BBD – Why So Slow?

…the most heinous and evil force of the [21st] century.

Since moving to Maricopa county things have been a little different than the past. Now, narrative plots perpetrated by the US intelligence community and the two primary fraudulent political parties have no resolution. They are specifically designed so that I am offered the bad and worse choices of ether guessing how they will resolve {and then they will resolve differently which would serve to undermine my credibility} or to force me to reveal personal information of others and myself which will then make that information fair game for further intrigues.

This is another reason why the blog has been slower than in the past. I’m currently in the middle of a glacially-paced plot involving the murder of a HIV-positive white supremacist who was having rufie parties involving young {sometimes reportedly under aged} men and boys of color. He is also apparently connected to the Arizona GOP and, given the cameras and Internet setup at his home, probably international criminals {I’ve heard German, Russian or both} which means likely also a CIA asset and/or FBI informant.

Imagine profiting from sex videos feeds on the dark web while infecting the poor Mexican and black communities with AIDS. While HIV is not the death sentence it once was, that is for people who can afford the medicine and many poor people cannot because we got Obamacare instead of single payer.

Additionally, he sold heroin and other drugs, so he was probably a DEA CI as well.

That’s all I care to write about it for now. Except his name and these details have been thrown in my path for two months. Two months prior to his murder. Imagine if I’d investigated any of it. I’d be a suspect.

And so another Langley ploy to try to frame me for something I had nothing to do with unfolds.

Jen Wahl, “Phoenix Police Investigate Deadly Shooting Overnight,” KPNX News 15, 11 August 2016:

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  1. The ratio of conspiracy theories to word count is simply astonishing. The only thing missing was extra terrestrials and anal probing, a common oversight from amateur conspiracy theorists. Another rumor you overlooked was a very wealthy, dark web subscriber offered a large payout to witness live streaming video of the execution of the owner. For the icing on the cake would be that Saddam Hussein was the wealthy subscriber, made possible by time travel through an ancient Stargate discovered in Iraq during his reign as dictator. Honestly you were accurate on only two items, he was killed, and he had a surveillance system.

    • You’ve pegged me wrong, I’m afraid. I’m no amateur since I’ve been at it for seven years now, much of it from personal experience.

      I have to disagree with you on ETs and time travel since there’s not anything remotely like that in the post. CIA, FBI, and DEA all exist and are known to. The former two are also known to have violated civil and human rights during the Cold War. It is no great leap to consider the possibility of a repeat post-9/11.

    • Re-reading your comment, I think I may have missed part of your criticism.

      First, sometimes I treat this blog more like a diary or journal than, I don’t know, a news site. That is, I don’t always go back and explain in context of the past why I think A is true. This is sometimes a problem.

      Second, I now gather you think I made most of this up because it doesn’t appear in the news article. I did not. Some is rumor {GOP connection}, some is confirmed {HIV + heroin dealer with Internet connection on his “surveillance system” who throws sex parties and rufies guests with some kind of business dealings with white foreigners}, and some is filling in the blanks. For example, how is it a confirmed heroin dealer with dozens or hundreds of calls to the police by neighbors never got busted? It is not at all illogical or outrageous to wonder if the politically connected rumor was therefore true and/or he was a government informant. Since the cameras were connected to the web, one wonders who else must therefore have been watching.

      The part where I come in, or in this case thankfully did not come in, was being mistaken for someone who might care about his practices and decide to put an end to them. Had I, for example, decided to become roommates with one of his accomplices as the guy had suggested we do a few months back, I might have been/be spending a lot of time chatting with PPD and looking for a defense attorney I can hardly afford. This would be similar to the time that I worked as a security guard at a plant owned by the Koch brothers and it was sabotaged. One group of folks trying very, very hard to trick another into taking me out of the picture, i.e., having me play the patsy.

  2. I have a few questions. Did they catch whoever did it? And what were there motives? Why would u say he is a white surpremist ? I think he just had a preference for darker men. Also He was very open about his HIV status with everyone . this article is very disturbing and fictional i feel. This guy took homeless people and gave them a roof over there heads,feed them . never pressured anyone into having sex. And his partys were all consensual. He was a very giving person and never asked for anything. I did wonder why the police never came by when he had partys tho. Maybe there is a side of michael i didnt know. But i think your getting the wrong idea about this guy. I want answers too.

    • Good to get a different perspective. Never met him personally.

      The white supremacist comments came from a few people who interacted with his inner circle. That was their impression.

      As for pressuring, I know one person who claims he was rufied but had a high tolerance for drugs and was able to function. He claims there were others who were not so lucky.

      And then we get into the strange deaths, which may have other explanations but both family members I spoke with claim the victims had been to his place.

      • Yes I do agree that you have the wrong idea totally about Michael walls. And whoever claimed they were roofed was someone who takes ghb to get high and did the same thing that night. Only he took a little too much. And when he realized what he did the next day didn’t want anyone to know he did it willingly because people would label him as someone who gave into an old man because of their out of control drug habbit. So he cried rape. Or rufied. He went over to michaels knowing what michaels intentions were and probably overdid it because he knew what he was gonna have to do to get his fix. His security cameras were there for just that security. He has had things stolen from him left and right because he is too trusting. And even if he enjoyed watching the exploits of his guests from a live feed everyone knew they were being watched. He never sold any videos on the dark web. Nor did he have ties to any cia, fbi or other

      • Why would someone kill him?

    • As far as I know the shooter has not been caught.

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