The Chimera: A Propaganda Trap + A Rant

In Greek mythology, a chimera was an animal hybrid, typically depicted as a lion with a goat head protruding from its back. In biology, it has multiple meanings, but one of the most interesting is a living organism with two sets of genes. This can even happen to human beings and has on rare occasion been the subject of criminal cases and the glut of cop shows we are bombarded with daily.

But this is a new definition, though similar, which I am crediting to Ali Gharib, yet another denizen of Brooklyn I never had the opportunity to meet, but whom I follow on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account you should follow him as well: @Ali_Gharib .

He mentioned it in reference to a news story. Attempting to take a stand on the issue within the story presents problems because the subject is made up of multiple “DNA.” That is, your gut may tell you to take stance A, but then if you applied stance A to a different situation, you would find yourself violating your own personal code. If, on the other hand you took stance B, you’d have a similar problem.

What I’m talking about is very similar. It is different than a Trojan Horse news story where you support an idea in theory but later realize it can be applied in ways you would not want. For example, this week’s flavor of “suspicious” is of course Muslims because that is what the US government and it’s friends on Wall Street want; someone to focus all your worries and fears on that is not them or the big banks, which are the real source of our troubles. A scapegoat, really, for greed and power lust, for selfish politicians and ivory tower CEOs.

The case I’m going to use as example is not the one he mentioned, but rather one I saw via Thomas Drake. It seems a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s investigative arm and associates had made some headway into finding financial connections between various Muslim charities, individuals, and Mosques. While I may question, given the climate in the United States, the veracity of their findings {would Al Capone’s donations to orphanages make those orphans gangsters?}, let us assume that he believes what he is saying. Additionally, he thinks what they had may have prevented the San Bernardino shooting. Further still, he says that the Department of Justice came in and erased all their work stating that they were protecting the civil rights of those people and organizations because none of the ones involved were designated terrorist organizations.

Philip Haney, “Administration nixed probe into Southern California jihadists,” The Hill, 16 December 2015:

Where do you even begin with that story? DoJ does not care about civil liberties. The entire notion is absurd. But to insinuate that they should not have stopped the work DHS was doing is to imply they should not care. Even though they really don’t. Then you get into profiling from there. Don’t want to profile? Then you must want things like San Bernardino shooting to occur. Never mind that there is gun violence in San Bernardino all the time that doesn’t get national attention because it isn’t terror-related.

From there, you can get into gun control versus, for example, drugging everyone and the fact that the real concern for our politicians is not public safety in the first place–if it were we’d have single payer and more better-paying jobs. It’s just a game of exploitation to them, shoveling money to Smith & Wesson or Pfizer depending on which they are most friendly with. But I digress.

The point is, some stories are intentionally problematic. It doesn’t address, for example, that the US is largely responsible for Daesh/ISIS/ISIL in the first place and the resulting 60,000,000 refugees from our wars in the region. Doesn’t address that the US essentially created the Taliban and Al Qaeda in order to take the poppy fields from the USSR.

It becomes a massive puppet show of distractions and misdirections. War crimes become normalized. Torture gets swept under the rug, ready to return and it hasn’t even entirely gone away. GITMO may not get closed at all, or if it does it will just be moved elsewhere, probably a Navy or CIA ship {if it isn’t already}. The United States of America is literally out of control and not doing what it claims but, sadly, more often the opposite. And there isn’t anyone to tell her to stop. She is power mad, psychotic, and steamrolls over anyone it can get away with.

And all of that for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many. It’s upside down as well as backwards and sideways. The notion that it’s about protection, security, etc. is an old one and being used exactly the same way despots have done throughout the past 80+ years. We keep saying, “Wow, government sure is stupid” because we keep assuming that their stated goals are their stated goals; they aren’t. The idea is changing the rules as much as you can in order to protect the oligarchs, the multinationals, the politicians, the spies, and the top military commanders from accountability for robbing the rest of us, for throwing us in harm’s way for their benefit, and ultimately for so exacerbating climate change that it cannot be said to be everyone’s fault for breathing and driving a car. No, they have intentionally and consistently prevented common people from forcing changes in that area. The fault lay with them, not the rest of us. But, as things stand, it will be the rest of us who pay the price.


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