The Semi-Final Solution

“Should the practice of Spydom become universal farewell to all domestic confidence and happiness.” —London Times, Christmas 1859

Consider this a draft. I will I suppose at some point come back and include links and notes in order to further underline the inevitable conclusion at some point later this week. For now, I’m basically transferring what I’ve been saying for some weeks now on Twitter over here because I finally got a response. Unsure who it really was, will assume for sake of argument it actually was the Langley Shit Dragon.

Here it is.

Eventually, CIA is going to release a “plague” that is going to significantly reduce world population. Those spared will be the kinds of people with the wealth and power to steer multinational banks. [1] That is ultimately who CIA serves. [2] It has no compunction staging events that get Americans killed. It has no qualms about interfering in elections even to the point of murdering a President and his brother {before he could take his revenge or run for the office himself}. It has raped and tortured Americans and called that patriotism. [3] It regularly murders innocents and has tortured almost since its inception, proving it has no concerns about treatment of American POWs should they fall into foreign hands {this since at least 1952}. [4]

Further, we all know about German scientists brought in after WWII for rockets and, important in this case, biological weapon research. [5] You may not know we also snatched up extensive Japanese disease research that, in some ways, makes the Nazis seem a little lacking in imagination and tolerance for extreme horror. [6]

During the Korean War, the US used biological weapons. [7] This was denied for a very long time but the evidence it coming out more recently that, although some captured pilots may have been tortured, drugged, sleep-deprived into saying so, that it was actually true.

Why not?

And so, coupled with how black ops work, that is on a need-to-know / compartmentation basis… this means not everyone involved in a particular operation knows what the overall goal is or even about the other portions of the op. They may have one small walk-on piece to do and that is all. Think of it as a bit part actor with only three pages of a 200 page script. You might or might not be able to guess correctly what the overall story is, or you might not even be close.

And then there’s the fact that they tend not to ask questions. Illegality is par for the course. That’s what they do on a good day: Violate the laws of foreign countries. Of course it is against the law and their charter but they do so domestically as well. With that kind of mentality–no questions asked and only knowing a small portion of an op in the first place, coupled with “eyewash,” the practice of CIA lying to their own people [8] in order to confuse them and keep them in line despite their obvious disdain for democracy anywhere in the world including North America–it is not only possible but likely.

There are no big attempts to pull anything back as of yet with regards to climate change. [9] Ergo, they have another plan waiting: It’s all running out, so reduce demand by reducing population. It is the only way such an agency, that funds itself off of the opioid epidemic that it started from ushering in an increase in Afghanistan poppy production post-9/11, can behave. It must happen, as the natural progression of how it has always behaved. This is the inevitable result of examining and understanding CIA’s real psychological profile.


Postscript and Notes

Were I younger, I’d probably be looking at robot and drone repair as a profession. The world’s elite will probably need lots of those since their kids aren’t likely to be those kinds of people. One way to survive: Be useful.

Now, the response has been that this will never happen. They listed handling of nuclear materials {both power plants and weapons} as the reason. I can’t see that stopping things when the uber-wealthy want some breathing room. Who is going to be around to grab a nuke and blow up Mount Olympus or whatever corny name they make up for their new “Eden” anyway?

Not a good enough excuse for me to think it can’t/won’t happen. It will. Has to based on current variables.

1. John Miller, ” “Drug cartels’ bank,” HSBC, to see no arrests .” CBS News, 11 December 2012:

Baris Ergin, “FCA: Deutsche Bank financing terrorism,” Daily Sabah, 4 May 2016:

Nix, Patterson & Roach, LLP {NPR} press release, 19 November 2017:

NPR, along with attorneys from six other law firms across the nation, filed suit in the Southern District of New York against 17 banks, including Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Commerzbank, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, Credit Agricole, and Bank Saderat. The lawsuit, O’Sullivan, et al. v. Deutsche Bank, AG, et al., Case No. 1:2017-cv-08709, was filed on November 9, 2017 behalf of 64 plaintiffs who suffered death or injury resulting from 55 separate attacks perpetrated by terrorists.

2. In the past, CIA has performed operations funded by millionaires and billionaires. Most infamously, William D. Pawley was known as one such millionaire privateer.

The argument I am making here, essentially derived at based on the historical pattern CIA has exhibited in the past combined with an understanding of just how powerful the Agency has become and an understanding that how the world tends to go is the way CIA tends to want it to go, means that CIA has hitched its wagon to multinational banks that fund terrorism and launder drug cartel money, as well as profit from natural and engineered crises all over the world, typically involving scarcity and therefore an increase in human suffering in order to further vacuum up wealth and with it power.

Increasingly, a majority of human beings worldwide are having less and less of a say in the affairs that matter most to them while a select few are having a complete, near-totalitarian say in those affairs. Also of note, it is becoming increasingly clear that simply because someone has become a billionaire does not mean that they can or should become the modern day equivalent of a monarch. Besides the same arguments against monarchy that lead to the trend abating, there is little evidence that such individuals possess intellects that make them better leaders. In fact, it has become clearer and clearer that they tend to lack those facilities.

For example, it is one thing to implement motion detectors that employees must wear in order to record by computer “efficiency” in order to get around labor laws and quite another to solve the problems that affect such a workforce like climate change or the increase in the power gap between employers and employees. In other words, success in the arena of extreme selfishness does not qualify someone to be a world leader. In fact, it tends to make them undesirable in such a position.

Statista, “Budget of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in line with the U.S. National Intelligence Program for fiscal years 2011 to 2017 {in billion U.S. dollars}”:

Roughly 150% of, or one-and-a-half times, NSA’s budget. This presumably does not include assassination drones, which are part of the war budget. Nor does it include funding from other sources, such as those banks under note 1 above and other multinational corporations, nor the importation of opioids into the United States.

Elizabeth Chuck, “As Heroin Use Grows in U.S., Poppy Crops Thrive in Afghanistan,” NBC News, 7 July 2015:

World AP, “Figures reveal dire trend in Afghan opium production,” CBS News, 15 November 2017:

Afghanistan’s opium production has almost doubled this year compared to 2016, while areas that are under poppy cultivation rose by 63 percent…

And for the historical perspective:

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3. See especially “Christina Coleb” testimony before Congress in 1993 regarding the rape and abuse of little girls by CIA in a Tucson desert facility and how the girls were told that they should be proud for receiving the abuse because it was “for America.”

Note that Pizzagate appears to be an attempt to make this true story and some other ones appear to be a crackpot “conspiracy theory.”

CIA assets kidnapped American toddlers and smuggled them to Saudi Arabia to be child slaves to the House of Saud.

Original US News & World Report article is gone. Find a copy here:

FOIA / Freedom of Information Act documents from other agencies that were forced to cease investigations can be found here:

FOIA on MKULTRA subproject where children were exposed to aerosol drugs by CIA at a Summer camp allegedly in order to study drug effects on child development:

CIA assassinated children with drones under both the Obama and Trump administrations:

Glenn Greenwald, “Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister,” The Intercept, 30 January 2017:


Annie Jacobsen, OPERATION PAPERCLIP: The Secret Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America, Little, Brown & Company, 2014, 978-0316221047

NPR {National Public Radio} link:

Under Operation Paperclip, which began in May of 1945, the scientists who helped the Third Reich wage war continued their weapons-related work for the U.S. government, developing rockets, chemical and biological weapons, aviation and space medicine (for enhancing military pilot and astronaut performance), and many other armaments at a feverish and paranoid pace that came to define the Cold War.

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9. Annie Snider, “Amid budget scrutiny, CIA shutters climate center,” E&E News, 19 November 2012:

To read many other articles on this subject and the ones that came later in 2015, you’d think CIA was trying to do something good and the evil Republicans kept shutting them down. That’s not entirely inaccurate except of course all CIA was trying to do was–not at all stop climate change in any way, shape or form–figure out how much damage the US can take until chaos reigns. How much drought would cause a huge shift in population? How much ignored-by-government natural disaster would allow some “terrorist” organization to win the hearts and minds of the populace affected by government ignoring the populace’s plight?

In other words, CIA is doing its usual thing of attempting to scare the democracy out of all of us and to continue to hand the GOP the ability to state that climate change is a hoax in order to continue to do nothing about it. They are attempting to capitalize on suffering and use it as an excuse to further oppress, spy, and deny rights to American citizens.

Once you understand the CIA’s mind, motives, goals, concerns {and thoroughly get yourself to understand which things are not at all its concern, such as the health, wealth, and well-being of the 99%; all things it actively seeks to undermine in fact}, its blatant disregard for law, decency, and human life regardless of national origin, it becomes obvious that it can, will, and must do such a thing to serve its masters who find any other limitations placed upon them in order to stem, abate, or reverse climate change are too onerous for their taste. It is much simpler and less trouble to remove you and your demand for air, water, and greenhouse gas-emitting cattle in order to enjoy cheeseburgers.

This future operation will likely succeed because we accept things like James Bond movies and Jack Ryan novels as substitutes for transparency–the hero narrative makes us comfortable with not asking them what they actually do and why. We at the same time view bad actions on the part of CIA that make their way into the public view as anomalies instead of the par-for-the-course actions that they are, or try to twist the actions into somehow being advantageous to us.

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