BBD – More BLM


Something like five or six incidents at work in the past few to several days, two of those involving violence, all very heated, the second one that I was actually there for ended with the customer threatening to shoot me, and all involved African American males.

I’ve been over this before. I documented as best I could the strange incident in Minneapolis where a cop at a grocery store was behaving strangely and I got a sudden urge to punch him, and how that reminded me of the YouTube video that got Barrett Brown into trouble. I also wrote, though that’s pretty far back, about how I saw a man being beaten and ran into another who was raging mad for no apparent reason in Minneapolis.

I’ll be honest here. I don’t know if it’s the FBI counterintelligence, the CIA, or GOP’s black bag department {or if there’s even much difference between those three entities} using their little toys to create this…disharmony.

But what I do know is it’s very odd to be doing this anywhere near me at this point. What’s the point ultimately? There isn’t going to be any big revelation regarding the state of the art brainhacking; nor worse yet, how it’s being used in practice. Not without a whistleblower. And even then, I’m not really certain the public will get it, assuming such a whistleblower doesn’t just wind up dead before that happens.

So it must be something else. But I’ll be damned if I know what that could be.



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  1. I am almost assassinated “naturally” tonight INDOORS… you never reply to me nor care. It is like I have to become an animal or vampire, as if I’m in Tanzania like Bodea Borothi…. why don’t you look at higher technology. I’m Tessa Mercer. I write all over, and instead it’s eugenic societies. Nobody cares or believes me bc it is “mental hygiene”/not really health… it’s make it mental instead of external

    Nobody saves me, bc they cannot anyhow. It’s everywhere and controlled on purpose. Fine, ignore me. You and your MKUktra/Texas Christian University/Amanda Swartz buddies…. never ask me what happened or the secrets… instead psych me out or “naturally” try to kill me…

    Now am I going to die at my appointment? I’ve waited so long though…

    — heaving indoors like throwing up but through lights/indoor technology

    I email everywhere. Society is wrong!

    Why wasn’t bioelectric signals on trial at the hearing???!!! Duahggg

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