BBD – What Rape Accusations Are {Sometimes} Made Of

Not all my axes live in Taxes.

I’m quickly rewriting this even though it occurred eight years ago and I’ve forgotten many of the details. I have been unable to find where I wrote it after occurred, but that’s ok since I was still being surreptitiously drugged back then.

2010. Minneapolis. Went on a date with a friend of an ex. We were both to some extent seeking revenge plus trying to answer the question, “What if I’d been with him instead of the ex?”

To the point, we ended with him extremely intoxicated at my place.

He kicked me out of bed–literally, or perhaps more precisely, leg-lifted me–for trying to kiss him. It was so over-the-top, I just laid on the floor laughing for several minutes.

He got on the phone and called someone. It went kind of like this:

Normal, drunken voice: “Hey. Hey. Hey, Matt.”

Now whispering: “He…help me.”

This repeated a few times before Matt or whatever his name was hung up and refused further calls.

I knew something was up at this point and stayed away. In the morning, he approached me, we had sex.

He then tried to steal the condom, but dropped it in the hallway on the way out.

This occurred shortly, can’t recall but less than two weeks, before the news of Assange’s Sweden charges hit the news.

The CIA Assault on the First Amendment {Updated}

The Central Intelligence Agency is the herpes of information. The highly contagious kind.


Not that this should be needed, but see MOCKINGBIRD where CIA ran several reporters and got them to plant stories, MUDHEN where they sought to discredit investigative reporter Jack Anderson, and a recent discovery: Not only did G. Gordon Liddy talk about, for example, putting LSD on Anderson’s steering wheel or a deadly knife attack to be blamed on the DC locals, but he and former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt actually scouted out Anderson’s home.

Karl Frisch, “New book: Liddy’s talk of killing journalist went well beyond talk,” MediaMatters, 14 September 2010:

It should also be noted that screwing up bureacracy is really old hat around CIA. In fact, it predates it by a bit since it’s actually OSS, the Office of Strategic Services:

Richard Feloni, “The 16 best ways to sabotage your organization’s productivity, from a CIA manual published in 1944,” Business Insider, 5 November 2015:


This really needs little introduction, doesn’t it?

First, we noticed some time back that Google, among others, were downgrading sites considered “leftist,” such as anything with the word socialist involved and outlets like The Intercept, Democracy Now!, Common Dreams,, and even the ACLU as well as Wikileaks. {Note, Facebook may have done similar to some rightwing sites, citing “fake news” as the reason.}

Niles Niemuth, “Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results,” World Socialist Web Site, 22 November 2017:

Now I’m going to cross the streams again, but we have no time for squabbles. See also Yasha Levine’s new book, Surveillance Valley, about the origins of the Internet and its connection to being used as a tool to put down insurgencies. Yasha has also reported extensively on the makeup of Google and other SilVal companies, detailing many former miliary and intelligence officers among the ranks of the companies’ managers.

More recently, we have the Redscare nonsense about the Russians controlling Facebook, Twitter, etc. While I have little doubt that such things sometimes occur, we must recall that much earlier than this, like we found out about it before the Snowden releases, the Department of Defense had developed “sockpuppet” software in order for one operative to seem like several distinct people online. They can then pretend that something is more or less popular than it actually is, team up and bully some person or group, or bury something they don’t want seen by spamming a site with bulls*** comments, pushing the one they don’t want to get any traffic off the page. To name just a few things possible.

In other words, we were already developing these offensive abilities in, at the latest, 2011. Well before even 2013, or 2014, when we destabilized Russia’s neighbor Ukraine.

Seumas Milne, “It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to brink of war,” The Guardian, 30 April 2014:

Certainly before 2016 and the campaign. But I noted an attempt to pull things back to 2013 in a subtle attempt to make it seem as if Russia interference–whatever that actually consisted of, whatever effects it may or not have had–was unprovoked. Note that the plan to destabilize Ukraine had to have been planned years prior. The Magnitsky Act, imposing sanctions against Russia, was 2009; and if it was in reality about the death of a tax expert in a Moscow prison, was guilty torture-dog barking.

And of course all the scaremongering is resulting in steps–steps, I say!–being taken!

Chip Gibbons, “The FBI Is Setting Up a Task Force to Monitor Social Media: But is the worst possible candidate for the job,” The Nation, 1 February 2018:

Well, I don’t know about the worst, Chip.

Second worst.

Sad/humorous side tangent re clickbait, which enters our story later.


By the way, there is little worse this side of FOX News than Facebook’s incessant stream of fake news clickbait advertisements. Every hot celebrity is either leaving a show that they aren’t, retiring from showbiz or sports or whatever when they are not, or did something that the fake article will only hint at, prompting you to click and score some change for some kind of crap they’re selling. Truly, even the dullest, most dry, half-baked-didn’t-ever-read-Marx-kinda-made-it-all-up “Commie” manifesto points would not be as abusive. But your time is Wall Street’s money and FB wants a cut.

He isn’t.

No, he’s not.

“I wonder what it could be. Maybe I should just click and find ou–”

“Stop that, stop it, stop it!

Well, maybe. But that’s because he’s 673 years old.



Now, you might have noticed that NBC just hired the man who spied on the United States Senate in order to suppress the release of their report on torture.

Jon Levine, “Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Signs as MSNBC/NBC Contributor,” The Wrap, 2 February 2018:

Meet the Press and Morning Joe? Herpes.

You might have noticed that the man who lied to the Senate about NSA spying has also been making his appearances and has joined CNN along with the Bob Hope of the intelligence community, Michael Hayden.

Caitlin Johnstone, “‘Deep State’ Veterans Find New Homes in Mainstream Media,” Consortium News, 5 February 2018:

I like this Johnstone lady. And I like Consortium News now and again.

She also explains what the Deep State is, that it is real and a reasonable thing to believe in even if most of the RW nutty news outlets have latched onto it as an explanation as to why Trump is so goddam awful at optics with anyone but his loyalists.

But the irony…

Graham Fuller, “Who is Containing Whom?,” Consortium News, 7 February 2018:

Folks, the author of this is Graham Fuller. This is a man who worked for CIA in Afghanistan in the 1980s. During the Reagan administration. He was almost certainly involved one way or another with radicalizing Afghanis, as noted towards the bottom over here.

Additionally, he is the former {?} CIA officer who married for a time into the Tsarnaev family. Yes, the Boston Marathon Bomber family. While there is ample evidence of FBI malfeasance in the investigation, as ACLU has noted, there is also the likelihood of some portions of the op–assuming there was one and I kind of do–performed by CIA.

Re-read part above/at link about radicalizing Afghan youth. Re-read part about Liddy/Hunt “eyes on” scouting mission. Connect operational modus dots. Win a cyber cookie.

But it doesn’t stop here. Remember this old tldr post, “In Which David Sirota Saves the Planet?” Of course, you don’t, but don’tclick ityet, just take my word for it.

Well, guess who’s leaving the International Business Times along with various other investigative reporters and support personnel from there and sister outlet Newsweek. Now, guess why.

Re-read part about OSS manual on destroying organizations. Re-read part about Facebook clickbait.

It’s like an octopus. Much scarier than the Kochtopus, but the two are connected somewhere as well no doubt, perhaps via detachable penis.

With herpes.

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