BBD – Street Theater II

Recalled a couple more, though I think I covered these before.

Toronto, March 2010. Woman dressed like a gypsy/Roma did the stereotypical crossing herself and staring as if looking at someone cursed.

Not unrelated, the above probably served as a precursor to a pair of audio-only events months later in Minneapolis. In bed but not yet asleep one night in apartment 13 on University Avenue SE, heard crowd of people laughing and howling. Then, probably only a day or two later, sounded like “werewolf sex” in the apartment above.

Note that I checked out books on lycanthrope legends prior to these last two, made notes in a notebook in coffee shops, etc., so my intentions were clear to anyone performing surveillance. A fine argument for privacy, though it appears as though that ship has sailed and sank into some watery abyss.

All seemed to be related to harassment related to intentions of writing a {much longer} short story collection with a werewolf theme I planned to call Very Bad Dogs. At least I learned a bit about ergot, the basis for LSD, from one of the books I checked out.


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