.

1} Invoke fear. Induce paranoia. This seems to be one of the US’ intelligence community’s favorite pastime anyway, just watch the news when a government contractor is on or CSPAN whenever there’s a spook speaking to Congress.

2} Provoke an angry, perhaps even violent, reaction. Poke and poke and poke until a person pops and then you have an excuse to throw them in the slammer if they aren’t simply shot dead upon the arrival of the locals. Anyone who has been on the wrong side of the IC understands perfectly the kind of pressure Barrett Brown was under when he was railroaded.

3} Isolate. Generate chatter resulting from 1 and 2 in the hopes that the target will share the idea that it was likely not coincidence with the ex and the relative. The reaction is either fear of the target and their paranoid thinking or fear of being near the target and whatever subhuman pieces of shit carry out these covert operations. This ensures the further erosion of  those relationships and the increased isolation of the target. As previously noted, isolation itself can cause stress resulting in mental illness or at least the symptoms of it. Not to mention how much more can be done when the target is the only witness.

4} Perpetuate the idea that there is no law.

Seems pretty clear to me that this is actually true. CIA, for example, claims it has a solemn duty to protect its methods. It appears not only that they have failed to do so, but that they hand out fliers to political parties and Wall Street firms on various aspects of spycraft. In case I haven’t noted it here, they don’t even have an inspector general at present. Not that the last ones helped me or people in similar predicaments that I can detect.

But it could just as well be FBI–the people most Americans would expect to contact under such circumstances–excuse me while I laugh until I can’t breathe, DHS, or DIA. There seems to be a general nuttiness one can spot on occasion in government in general for which I have no real explanation. That said, attempting to embarrass one of the other agencies via proxy is not out of the question.

Hard to believe all of this is for Erik Prince’s ego. Seeing that as less likely, but perhaps a factor at some point.

Update: and 5} “Don’t get a dog.”
–America, land of the free.


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