BBD – Psychics, Shysters, and Spies

First Disclaimer: There are some things I disagree with Richard Dawkins on. Primarily, this consists of the “New Atheists” being unable to come up with something better than Medieval religion did with regards to neo-Inquisitions and neo-Crusades with “national security” replacing “whose deity’s is bigger?” as the excuse given to the peasantry for raiding other countries. I expected better from biologists, mathematicians, physicists, etc.

Second Disclaimer: It is not my desire to convert or unconvert anyone. Your religion or lack thereof is your business. I do, however, want people to be more discerning about what power says and why; and power sometimes makes use of religion. But then see the first disclaimer because religious leaders aren’t the only ones getting used.

That said, I think we can again see how con artistry, in this case the phony psychics doing cold readings, has other applications with regards to psychology: That is, making it seem as though they are telling people something about themselves by using language that is sufficiently vague so that it can apply to anyone; sort of half an idea that they present in order to get the target to fill in the gaps, give it meaning, and sort of using what is more take than give on info. I’m mostly referring to the first eight minutes or so, though they come back to it later.

Richard Dawkins interviews Illusionist Derren Brown (Enemies of Reason Uncut Interviews)

The point, this is how the psychic makes a personal connection, or appears to, with their quarry. This is sort of also how politicians increase their appeal. They use words like ‘freedom’ and it is up to the potential voter to decide what it really means. A politician usually means either the ‘right’ to step on the rights of others or the rights of corporations to steal, in either case for the purpose of vacuuming up the wealth from the poor and middle class and giving it all to the oligarchs. It’s sort of like the last few rounds of Monopoly, you’ve had to mortgage yourself over and over just to stay in the game and give your remaining wealth to the owners of the properties on the edge of the board just before the Go square.

For example, Ron Paul polled very well among progressives early on during the 2008 election cycle in 2007. This was almost purely because of the reaction to Bush and their perception that their rights had been trampled and Paul’s use of the word Constitution over and over, perhaps because we already had an inkling about NSA spying and our loss of liberties and privacy. But is that what Ron Paul was really concerned with?

Now, Donald Trump says things like, “I’m gonna do so well with the military, its gonna blow your mind.” This says absolutely nothing and entirely leaves what that means up to the listener. It is, in fact, a kind of genius.

This, though, is merely the preamble to the real point of this post. I noted here and in Wicked Game that I believe that my religious conversion that occurred in 1989 was part of the overall experience that I have come to refer to as NKINTRA: the grandchild of MKULTRA where the efforts are aimed not at foreign countries but at the domestic population of the United States. Note again that though I set the first chapter of Wicked Game in 1988, my first probable encounter with the intelligence community was probably circa 1980, in high school. This is in retrospect, I didn’t consider any of this to be more than “normal life” until things became so strange that I had to reconsider various things from the past.

In 1987 or 1988, I was still living in the married housing section at my university. I was separated but not yet divorced. Somewhere down deep dealing with being gay and deeply in denial about it coupled with the failure of my marriage, I was depressed.

A friend, who really could be fun to hang around with, came over. It was really listening to my problems that set him off on re-embracing his parents’ lifelong Christian beliefs and attempt to get me to convert. I was torn between telling him to GTFO and being polite because he was polite about and as I said, sometimes a lot of fun.

There was a lull in the conversation. This was the point where I was running several ideas about how to end this gentle badgering without being rude.

Just then, a can sitting inside a garbage bag in the kitchen rolled across the floor. Then a second can rolled off in a different direction.

Then–I am not kidding–a third can rolled out in yet a third direction. The angle between them was fairly, but not perfectly, even. Inside the bag was also a milk jug, which of course had expanded as the bacteria inside gave off gases while feeding on the drops that remained.

This altered the course of the conversation and I agreed to pray with him. It did not, believe it or not, convert me. But it did lay the groundwork for what came later, the insanity at the Festival that I eventually, not having the ability to explain what I and others saw and experienced, chalked up to something supernatural.

It is not difficult to imagine why an intelligence agency would want to know how to do something like this. It makes people easier to control so long as you also have control of their religious leaders. Combine it with influence/control of their news and political leaders and you control most of what they see and hear, and therefore what they think and do.

These pseudo-conversions can also be the basis for creating cults, for example, that believe that Israel must be protected at any cost so that Jesus can come back and kill all the Jews, that their religious freedoms are threatened when forced to do their jobs, that the Constitution’s purpose was to endorse the Bible, divorce and multiple marriage is somehow okay to ignore scripturally but gay marriage isn’t, etc.

Not really what we should expect from government and its conjoined private twin Wall Street, is it? They are so very much into your private life; your well-being, not so much.

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