The Interrupted Democracy

“…I wondered fleetingly, if [the Hills’] interracial marriage might be involved in Mr. Hill’s disturbance.”

“Will plays no part whatever in hypnosis, and the belief that hypnotizability is a manifestation of a weak will is false. The factors which influence hypnotizability are the intelligence of the individual, his conscious willingness, and the unconscious resistance or submissiveness. The latter are not always manifest on the surface…”

–Benjamin Simon, MD


Some might wonder why I bother with these kinds of topics. The UFO phenomenon is deeply entrenched in our psyche. It was also part of the Cold War in terms of psychological operations performed by both the United States and the Soviet Union. It, complete with two strange appearances of the so-called Men in Black in order to discredit witnesses, was used as cover for rocket, weapon, and aircraft research at Area 51.

This is also a question of audience. It does little good to reinforce beliefs already held.

And then there’s education funding and lack thereof. The system doesn’t want well-informed citizens because they require too much work to control and curtail.

Additionally, today there is no shortage of ‘reality’ television shows regarding space alien visits. While under other circumstances, such as a planet not poised on the brink of ecological disasters, war, global poverty and/or fascism, it might be just fine to allow people their “harmless” beliefs and view it as a hobby or just another kind of religion.

Unfortunately, we do not live in that world, and so the means and methods used to cloud the judgment of and hide the truth from people must be exposed. We cannot afford to assume that space aliens will swoop in and save humanity and more than we can believe that the real world James Bonds and ilk have the public interest at heart when the break the rules the rest of us live by. Nor can we project our problems off of the elites’ insistence in maintaining the status quo that is making the climate situation worse and our own complicity in the system that they control but we permit to continue with business as usual.

Again, I do not assume that all people who claim to have had some form of alien contact are liars. I merely suggest that it is more likely to have another explanation given the distance required for travel and the relative inhospitality of the Universe as a whole.


1} Montreal was home to Dr. Donald Ewan Cameron’s brainwashing research on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency at Allan Memorial Institute on the campus of McGill University. Cameron was former president of the World Psychiatric Association and American Psychiatric Association. The latter was deeply involved in the torture scandal and leaves little doubt that not as much has changed since the Cold War as we would like to think in terms of transparency and adhesion to core “first do no harm” principles.

2} MKULTRA subprojects known to be related to hypnosis and similar include: 5, 6, 25, 29, 39, 43, 49, 68 {Cameron at McGill}, 73, 84 {Orne}, 94 {brain locations, remote direction control}, 98 {mass conversion study}, 119 {“telecontrol” of humans}, 125 {placebos}, and 128 {rapid hypnotic induction}.

3} Subproject 128, rapid hypnotic induction, was initiated October 1960.

4} From the US Senate report on MKULTRA, the infamous surviving 5 May 1955 draft memorandum regarding the goals of the program:

6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

5} MKULTRA subproject 123, African-American attitudes study.

6} Subsequent efforts against African-American civil rights leaders in the United States in general.

“Well, you know the Reds are sneaking into our homes, so…”


On 19 September 1961, Barney Hill, an African-American US postal worker born in 1922, and his wife Betty, a caucasian social worker born in 1919, were on their way from a Labor Day vacation in Montreal to their home in Portsmouth. During the trip, they believed that they saw strange lights and lost two hours of time during their trip. Barney suffered from anxiety and nightmarish dreams. This lead him to seek counseling and he was eventually hypnotized and suppressed memories of an alien abduction were apparently discovered.

Dr. Benjamin Simon was a well known Boston-based psychiatrist and neurologist who had become interested in hypnosis when he was a test subject in research at John Hopkins University. He perfected his techniques while on a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in Europe in 1937 and 1938. He worked for the Army during WWII at Mason General Hospital. He served as consultant on the John Houston film Let There Be Light.

Overall, it seems quite likely that Simon would be used for CIA research on the subject being both an expert and with former work with the military. As to who may have inducted the Hills during, or even before, their return trip, there is no indication.

It is interesting to note that John G. Fuller, the author of the book on the subject, The Interrupted Journey, notes after Barney Hill’s first hypnosis session with Simon that:

It was obvious in the first step of the procedure that Barney had only partially gone beyond the threshold that had blocked his conscious memory of that night.

Is that what was happening? Or was Barney really being hypnotized into creating false memories? This is at the center of both the religious conversion hypnosis research where both an atheist and a Christian were converted to the other way of thinking and then back, and some versions of the ‘programmed assassin’ theory, where imaginary but visceral experiences make a person more likely to resort to violence.

It would also be great at discrediting civil rights activists.

As the sessions progressed, the details became clearer and clearer, the “recalled” events more elaborate. This culminated in drawings of the craft, technology and beings who supposedly kidnapped a bi-racial couple nearly a year after CIA’s subproject 128 * was initiated.

Barney and Betty Hill were both members of the NAACP. Barney sat on a local US Civil Rights Commission board before all of this happened.

* However, it is unlikely that this was done directly under subproject 128, because the invoicing–which is pretty much all that survived the shredding–indicates payments earlier in 1961. Once a project was completed and there was more to study, it was not at all unusual for a new spinoff project to be formed, such as in the case of MKOFTEN tracking the side-effects of pharmaceuticals in general after subprojects in MKULTRA focused on specific substances.



Author unknown, “Technical Report: Hypnosis in Intelligence,” October 1966, agency unknown/likely CIA.


How are military PSYOP planned?

Overt Psychological Operations, DoD Directive S-3321.1


House of Representatives, Congressional report on Subliminal Communication Technology, 1984

Mr. Glickman. Are you aware of any research the Defense Department has done in any of these areas?

Mr. Tyler. I am not. I understand that you [Dr. Becker] are.

Dr. Becker. I am not at liberty to answer that question. I am sorry.


Also see Derren Brown convert an atheist to Christianity and back:

Derren Brown, “How to Convert An Atheist”


Alejandro Rojas, “Ex-Air Force Law Enforcement Agent Says He Hoaxed Major UFO Mythologies,” HuffPo, 13 May 2014:


And Nick Felton who beat me to this by more than a year.


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