Conspiracy Theories


In order to grasp why things like belief in chemtrails {well, probably} continue one must first understand something of psychology. My favorite example comes from Dr. Temple Grandin, a noted animal psychologist:

Teresa van Bryce, “A Conversation with Animal Behaviour Expert Dr. Temple Grandin,”, 19 August 2013:

The other thing about animal behaviour is that the horse doesn’t have language, so the only way it’s going to store memories of good or bad things is a picture, a smell, a touch, a feeling, or something it hears. They make associations with something they were seeing or hearing right when something bad happened. There’s a horse I talk about who is scared to death of black hats. White hats are fine, black hats are bad. It’s sensory based, not word based.

The horse in question had been whipped while staring at a black hat hanging on post. The whipping was for something the horse had done or not done, or perhaps for no reason at all. In any case, the horse did not connect the whippings to anything it had done and latched on to the hat because that was what it saw when it was whipped.

This is the very heart of superstition in humans. Unable to explain something, we look around and try to find an explanation. The layperson likewise does not have a “language,” or more precisely vocabulary is lacking, to describe what is happening to him when the intelligence community targets him or her. This is largely due to not knowing and understanding the history of covert operations, especially in the United States since WWII aimed at the American people.

People who are feeling bad due to, for example, organized stalking, COINTELPRO, etc. and don’t know why they feel bad, look for a reason for the feeling. Rather than poison from airplanes, the most likely culprits are:

Trauma, isolation, and sleep deprivation–see CIA’s brainwashing document {PDF};

CIA - Brainwashing: A Psychological Perspective

The term itself is anxiety producing. Its connotation of special oriental knowledge of drugs, hypnosis, and other exotic and devious means of controlling human behavior creates credulity among the uninformed. A more prosaic view is that the techniques used in producing confessions and “conversions” are readily understandable in terms of ordinary psychological principles and have been used, especially by police states, for centuries.

The main difference in the United States being that rather than arrest and placement in a detention center, the US government uses covert operations to turn a person’s own home, or wherever they are, into a sort of psychological holding cell. The ultimate goal: Turning the target’s own mind against them. The principles, however, are the same as the Communist intelligence services: Psychological techniques to destroy the individual. Doing so in this manner, without a prison, provides plausible deniability that the target is mentally ill because they cannot prove that they have been targeted at all. Often not considered, the possibility that both are true. See below.

• The possibility of having been slipped a substance or substances surreptitiously–see MKULTRA subprojects 4 and 19, “Mulholland’s Manual,” in which stage magician John Mullholland designed methods of slipping drugs to people without their notice…

Mulholland's Manual - CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

Mulholland’s Manual – CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

…as well as the list below of substances tested on human beings under MKULTRA and related programs;

LIST OF DRUGS TESTED BY CIA in Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, MKULTRA, and MKDELTA:
1. Adrenalin 27. Caffeine sodium 2. Aktetron 28. Cannabidiol 3. Alcohol 29. Cannabinol 4. Amphetamine 30. Cannabis 5. Amphetamine sulphate 31. Cannabol 6. Analasine 32. Carboline 7. Anhalamine 33. Caroegine 8. Anhalidine 34. Chloral hydrate 9. Anhaline 35. Cocaine 10. Anhalonidine 36. Coffee 11. Anhalonine 37. Coramine 12. Anhalonium 38. Delvinyl sodium 13. Aphyllidine 39. Di benzo pyran 14. Aphyllin derivatives 15. Atropine 40. Dicain 16. Atrosine 41. Dramamine 17. Bambusa 42. Ephedrine 18. Banisterine 43. Ephetamine 19. Barbiturate 44. Epinephrine 20. Belladonna 45. Ergot 21. Benzidrene 46. Ergotamine 22. Bendocaine 47. Ethyl harmol 23. Bromoharmine 48. Eucaine 24. Bulbocapnine 49. Eucodal 25. Butyl-bromallyl- 50. Eukotal barbituric acid 51. Eunacron 26. Caffeine 52. Epican 53. Escrine 54. Ether 55. Evipal 56. Evipan 57. Evipan sodium 58. Genoscopolomine 59. Harmaline 60. Harmalol 61. Harman 62. Harmine 63. Harmine methiodide 64. Harmol 65. Heroin 66. Hexacol 67. Histadyl 68. Hydractine 69. Hypoloid soluble hexabarbitone 70. Icoral 71. Indole 72. Indole methyllarmine 73. Insulin 74. Lophop-nine 75. Lyscorbic acid 76. (illegible) 77. (illegible) 78. (illegible) 79. (illegible) 80. Methy-cocaine 81. Metra-ol 82. Morphine 83. Morphine hydrochloride 84. Narco-imal 85. Nambutal 86. Nicotine 87. Nitrous oxide 88. Novacaine 89. Nupercaine 90. Pantocaine 91. Pantopone 92. Parahyx 93. Pellotine 94. Pentobarbitol sodium 95. Pentothal acid 96. Pentothal sodium 97. Percaine 98. Pernoston 99. Peyotl 100. Pheactin 101. Phenamine 102. Pehyl-thio-urethanes 103. Picrate 104. Picrotoxin 105. Procaine 106. Pulegone-orcinol 107. Pulegone-olivetol 108. Pyrahexyl 109. Pyramidon 110. Quinine 111. Salsoline 112. Scopolomine 113. Scopolomine aminoxide hydrobromide 114. Scopolomine-phetamine- eukotal 115. Sodium amytal 116. Sodium barbital 117. Sodium dlelvinal 118. Sodium evipal 119. Sodium pentobarbital (nembutal) 120. Sodium pentothal 121. Sodium phenobarbital 122. Sodium rhodanate 123. Sodium soneryl 124. Sodium thioethamyl 125. Somnifen 126. Stovaine 127. Strychnine 128. Styphnicacid 129. Sympatol 130. Synhexyl 131. Telepathine 132. Tetra-hydro-cannabinol acetate 133. Tetra-hydro-harman 134. Tetra-hydro-harmine 135. Tropacocaine 136. Tropenone 137. Yageine 138. Yageine 139. Yohimbine sulphate
1. Sodium succinate (77) 2. Nikthemine (narcotic) 3. Calcium chloride (35) 4. Caramine (narcotic) 5. Evipan sodium (35) 6. Sodium (62) 7. Manganese chloride (35)

{List from Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Control, 1978}

For an example of this practice, see the story of Stanley Milton Glickman from H.P. Albarelli’s A Terrible Mistake.

Nonlethal weapons like microwavessee the longer MICROWAVES section here, which includes a Navy study and an Army report;

NMRI, US Navy Microwaves Biological Effects

US Army Biological Effects of Select Nonlethal Weapons

• And, as I’ve written before, people suffering from mental illness are almost certainly used as human training targets for PSYOPs and dirty tricks training by the intelligence community because if mistakes are made, they are least likely to be believed. This serves not only for that purpose, but also to ensure that the field agents are devoid of any sympathy and can perform their duties with sociopathic disregard for human suffering.



In addition to the likelihood of the victim’s own mind coming up with scenarios to explain what they sense as a side-effect, which is further enhanced through disinformation in media and social networking, there is also the deliberate misleading of people by the CIA and the military:

William J. Broad, “C.I.A. Admits Government Lied About U.F.O. Sightings,” New York Times, 3 August 1997:

In the darkest days of the cold war, the military lied to the American public about the true nature of many unidentified flying objects in an effort to hide its growing fleets of spy planes, a Central Intelligence Agency study says.

Alejandro Rojas, “Ex-Air Force Law Enforcement Agent Says He Hoaxed Major UFO Mythologies,” Huffington Post, 13 May 2014:

His name is Richard Doty, and in the 1980s he was a special agent for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He claims that while he was there he was tasked with hoaxing documents and feeding false information to UFO researchers. The Air Force refuses to comment on whether they knew of his activities and whether his claims of partaking in this activity at the behest of his superiors is accurate.



And though not everything here is accurate, Alex Jones does indeed have a few connections to CIA subcontractor Stratfor:

The IP-related YouTube videos in the first post are gone, but see item #7:

Molly Maroney:
Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Information Services industry
October 2009 – January 2011 (1 year 4 months)

Jones was also a subscriber to Stratfor’s newsletter. And one does not need to dive too deeply to see the game:

And the Southern Poverty Law Center weighs in:

Jones on the one hand says that gay marriage is part of a New World Order conspiracy and on the other that we should hate muslims because they hate gays.

All of which brings us around to Obama advisor Cass Sunstein:

Glenn Greenwald, “Obama Confidant’s Spine-Chilling Proposal,” Salon, 15 January 2010:

Sunstein advocates that the Government’s stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups.” He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called “independent” credible voices to bolster the Government’s messaging (on the ground that those who don’t believe government sources will be more inclined to listen to those who appear independent while secretly acting on behalf of the Government). This program would target those advocating false “conspiracy theories,” which they define to mean: “an attempt to explain an event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.” Sunstein’s 2008 paper was flagged by this blogger, and then amplified in an excellent report by Raw Story‘s Daniel Tencer.

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