The Maybe-Maybe Not Coming Zombie Apocalypse

There’s only one sure way
To bring the giant down

The necessary background.


You could start with magicians being hired by the UK during WWII to try to trick Germán aerial reconnaissance I suppose. Fake planes, etc., designed to make them concentrate forces in the wrong places. Been a lot said about this and is a major plot point in The Eye of the Needle, though that is from the point of view of a German spy who finds out the buildup is fake, so we don’t see who and how the fakery happened.

But that’s stage “magic” being used to trick. Optical illusions, stage sets, and so forth. What we really need here is occult. You could likewise go with, again in order to trick Hitler, Ian Fleming attempting to get an op started in which Aleister Crowley was to write fortunes that would trick Hitler into making some big mistakes because he didn’t trust his generals and was superstitious. That didn’t happen, but apparently they may have done something similar to get Speer, also superstitious, to defect on a particular date later on,

Then there is the lying. CIA’s Sydney Gottlieb, when asked about a program that was cataloging the effects and side-effects of pharmaceuticals, claimed that MKOFTEN was about mind-reading and gypsies fortune telling or similar. And when CIA assets were caught smuggling four, five and six year olds overseas–this is human trafficking by the way–most likely to deliver to House of Saud pedophiles under the longterm FINDERS op, they left some Satanic literature lying around to throw off investigators.

Of course they actually hired hypnotists and magicians as well during MKULTRA. And finally, mostly Gottlieb again, they investigated the science behind various legends. Most notably, LSD-25 is derived from a wheat fungus called Ergot. Ergot, the scientific theory goes, was the basis for werewolf legends. It can cause serious brain issues in animals and humans due to the presence of an alkaloid.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the glut of cable tv shows attempting to reinforce belief in ghosts, intelligent space aliens who come to Earth for human ass-play, etc.


Noted back in my Minneapolis days, this being when the harassment and surreptitious drugging was much more intense than anything since, that there was an interesting pattern developing. We had had at least two strange chimpanzee incidents, one being the one where it ate a woman’s face in New Jersey, if memory serves.

Then, a year or two later, we had a few similar attacks involving humans. In these two or three cases, as I recall, there was someone involved in the investigation or reporting pushing that so-called bath salts, a generic name for several designer drugs with similar structures, were responsible. This seemed to several experts to be nearly impossible. We’re talking synthetic marijuana, as I understand it. Reefer Madness was propaganda and scientifically baseless.

I should probably note, though I’m going to guess that the trend already has or will stop at some point soon, of there being a detail in many covert ops that are ridiculous. I’ve often wondered why this might be. It’s been my assumption that it is a signal to other spies, or possibly FBI law enforcement side, to stay away: This is someone else’s op; do not interfere. Or to make asses out of them if they pursue investigation based on the ridiculous point. Maybe they want to see how many FBI X files they can inspire.

Late-hit alternative thought: Probably or possibly the inside joke thing in ops mentioned in passing above is either to treat things less seriously, so as not to be as traumatized by whatever was done as one might be. Though there we are treading close to cry for help territory or detachment from reality for similar coping reasons.

And/Or, it’s the intelligence community’s version of stand up comedy. The spies all get it because they know how common ops are, while the public just either buys it or states cross-eyed into the horizon wondering if “God” or the like is trolling humanity.

In any case, there is sometimes a would-be-if-it-weren’t-so-sad-also-silly element to cover for ops. This is one of the ways I think that I was able to identity a few.


And so there’s a glut of stories about zombie deer disease and the idea that it might spread to humans. Chronic wasting disease {CWD} they believe involves microorganisms called prions infecting and reproducing in the brain and spinal cord, causing nerve and brain damage.

“Someday.” This is undoubtedly the home of equal time for both “sides” of an issue. Looking forward to the interview to get the parasite point of view. In this case one can appreciate the restraint, however. Because it’s mostly downhill from here.

We’re not saying it will, we’re just asking questions.

Ah. Denial from the smaller outlets. Like it. Kinda. Sorta. Linking the latter below due to not sounding panicked and explaining what’s behind the story {spoilers: they fed a chimp some diseased deer meat and the chimp got the disease}.

But you know, it’s The Post. May as well be…

And of course the desire to be first, because who needs accuracy and calm when there’s zombie deer potentially circling your children?

But they were clearly slow:

Superior Telegram apparently not having gotten the memo to refer to it as Deer Zombie Disease.

Jesse Inman, “Zombie Deer Disease? {No, it’s just CWD},” Ozark First, 19 February 2019:


Regardless of what you might think about the disease, the idea that it hasn’t been weaponized is what you really need to come to grips with. That’s where we almost consistently go wrong. There’s no way it hasn’t been studied, isn’t still being studied, for nefarious purposes, even if the only real purpose is to get you to either a} think that the world is ending or b} be distracted from the other ways that are pointing to world as we know it ending, eg, climate change.

Or, taking the walk on the dark side, given a choice: Force billionaires and large multinational corporations to pay up to deal with climate change OR to murder thousands upon thousands of “peasants” to reduce demand and usage of fossil fuels, etc., which would CIA choose?

If you’re fool enough to believe the former, you need to take a hard look at history and explain why and leave Tom Clancy and James Bond completely out of it, because that is fiction. I mean, who’s the real zombie here?

What do I know? I thought it’d be water fowl.

Viva Las Vegas

Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn

Note: Right. So I have some reservations about this whole thing, and also therefore some reservations about posting it at all. But let us just say that I must do so anyway. This post is also longer than I like. And it’s very rushed and therefore likely contains errors. And, of course, I was interrupted definitely somewhere in the double digit, if not triple, times. Hard to say.


I ran across a supposed anonymous post, really just a screen cap of it, by a supposed member of the LVMPD. This person is claiming that what actually happened during the deadliest mass shooting in American history was that FBI was running a Fast and Furious {the DEA operation, not the movie series} operation using Steven Paddock as the arms salesman to ISIS, and that it went awry, ISIS representatives killed Paddock and started shooting. In essence, anyway. Here’s the supposed post:

Note that this was in response to someone else’s explanation of what happened, and that that was in response to FBI’s report that Paddock acted alone and wanted simply to die famously.

A few things to note: This is in part based on Paddock sending himself emails. Sort of. He had, it appears, put draft emails to himself under at least two different email accounts. This, by the way, was supposedly what Al Qaeda had done to communicate with itself: Not actually send the email, just have multiple groups with access to the same account and password. You could draft your message and get a reply in the same draft.

Was this potentially how he communicated with ISIS?

Also, the FBI says Paddock told his girlfriend that he had some medical issue. This could be true. Or it could be exactly what you tell your significant other when they notice some irregularities in your schedule and behavior and FBI or CIA has told you that you cannot tell them that you are working as a confidential informant for them.

Then there’s the fact that he sent her away in the first place. Unfortunately, that’s likely what you might do if you expected a big bust and a crazy terrorist organization might come looking for payback soon after and a media that would want to interview your girlfriend as well.

These points are important later. Would also mention that FBI was, compared to several other mass shootings, much more tightlipped on this one. There was, and likely still is even with some new details, something missing here.


If you think you already have a good handle on that, you can skip this section. It’s long and basic, or should be.

Now, let us pause and discuss a few things about operations and agencies, and misconceptions. Not that I have the clearest view never having been on the inside, but I do try to understand it as best I can based on what little the public gets about how things work and how that is jarringly different from what is depicted in film and TV.

Would also note that I once read an article by a young reporter that referred to FBI and CIA collectively as “law enforcement agencies.” Completely wrong about CIA of course; it is actually a law breaking agency. That’s what it does and what it is supposed to do: Getting people in foreign governments to supply them with secrets is the classic idea. This has of course spread to people in other places in the private sector. We’re talking the intelligence gathering side of CIA. The other side deals in covert operations designed to create particular outcomes, such as overthrowing governments.

{Perhaps something notable is how we know an incredible amount more about how NSA actually operates and its tools. But this is not the point of the post.}

FBI also has two “sides.” To put it simply, it has a side that is intended to pursue federal criminal cases to court and another that is designed to find and interrupt the actions of foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations.

What theses agencies actually do is a bit different. FBI for example, it has been widely reported and discussed, frequently uses informants posing as terrorists or malcontents to talk others into agreeing to perform terror attacks. As some judges have even noted, there likely would never have been a terror plot if it hadn’t been for the paid {in the thousands of dollars} informant’s actions in the first place. One notes however that FBI almost always supplies the targets with phony bomb parts or at least arrests them when materials are provided.

What is also notable is the CIA–noting here that it has offices in several major US cities–is not supposed to operate on US soil. When it needs something, it is supposed to go through FBI to get it. Sometimes they ask a friendly foreign intelligence service, such as MI6 to spy on Americans for them, but this is not the only workaround.

Of course the rule itself is broken time and time again. CIA employs a lot of lawyers. One gets the impression that their main job is to make Swiss cheese out of the law in order to justify anything they want to do. They also have organizations that don’t even necessarily know they are funded by CIA. They also have individuals who don’t know they actually serve it, though some clearly do.

And we occasionally see FBI operating overseas, though usually related to something domestic.

The point though is we frequently think of these agencies as stopping terrorism first because it’s what we want to think and is what we see on TV. Besides the deviation above where FBI informants have cajoled and entrapped people {probably}, people have to understand that things don’t work that way. There is rarely a ticking timebomb scenario as we think of it though that has long made for good entertainment.

Though you do occasionally see it in movies, sometimes as part of the struggle of the main character, being a field agent spy actually means that you do not simply get to decide to stop a terror attack, or any other act of violence, when it is not part of your orders, not part of whatever assignment or operation you are working on. If you see someone torturing a child or biting the head off of puppies, you are not to do anything much less call the police or step in. You are to leave your empathy at the door.

Stop and think about that mindset and ask yourself if that squares with the “superhero” Hollywood mentality we have applied to these two agencies and the spy profession as a whole. Of course, underneath this is the idea–again, this is because we have to hope what is done in secret, darkness, and compartmented is done in our best interests because of secrecy–that it’s somehow necessary to lose some battles in order to win the war.

In other words, they are going to let people die sometimes.


It was an operation in which DEA sold weapons to drug cartels in order to see what route the weapons took and where they wound up. They wound up being involved in shootings on US soil and is at least cosmetically why Congress is so down on DEA. Really it’s because some of its members profit from the illegal drug trade, but this is also not the point of the post.


Right. So one problem is when the rules don’t apply anyway, is knowing who, if anyone, was attempting to sell arms to ISIS on US soil. Was it, as the anonymous poster suggests, FBI? Or is FBI covering for CIA? Practically impossible to know for certain. And as I’ve mentioned time and time again, back during the earlier portions of the Cold War, there were people like George Hunter White who bounced back and forth between CIA and FBI counterintelligence and even a DEA predecessor. It would make some sense if that this is still sometimes the case.

Regarding next portion, perhaps this is the part that really matters–not whether or not this actually is what happened, but rather that this very well could have happened and therefore almost certainly will happen. And how the public seems oblivious to that.

If the operation was to trace weapons, to better understand ISIS’ financing, and how they move money, people, and physical assets, then they almost certainly would not stop an attack. It’s very difficult to grasp this as a private citizen who thinks that their own safety should trump other concerns, but it is how it actually works.

That this would be a departure from previous ops where FBI did not provide real bomb parts, it becomes difficult to understand what changed. Why sell ISIS the real thing?

Probably first because they would know the difference. Who would they send to buy them? Someone who knows their stuff if possible. Whereas with the previously referenced alleged bombmaking plots, where FBI provides everything except responsibility, the targets are typically ignorant of anything related to actual terror and weapons, these ISIS buyers would probably know their product. They’d know if they were given fakes.

However, there are a number of other problems. Why choose the high floor during a packed concert? Certainly, the number of people would make it more difficult to notice the buyers. Maybe they would only feel comfortable in such a situation, they told Paddock. Note that he had previously been booked at another similar location in Chicago. Maybe ISIS got cold feet and changed it for some reason. Certainly one would expect a lot more federal embedding in Chicago police department than Vegas’.

See? Works either way. Said he was sick. Losing his mind or an excuse to hide his real work from his girlfriend? Father was a bank robber. Not someone FBI would work with or just got him on FBI’s RADAR as someone to watch? Emailed himself. Talking to himself or there’s a precedent for that from 9/11. High building and repetition of Chicago booking. Mad shooter plotting his event or the preference of the buyers? Certainly the latter in several of these cases seem more probable, especially the bank robber one. Remember again, we’re talking counter-terror here, not law enforcement.

Of course once you go with coverup, you face the problem of not knowing what details to believe at all. This is always the problem with lying, secrecy, coverups and too much power. But let’s assume some of this is accurate for the moment.

It would explain why FBI was so tightlipped. It would explain why there wasn’t a letter or manifesto from Paddock. It would explain how he managed to get that arsenal where he got it. And it would explain why someone would want to shoot all those people.


Truth is, I still don’t know. And I’d rather not be posting this because I don’t know. I’m not comfortable with this scenario on several levels. For one, even though it’s unthinkable to the average American that they wouldn’t stop such a massacre under these circumstances, it means to me that they were actually doing their job as described: You don’t defy orders. Orders were to trace the weapons. Kind of a shorter route and report than you expected. But that was the job.

I prefer noting when they aren’t doing their jobs, you see. Or when they think they’re doing their jobs but they are really doing the opposite.

I would much prefer to go where my main thrust has been: CIA, on behalf of the so-wealthy-they-don’t-need-more-money has time and again intentionally arranged terror acts in order to do everything from increasing profits for contractors to preventing a reversal of the Reagan tax cuts. This is who they have always served, and as I’ve said before it is all predicated on trickle down economics; the assurance that if they kiss the asses of billionaires and multinational corporations hard enough, they will share their money with the rest of us.

And how that meant occasionally messing with peoples’ heads and walking them into performing terror acts, similar to the FBI sting operations but where they don’t supply fakes and don’t actually stop them from pulling the trigger.

That’s where I prefer things to be because I know it’s what they have done and tried to do to me. I would prefer that.

But that is not where things are pointing in this case. It appears that either Paddock was a lone shooter or it is as this potential LVMPD person is stating. The problem there, there’s obviously some people who would love to drag FBI into its own Fast and Furious Congressional investigation, or more likely–note how screwed the public at large is given this–to trade this information for letting Russiagate eventually peter out, not be taken to its often-stated conclusion.

And then there are those who would want to exaggerate a threat from ISIS, to again focus us solely on foreign problems and to continue to ignore domestic ones, to use that to beat up on actual left politicians like AOC, to manipulate the millennials who, we really need to watch for this, scare the hell out of the 0.1%.

So this is not what I wanted to post. It just that I’ve no valid choice. You figure it out.

BBD – The Other Half

So I’ve mentioned the possibility of having gotten on the shitlists of both the Cheney machine and Blackwater now. Though I certainly thought they wouldn’t bother with a “nobody,” there are indications that that is no longer how things are done, assuming that they ever were. How many victims of COINTELPRO and associated programs do we even know the names of? Probably only mostly the most famous ones and maybe a few where we know what was done to them and it was excessive.

Yet they undoubtedly targeted more than famous people. They went after the influential. How much easier now in the wake of mass surveillance and processing power of supercomputers to sift through the data? Also when the quasi-government/quasi-private entities like Booz Allen Hamilton can listen to anyone’s phone calls any time without, according to Snowden, NSA even necessarily being aware that it occurred?

So, in the wake of seeing just how ridiculously right wing the Democratic Party actually is–it is, in practically every way that has nothing to do with speechwriting; this is known as mouth and hands not being synchronized–I have to consider why they also signed off on my character, sanity and financial assassination, in the hopes of it resulting in worse.

Really, I was in the middle of a social circle of moderate, liberal and progressives in NYC. We even had a token libertarian amongst us. But overall, we came generally from different professions: real estate {me}, Google, banking, new energy, non-profit poverty empowerment, and including three attorneys.

Now, many of those people are no longer in contact with each other. It wasn’t that I was the leader of the pack, far from it. But I do think I was the social connector between several of them. Imagine a newer, actually liberal, Democratic movement.

Well, you kind of don’t have to, do you? You’ve got Bernie. You’ve got Jill Stein probably making more news than the Green Party ever had before. You’ve got AOC making a splash even if she’s too new to Congress to have much legislative say than media attention and her popularity, but it is maybe a move in the right direction.

Because really we’ve never had that in this country. Not really. Not ever. The New Deal was really just to avoid another disaster, which occurred precisely because of “free market” principles trumping national security which is always really economic security. The intelligence community only really cares about the financial security of those who need it least, and this is a large portion of why we are in the current fix that we are in.

So throw in motive #3: I, maybe we, aimed to make the DNC’s words match their actions. They shot it down. Pretty easy to see why now when they complain of alleged Russian interference in elections in the US while applauding Trump interfering in the election of Venezuela.

{Of course the big picture is more complicated than that. In this post and the ones about Prince and Cheney, I’m talking about why people who didn’t know what I really was did what they did. Always important to keep that in mind. Of course there was also that time I sent a letter criticizing Google’s actions, but we were I believe well into covert games when that happened. Had no idea it was actually designed to be a surveillance apparatus; not as an afterthought but by design.}

Now that there is no left party remaining that gets elected, no need to deny the truth:

BBD – I Can See Clearly Now

Or not.

This is a picture after having scrubbed my windshield for several minutes last night attempting to get whatever was on it off since it prevents seeing out. Might be tree sap.

Except of course I wasn’t parked near any trees before I noticed this and it was raining yesterday morning and earlier in the week, no problems at all.

But then maybe I just didn’t notice it during the day, when the Sun was out. Hard to say.

Funny, though, how I happened to take a gander at the security camera yesterday afternoon and noticed what appeared to be on that little screen someone making a beeline for my car, which I quickly dismissed as just a random passerby.

And that is, probably, exactly what it was.

What’s the point? That A} attempts at intimidation on a level where you’re dealing with three-letter agencies is going to necessarily almost always involve plausible deniability. Maricopa County has a lot of sappy trees in it. It’s an easy calculation to increase the likelihood of an automobile collision by using the local flora as cover. B} That you don’t really know. C} That even someone who’s seen more than their fair share of actual covert nonsense can easily be pulled into a false sense of security because you still somehow hold onto the idea that somewhere there’s someone in power who isn’t completely insane and you know there have to be better ways to settle this nonsense. D} That you happening to notice the person walking toward your car was itself probably a “trick” to interweave the possibility that someone sprayed that crap on with whatever really happened. That is, these clowns are as likely to try to take credit for naturally occurring problems as they are to cause faux-naturally occurring problems. Because, why not? And, of course, E} Most of it is to drive you crazy or at least make you seem that way.

Anyway, it should be noted that your average Lotus Esprit with the cement sprayers behind the license plate that you use while transporting and showing off in front of your new KGB girlfriend has some potential sub-/side methods in the dirty tricks book.

The Spy Who Paved Me

BBD – An Apology

So this is a back to basics, what happened? kind of post along with yet another attempt to put it behind me, in so far as that is possible. I’ve told much of it before but hopefully now with greater clarity and simplicity.

Back in 2007 I believe. Watching The Daily Show, Olbermann on MSNBC, and so forth. Typical NY Dem stuff. Also a tribute to Julia Roberts that coincided with the filming of one of the Ocean’s movies, probably 12, in NJ. Clooney and Pitt did a joke bit about a having a wide stance and/or playing footsy in the men’s room of an airport. Which, purely coincidentally of course, a GOP Senator has been arrested for doing not long before.

Also, I had seen Syriana, but was completely unaware of the personal troubles Clooney had had during the filming and that year in general. Oddly, I thought it best to avoid “gossip” stories. I didn’t want to know people’s private lives. But there’s a fine line there where you need to know what people don’t like as well in order to work with them.

There was also a book interview with Stewart stating that Brooklyn, where I lived, back at that time considered part of Long Island, had a role in the revolutionary war.

This lead to the attempt at a graphic novel called The Wisp. It was a mix of those things plus having seen Jeremy Scahill talking about his book on Blackwater and recalling my brief stint on research about what tends to happen when countries use mercenaries from a historical perspective. This was due to understudying King John in the Shakespeare play of that name. Hint: There are negative consequences almost unilaterally throughout world history.

Thinking of the Senator, I decided to make the CEO of the privatized security contractor {that is, mercenary corporation} a conservative, closeted gay man. I really wasn’t thinking that the son of the man who founded the religious right movement might actually fall into that category. Further, I didn’t and don’t much consider it my business, as long as he isn’t condoning harassment, violence, or general gulaging of LGBTetc folks. If he were to do any of that, then that would change things.

Since US Senators are public figures who create and vote on legislation affecting said people, they are always under justified scrutiny.

Anyway, this seemed to be where the trouble started. I know, I blogged in 2018 that maybe it was Cheney and my conversation with a French banker. Certainly it is odd how that came back to haunt me.

But really it was clearly something to do with The Wisp. It wasn’t until some time later that I knew JS and I were neighbors. I had seen an interview with him on maybe MSNBC. Can’t recall where originally.

Anyway…even though I think what Blackwater did and does to be abhorrent; even though I disagree with Mr. Prince’s politics and not so much what he believes in but more so how he believes it–thinking some Crusades here that stir up more trouble than they fix, but there’s that money flowing that makes it seem like God’s will–even though I think him an otherwise wicked man… I apologize for writing that a fictional mercenary corporation CEO is closeted gay if he did indeed take offense to that. Though of course I was thinking more generally, with Blackwater being in the news, and with Mr. Scahill’s reporting and book being part of the basis for the story, it is possible one might draw the conclusion that I was implying it when I was actually making a larger statement about hypocrisy within the GOP more generally.



Bad Doctor

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” — Josef Mengele

Though I prefer the more dramatic order of information, I believe people will probably not read to the bottom if I don’t begin with the important background.

First, let me mention yet again the Democracy Now! interview back in 2010 with the ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. He said, while hiding inside an embassy, that he and his people were being targeted with nonlethal sonic and microwave weapons. {See the Microwave section of the Mind-Affecting Tech tab for the interview.}

Second, and again, that Dr. James Lin, who wrote a book on the Frey effect–that is the radio wave hearing / microwave auditory effect, has confirmed that the symptoms reported by Cuban embassy workers from the US and Canada does indeed follow along with the idea that microwave weapons are the likely explanation. CIA and FBI have both denied having any idea what it is.

That’s more than two fairly good sources, isn’t it?

Third, and largely unrelated, Dr. Phil AKA Phillip Calvin McGraw, has been under scrutiny for years now due to claims that his TV show staff have been abusing guests. See the San Jose Mercury News story here about the Boston Globe / Stat investigation:

Martha Ross, “Dr. Phil’s guest drug abuse scandal: Latest in history of lawsuits and allegations of unethical conduct,” San Jose Mercury News, 30 December 2017:

The expose presents accounts from multiple guests on his syndicated show who say their addictions were enabled by members of McGraw’s staff in hopes of boosting ratings.

Todd Herzog, who struggled with alcohol abuse in the years after winning “Survivor,” said that when he arrived at the Dr. Phil Los Angeles studio in 2013, he found a bottle of vodka in his dressing room and was given a Xanax to “calm his nerves.” Herzog had to be carried on set before his sit-down with McGraw, and registered a .263 blood alcohol content — more than three times the legal limit.

What do these things have in common? Not much.

Except tomorrow Dr. Pheeeenylephrine will have on his show a woman who claims to be targeted by microwave weapons AND to see aliens or holographic projections of them. * The point? Once again the military industrial complex is attempting to conflate claims of abuse from known-to-abuse entities such as CIA and its various torture scandals, with being insane. Again, this is the Martha Mitchell effect.

Until the Cuban embassy story, there was very little media attention being paid to nonlethal weapons and claims of them being used on human beings apart from people like Aaron Alexis who had scratched ELF, for extremely low frequency, on his weapon.

So why not use an extremely unscrupulous but popular asshole to sway public opinion before the story breaks big time?

I’ve seen people asking why, for example, Amy Goodman, doesn’t seem to want to focus on things like this or assassination theories like JFK, RFK, and MLK. The reason, I believe, is pretty simple: She doesn’t want to be called the Alex Jones of the Left. This is exactly part of the reason why there is…or is that was?…an Alex Jones of the Right.

There can be no real progress until this kind of thing is exposed. Whether referring to how public opinions are swayed–see how the same company that won Trump the WH also convinced pro-EU people to vote for BREXIT–or the nonlethal weapons used to harass, punish, or even attempt to steer people into actions they would not normally engage in, that is, behavioral modification, AKA “mind control,” it has to happen or there’s no point. You cannot win with a power gap that large if you don’t at least admit that there is a power gap. This includes not only money and reverent power allowing larger platforms for the unscrupulous to speak and achieve their agendas but also the covert games played to socially, psychologically, pharmacologically, and technologically engineer actually happened {to be clear, I don’t believe in the crisis actor conspiracy theory and in fact that sounds exactly like something CIA would come up with} events that convince people of sometimes already held biases such as racism and xenophobia.

Kill the Langley Shit Dragon already. You won’t do anything positive about climate change until that thing is dead.

* It should be noted that there are patents stating that ultrasound can be used to “overlay” fake sensory data on the brain. Sony, for example, hopes to use it for a more immersive {all five senses experienced in-game} gaming experience one day. I have to also remind folks that I once saw phony clouds in the sky, meaning that they weren’t likely actually there. I had thought maybe I’d been given hallucinogens at the time but later read about ultrasound and decided it was more likely that.

Holograms, by the way can be done using lasers. I’m not real clear on the principles, but suspect it’s possible–although likely expensive–to do essentially what she’s suggesting there.

Finally, I remind folks that sometimes people are crazy because they were targeted and sometimes people are targeted because they are crazy because who would believe them?

So while I think it’s probably as I suggest above, there are other possibilities.

BBD – No Backbone {Updated}

Note: 28 December 2018 update at bottom of post.

This was one I really did not want to blog. In fact, I can’t find the blog post anyway to link it up for you. It was too crazy, and part of surviving this COINTELPRO / MHCHAOS bullshit is hanging on to whatever passes for sanity, self-respect and rehabilitating your reputation as a reliable witness to illegal activities while a very large, well-funded machine sees to it you cannot.

This time it really sucks because what I recall noting is that I had no idea how it was done. Now I do.

This probably requires some brief preamble. See, when you’re in the throes of active, frequent harassment from the shitty agencies who are not only destroying the middle class but also ensuring global fascism, you often only have short windows of opportunity to write coherently. If you aren’t interrupted over and over again, you’re distracted. If you aren’t distracted, you’ve lost your whole train of thought. You’re probably drugged with LSD and meth and who knows what else they are slipping you.

It is as though they have sentenced you to Bedlam, even though no other person can see or hear it…just you…making your reputation something of the past. As I’ve said before, drop a brick on your foot and try to do calculus. That’s what it’s like.

This process is sometimes referred to as the Martha Mitchell Effect, by the way. It’s depicted as a subplot in The Bourne Identity and is happening right now in France while a former Hewlett-Packard employee who complained of the exact same problems as the American and Canadian Cuban embassy folks, became an activist regarding nonlethal energy weapons, and now finds himself force-medicated and imprisoned for a car accident that he says never happened. He even said the police were mystified as to why there was no bumper damage at all considering the other woman claims he hit her. They arrested him anyway.

Ramola D, “Flagrant Miscarriage of Justice in Grenoble Court…,” EveryDayConcerned, 11 December 2018:

Flagrant Miscarriage of Justice in Grenoble’s Criminal Court as Judge Dismisses Facts, Upholds Wrongful Arrest and Fraudulent Psychiatry, and Shows Dangerous Bias in Criminal Entrapment & Extortion Case Against Human Rights Activist Frederic Laroche Whistleblowing on Non-Consensual Neuro-Experimentation

But I’m off topic.

While living in Michigan, probably 2012 or 2013 or so, I was home alone. After coming downstairs, walking from the stairs to the kitchen, my back suddenly gave out.

It wasn’t painful. It was like my muscles in my lower back had simply stopped working. I had time to lower myself to the floor while grabbing onto a table or a wall or something.

I laid there, looking up at the ceiling for really no more than 30 seconds. It felt as though I could get back up almost as soon as I laid down. But I did a quick inventory to try to figure out what it was. Did I feel dizzy? Not at all. Had there been muscle spasms or a misstep causing a loss of balance? No.

Reflecting back to the inability to, during the periods of extreme harassment, concentrate for long periods, despite having been aware of this document…

…for years, I guess I only read the whole thing yesterday. Well, skimmed it. Probably something else important I missed as well.

But see this section:

Incapacitating Effect: Disruption of Neural Control

The nature of the incapacitation is a rhythmic-activity synchronization of brain neurons that disrupt normal cortical control of the corticospinal and corticobulbar pathways; this disrupts normal cortical control of the spinal motor neurons which control muscle contraction and body movements. Persons suffering from this condition lose voluntary control of their body. This synchronization may be accompanied by a sudden loss of consciousness and intense muscle spasms.

I had neither of those in the last sentence. I’ve certainly had intense muscle spasms, sometimes while blogging. I know, quite a strenuous activity.

But more seriously, that is a very, very common complaint from harassed individuals. I had usually chalked it up to stress and being distracted from drinking more water, liquids and therefore being dehydrated. But sometimes you gotta wonder.

Anyway, I got up and people returned from the store or wherever they had gone. Note that elsewhere in the document they state the range as being up to hundreds of meters for most of the effects discussed.

While I would not entirely dispute the experimentation theory here, that is government uses people who somehow they think pose a threat as guinea pigs, I would also mention again that CIA and DOD are known for switching around what they claim to be doing for bizarre, twisted and cruel legal purposes. That is, for example, force feeding food in detainees anuses because they refused to eat. There is no medical evidence that I’m aware of that this is beneficial; yet CIA claimed this torture was a medical procedure. Similarly, Defense Department sleep deprived Manning, waking at the time him up every five minutes, and called it suicide watch.

In essence, I’m having a hard time believing that something from a 1998 document declassified in 2006 really needed further testing in 2013. They were just being confusing and petty. In other words, typical.

28-Dec-2018 UPDATE: Occurred to me that I missed, and really have been missing for some time, an entire possibility both with this experience and many other instances that include experiences of other people: The “test drive.” That is, the government and the manufacturer are doing live testing for sales purposes, not research. They are showing off their non-lethal {though clearly this one is more for plausibly deniable assassination} weapons using anyone on the shitlist so that foreign intelligence services and corporate security divisions–the main potential buyers of such weapons–can have a live demonstration and they can mutter the same kinds of sales pitches that the MIC in Israel does when they use Palestine as their own private laboratory:

Rania Khalek, “Battle-tested, combat-approved. In other words, ‘This weapon has been used to terrorize #Palestinians’,” In the Now, 28 December 2018:

Too-long-didn’t-watch summary: Post-9/11 Israeli arms sales rose from $2B to $9B. Testing the weapons on Palestinians gives them a competitive edge.


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