BBD – What Rape Accusations Are Made Of

Not all my axes live in Taxes.

I’m quickly rewriting this even though it occurred eight years ago and I’ve forgotten many of the details. I have been unable to find where I wrote it after occurred, but that’s ok since I was still being surreptitiously drugged back then.

2010. Minneapolis. Went on a date with a friend of an ex. We were both to some extent seeking revenge plus trying to answer the question, “What if I’d been with him instead of the ex?”

To the point, we ended with him extremely intoxicated at my place.

He kicked me out of bed–literally, or perhaps more precisely, leg-lifted me–for trying to kiss him. It was so over-the-top, I just laid on the floor laughing for several minutes.

He got on the phone and called someone. It went kind of like this:

Normal, drunken voice: “Hey. Hey. Hey, Matt.”

Now whispering: “He…help me.”

This repeated a few times before Matt or whatever his name was hung up and refused further calls.

I knew something was up at this point and stayed away. In the morning, he approached me, we had sex.

He then tried to steal the condom, but dropped it in the hallway on the way out.

This occurred shortly, can’t recall but less than two weeks, before the news of Assange’s Sweden charges hit the news.


The CIA Assault on the First Amendment {Updated}

The Central Intelligence Agency is the herpes of information. The highly contagious kind.


Not that this should be needed, but see MOCKINGBIRD where CIA ran several reporters and got them to plant stories, MUDHEN where they sought to discredit investigative reporter Jack Anderson, and a recent discovery: Not only did G. Gordon Liddy talk about, for example, putting LSD on Anderson’s steering wheel or a deadly knife attack to be blamed on the DC locals, but he and former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt actually scouted out Anderson’s home.

Karl Frisch, “New book: Liddy’s talk of killing journalist went well beyond talk,” MediaMatters, 14 September 2010:

It should also be noted that screwing up bureacracy is really old hat around CIA. In fact, it predates it by a bit since it’s actually OSS, the Office of Strategic Services:

Richard Feloni, “The 16 best ways to sabotage your organization’s productivity, from a CIA manual published in 1944,” Business Insider, 5 November 2015:


This really needs little introduction, doesn’t it?

First, we noticed some time back that Google, among others, were downgrading sites considered “leftist,” such as anything with the word socialist involved and outlets like The Intercept, Democracy Now!, Common Dreams,, and even the ACLU as well as Wikileaks. {Note, Facebook may have done similar to some rightwing sites, citing “fake news” as the reason.}

Niles Niemuth, “Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results,” World Socialist Web Site, 22 November 2017:

Now I’m going to cross the streams again, but we have no time for squabbles. See also Yasha Levine’s new book, Surveillance Valley, about the origins of the Internet and its connection to being used as a tool to put down insurgencies. Yasha has also reported extensively on the makeup of Google and other SilVal companies, detailing many former miliary and intelligence officers among the ranks of the companies’ managers.

More recently, we have the Redscare nonsense about the Russians controlling Facebook, Twitter, etc. While I have little doubt that such things sometimes occur, we must recall that much earlier than this, like we found out about it before the Snowden releases, the Department of Defense had developed “sockpuppet” software in order for one operative to seem like several distinct people online. They can then pretend that something is more or less popular than it actually is, team up and bully some person or group, or bury something they don’t want seen by spamming a site with bulls*** comments, pushing the one they don’t want to get any traffic off the page. To name just a few things possible.

In other words, we were already developing these offensive abilities in, at the latest, 2011. Well before even 2013, or 2014, when we destabilized Russia’s neighbor Ukraine.

Seumas Milne, “It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to brink of war,” The Guardian, 30 April 2014:

Certainly before 2016 and the campaign. But I noted an attempt to pull things back to 2013 in a subtle attempt to make it seem as if Russia interference–whatever that actually consisted of, whatever effects it may or not have had–was unprovoked. Note that the plan to destabilize Ukraine had to have been planned years prior. The Magnitsky Act, imposing sanctions against Russia, was 2009; and if it was in reality about the death of a tax expert in a Moscow prison, was guilty torture-dog barking.

And of course all the scaremongering is resulting in steps–steps, I say!–being taken!

Chip Gibbons, “The FBI Is Setting Up a Task Force to Monitor Social Media: But is the worst possible candidate for the job,” The Nation, 1 February 2018:

Well, I don’t know about the worst, Chip.

Second worst.

Sad/humorous side tangent re clickbait, which enters our story later.


By the way, there is little worse this side of FOX News than Facebook’s incessant stream of fake news clickbait advertisements. Every hot celebrity is either leaving a show that they aren’t, retiring from showbiz or sports or whatever when they are not, or did something that the fake article will only hint at, prompting you to click and score some change for some kind of crap they’re selling. Truly, even the dullest, most dry, half-baked-didn’t-ever-read-Marx-kinda-made-it-all-up “Commie” manifesto points would not be as abusive. But your time is Wall Street’s money and FB wants a cut.

He isn’t.

No, he’s not.

“I wonder what it could be. Maybe I should just click and find ou–”

“Stop that, stop it, stop it!

Well, maybe. But that’s because he’s 673 years old.



Now, you might have noticed that NBC just hired the man who spied on the United States Senate in order to suppress the release of their report on torture.

Jon Levine, “Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Signs as MSNBC/NBC Contributor,” The Wrap, 2 February 2018:

Meet the Press and Morning Joe? Herpes.

You might have noticed that the man who lied to the Senate about NSA spying has also been making his appearances and has joined CNN along with the Bob Hope of the intelligence community, Michael Hayden.

Caitlin Johnstone, “‘Deep State’ Veterans Find New Homes in Mainstream Media,” Consortium News, 5 February 2018:

I like this Johnstone lady. And I like Consortium News now and again.

She also explains what the Deep State is, that it is real and a reasonable thing to believe in even if most of the RW nutty news outlets have latched onto it as an explanation as to why Trump is so goddam awful at optics with anyone but his loyalists.

But the irony…

Graham Fuller, “Who is Containing Whom?,” Consortium News, 7 February 2018:

Folks, the author of this is Graham Fuller. This is a man who worked for CIA in Afghanistan in the 1980s. During the Reagan administration. He was almost certainly involved one way or another with radicalizing Afghanis, as noted towards the bottom over here.

Additionally, he is the former {?} CIA officer who married for a time into the Tsarnaev family. Yes, the Boston Marathon Bomber family. While there is ample evidence of FBI malfeasance in the investigation, as ACLU has noted, there is also the likelihood of some portions of the op–assuming there was one and I kind of do–performed by CIA.

Re-read part above/at link about radicalizing Afghan youth. Re-read part about Liddy/Hunt “eyes on” scouting mission. Connect operational modus dots. Win a cyber cookie.

But it doesn’t stop here. Remember this old tldr post, “In Which David Sirota Saves the Planet?” Of course, you don’t, but don’tclick ityet, just take my word for it.

Well, guess who’s leaving the International Business Times along with various other investigative reporters and support personnel from there and sister outlet Newsweek. Now, guess why.

Re-read part about OSS manual on destroying organizations. Re-read part about Facebook clickbait.

It’s like an octopus. Much scarier than the Kochtopus, but the two are connected somewhere as well no doubt, perhaps via detachable penis.

With herpes.

One Mystery Partly Solved

Primarily, I’m talking about this:

Josh Lederman, “Doctors find brain abnormalities in victims of Cuba mystery,” AP, 6 December 2017:

Please allow me to take a brief detour. According to his family members, Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard Shooter, had violence and anger issues. Now imagine that such a person was then subjected to whatever it is that affected Americans and Canadians in Havana. It would, almost predictably, lead to the end result.

As has been noted by neuroscientists for some time now, a full separation of the left and right hemispheres in the brain results in the brain doing various workarounds in order to reconnect them. Sometimes or often, this results in the verbal center of the brain sending messages in sentences that are detectable consciously. In other words, thoughts that resemble voices except that they are purely in the head, not the same as auditory hallucinations which actually seem like external sounds.

This, I believe explains some of what many targeted individuals {TIs} sense as being the use of voice-to-skull–which is a real technology that has worked more or less since the mid-1970s based on the Frey effect. Much like believing one is chipped in those cases where one is not actually implanted with anything {referring to the VICE documentary I reviewed here}, not every time a TI thinks V2K is being employed is there actually someone on the other end doing so. As the Federation of American Scientists notes from their mirror copy of US Army’s MIA definition of voice-to-skull notes, it can also be used subliminally.

It would probably be next to impossible to tell the difference between white matter damage in some cases and actual use of the Frey effect. The result: A target who can be “spun up” and will continue experiencing pain, alarm and discomfort even when they are not actually being harassed.

This, according to historian Alfred McCoy in this interview with The Intercept‘s Jeremy Scahill, is CIA’s M.O. “Self-inflicted” pain such as seen in the Abu Ghraib photos of stress positions is CIA’s favorite kind of method. It puts the target/victim in the position of harming themselves and CIA can focus on other things and then check in periodically to maintain the pressure.

Back to Cuba, the greater mystery is, what specifically was used to cause changes in the white matter of these people? And then, of course, whodunnit?


With regards to the latter, and I really, really hate defending Obama because he was and is a multinational corporation puppet and a war criminal, one cannot help but note Donald Trump’s statements about erasing Obama’s legacy. Nor can one ignore the military industrial complex’s Russia obsession.

Re-opening diplomatic relations with Cuba was something Obama accomplished. {Note that closing the detainment and reprogramming camps at Guantanamo Bay were not; some MSM outlets have been bizarrely stating he did or using words to make it seem as if he succeeded in doing so}. It would be something Trump, CIA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff–as well as a slew of Wall Street special business interests–would want undone.

Additionally, I’d note that the definition of BRIC is Brazil, Russia, Iran, China. Four countries, plus North Korea, not on the same banking system as most of the rest of the planet. Brazil kind of sticks out because it doesn’t receive the same rhetoric as the others from GOP MoCs as the others. But…

…as a partial history of CIA’s very active station in Rio.

{Sucks, I said. With ‘Holly Gooodhead’ of CIA}.


With regards to method, I don’t know. FOX implied it might have been a virus, based on Lederman’s article, which doesn’t mention virii specifically but does mention blood work and CDC monitoring.

The article does mention concussion, however. The “perfect concussion” was a joint CIA/US Navy project that got mentioned in Congressional hearings in 1977 on MKULTRA {links to the PDF and a text version at right under History}, both in the testimony of the recently late Adm. Stansfield Turner and Frank Laubinger of CIA’s/Sidney Gottlieb’s TSD. Both men initially stated that the perfect concussion project had never been funded. Later, Laubinger recalled that MKULTRA subproject 54 was intended to be a continuation of a previous research project that had been funded:

Mr. Laubinger corrected his testimony regarding Subproject 54 during the September 21, 1977 hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Human Resources Committee. The relevant portion is reproduced below:

Mr. LAUBINGER. On project 54, it has got a rather sensational proposal in there, in terms of the work that they propose to do, and you asked about the proposal and I said, in fact, it was never funded under MKULTRA. Now, I overlooked — at least, my memory did not serve me correctly when I went through that file folder to see one memorandum dated January 10, 1956, which makes it quite clear, as a matter of fact, that that proposal was based on prior work that was funded by the Agency.

Senator SCHWEIKER. By what?

Mr. LAUBINGER. By the CIA. So, that information was in their file folder. It did not happen to be in my head when I testified.

Senator SCHWEIKER. I think I might have read you that, and that is why I argued at the time with you, because I think I had in front of me, as I recall, some indication that it was funded there. I did read that to you. So, you did supply it to us; there is no argument about that information.

Mr. LAUBINGER. Perhaps I am sort of headstrong, myself, and in my own view, I am reading under the ULTRA project, that if it had been funded under ULTRA, it would have had a project number and identified as such. The thing that threw me was that it was funded, apparently, outside of any MKULTRA activity and it was under the normal contracting process, so that it was not included in MKULTRA as any work done under that funding umbrella.

The file folder that you have and I have, right here, makes it quite clear, however, that a year’s work was done through navy funding — a navy funding mechanism — on which the proposal was based that ultimately came into the MKULTRA program. That second proposal was never funded. So, there was conflict and I, personally, I think, introduced a little bit of confusion in that in my testimony.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, do you agree or not agree with DOD’s statement here that even though the initial funding was navy, it was really I conduit for the CIA?

Mr. LAUBINGER. I think that is correct.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Yes; I would appreciate that. I would like to know how it went from ONR to CIA after a year. Somebody made a decision to make that transfer, and to make this an MKULTRA subject. There had to be some sort of review that led to a decision to continue that kind of concussion — total blackout, maximum amnesia, and whatever else it was you were interested in — study and testing.

Mr. LAUBINGER. Senator, if I may try to say a few words on that, the files that were available to us for inspection, which are limited, indicated that there was a project being carried on by the Navy having to do with the, effects of brain concussion. The CIA developed an interest in that, and considered funding it, but actually never did, and as the admiral testified, the MKULTRA is merely a funding mechanism, a place they go for money to do such things, but there is no evidence that I know of that that project was ever funded.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, I am confused, because here again is another quote from a document that we have seen, which you have released and supplied to us:

Following is the technical progress made under the current [deleted] contract:

(a) Specializing instrumentation and numerous testing techniques have been developed to obtain the desired dynamic data;

(b) considerable data has now been obtained supporting the resonance-cavilation theory of brain concussion; and

(c) preliminary acceleration threshold data has been obtained for a fluid-filled glass simulated skull.

It goes on to talk about a blast range and a 2,500-square-foot laboratory. The document notes that “Three blast test series have been run to date.” It describes a special blackjack device, “a pancake-type blackjack giving a high peak impact force with a low unit surface pressure.”

I agree the records are inconclusive as to the results of this work, but it certainly seems that some testing was done.

Mr. LAUBINGER. Senator, you are putting us in the same position I think you were stating that you were in earlier referring to documents not before us, but I believe you are quoting from a proposal that someone sent to the Agency to fund this work, and he is referring to past work. The past work would have encompassed a lot of things like that, but CIA was not involved with that.

Senator SCHWEIKER. What do you mean, Admiral, on page 6 of your testimony when you mention projects using magician’s art? How do magicians get into the spook business?

Admiral TURNER. I have interpreted this as to how to slip the mickey into the finn, but I would like to ask my advisers here to comment.

Mr. BRODY. I think that is essentially it, Senator. It is surreptitious administration of material to someone, deceptive practices, how to distract someone’s attention while you are doing something else, as I understand it. It was also some type of a covert communication project involved with the study of how magicians and their assistants perhaps communicate information to one another without having other people know it. This is the type of thing that was involved, sir.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

This is really old hat, 1950s. And there’s no indication that a concussion can cause more than blackout and short term memory loss. However, what is also notable is that many or all of the Havana victims have recovered and returned to work. Would a virus do that? Wouldn’t a virus be contagious if it reproduced significantly in the brain?

Still a missing puzzle piece, but we’re getting closer.

James Bond Sucks {Updated}

…and so does Eliot Ness. UPDATE: And Jack Ryan.


No, this isn’t directly about #MeToo. Though certainly someone should do a piece about the most notorious fictional character of the 20th Century, and, for example, his ‘conversion therapy’ of Pussy Galore. Come to think of it after having put that in writing, maybe a piece on how Ian Fleming named some of his characters.

Rather, I am talking about CIA’s position as historically having the highest suicide rate among agencies in the entire US government. Though certainly there may be the sort of Wormwood/Frank Olson type thing {i.e. murder} from time to time, there’s something else at play as the major factor.

Let me add that I dislike discussing this kind of thing. Even though I do see the need, and actually believe to a large extent I do, understand the psychology of our common enemy within, it puts me too close to their thinking to write about it. It’s uncomfortable.

And maybe it’s also because this hits home.

It’s the fact that people go in expecting to do what the PR suggests: Fighting Teh Bad Guyz.

What one finds instead is any number of so counter-intuitive situations and tasks that one practically do have to be a brain zombie to not suspect it’s not so much counter-intuitive as just plain corrupt and ultimately bad for the country. For example, I found this from my early morning soft-trolling {typically the only kind I do with the exception of NYT, WaPo, etc. when they are carrying water for the military industrial complex} of a former CIA officer on Twitter: *

David Grossman, “CIA Uses Board Games for Training: And they actually sound fun,” Popular Mechanics,

{Note: The Arstechnica article by Sam Machkovech used as source may be more fun.}

The part that catches the eye:

Games also develop for specific situations. Kingpin: The Hunt for El Chapo, works to “train analysts who might work with law enforcement and other partners around world to find a well-armed, well-defended, well-protected bad guy,” CIA Intelligence Educator Volko Ruhnke said at the panel. “It’s a game about finding a fugitive from justice who, if not found sooner than later, will likely do harm to innocent people and harm US interests.”

As I have noted, learning from what Gary Webb reported on, which Director John M. Deutch had to apologize for to the black community in Los Angeles, plus all the Gary and Mike stuff I blogged about before, is that without a doubt, Guzman was CIA’s man. Probably isn’t now, but also see:


So, imagine joining up to take out the bad guys only to discover, nope!, the bad guys are who we use and protect in order to sustain democracy in the United States of America not! keep multinational corporations, especially banks, in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed…which is to say waging wars for them on a whim and ever expanding the enemies list to feed an insatiable maw that is attached to an anus that only really craps out more money to those who don’t actually need any more.

* To his credit, he responded in a friendly manner. Which is not what one may expect from someone with a Twitter account banner featuring a selfie with Gen. Michael Hayden. Then again, Hayden may be the intelligence community’s version of Bob Hope. Here’s what Marlon Brando once said about Bob Hope:

Bob Hope will go to the opening of a phone booth in a gas station in Anaheim, providing they have a camera there and three people.

Then again, here’s what Bob Hope said about CIA in Spies Like Us:

Doctor. Doctor. I’m glad I’m not sick.


And Another Infectis Chapter

New Infectis Chapter

I Am a Terrible Feminist

Furthermore, I believe that in order to have civil and human rights for women there have to be civil and human rights, period, including the right to fundamental justice, just as for women to have the vote, there has to be a vote.

–Margaret Atwood

Really, I am. I haven’t read a single book on the subject. As with so many other subjects, like legalizing various drugs, I’ve absorbed what little I know from reading articles and tweets from people more familiar with the subject.

It’s not that I don’t have a thousand excuses; I do. William Binney’s advice to an acquaintance about sticking to one issue. Though it’s not as though I don’t break that one as well.

So, why didn’t I support Hillary Clinton? At the risk of invoking the latest season of American Horror Story, I voted for Jill Stein.

Bernie was actually one of the first people I contacted when the harassment began back in late ’09/early ’10. In fact I was plotting the letter that I wound up sending him and the now-late Senator Inouye just before that strange encounter with ‘Janus’ in the deli.

Ultimately, though I like what I heard from Bernie, I don’t believe he can, or would, do what his words would seem to imply if he had been elected. His ad, which I shared on Twitter several times, listed FBI and CIA {and I think NSA} as ‘social programs.’ While I fully understand who he was trying to appeal to and why, they are in reality precisely the opposite: Embedded guardians against anything that harms the vulture capitalist status quo, even to the point of destroying the country and its citizens.

But why not Hillary? I had certainly come to support Bill Clinton when powerful right wing players attempted to remove him from office via the Lewinsky scandal. After all, when there’s a mounted offensive against a powerful person, it is always political. Even Nixon, who was a power-abusing paranoiac, was really being ushered out because some powerful USN Admiral thought he was too soft on the Commies, and most definitely not because politicians give a single s*** about ethics.

See how I keep changing the subject? Terrible feminist.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama. For those who are products of the GOP-gutted American public school system, I note that the Central Intelligence Agency is in the State Department. As Secretary of State, she was head of the Department and, indirectly, CIA.

So my next excuse is she was there when the Obama administration did so many of the awful things it did. Signed the Monsanto deferred prosecution agreement, for example. I mean, WTF, a multinational corporation is just trying to own anything and everything grown in the ground, what could possibly go wrong for humanity in the long run?

But if we are going to elect a criminal, why not Hillary? Why wasn’t it a female’s turn to run the ship? Did I hold HRC to a higher standard?

Maybe. I don’t know. I voted for Stein in ’12 as well because by then it was clear that Obama’s cronies were not at all interested in being pals with me, much less the disaster that is the rest of that Republican-lite pretend party.

Or maybe, like so many other gay men, to say nothing of those in their fifth decade, I’m just so embedded in my Peter Pan Syndrome that I don’t even see, recognize, acknowledge my own misogyny. Maybe it’s not really daddy issues with people like me but rather mommy issues.

I don’t know. If so, it’s a burden I’ve carried so long I no longer think about it. And, really, my “issue” with Langley kind of overshadows everything else in my life, so in terms of therapy, guess that will have to wait.

There are four Twitter ladies in particular I am thankful for. Really, it’s difficult to describe, but like some others I know in person…in Toronto…in Michigan…there were days when you were all I had. You probably didn’t know it, but when you are as desperate as I was, you’ll hold on to whatever positives you can. I am grateful. And I won’t ever forget it.

In any case, what I do know is we are all pit against a machine that will chew us all up and spit us all out, especially if we are divided. I’m willing to take the steps I need to–though I sometimes find being as politically correct as my allies might prefer makes a difficult task nearly impossible; maybe that’s just laziness–even though I have no f***ing idea what those steps are or should be.

The fact that I wrote this doesn’t necessary mean I’m the only one thinking it. My life is just weird that way, I guess.