BBD – Still More Car Trouble

During my trek west last month, stopped off at a restaurant in Texas. When I came out, the window on my dad’s truck, which I was driving, was rolled down {not automatic}. There was a man by his vehicle next to the truck with his hood open. I doubt he had anything to do with it, but you never know. Typically I’ve found when there’s covert action happening, there’s an obvious  distraction, misdirection to draw you away from noticing anyone who might be watching from a distance.

Anyway, laptop right there in the passenger seat, not stolen.

About thirty miles later, it broke down. Transmission fluid all leaked out.


Despite the window {Did I leave it down? Seems very unlikely} , I might still have chalked that up to naturally occurring wear and tear. But the tow truck guy noticed it was also leaking coolant. It never overheated, didn’t have the chance. The window, like the broken lock on the Brooklyn apartment years before was a message, “We were here.”

So I start the New Year off with no job and the expectation of paying off a new vehicle. Ain’t life under spy and drone happy, war-on-whistleblowers Obama grand? Who wants to go for a ride?



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