They Really Are Crusades

Going to assume folks can recall the really long straw scene as well to get some idea about why this happens earlier in There Will Be Blood.

It’s as old as humanity, no doubt. The really tough guy probably acted like the only bull in the pasture. That is until the really smart guy had to explain that the really tough guy died because he displeased the deities when it was in fact something he ate. “In fact,” he would realize as he played it up, “all of you displeased the gods, so they say bring all the virgins to me.” Then he’d giggle to himself that all that testing of plants on the rodents who live around his remote hut really paid off big time. He’d need a new warrior, but this time he would be the one calling the shots. The prehistoric merger between superstition and commerce was a win-win for SmartGuy.

All of that leading up to recommending the War Nerd podcast episode 14. Some great info. I had even studied a few of those topics years ago and there’s a lot I didn’t know. Might have heard that shakers died off, but never told quite so amusingly. Also never realized that the US could have become a Mormon country.

Which in turn takes me to a place that is not the intended destination in the podcast.

Whose job is it to rein in religious zealots in the military and intelligence community? Mine? If so, I think I’m missing more than a few paychecks.

No. It’s the President, his cabinet, the inspectors general, Congress, and if need be the Department of Justice {which is of course one of the places filled with zealots}. Not one of these people are doing the job they are supposed to be. Not one. When religious zealots target other religions, non-whites, and LGBTetc for harassment and smearing, you can see just how shitty a job of protecting anything except his own ass Barack Obama is doing. It’s like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are already secret POTUS. It’s like the Tea Party runs Homeland Security.

Once wrote that last part in an email to a reporter. That was exactly what it was like. Obama is everything except liberal, except progressive, except Left.

Someone once asked me why I should care if radical Christians and radical Muslims kill each other off. While I don’t subscribe to the view that that is exactly what’s happening, the first, obvious answer is because they dragged me into it.

The goddamn law says not to discriminate. If spies and top brass cannot follow the law, kick them out like pharmacists who refuse to sell condoms. Otherwise, stop trying to shift the blame, Mr. O. You own this, your own private Crusade.


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