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A semi Complete listing of some of the 149+ Subprojects.

INVENTORY: CIA Behavior Experiments Collection (John Marks Donation)
Date Range: 1940s-1970s

Box #1 – Artichoke Documents–MKULTRA DOCS 1-57

Burch, Dr. Neil/LSD and the Air Force: Smithsonian: Index and Institutional Notifications
* Subproject 1: MKULTRA: Plants Isolation and Characterization of Rivea Corymbosa-Impomea Sidafolia Choisy-Mental Disorientation-Plant Alkaloids

Subproject 2: MKULTRA: Drugs

* Subproject 3: MKULTRA: Testing-Mock Field Testing of Equipment

Subproject 4: MKULTRA: Mulholland’s Manual


And Sherman C. Grifford, who may have been Sidney Gottlieb himself.

* Subproject 5: MKULTRA: Denver University Hypnosis-Hypnosis-Trance-Denver University-Journal of Clinical and E-Penicillin

* Subproject 6: MKULTRA: Testing of Plants by HEF-Hypnosis-Ergot-Foundation for the Study-Human Ecology Inc-Lysergic Acid-Rivea-Rivea Species Plants-Source of Lysergic Acid

Subproject 7: MKULTRA: Funding; ONR Probably Abramson

Subproject 8: MKULTRA: Boston Psychopathic Hospital-Physiological Studies

Subproject 9: MKULTRA: Depressants, Schizophrenics, Alcoholics

* Subproject 10: MKULTRA: Personality Assessment-Hospitals-Wechsler Bellevue-LAE-LSD-LSD 25-Psychological Tests-Social Personality-Subprojects 10A 10B

Subproject 11: MKULTRA: Botanicals Popkin (Documents and articles on Luis Angel Castillo)-Abrus Precatorious Toxin-Experiments with Plants-Sem Rhynchosiae Phaseoloi

Subproject 12: MKULTRA: Financial Records-Experiments with Plants & Animals-American Airlines-Birds of Britain and Europe-Camp Detrick-Frederick-Grifford-Maryland-Piscidia Erythrina Millsp-Tetanus Toxoid-Western Union

Subproject 13: MKULTRA: CIA Support to Fort Detrick

Subproject 14: MKULTRA: Paying Federal Bureau of Narcotics for White

* Subproject 15: MKULTRA: Magic Support; Mulholland Supplement-Magician’s Manual Support-Magician’s Arts-Mulholland Supplement

* Subproject 16: MKULTRA: Testing Apartment Rental-American Airlines-Clifford W Pyke-Subproject 003

* Subproject 17: MKULTRA: LSD Studies of [excised] University-LSD-Metabolism-Synthesis

* Subproject 18: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN-Intended project scope unknown
Canceled 28 Jan 1954 and remainder of $400,000 allocated to non-MKULTRA TSS projects after $1,337.45 expenditure including a safe

* Subproject 19: MKULTRA: Magic Manual-Tricks Manual

* Subproject 20: MKULTRA: Dimannich-Synthesis Derivative of Yohimbine Hydrochloride

* Subproject 21: MKULTRA: Defector Study: originally Drug Study-Subproject 048

* Subproject 22: MKULTRA: William Cook and Co. Research: Amanita Muscaria, Rivea Corymbosa-Plant Experimentation

* Subproject 23: MKULTRA: Universities-Central Nervous System-Drug Experimentation

* Subproject 24: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN-Meetings

* Subproject 25: MKULTRA: Hypnosis-Hypnotic Techniques

* Subproject 26: MKULTRA: Pfeiffer, Finances-Expansion of Subproject 003

Subproject 27: MKULTRA: ONR Funding, LSD Research

* Subproject 28: MKULTRA: Pfeiffer-Depressants-Schizophrenics-Expansion of Subproject 026

Subproject 29: MKULTRA: Hypnosis-…
Subproject 30: MKULTRA: Fort Detrick

* Subproject 31: MKULTRA: Manufacture of Drugs by Pellow Wease Chemical Co.

* Subproject 32: MKULTRA: Experiments with Plants-Collection of Plants

* Subproject 33: MKULTRA: Collection of $400 correction for Subproject 027

* Subproject 34: MKULTRA: More Support to Magic-Magician’s Art-Magician’s Techniques

* Subproject 35: MKULTRA: Georgetown Hospital: Geschichter–CP Cabell-Lyman Kirkpatrick

Subproject 36: MKULTRA: Cuba Chapter Conference, Consultant, Subproject involving getting a man on a diverted freighter

Subproject 37: MKULTRA: Collection of Botanicals

* Subproject 38: MKULTRA: Drugs-Bulbocapnine-Chlorpromazine-Meratron-Psychological Effects-Serpentine

* Subproject 39: MKULTRA: Iowa State Hospital (and Ionia)-Criminal-Sexual Psychopath-LSD & Other Drugs-Hypnosis

* Subproject 40: MKULTRA: Funding, Probably Abrams LSD Research-Aerosols

Box #2

* Subproject 41: MKULTRA: Drugs-Chemicals-???

Subproject 42: MKULTRA: Safehouse Chapter 7: MKULTRA Interview Notes White, George Hunter Dope Traffickers’ Nemesis

* Subproject 43: MKULTRA: Combination drug, Hypnosis, Sensory Deprivation-Hypnosis-Dissociated States

Subproject 44: MKULTRA: Testing of Aromatic Amines at University of Illinois

* Subproject 45: MKULTRA: Knockout, Stress, Cancer-Alarmine-Chemical Synthesis

* Subproject 46: MKULTRA: Rochester LSD Drugs-LSD-Metabolism-Psychotropic Drugs

* Subproject 47: MKULTRA: Pfeiffer Atlanta-Bordertown-LSD-Atlanta Federal Penitentiary-Emory University

* Subproject 48: MKULTRA: HEF Cornell Relationship: Artichoke Team Proposals and Reports-Police-Defection-Hospitals-Experiments with Humans-Working Committee-Neurologists-Psychiatrists-Human Behavior-Drugs-Anthropologists-Brain-Communist State Police

Subproject 49: MKULTRA: Hypnosis at [excised] University

* Subproject 50: MKULTRA/MKNAOMI: CIA Imprest Fund for $500-MKNAOMI Funding Effort to Circumvent Agency Justification Requirements

* Subproject 51: MKULTRA: (1) Moore Collecting Botanicals-BW-CW-Central Nervous System-Experiments with Plants-Organic Compounds-Pharmacology-Chemical Synthesis-Botanical Materials-Fungi

* Subproject 52: MKULTRA: (2) Moore Collecting Botanicals-Mescaline-Behavioral Activities-Amanita-Baltimore and Ohio Railroad-Botanical Specimens-Chemical Manipulation-Antsdimethyltryptaminefluothane-Greyhound

* Subproject 53: MKULTRA: (3) Moore Collecting Botanicals-Review Pharmacological lit-Pharmacological Literature

* Subproject 54: MKULTRA: Brain Concussion-Interrogation-Experiments with Humans-Brainwashing-Brain Concussion-Cadavers

* Subproject 55: MKULTRA: Unwitting Drug Tests at [excised] University-Universities-Chemical Compounds-Animals-Pharmacological Effects

* Subproject 56: MKULTRA: Studies on Alcohol, Stanford Medical School-Universities-Alcohol Research-Tolerance-Neurology-Metabolism-Absorption-Alcohol Intoxication-Ethanolethyl Alcohol-Methanolpyridoxine

* Subproject 57: MKULTRA: Sleep and Insomnia at GW: MKULTRA: Lloyd Gould-Universities-Animals-IBM-Insomnia-Lysergic Acid-Sleep

Box # 3

C-30 Project MUDHEN Jack Anderson

Washington Post, “Project Mudhen, Or Tracking Jack,” Jack Anderson and Les Whitten, 19 November 1975: Subject Index Files/C Disk/CIA Domestic Intelligence Part 1/Item 062.pdf

MKULTRA –To File: Massachusetts (Bibliographic Citations, articles on mind control experiments in Massachusetts): John Jacobs’ Kentucky

* Subproject 58: MKULTRA: J. P. Morgan and Co. (see Wasson file) Agency Policy and Conferences-Fungi-Mushrooms-Hallucinogenic Species

Search for the Manchurian Candidate, John Marks, ch. 7:

* Subproject 59: MKULTRA: Unwitting Drug Tests at University of Maryland-Universities-Subprojects 022 049-Chemical Compounds-Pharmacological Testing-Blood Vessels-Camphoric Acid Derivative

Subproject 60: MKULTRA: Human Ecology

Subproject 61: MKULTRA

Subproject 62: MKULTRA: Consulting Work in Isolation/Electric Shock/CNS Drugs
Subproject 63: MKULTRA: (1) Drugs and Alcohol (Butler)
Subproject 64: MKULTRA: Drugs
Subproject 65: MKULTRA: Hungarian Refugees
Subproject 66: MKULTRA: Alcohol and Drug Study
Subproject 67: MKULTRA: CIA Use of Institutes Facilities — University of Indiana

Subproject 68: MKULTRA: Cameron, McGill University

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, John Marks, ch. 8

London Sunday Times, “Brainwash Victims Win Cash Claims,” Karin Goodwin, 17 October 2004:


Subproject 69: MKULTRA: Rutgers
Subproject 70: MKULTRA: “Knockout”
Subproject 71: MKULTRA: Dr. Wallace Chan at Stanford University Testing Drugs
Subproject 72: MKULTRA: Testing Drugs for Effects on Central Nervous System
Subproject 73: MKULTRA: University of Kentucky: Narcotics Farms, Narco-Hypnosis
Subproject 74: MKULTRA: Small HEF Subproject (1)
Subproject 74: MKULTRA: Small HEF Subproject (2)
Subproject 75: MKULTRA: Mass. Mental Health (by Project number of master list)
Subproject 77: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (1)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (2)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (3)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (4)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (5)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (6)

Box # 4

Document Indexes, Abstracts, and Documents
Subproject 79: MKULTRA: Cutout for Funding Research of a “sensible nature”

Subproject 80: MKULTRA: Drug Experiments with Humans

* Subproject 81: MKULTRA: Cornell–Extension of Hinkle–Wolf-Psychological Examination

Subproject 82: MKULTRA: Hungarian Refugees

Subproject 83: MKULTRA: Graphology Journal and Cover

* Subproject 84: MKULTRA: Stanford or Penn University?–Martin Theodore Orne-Relationships-Hypnosis-High Motivation-Hypnotism-Interpersonal-Pentecostal Church-Trance State

Purpose: To Study the nature of the hypnosis process as it may relate to induction of a changed motivational state.

Initiated: 19 August 1960.

2. Purpose of Project: A study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

3. Progress to Date: Satisfactory.

20 January 1964:

An investigation of Socially induced special states of consciousness under the direction of Dr. [REDACTED].

Orne Obituary, May/June 2000:

Upon coming to Penn in 1964, Professor Orne established and directed the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, a research laboratory in the School of Medicine that has conducted uninterrupted scientific research for 36 years. … This is amply illustrated in his basic and applied research on the distorting effects of hypnosis on memory…

* Subproject 85: MKULTRA: Stanford Medical School-Blood Typing-Immunological-Genetic

* Subproject 86: MKULTRA: Stanford Medical School: TelecontrolPolygraph Deception Research-Physiological Response Recorder-Positive ID of Personnel via blood typing, radioactive isotopes, voice harmonics-Tranquilizers

* Subproject 87: MKULTRA: HyperAllergic Substances

Subproject 88: MKULTRA: Cultural Appraisal

Subproject 89: MKULTRA: Hungarian Repatriation

Subproject 90: MKULTRA: MIT–A. J. Wiener

Subproject 91: MKULTRA: Drug Testing and Screening of Animals

Subproject 92: MKULTRA: Teaching Machine for Foreign Languages

Subproject 93: MKULTRA: Toxin Study–Cuba Chapter

Subproject 94: MKULTRA: Brain Locations-Remote Direction Control

Subproject 95: MKULTRA: Osgood-Western Psychological Assessment

Subproject 96: MKULTRA: George Kelly-Decision Making-Group Interview Methods

Subproject 97: MKULTRA: Schizophrenics Psychotherapy

Subproject 98: MKULTRA: Queens College-Mass Conversion Study

Subproject 99: MKULTRA: Optics mixed with Biological Warfare–Cuba Chapter-Optical Rotatory Power

Subproject 100: MKULTRA: CBW Penn State

Subproject 101: MKULTRA: Biophysics of Central Nervous System

Subproject 102: MKULTRA: Adolescent Gangs

Subproject 103: MKULTRA: Children’s Summer Camps

Subproject 104: MKULTRA: Sabotage of Petroleum

Subproject 105: MKULTRA: CBW, Disease

Subproject 106: MKULTRA: Electrodes, Russian Study

* Subproject 107: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN-Appears to involve funding and insertion of individuals into the World Psychiatric Association and/or American Psychological Association

* Subproject 108: MKULTRA: Behavioral Characteristic-Ecological Factors-Empathy-NonEmpathy-Drive

* Subproject 109: MKULTRA: Drugs-CBW Testing-Biochemical Evaluation-Psycho-Pharmacological Age-Psychotomimentic Drug Test-Synthesis
Psychopharmcacoligcal agents research with regards to psychological age

* Subproject 110: MKULTRA: CBW MKNAOMI-Pathogens and Delivery Systems

* Subproject 111: MKULTRA: Abrus Precatorious Toxin-Experiments with Plants-Sem Rhynchosiae Phaseoloi???

Subproject 112: MKULTRA: Vocational Studies in Children

Subproject 113: MKULTRA: Gas Sprays and Aerosols

Subproject 114: MKULTRA: Alcohol Study

Subproject 115: MKULTRA: Mentally Disturbed and Environment

Subproject 116: MKULTRA: Lab

Subproject 117: MKULTRA: Cultural Influences on Children

Subproject 118: MKULTRA: Microbiology–Penn State

* Subproject 119: MKULTRA: Telecontrol–Texas Christian-EEG-Human Behavior-Bioelectric Signals-Electroencephalography-Human Organism

Letter, 14 July 1959:


2. It has long been my opinion that there is a need for a taxonomy of stimulus variables, comparable to those with which we are familiar for personality, to account for factors external to the individual, which affect his performance. People are constrained, pressed, required, etc. to do things because of factors in their environment, perhaps even more than because of the kinds of personalities they are. Furthermore, a stimulus situation is complex, and reflects many subtle variables that are not always uniformly or clearly identified, and where effects may often be overlooked. If we are to be able to study human behavior effectively, we must measure the situations to which people respond as well as the people who respond.


…At present I am thinking in terms of two main divisions: {1} the life space of the individual, and {2} the immediate task situation. …

Draft CIA memo, 17 August 1960:


e. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.

* Subproject 120: MKULTRA Drug Research-Humans-Animals-Pharmacology

* Subproject 121: MKULTRA: McGill University-Witch Doctor study-Dr. Raymond Prince-Herbal Treatment-Psychiatric Illness-Psychiatry

* Subproject 122: MKULTRA: Universities-Central Nervous System-Human Stress Reaction-Neurokinin

* Subproject 123: MKULTRA: African Attitude Study-“Stereotypes-Negroes-Ethnic Groups”

* Subproject 124: MKULTRA: African Attitude Study-Acid Base Research Project-Carbon Dioxide-PH-Psychophysiological Corre[lation?]

* Subproject 125: MKULTRA: CO2 and Acid Base Research-Hospitals-Experiments with Humans-Drugs-Pharmacology-Placebo-Psychopharmacology

* Subproject 126: MKULTRA: Work on Placebos and Drugs-Disaster Study-Human Behavior

* Subproject 127: MKULTRA: Disaster/Stress Study-Registered Voters-Voting Behavior-Voting Records

* Subproject 128: MKULTRA: Rapid Hypnotic Induction

* Subproject 129: MKULTRA: Computer Analysis-Amplifiers-Henry W. Bertner-Bioelectric Response Pattern-PHILBRICK K2P-PHILBRICK K2W-Psychophysiological Reactions-Serial Event Timer and Re[action Time?]-Setar-Skin Conductance

* Subproject 130: MKULTRA: Personality Theory, David Saunders/William Thetford; Columbia Univ.-Experiments with Humans-Wechsler-Bellevue-Conversion Hysterics

Box # 5

* Subproject 131: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN

* Subproject 132: MKULTRA: Behavior Control-R&D-Safe House — Not San Francisco

* Subproject 133: MKULTRA: Safe House — Not San Francisco-Microbiology-Energy Production

* Subproject 134: MKULTRA: Correlation Of Physique and Personality done by Haronian in New Jersey — Human Ecology-Temperment-Wechsler Personality Characteristics-Physique-Psychological Dimensions-Sheldon

* Subproject 135: MKULTRA: Testing on Volunteers-Experiments with Humans-Subproject 91-Pharmacology-Compounds-Skin

Subproject 136: MKULTRA: ESP Research

* Subproject 137: MKULTRA: Handwriting Analysis, Dr. Klare G Toman-HEF-Handwriting Psycholexicon-Graphology

* Subproject 138: MKULTRA: Bio-Medical Instrumentation-Bio-Medical Sensors-Biophysical Measurements-Body Antennas-Personal Tagging-Physiological Indicators-Polygraphy

* Subproject 139: MKULTRA: Bird Disease Studies at Penn State-BW Detection-CW-Research Grant-Arboviruses-Avian Vectors-Viral Diseases-Viral Infections

Subproject 140: MKULTRA: Human Voluntary Drug Testing-Experiments with Humans-Pharmacology-Behavioral Control-Clinical Testing-Cytomel Thyroid Project

Subproject 141: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN

* Subproject 142: MKULTRA: Location Unknown-Experiments with Animals-BW-CW-Anatomy-Biological Program-Electrical Brain Stimulation-Comparative Neurology-Nervous Systems-Electronic Stimulus-Cold-blooded animal control research grant for purposes of delivery of BWs/CWs

* Subproject 143: MKULTRA CBW/Bacteria University of Houston-Sabotage-Microbial Growth-Petroleum Products-Aldehydes-Amines-Bacteria Stimulation-Caseian Hydrolyzate-Ketones-Microbial Degradation-Oil Coolants-Peptone-Phenols-Quaternary Ammonium Compound

{ For example, under MKULTRA Subproject #143, the Agency gave Dr. Edward Bennett of the University of Houston about $20,000 a year to develop bacteria to sabotage petroleum products. Bennett found a substance that, when added to oil, fouled or destroyed any engine into which it was poured. CIA operators used exactly this kind of product in 1967 when they sent a sabotage team made up of Cuban exiles into France to pollute a shipment of lubricants bound for Cuba. The idea was that the tainted oil would “grind out motors and cause breakdowns,” says an Agency man directly involved. This operation, which succeeded, was part of a worldwide CIA effort that lasted through the 1960s into the 1970s to destroy the Cuban economy. Agency officials reasoned, at least in the first years, that it would be easier to overthrow Castro if Cubans could be made unhappy with their standard of living. “We wanted to keep bread out of the stores so people were hungry,” says the CIA man who was assigned to anti-Castro operations. “We wanted to keep rationing in effect and keep leather out, so people got only one pair of shoes every 18 months.”
The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, Chapter 12 }

Subproject 144: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN

Subproject 145: MKULTRA: UNKNOWN

* Subproject 146: MKULTRA: BW-CW-Anti Crops Warfare-Economic Plant Pathology

* Subproject 147: MKULTRA: Psychometric Drugs THC-Psychotomimetic Drugs-Tetrahydro Cannibols

* Subproject 148: MKULTRA: (1) Marijuana Research-Experiments with Animals-Human Behavior-Chemical Compounds-Animal Behavior-Dimethyl Heptyl-Marihuana-Thiopental-EEG

Subproject 149: MKULTRA: George White and Federal Bureau of Narcotics-MKSEARCH

MKULTRA APE A and B–Funding Mechanisms for MKULTRA
ARTICHOKE Docs 38-461 (2)
ARTICHOKE Docs 156-199
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (1)
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (2)
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (1)
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (2)
ARTICHOKE Docs 311-340
ARTICHOKE Docs 362-388
ARTICHOKE Docs 388-461
MKSEARCH 6 (continuation of MKULTRA 62)
MKSEARCH 2 (continues BW Lab, MKULTRA 78)
MKSEARCH Docs S-2 (BW Lab)
MKSEARCH Docs S-8 (Phase out of work done on schizophrenics probably by Pfeiffer)
MKSEARCH Basic Documents
Unlabeled Accordion File–primarily MKULTRA: Subproject 42
Unlabeled Accordion File–Financial records, checks

Box # 6

MKSEARCH 6 Discontinuation of Geschichter Fund for Medical Research
MKSEARCH 4 – Bureau of Narcotics Safehouse
MKSEARCH 3 – Testing at Vacaville, Hamilton
MKSEARCH S-3 Vacaville (1)
MKSEARCH S-3 Vacaville (2)
Lexington: Air Force: Alcohol: Amnesia: Animals: David Anthony:ARPA
Subproject 107: MKULTRA: American Psychological Association: Army Testing: Assassination: Raymond A. Bauer: Berlin Poison Case: Biometric Lab: Biophysical Measurements: Beecher (Henry K.): Brainwashing
ARTICHOKE Docs 59-155: Bordentown New Jersey Reformatory: Boston Psychopathic (Hyde-Massachusetts Mental Hospital): Brain Studies: Brainwashing (1): Brainwashing (2): Project Calling Card: John Marks Chapter 6 Conclusions: Chadwell, W.H.: CBW Work File: Dr. Wallace Chan: Cold War Late 1953-1955 (1): Cold War Late 1953-1955 (2): Communist Control Techniques VII: Cold War Docs (1) (Project Artichoke, Bluebird): Cold War Docs (2): Control of Behavior—General: Cybernetics: Defectors: University of Denver: Destruction of Files: Diseases: Drug Research and Operations Diseases: Drug Research and Operations: Drugs: Documents ARTICHOKE: Drugs: ARTICHOKE: Drugs: ARTICHOKE (2): Drugs: Subprojects

Box # 7

Ethics: Federal Penitentiary — Atlanta: Fisher Scientific Company: Flickering Lights: FOIA Important Documents (FOIA correspondence and Court DocumeRnts for suit against the CIA):Freedom of Info Act requests (1): Freedom of Info Act requests (2): Foreign Countries: Heath: Foreign Liaison: Friends of McGill University, Inc.: Ft. Detrick: Joan Gavin: Genetics: George Washington University: Geschichter Fund: Unlabeled File –MKULTRA Subprojects: Government Agencies: Graduate students: Grifford: Handwriting Hardenberg: Hearings: Hinkle: History: Hospitals: Hungarian Projects: (Defectors, Refugees): Edward Hunter: Hypnosis 50-53: Hypnosis, Cold War period: Hypnosis – Literature: Hypnosis Hypnosis – C I:: Hypnosis Documents (1): Subproject ARTICHOKE: Hypnosis Documents (2): Subproject ARTICHOKE: Hypospray: Inspector General: University of Illinois: Internal Revenue Service: Iowa State Hospital, Ionia State Hospital, Michigan: Ittleson Foundation: IVY Research Lab: Johns Hopkins University: Juicy Quotes: Lyman Kirkpatrick: John Lilly: Lovell Chemical Company: Lovell: Lowinger: LSD – Counterculture: LSD – (Old Sandoz File): LSD (1): LSD (2)

Box # 8

Magic: Mulholland: George Merck: University of Minnesota: Miscellaneous: MKDELTA: ARTICHOKE Docs/Clips: MKDELTA Subprojects: James A. Moore: MKNOOM: Mulholland: Mushrooms — Chapter 8: Naval Research, Military Side — Chapter 14: Oatis Case: Often/Chickwit: Ohio State University: Operation Paperclip: Organizational Structure: ORD: World War II: Martin Orne: Parapsychology (Limited discussion on EMR research also): The Application of Tesla’s Technology in Today’s World

Box # 9

(Original Box 13– not copied as of 7/2/93) Press Conferences (Excerpts from documents): Pfeiffer Subproject 47: Penn State (clippings): Placebos: Pfeiffer, Carl C.: Pharmaceutical Houses: Polygraph: POW: Prince– Witch Doctor Study: Prisoners — Documents Prisoners-Mental Patients (clippings): Private Company: Programming: Prouty: Psychological Assessment: Research and Development Study by Edgewood Arsenal: Personality Assessment — OSS (Clippings, Book Chapters, Interview Notes): Psychical Research Foundation: Psycho-Pharmacology: Psychosurgery: Psychosurgery (2) (clippings): Max Rinkel: Public Health Service: Puerto Rican Study: Recent Agency Policy on Experimentation: Recent Events in Defense Department (Includes document from Siemmer): Project Revere: RHIC-Edom Files (Clippings): Chapter 7 — Safehouse (draft manuscript?): Safehouse Working File (personal notes): Safehouses (Documents): Schein (clipping): Schultes (clippings, notes): Sensory Deprivation (primary clippings): Schultes (clippings, notes): Chapter 7 — Safehouses– clippings

Box # 10

CIA Behavior Modification Reports: Side Tone Delay Device II: Incapacitation — Non-Lethal: 4 Assessment: Sleep Knockout Drug (clippings): Alexander H. Smith (clippings): Soil Microbiology: Sonics: Stanford: Team Exp. 1: Technical Assistance: ARTICHOKE: Technologies: Toxic Psychic States: Ultra Sonics/Sonics: Tradecraft: Universities (clippings): Wasson, Robert Gordon (notes, clippings): Wendt: White TD Docs: Harold Wolff (clippings): Documents to File (miscellaneous topics)

Box # 11

Sleep Learning: Interrogation: Electric Fish and Animal Radar 1/3: Electric Fish and Animal Radar 2/3: Electric Fish and Animal Radar 3/3: Plants, Sleep Machine, ESB and Sleep, Biocommunications and Bioelectronics: History of Program: Animal ESB: Toxicity in mice 1/4: Toxicity in mice 2/4: Toxicity in mice 3/4: Toxicity in mice 4/4

Box # 12

Index cards.

* Indicates most updated descriptions based on review of FOIA documents.


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