BBD – Catch H** If You Can

Of course circumstances make for no time for the rest of the profile of ‘M. DeepState,’ the real author of this nonsense.

And naturally, there’s fictional precedence all over the place. Most recently and notably:

Vivian Norbury. Too ridiculous, isn’t it? ‘Amo.’ Albury. Norbury. Secretary.

Punchlines for days though.


A Short Beer with Alice

BBD – I Love a Good Narrative

Or, “…a Pretty Lie,” which is really what that means. Or, “Wild Goose Chase no. 578.”

And yet it makes sense. Sort of.

Except there are some plot holes.

Let me ‘splain. What I think is probably true, somehow, as ri-goddam-diculous as it sounds: Neither of our premiere manhunter agencies have any idea where or whom whatshisname is. That in itself is worth a lot of laughter. If they did, they’d have tried something by now. Something nasty and disturbing because that is all that those two piles o’ poop are capable of.

But in order to play a little “which will he do?” game designed to add stress in the Hopes that I’ll finally crack*, one–or more likely both working together–presented a neat little narrative. Since I know there’s no way in hell they’d ever tell me if they knew, I can safely deduce that the narrative is false. And we can at the same time waste some more tax dollars as those parts of FBi that aren’t read in go frantically check it out.

“The White Rose.” First this was a pacifist group that was murdered by the Nazis in the run up to WWII.

We can recall what was probably the best episode of ST:TOS: “City on the Edge of Forever.” Lots of interesting stories about that one. Including the author being locked in an office for a weekend to finish it and getting so hungry and/or spiteful about the situation that he ate the secretary’s potted plant. Of course this was because he had written in more extras than the studio could afford.

Next. “A kook in a grocery store.” Getting it yet? Kwazy pacifist is so smart, so good at it, that he gets locked up in a mental institution a la the Martha Mitchell effect. {Look it up}.

This could also explain a possible reason I haven’t heard nor seen hide nor hair from him since early 2010.

Such a good lie, no?

The remaining question then would be, where? Which asylum is he in? {See the final chapters of Infernis for a kind of parallel version of being locked away permanently; and note my, and others such as Barry Eisler, noting how some of what we write winds up happening later, or already happened and we didn’t know about it. This is called Setting Up Expectations and is on the same Gambits for Deception graphic as The Big Move Hides the Small Move}.

So where? There was a brief DoD program under the Obama administration regarding mental health and soldiers. It was based–guess where?–Hawaii. It’s enough to make you think you might actually like sex on the beach {the song on the Spoon CD that wasn’t actually by Spoon} despite the horrible conditions down there where there’s about as much trash as there is sand. Not to mention the–not shitting here–group of people who now live on the beach. Right out of part two of the Rifters trilogy.

How many months and dollars could I waste investigating each and every one of those beaches? All the asylums in Hawaii after the one in question turns out to not house “him”?

It’s patently absurd. And yet there’s that small part of you that recalls:

The Comedian? Crying?

Hm. Funny story. Sounds unbelievable. Probably true.

So let’s let the “flatfoots” go have a look. I’ll be right here, TYVM4nada.

* What they don’t seem to understand: I don’t break because I’m “Unbreakable.” I don’t break because I’m already broken.

BBD – Update

See, the truth is, Americans don’t care that CiA kidnapped poor children and did human experimentation on them, sent others to be molested and enslaved by the House of Saud.

Just like they don’t care that 9/11 may have been an “inside job” {it pretty much was; Al Qaeda were dupes and unknowingly cooperated, but CiA set the stage, pushed them to it surreptitiously}.

And this was my mistake. Trying to persuade people who only care if gasoline is under $4 per gallon to find a heart. They are in love with 9/11. They can’t get enough of it and all that it has brought. No point in trying show willing members of The Empire the error of their ways.

But what I can do is show other people, important people, that they, too, are victims of the shithole that lay at the sphincter of Langley, Virginia. I can show them that their “bad luck” was likely the covert act of the very same shithole that has inflicted it upon me.

In short, if you can’t get Superman, maybe “Lex Luthor” will do what needs to be done. He’s a man of action. He can do it and not even have to worry about it afterwards. Not if he does it right.

DIA gets covert ops. A new agency gets analysis. Good little girls and boys get to go work at DIA. Some of the rest go to jail. Others probably get knocked off trying to knock off someone else. Put the surveillance state to good use for once.

Everyone who deserves to go home happy gets to. Nobody has already paid the price for CIA’s many sins, so nobody else gets the blame.

Yeah, I know. But the meme’s right there and it’s pretty universal. At least He was undeniably a revolutionary…against the Roman Empire.

BBD – Just Ranting

Or, “Dick Cheney won but couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Really. One of the questions I’ve had to ask myself over and over is, is there a resistance? Are there people, as Edward Snowden suggested, who believe as he does: That some of what the intelligence community does is wrong, not only in a legal or moral sense, but ultimately self-defeating.

But let me back up first and fill you in on the latest. After approximately nine years of this bullshit, I at last have something resembling closure. I now know why I was targeted, and by that I mean specifically. I also know who ordered it.

My main thought is, well…time to let it go. Why not? Broken eggs, spilt milk. Clean it up and move on. There’s no reason, since “the truth is out there,” to continue to beat up the players in my little saga since I now know the truth.

But the last 24 hours have been hell. And, really there are parts of hell I’m starting to enjoy. The crazy nightmares are at least entertaining and novel. Could wind up in a book sometime. Poverty and loneliness? How is that not status f***ing quo? Supposed to be a threat? Can you hear me laughing at your bullshit?

But the incessant “chatter” is another matter. Funny, because most of the harassment stimuli the past few years has actually been external with some exceptions.

So why bother me now? Because they want me to further harass a man who is suffering from mental illness. And really, much like Qaddafi and the late Kim Jong-Il, who it seems likely CiA had something to do with their mental state as part of the long game regime change plans, didn’t have something to do with that as well. Yeah, he’s a bad man.

So are the rest of you. In my head I started naming names and connected them with strings of expletives and insults. But why waste the time and space? Won’t matter. Won’t matter because all of them–and I mean all of them–are still doing the “bad man’s” bidding. The fact that they cannot see that means my pointing it out won’t make any difference either.

That’s the point, you see? The woman who gave a stranger a glass of water one day in Minneapolis on a hot day has done more to make the world a better place with that single act than any of the rest of you in your entire f***ing lives. That’s the point. Why don’t you put her in charge?

You think you can “win” with covert ops? With war? With PSYOP? With lies? With deceit? With money? By sucking up to power? By hating your “opponent” more than he hates you? You’re wrong.

Dead wrong. Christ, you have me hoping for nuclear war at this point. It’s what we deserve, I swear. There’s that part of me that hopes in the chaos some of you might accidentally die and make the world a slightly better place.

You’re still following “Darth Vader’s” orders. You can’t see that, can you?

What is clear: There isn’t anyone in this equation who has any intention of ever giving up behavioral modification. You know when slavery will end, Barack Obama? Never. That’s when. Not ever. And you helped make sure that’s the case even when you thought you were doing the opposite. If there ever were a useless scold, you’re it.

But I’ve been tortured, harassed, ruined, driven out of my motherf***ing mind {and still can’t help wondering if I’m the only sane person remaining on planet Earth, or perhaps only relatively so–one eye in the Kingdom of the Blind, etc.}, and so much more. The daily barrage of bad things happening, mostly, to co-workers is such that I can hardly track it anymore, much less summon the strength to blog it all. So could be I’m biased.

Try walking in my shoes for a bit and see if you think saving my life, or limbs or whatever, was the merciful thing to do.

You’re ALL bad people. Period. Only interested in who you can exploit and how. That’s all you want, some semblance of control because that means you still have some power as the larger fish come take what little you had away. It’s selfish to the core but you dress it up in fighting for civil liberties in your war. It’s a lie you’re telling yourselves.

So go f*** yourselves the lot of you. Go find someone else to play Jesus Christ for your own sick f***ing egos. There’s the silver f***ing lining for me: He’s not coming. You can destroy the world and all you’ll get is no place to live you dumbf***s. Keep waiting for Superman and you’re going to die just as disappointed as the Seven Mountains lunatics. Same thing with different packaging.

And I really hate to do this. You have no idea how much. Why ruin a perfectly good rant with a ‘thank you?’

And yet this time the facts speak for themselves and so as a fair-minded person I have no choice.

(Thank you. Now I get it. Though I doubt you had any idea why the ‘Adrienne’ disguise so don’t take this too strongly. But thank you. In so far as I can muster any thanks for not being dead and permanently insane–yet!–I thank you. And once again am in a position where I know it best you remain hidden even though I really do wish you were here. Probably more dangerous now than ever, whateveryournameis. Sorry that they you got involved at all. Best of luck. Will try to stick to that attitude but you know, ‘mind control’ and lack of sleep and emotional control don’t bode well for predictions in that regard.

And for some reason I seem to have forgotten what you look like. Was it this? ;D

Don’t you go trying to play Jesus either. Really. Not even as a joke or whatever. They don’t deserve one.


The Proper Path

“…don’t be alarmed. That indicates only that you are still sane.”

That is if you’ve been following the Twitter and it doesn’t entirely make sense. Not supposed to. Or at least perhaps only to a select few, and I don’t have their email addresses.

“We’re not out of the woods yet.” —Everyone

There are several things I’d rather be doing right now. However, duty calls.

Let me begin by addressing some YouTube video where the following appears to occur. Note, I haven’t watched it, merely had this described to me in five minutes of my life I shall probably never be able to retrieve. It goes, I’m told, like this:

A} In a public park, a stranger, who is in on the ploy, asks a person who apparently is not in on the ploy if they can borrow their cellphone to make a call. Person allows it.

B} Now the “ployers” have the patsy’s phone number. The phone rings. Person answers. They are told not to talk but to get up and go to another place in the park.

Note: This is where I, as I’m sure many others, would have told them to go f*** themselves. Not so the six or so people in the video.

C} Person arrives to find a tablet with a video on it. Video contains kidnappers and a little girl. Video kidnappers state that there is $100,000 elsewhere in the park, tells them where, and they have a choice: Take the money and the girl dies; leave the money and the girl lives.

The video shows five out of six took the money, which was fake and they are stopped by the self-righteous “ployers” who shame them into giving it back so that they can put other people through the same trauma.

There are several ways to run with this. Assuming for a moment that you believe for an instant that there are kidnappers who do this, and then actually kill a little girl {this is the general plot to The Button, by the way, except—SPOILERS—the ployers are spies and space aliens}, if you’re that dumb, let’s take it to the next step.

First, the one person who refuses the money is African American and homeless. This almost makes me want to like the idea despite my many other misgivings.

But let’s also put three other things in mind. First, the 0.1% have made certain that we live in a society where money is really important—because they have most of it—and at the same time ensured that the rest of us have less of it than we used to, or at least less spending power even if the technical numbers are otherwise higher. Second, some people are programmed to be tribal: That is, “not my kid, my kids can now go to college” is not entirely unaltruistic. Third, this is also oddly similar to the Joker’s {played by Heath Ledger} ploy with the two ferries in that Batman movie.

And I could go on about editing. We saw how James O’Keefe III {speaking of JOK3rs} made it appear as if ACORN was condoning child prostitution, while the original told an entirely different story.

It’s all over the place but the bottom line, the “moral” of the story would seem to be that being poor makes you a better person. See again from above: “First, the 0.1% have made certain that we live in a society where money is really important—because they have most of it—and at the same time ensured that the rest of us have less of it than we used to, or at least less spending power even if the technically numbers are otherwise higher.”

Start: Aside to an asshole

Yes. I can still see you, Mr. Dinosaur, Mr. 0.001%, Mr. DeepState. You’re not quite everywhere, but prolific enough to be scary. That is, if I couldn’t see you and what you’re doing. The only thing puzzling me is why you still live.

Not that I want you dead. I’m having way too much fun messing with you and therefore hope you live to a hundred. Which, if descriptions are accurate, shouldn’t be all that far off.

End: Aside to an asshole.

{Again, these two previous paragraphs are related to the Twitter stuff. Ignore it. Clearly I’m schizo. What else could it be? Certainly not walking a similar jagged line as Shakespeare’s Hamlet did, enjoying plausible deniability}.

And so the message is hidden. The Big Move: Black Man has a heart. The smaller move hidden by the Big Move: Being poor is better than being middle class. It is in a way, but the motives of the ultimate author of this ploy aren’t pure but rather selfish. He’s trying to get you to give up on the American dream so he and a few others can have it all. More like Saudi Arabia than a Marxist state, I assure you.

Moving on. I heard today about yet another potential organized stalking victim from an acquaintance who considers, or perhaps used to consider, this guy a friend. I probed for details to try to get a feel for it. Mostly, I would tend to think that the man described it actually paranoid schizophrenic and is imagining all of it. Or almost.

The problem, going back to the basics here, CiA went to a lot of trouble attempting to create fake symptoms for all kinds of maladies, including mental illness. A clear cry for help from a diseased institution aside, it becomes very, very difficult to tell the difference. In fact, as I’ve noted before, this nonsense can actually make you insane even if you weren’t insane when it started. So, chicken and egg, really.

But the acquaintance, who accepted that such things do happen sometimes, noted that he didn’t think his friend was that important. I’ve covered that typical reaction before as well. Sometimes in fact it’s because the person is a nobody that they are selected. There’s some criteria related to psychological makeup, for example, that has nothing to do with fame.

What is the end game, then, the acquaintance asked? I suggested he might have to wait to see whom his friend shoots to discover that. He suggested it would, though he didn’t actually think him capable of murder, wind up being racially motivated.

There you go. I suggested that while we all eat each other, we aren’t banding together and demanded better healthcare for all, or similar. Because it’s not money we’re running out of; it’s power and influence.

I figured it would end there, but then the acquaintance added one more thing. “They try to drag you down.” He meant people who suffer from mental illness.

I reminded him that during the 1980s the public mental health system was gutted to ensure the future of the Reagan tax cuts. Which benefit the 0.1% especially.

And then it clicked: It could be all of those motives at the same time. 3-D Chess, furrealz.

Check and mate, Mr, White.

Notice what you find in both of those stories? That’s what it is. And that’s really all that it is. Madness. And yet there’s method in’t.

BBD – Not Blogging It

Instead I’m doing the text versions of a montage followed by an impressionist {or some other movement} painting to describe yesterday’s “chance meetings”/diversion. I will start with relevant quotes that I find hilarious and throw together some memes.

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