To The Matts


First, Matthew Keys. Most of the interesting stuff you need to know about his case can be found here:

Sarah Jeong, “Why the Government Went After Matthew Keys,” VICE/Motherboard, 9 October 2015:

Kim Zetter, “Matthew Keys’ Hacking Conviction May Not Survive An Appeal,” WIRED, 9 October 2015″

The only additions are how the quit/fired/laid off routine from his previous job sounds familiar. In January of 2010, I was inexplicably and unexpectedly locked out of my place of work. My security pass had been revoked.

An exchange of emails revealed that one of my bosses was under the impression that I had quit. We had had a heated exchange about 10 days prior and partly due to his health condition, which could have lead to his hospitalization or even death, and partly due to my fear that I would say something I would regret, I left the building and took a week’s vacation. I sent an email stating so.

Like so many of my other dying relationships, I had assumed it was a temporary situation. I had known many of these people for a decade, some nearly two. This didn’t fit the familiar pattern. Though I had finally come to believe that the US intelligence community was interfering in my life, I had yet to figure out that they knew exactly what they were doing and what their endgame was. I was sure it had to be some mistake and that, once that was sorted out, things would return to normal.

That didn’t happen. When I moved to Minneapolis and the money I had ran out, I applied for unemployment and received two letters on the same day, one stating that I had quit, the other that I had been let go for cause. I wound up having to return to NYC for a hearing with a labor judge. There, I presented email evidence that I had not quit and was given a the judgment that I had been laid off in February.

All of this occurred along side sometimes ridiculous, sometimes horrifying psychological harassment beyond what I could have then imagined. Clearly illegal, and yet very much occurring under a Democrat in the White House whose speeches would generally imply well beyond anything he would resort to.

Despite having gotten the big brush off from both the partners at my firm in email, one day in 2012 or so, they needed my notes on some project or other. Since then, I did a couple of projects for one partner and helped the other work up a proposal for another job. If only some of my other bridges hadn’t been so thoroughly burnt, you might not be reading this right now.

So, I have to say that some of what I read there seems similar. As does what eventually happened with Mr. Keys and some unwatched page at the Los Angeles Times website. The words ‘deny’ and ‘disrupt’ come to mind where the intelligence community is concerned. Mr. Keys’ important work has been disrupted and we may be denied his help in the fight against corruption while he, like Barrett Brown, is serving a sentence. And, also like Barrett Brown, it appears similar to the ‘digital arson’ that FBI/Sabu/Hammond engaged with Stratfor over, which I suspected was to prevent Stratfor’s financial collapse {based on FBI advising Stratfor that they do nothing while knowing that their Sabu hack would wipe their servers and the emails at Wikileaks regarding their concerns over subscriptions and new clients}. Government loves its corporate welfare.

I don’t think it can be any other way. There is a Cold War going on in the US. It is not so much between good and evil, or right and wrong but two equally corrupt groups of elites who use the rest of us like chess pieces. The interests of multinationals are paramount and life has become cheap. That’s the real Barack Obama’s opinion once you look at what he does instead of what he says. At least Republicans admit much of the time that they don’t really care about people.


Matt DeHart I’ve blogged about before. There are the occasional high-profile articles written about him and I’ll link them up below.

However, that won’t much help him because–and there was a similar pattern with the Barrett Brown sentencing hearing–what he is charged with has nothing to do with having seen documentation about FBI investigating CIA’s attempt to frame Al Qaeda and/or Iraq for the anthrax letters that happened just after 9/11. Phonies like Brad Moss, esq.–who definitely know what the government is capable of–will say that and shrug as if breaking the rules by the government is something that cannot and should not be pointed out. To people like him, you have to be an expert lawyer AND a counter-intelligence expert at all times even though you are outspent, outlawyered, and outspooked by an immense machine more interested in squeezing more of the middle class’ wealth into already burgeoning pockets. He is the champion of the status quo, the legal equivalent of access stenography journalism, and he damn well knows it. It’s not just a question of what any of the three deeply corrupt branches of government can make legal within their circles of power no matter how foul, but the maintenance of the system that destroys people and families for no other reason than it can that he and his ilk support. Sometimes I think he knows this, other times I think he lies to himself and considers ‘success’ to mean simply keeping a person out of prison, to hell with the public interest with what the whistleblower has to say. Nixon’s ghost wishes he had these people around in his day.

Matt’s trial is scheduled for now on 8 December 2015 in Nashville. While I don’t consider these things from any superstitious standpoint, there is the practice that terrorist organizations like to engage in of commemorating anniversaries, and CIA, FBI, DHS, etc. are no exceptions. Let’s see what else occurred on 8 December, shall we?


Most from here:

1927: The Brookings Institution, one of the US’ oldest think tanks, founded via the merger of three think tanks.

1941: Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war on Japan, Germany. Can you imagine this today? Congress is told we’re at war after the bombing starts. But they don’t mind; gets the kickbacks to them that much faster.

1972: Wife of Watergate plumber E. Howard Hunt dies in mysterious plane crash. Payoffs involved before the crash, more at link.

1979: Soviet forces, lured in by the CIA, invade Afghanistan, covert ops and funding of mujaheddin in Afghanistan may date back to ’77 or even ’73.

1980: Former Beatle and peacenik John Lennon murdered by Mark David Chapman.

1984: Neo-Nazi leader of ‘The Order’ dies in standoff with FBI.

1985: US Officials Meet with Iranian Arms Merchant, Israeli Officials; Arms Deals Are Ending, US Officials Say. Outgoing National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane and National Security Council staffer Oliver North fly to London to meet with Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms merchant. Also present at the meeting are David Kimche, of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and Israeli arms dealer Yaacov Nimrodi. McFarlane tells Ghorbanifar that the US wants to end arms sales to Iran, though the US wants to continue pursuing diplomatic relations. [New York Times, 11/19/1987] The US will in actuality continue selling arms to Iran (see January 7, 1986 and January 17, 1986).

1987: The First Intifada sparked.

1991: USSR is dissolved.

1992: UN and senior western military officials claims Bosnian Muslims engaging in false-flag attacks on their own people to garner international sympathy.

1995: Unocal obtains Turkmenistan deal to run two pipelines to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Kissinger hired to announce the deal. There are problems.

1995: Clinton National Security Advisor Anthony Lake meets with Abdulrahman Alamoudi who supports Hamas, which the Clinton administration deemed a terrorist financier the previous January.

1999: CIA concludes that Bin Laden plans attacks, many inside US.

2000: 9/11 Hijacker Hani Hanjour re-enters US on student visa.

2000: Florida legislature meets to debate GOP plan to appoint slate of electors to vote for George W. Bush for president to resolve the ‘tie’ with Al Gore.

2001: Secretary of State Powell states that US oil companies are likely to invest $200 billion in Kazakhstan.

2002: Richard Perle again attempts to confirm the Al Qaeda-Iraq connection perpetuated by Dick Cheney.

2002: A 22-year old Afghan farmer and part-time cab driver named Dilawar is beaten during his fourth interrogation. The warlord who turned him in will himself be detained by US officials for attacks on US targets and then turning over innocent Afghanis for reward. Two days later, Dilawar will be found dead in his cell.

2003: Sources claim that Israeli military specialists train US forces on counter-insurgency tactics.

2004: The Pentagon reports that four people from Task Force 6-26 involved in severe abuse of detainees and ‘imprisonment’ of 2 DIA officers who objected at Abu Ghraib, have been disciplined and reassigned.

2004: Pentagon, White House planning to escalate public pressure on Iran.

2005: US and Israel are the only countries to vote against an arms race in space at UN.

2006: EPA sells off public assets for less than a penny on the dollar.

2007: The unidentified gunmen storm Benazir Bhutto’s party’s offices.

2008: Conservative pundits claim financial meltdown is over-stated, political.

2009: Fitch cuts Greece’s rating to BBB+, first time Greece has dropped below an A.

And more pertinent to this blog:

2009: The Open Government Directive is released.

2009: The Squidgate event occurs on the bridge between Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan on the US side and marks a new era of COINTELPRO 2.0 and MKULTRA 2.0 in a blender that captures my full attention very quickly. I call it NKINTRA.

2010: +1 – A juror who wrote the judge for leniency in the Squidgate trial is accused of robbing a check-cashing store that occured on this date {9 December}. The actual perpetrator had glued coyote fur to his face in order to obscure it from cameras.

2015: Pending: The Matt DeHart trial as scheduled to begin.


Marcy Wheeler, “Is Matt DeHart Being Prosecuted Because FBI Investigated CIA for the Anthrax Leak?”, emptywheel, 20 March 2015:

David Kushner, “‘I might have some sensitive files,'” BuzzFeed, 19 March 2015:

And related:

Scott Shane, “Former F.B.I. Agent Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case,” New York Times, 9 April 2015:

But perhaps the most disturbing thing about the Matt DeHart saga isn’t the investigation into CIA framing another country for the anthrax letters, not even the drugging and torture by FBI, being framed for child porn charges. Perhaps it is this: One of the board members deciding his asylum request to Canada found that her own son went postal and shot some people.

Matt never had a chance.



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