Manufacturing a Myth

Actually been several days since I finally finished watching Making a Murderer. If you have not watched it, you might want to hold off on reading beyond the fold. There are a few spoilers and much McCoyote-style commentary.

Of course I have a different take on some of it than most people would. Before I get to that, let me get some of the sort of more “normal” takes out of the way.

First and foremost, recognizing that we didn’t see perhaps everything we could have, it appears that the investigation was so FUBAR that we may not ever know who actually killed Teresa Halbach. While it is not impossible that Steve Avery was involved, he wound up being the most likely suspect because there was so few other options explored. This kind of slanted data, or cherry-picking of intelligence, will always result in a most-likely scenario that is not necessarily the truth.

The motives are obvious. And strong motivators like those can push even a well-meaning person unconsciously to do things in a less professional manner.

Then there’s Mr. Kratz, who showed us why we should not believe a word that comes out of his mouth over and over again, culminating in being revealed as the greedy, egomaniacal, power-mad, sex-crazed buffoon that he really is.


Kratz is also a billboard for why the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be shut down permanently as a public hazard. I’ll get to the logic behind that in a moment.

Besides the obvious villain, who by the way actually is a villain who used his position of power to prey upon rape and spousal abuse victims, there’s some of the most bizarre behavior I can imagine. I’m speaking of the experienced investigator who could not stop crying at the sight of the blue ribbon which he used in order to guide himself, apparently because he thought God wanted him to, through making a young mentally deficient man draw pictures and confess to things he didn’t actually experience or know anything about. I think that’s quite clear. It is also more frightening than, say, Bundy claiming he has gotten messages from God. Bundy wears his attitudes and beliefs on his sleeve and is not charged with investigating crimes that any one of us could wind up on the wrong end of. We are supposed to, but never seem to, hold public officials to higher standard. If we wanted it done willy-nilly, haphazard, arbitrarily, or based on someone’s random brain chemistry, we’d do it ourselves.

It seemed very clear that the badgering of the 16 year old, and lying about his mother’s desire to be present with counsel, was what lead to the confession. Very clear. And saying that he was some kind of mastermind who washed away his DNA even given five days just shows what kind of scumbags sometimes rise to level of detective.

It also seemed pretty clear how much the neighboring county’s police resented having the tainted county’s people around. Having to watch them and conduct an investigation, they just knew in their gut it was messed up and it showed on their faces.

One more random thing before moving on to the meat: Note how being asked on the phone by a reporter, “Is he bright?” and giving an honest answer, “No,” got turned into a death threat? And I think Avery was actually being careful and truthful there.


Right. What was FBI’s role? They provided one test, the first of its kind or first of its kind in many years.

But that doesn’t explain their involvement in a state and local matter. What was the reason for that?

The Avery defense attorneys asked the man testifying on behalf of FBI and the answer was almost a throwaway. He said that when there are allegations of police corruption, they look into them. Of course, there’s no evidence that they actually did that.

And what is the reason that they look into these kinds of allegations? To “take a bite out of crime” as so many people who watch Bones while getting sexually aroused must think? No, the Boners for Hoover Club members would be disappointed if they actually paid attention to reality instead of TV propaganda.

The reason is to prevent public loss of confidence in the justice system.

Got that? This means that if you have a one or two bad cops, FBI might investigate and they get booted from their professions.

But if you have the majority of a department, and say it extends up into the DA’s office, what then? They would help cover that kind of corruption up. Because, to the FBI, the loss of confidence in an imperfect {and who in their right mind expects perfect?} system is a matter of National Security. Suddenly, the prospect of people suing for wrongful imprisonment is scaring the hell out of FBI and many politicians.

And at that point, all bets are off. Could/would say, some private contractor actually kill a woman and try to frame someone for it? Just to prevent more legislation like that which happened after Avery’s 1985 conviction occurred?

Remember, we have now entered into the world of spies. As Patrick Fitzgerald once noted, and whistleblower Jessalyn Radack lived through the dissolution of post-9/11, there is supposed to be a wall between law enforcement and counter-intelligence and for a very good set of reasons. It is so the “secret police” can’t just lock up anyone they want, whenever they want, with manufactured evidence, among other legal hazards that occur when Barney Fife is given Jack Bauer powers.

Right. Reminded me of a couple of things I experienced. While I don’t have any idea about the truth behind the blood, DNA, moving of bones, etc., I did have this bizarre experience in June of 2011 in Minneapolis.

Received: from [] ([])
by with ESMTPS id 1sm1111820yhs.25.2011.
(version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);
Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:36:45 -0700 (PDT)
Mime-Version: 1.0 (iPhone Mail 8C148a)
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (8C148a)
From: Christopher Knall
Subject: No Skin Off My Leg
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 11:36:36 -0500
To: Christopher Knall

Just for documentation purposes…

A few days ago I had a large (4″ x 6″ or so) minor in terms of depth blister on my right calf on the right side. I was sitting outside when I noticed it… Not particularly painful. I peeled it off and threw it away (off the curb).

Later the discarded skin was gone.

Look [for] my DNA at a crime scene!

Or perhaps not now that I’ve documented it. Tricky bastards.


Sent via mobile

By the way, the “Later” was only about 10 or 15 minutes. I sent the email it to several investigative reporters just to cover myself in case.

Then there is the strange death of an acquaintance of mine. I never visited his house, and probably only saw him two or three times. The first was his birthday party to which I was invited in November of 2012:

Recently I had the opportunity to go to a party at an AMVETS. The general purpose of arranging my presence, of course, was to show how “insurmountable” the military industrial complex has become, how growing sentiment borne of propaganda has likely doomed healthcare reform, how there’s an “army” of angry, racist, veterans just waiting for the opportunity to put the beat-down on whoever or whatever some social dominator/exploiter types point the finger at.

What I got out of it, of course, was the opposite.

For example, there’s a poster on the wall that has a list of things to thank veterans for. “It’s not politicians that give you the right to vote, it’s veterans.” “It’s not poets who give you free speech, it’s veterans.” Etc.

What’s ironic about the poster is every single one of those things, while to some degree true, have also been taken away or are in danger of being taken away, by Pentagon brass and their partners in other areas of government and the private sector. Really. Every single one of them.

By the end of January of 2013, Mike was dead. Coroner–I was told–said his heart stopped beating but that he could find no reason for it to have stopped. House was locked, etc., no sign of forced entry. See the link for one of several potential methods.

I don’t know why, if the purpose was to frame me for it–you see I’m critical of the military industrial complex and ‘Tank’, as Mike was nicknamed, worked for them on the Abrams tank–I haven’t been arrested and charged. I can only assume, because this is murder and so there is no statute of limitations {unless you’re the CIA, of course}, so it may just be a card they plan to play at some point down the road should my questions, concerns, gripes, etc. start getting any of the public attention that I believe they should be getting.


Aside from this, and I moved there after most of this occurred, the fact that local police in Michigan were trying to get a witness to state that they had seen a woman who was a friend of mine, while holding up a picture from the check cashing store video feed of a man, as well as many other pressure tactics, overbearing things against an innocent family, well, I am convinced that this kind of thing happens. And more than it should.

And it happens because FBI doesn’t do the job that we think it does or should: It creates pleasant myths. And there is a point where myths no matter how pleasant, when they make us ignore rampant corruption, are more dangerous to society than those things that they think that they are protecting us from.

So it probably has to go, just like CIA. The problem? There’s a line of subcontractors who would be happy to take over and they probably employ some people who got kicked for doing some of these kinds of horrible things. And they also work for foreign clients, Wall Street, oligarchs, and multinational corporations who make money off of other people’s misery.

Think about that for minute.



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