BBD – Life Burglarizes Art, Art Replicants Life

{Author’s Note: A fluffy piece follows the fold. More of a curio than anything groundbreaking or particularly informative. It’s wander-y and ponder-y. It also kinda sorta follows up to this post over at the fiction writing blog.}

It’s nothing new really. Folks who pay attention to such things note that Jules Verne wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas before submarines became the aquatic stealth staple of nation states, before it became household word, and even though not before the first attempt at creating and using them, is still credited as a visionary for having done so. What some of the folks who notice this may not know is that Verne spent time reading scientific papers and speaking to scientists to see what the trends were in order to fire up his imagination.

Verne wasn’t pulling his ideas out of his, erm, the recesses of his mind. Not like Da Vinci apparently was.

Similar to this, when you have people like Barry Eisler who both had some experience in the intelligence community and pays attention to what’s happening through the filter that that prior experience provided, one can make educated guesses about where things might go. Barry Eisler makes jokes about his novels not being released soon enough so people can read about things that are happening now or very soon.

So I joked about The Wisp likely becoming a documentary {not really since it was so tongue-in-cheek and over the top} before I could figure out how to get it turned into a graphic novel, or, that mostly ill-advised attempt to shop it as a screenplay idea to one production company.

But that’s all well and good. Truth is, we don’t hit the mark precisely, we’re talking trends and the occasional eery similarities between our fiction and what transpires in the news.

Then you may have coincidences. The Greatest American Hero had to rename its main character from Hinkley to Hanley due to someone with that name making international news using a pistol. And, in the opposite direction, what was with the iterations of CSI having an obsession with throwing in characters with surname Manning at least three times prior to the Wikileaks to-do?

But are these reasons always the case?

Though The Wisp was kind of a goofy story, meme-wise, it contained torture, surveillance, and privatization of, among other services, the police. None of that was really new in 2007. We had an inkling about what had transpired after 9/11. Blackwater’s original business plan was to provide police departments with shooting range services and, likely, move toward privatizing them. So even that wasn’t original.

But what if I told you I didn’t actually know that about Blackwater when I wrote it? Gets to be a little more strange at that point.

Or, what if I told you that I wrote this short story without realizing at all that the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking was nigh, a few weeks later? Weirder still.

And, weirder still, what if things reversed? What if TV started capturing some things that happened to me in reality?

From Wicked Game, chapter 20:

The day after I sent the fax, I was again standing in front of the deli having a chat when I saw what appeared to be smoke coming somewhere near Scahill’s place. I ran towards it only to find that it was actually coming from a white pickup truck. Inside the pickup truck were three men. One older than the other two in the driver’s seat, one shorter and stockier in the middle, and one taller and thinner on the passenger side. As I approached, they drove off. I could see that the thin one was laughing via the side mirror.

This “prank” or PSYOP was with regards to a fire that had occurred at a friend’s condo building, though I was not yet aware of it.

From Person of Interest, season 3, episode 10, “The Devil’s Share”:

Three crooks in a truck.

Reese seems to be looking for someone.

Look. Fire.

A little weird, isn’t it? I like the bright green truck as battering ram; a nice touch.

Is there more? See if you can identify this midtown Manhattan corner which is connected to the skyscraper in these scenes from the pilot, when Finch is offering Reese a job. Hint: I worked there for 20 years.




Just kind of odd. What else could it be?



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