MKULTRA #84, #119 – Projects Bizarre & Pandora

Subproject 84: MKULTRA

Penn University?–Martin Theodore Orne-Relationships-Hypnosis-High Motivation-Hypnotism-Interpersonal-Pentecostal Church-Trance State

Purpose: To Study the nature of the hypnosis process as it may relate to induction of a changed motivational state.

Initiated: 19 August 1960.

2. Purpose of Project: A study of induction of high motivation in individuals by means of the development of specific interpersonal relationships.

3. Progress to Date: Satisfactory.

20 January 1964:

An investigation of Socially induced special states of consciousness under the direction of Dr. [REDACTED].

Orne Obituary, May/June 2000:

Upon coming to Penn in 1964, Professor Orne established and directed the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, a research laboratory in the School of Medicine that has conducted uninterrupted scientific research for 36 years. … This is amply illustrated in his basic and applied research on the distorting effects of hypnosis on memory…

Subproject 119: MKULTRA

Telecontrol–Texas Christian-EEG-Human Behavior-Bioelectric Signals-Electroencephalography-Human Organism

Letter, 14 July 1959:


2. It has long been my opinion that there is a need for a taxonomy of stimulus variables, comparable to those with which we are familiar for personality, to account for factors external to the individual, which affect his performance. People are constrained, pressed, required, etc. to do things because of factors in their environment, perhaps even more than because of the kinds of personalities they are. Furthermore, a stimulus situation is complex, and reflects many subtle variables that are not always uniformly or clearly identified, and where effects may often be overlooked. If we are to be able to study human behavior effectively, we must measure the situations to which people respond as well as the people who respond.


…At present I am thinking in terms of two main divisions: {1} the life space of the individual, and {2} the immediate task situation. …

Draft CIA memo, 17 August 1960:


e. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.

Saul Sells bio at the TCU Institute of Behavioral Research:


17 August 1960


SUBJECT : MKULTRA, Subproject 119

1. The purpose of this subproject is to provide funds for a study conducted by [REDACTED] to make a critical review of the literature and scientific developments related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism, and activation of human behavior by remote means. When initiated this study was being done on a consultant basis by [Saul Sells?]. The reason for converting this into a Subproject is to provide more flexibility in the disbursal of funds for various kinds of assistance and equipment needed.

2. As indicated in the attached proposal this study is to provide an annotated bibliography and an interpretive survey of work being done in psychophysiological research and instrumentation. The survey encompasses five main areas:

a. Bioelectric sensors: sources of significant electrical potential and methods of pick-up

b. Recording: amplification, electronic tape and other multi-channel recording.

c. Analysis: autocorrelators, spectrum analyzers, etc. and coordination with automatic data processing equipment.

d. Standardization of data for correlation with biochemical, physiological and behavioral indices.

e. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.



– 2 –

3. In lieu of higher overhead rates, title to any permanent equipment purchased by funds granted the [REDACTED] shall remain with the [REDACTED].

4. The cost of the project will be $6,730, including $2,500 already allotted [REDACTED] as a consulting fee, for one year beginning 1 July 1960. This project will be handled as a grant-in-aid from the [REDACTED] and the handling of funds disbursed will follow the standard practice set up for that organization. Charges should be made against Allotment 1525-1009-1902.

5. [Saul Sells] and others at [Texas Christian University] who may become associated with the project will be completely unwitting of Sponsor.

TSD/Research Branch


Research Director


Proposal & Budget

Original Only




[REDACTED] Project

To make a critical review of literature and scientific developments related to recording, analysis and interpretation of bioelectric signals from the human organism and activation of human behavior by remote means.

As it is visualized, the task should begin with a general survey of research and instrumentation in a number of fields; including neurophysiology, biophysics, anatomy, physiological psychology and neuropsychiatry, as well as electronics, telemetry and communications engineering, At the same time that bibliographic and related activity is initiated, correspondence should be undertaken with all laboratories, companies and agencies working in or carrying out activities related to designated areas of broad survey problem. Visits to laboratories may be undertaken if needed.

The divisions of the problem fall naturally into five main areas: (1) bioelectric sensors: sources of significant electrical potential and methods of pick-up; (2) recording: amplification, electronic tape and other multi-channel recording; (3) analysis: autocorrelators, spectrum analyzers, etc. and coordination with automatic data processing equipment; (4) standardization of data for correlation with biochemical, physiological and behavioral indices; (5) technics [sic] of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.

Progress has been made and the list of laboratories, investigators and resources in the Bioelectric study is in preparation.

Subproject 119 becomes
Project Bizarre

Institute of Science in Society, “Bio-electromagnetic Weapons,” 24 January 2006:

Project Pandora

US response to Soviet use of microwaves on the US embassy in Moscow that began in 1959.

BBC-TV, “Opening Pandora’s Box” transcript, 1984:

Sam Koslov, project director of Pandora

I ran an operation that looked at this. It was called Pandora. (laughs) [unclear] it doesn’t [unclear] that in order to produce an effect that would have any military utility, the amount of power used would be such that you would be in the famous position of Mr. [unclear], who discovered [unclear], as you recall. He had to burn the barn down.

Dr. Robert O. Becker

I believe that there is very little question in that you do produce central nervous system disturbances by microwave exposure. I don’t believe that you could at the present level of technology put someone to sleep instantaneously like that. But one could interfere with decision making capacity. One could do, produce, say, a situation of chronic stress in which your embassy personnel do not operate quite as efficiently as they should. This would obviously lead to the Soviets’ advantage.


  1. be the first to be looking for documentation on the results of this after ten years of forced physical permanent defects and alterations…..and not finding any. find yourself to be the first. very lonley.

    • There are more. Don’t be lonely. Reprogram with all your might. You can be free.

    • I finally found this after 2 1/2 years too. Also, this page no longer comes up in the search engine? The CIA contracted with Google for 5 million according to Kevin Shipp. “Bioelectric singals” is VERY hard to find.

      • I figured it out. It’s the Marshalls that Million Mask March wanted to overthrow back in 2015.

        Entrepreneur vs Marshalls – Shadow Agency

        ArgusPISA are illegal. They are Organized Criminals, Espionage, Theft, Attempted Murder, and Human Trafficking. They’re above the government in their network of Shadows. They’re related to me.

        This was clearer when it got “intense” again after just writing to Clery Act about Domestic Abuse and them.

        Also, their technology and science is better/opposite. I was going to write a sci fi novel once about the idea… but apparently, it’s “force belief.” It’s Checkmate. Either join or die. Then, it’s like a sadistic BDSM party.

        It became clearer. Adam Waldman set up Julian Assange. The Organized Criminals are Trillionaires who pretend that they don’t have money, but they do.

        I now want to get a REAL case open because Sherlock Holmes cannot live. It’s Law and Crime both. It’s all remote, natural, so on… It’s “Shaw” everywhere and they hate Chuck Bartowski because they are sociopaths.

  2. Please don’t ever delete this! After 2 1/2 years, I FINALLY found “bioelectric signals” and the details about project 119 and Saul Sells, after Texas Christian University kicked me out SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014. 2014… not back then. There is also so much “mental hygiene” belief, that I cannot talk about it, and I used the wrong terms fall 2015, so I was suspended then from another University. BUT IT ALMOST KILLED ME OVER 2 WEEKS. I had NO “mental health” history before AMANDA SWARTZ! They make themselves out to be so cute, their reviews, their site, their outside facade, but the truth, is hidden. Also, if you try to question authority at TCU, for example, to other students about them wanting you to go to a psych ward, the students will say “they’re ‘professionals,’ so you must have some problem.”

    No.. it doesn’t happen at Mesa Springs Behaviorial Hospital, no. They set up and PROJECT “psychosis” and THEN they spring it on you, for me it was 2 1/2 months later. All seems fine, and then… BAM.. suddenly, you are traveling 3 different states, unable to sleep in any hotel/motel, and all these poisonous effects? You know how to SURVIVE? And, I am sure that others would have been KILLED. But it is like spitting, and endless movement, crossing arms/legs, and going from place to place. But the end that they want is the psych ward. But even then, it continues for a while.

    I’ll show you in my next post.

    • There is a “Targeted Individual” Group which is trying to do a class action lawsuit. But I really think my experience will benefit due to TCU’s Project 119, Amanda Swartz BLATENTLY PROJECTING FALSELY “electrical signals to brain” WHICH I HAD NEVER THOUGHT OF!!! And then 3 months later, those MKUltra like drug effects for those 2 weeks. I sent this to them 😀

      “…but I have not been back to Texas since Texas Christian University set me up for MKUltra poisoning (possible gassing but it matches that drug page) and effects.

      That was October 2014 when I left, and January 2015 when I had those extreme effects like very painful burning and pulsating/blood clotting like blood that made me feel like a puppet on strings, breathing issues as if chemical asthma/something wrong with my body’s entire pressure, hypersensitivity to air pressure, light, temperature, exhaust/cigarette smoke, and then swelling feet indoors ONLY 3x …. all of this around 2 weeks and in 3 different states while traveling, on and off again… in a normally healthy person of 21 back then who also drinks and eats healthily.

      Amanda Swartz projected “electrical signals to your brain from ___” (relation to a person here/not government) which I had never even thought of as I didn’t know about MKuktra, or it’s relation to the school, or about targeted individuals. I had complained of an electrical outage but I was thinking or well (trying to make it up :P) at most like messing with a circuit breaker PHYSICALLY there in a made up (TBH) break in. I also wanted to complain about some contacts and did. But that came out of nowhere.

      It literally felt like almost dying in Jan but not. Also I swear that somebody sitting in front of me on a greyhound in Oregon appeared to have the same sensitivity and pulsating blood/breathing issues from vents and light/air pressure. Move the vent and stopped. But it gets unclear after that bc I am not sure if I start to see illusions like his face change and somebody say to someone who sat next to me “congrats you just went undercover” when I start to get off finally bc it is unbearable and lots of dehydration bc to get rid of the effects which I thought was poison, I would spit into bottles etc. I would eat drink and such and it just kept returning… idk… the dehydration just made me more sensitive to air pressure, making a viscous cycle.

      The only really other obvious (I am 10000% sure this happened!!) and weird person was in Seattle as I went out of a store, and I had been publicly showing the painful blood/out of it effects (so crossing legs/arms etc to try to keep from going to head/middle) on their buses. This guy came up to me asking “what do you know about Barometric Pressure?” And I asked him “who are you?” And he claimed that he was a “reporter.” And I just said “I don’t know anything” and went back to the bus transit center. The entire time I had been calling it AIR pressure too and NOT barometric. Of course barometric is higher indoors bc smaller spaces and the air on especially Amtrak and greyhound sucks with filters, but HE SAID THAT not me… also in that weird TI way, it looked like he was somebody I had met before at Butte, but also I was really tired etc from not sleeping of course. But I am very very sure about this one.

      It was a nightmare and I haven’t seen anything on the internet or anyone actually explain it all. I often had to also keep moving bc it was so harmful, and move in particular ways.

      Please let me contribute to your case!! The fact that TCU IS associated with project 119/Saul sells imo says it all. He even did bioelecyrical signals.

      It really made my life awful for about 2 1/2 years. They just Psych and well, there is no justice.”

      I know… it is weird. Check out TI groups and people on Facebook (Fedbook :P).

      • For anybody who reads this… it is de-program with externalization and yes I said reverse/upward “train” but really it is deprogramming. A lot of “targeted individual” people that I see online NEVER seem to be able to escape their fabricated (on purpose) fear of everything… It is on purpose to enlarge certain things due to survival instinct, distraction and I guess experimentation… But I can successfully say that after June 2016, or 2 1/2 years later, that it all stopped…

        However, after I posted the comment on here about the Lawsuit, and the guy on the bus having The Same effects in front of me, and the other odd event of the guy asking me about barmetruc pressure after I came out of a store… like 3 days later (?) it sounded like someone said “static electricity” on the phone for what their employees regulated which is NOT true because they are a textile manufacturer. I asked about this and only one person replied really on its possiblility online to manipulate voiceboxes. I ignored it, trying to mess with my job 😛

        I also posted a Google review recently about this on TCU and 2 people liked it!! Also at least 77 people saw it. (MKULTRA TORTURE warning :P).

        Anyways, what I thought was creepy then and WAY creepier after those 2 weeks of poisoning (?) in January 2015 when TCU did that to me Sept-Oct 2014… was how I read Bodea Borothi’s letter upside down that had been faxed in without permission and to discredit me by Amanda Swartz/TCU… is not only did they FALSELY claim the signal thing… but they ALSO claimed that I said that “my roommate thinks I am a ‘threat’ and keeps a knife under her pillow” WTF really?! No… I was talking about warnings others gave ME online about domestic people (who I had recently met and tangled with). It creeped me out those couple months or so in between that but I tried to move on with my life as I say in other comments 😦 … like what is this.. what is going to happen… they say this weird stuff… is it govt I don’t understand…

        I found out like maybe 2016 that from I think PsychTruth on YouTube that there was this “mind control” experiment on a woman to make her pull a gun on her roommate… so this of course makes me wonder about all that…

        Not only that, but the poisoning effects were sooo awful, like being a puppet, and of course thinking agents all over when likely not :(.. so I even uncontrollably pointed at someone on a train and try to keep self control… The whole thing DID honestly make me feel like they were trying to turn me into something awful.. that THEY projected onto ME! Nothing is weird about my roommate and the only things like didn’t know what gaslighting meant, complaining about my dishes, and cat scratching me, but saying all that makes no sense!!!

        Then their contracted Mesa Sorings (where they did nursing rotations), Bodea Borothi got angry st me when I said it was all a lie and none of that written therevis true… he said TCU probably didn’t want me to go to their school… but I don’t know/don’t think these people know what this REALLY is done for?! I don’t know…

        But really watch out!! I’m so glad that this blog exists because now I’m validated. It says right there! Project 119 and Bioelectric signals with Saul Sells… But clearly there is more because of what happened to me 😦

        They project what they want to do to you!

      • I mean June 2017 after i posted below the last comments… October 2016 was also messed up about electricity, seeing somebody’s car only turn on one headlight at a time XD… so it was 2 1/2 years…

        De-program :P… and sure as F NEVER go to a college counseling center! (Especially TCU).

  3. WARNING: MKULTRA AND SAUL SELLS! “Dear Campus Life, if Karen Morgan is still there, and Linda Wolszon at the Counseling Center,

    Saul Sells, a prominent social psychologist at TCU, did a “bioelectric signal” experiment for project 119 of MKUltra. As seen here:

    In September of 2014, Amanda Swartz, your Psy.D, decided to project “electrical signals to your brain” which I never said, which I said during that meeting and was laughed at. I had mentioned people warning me about other people, domestic things, and an electrical outage in my apartment, not “electrical signals” and I had never heard of it before. Or really thought about it. I had no idea about MKUltra, Saul Sells, or “targeted individuals.”

    Afterwards, forced off campus and into Mesa, despite my GPA, recommendation letters, attempts from (Name), and me sending an email that weekend of “sorry, nevermind,” I eventually had to withdraw, and should have the first week. But that isn’t the worst of it.

    Just 2 1/2 months after TCU’s actions and Swartz’s projection, I had physical issues in 3 states while traveling January 2015 for almost 2 weeks. I had blood that felt like acid, burning, feelings of blood clots going up and down my limbs, breathing issues like chemicial asthma, hypersensitivity to light, hypersensitivity to air or barometric pressure, and in 3 indoor (not outdoor) locations, my feet and part of my legs swelled up.

    I had no “mental health” history before TCU’s actions.

    I’ve also had issues with static electricity, my devices, and more. Also, I’ve been tortured in every emergency room or psych ward that I’ve been in since. In Washington state, I wasn’t believed about poisoning. I mentioned TCU, and immediate restraints as well as past AFTER Mesa.

    Also, the “saline” solution reacted with my blood and made it feel like acid, burning, all over my blood. Because of projecting “psychosis” and these so-called “electrical signals” you totally and completely set me up for more MKUltra like experimentation. I

    ‘ve had more “targeted individual” like things, as well as incorrect ideas due to survival instinct on overdrive. Just yesterday, my Iphone was vibrating.

    You should check into Everyday Psych Victims Project, which I created against “mental hygiene.”

    The point is, before you PROJECT more of these “electrical signals” and send students to psych wards, for your experimentation, you should think, how this will destroy their life, literally.


    • CLERY ACT (loopholes if crime reports/allegations off campus), MKULTRA, SAUL SELLS, and TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY WARNING:

      Yes, I REALLY DID experience this FIRST HAND.

      Just people don’t believe me, and they believe in “mental hygiene” (this is what “mental health” was called before, and its true intention), also, wrong terms used. As I said, I had no idea about MKUltra (not its name) or “targeted individuals.”

      Further, cops just harass you, and they don’t know or care or trained about hacking, or poisoning (you’re just a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’) or the government.

      Also, I didn’t die, so why believe me? But I assure you that if I had, that NOBODY would be writing for me, no one would be questioning anything, and nobody would report it.

      No. I also lost countless dollars in the debt I accumulated while traveling those 3 states, trying to get away/and survive. There was like whitish stuff in my duplex before going, and even I said why don’t you and the neighbors check your filters. Also, I was weirded out by my computer.

      BUT THE POINT IS. They projected this “electrical signal” and “psychosis” onto me, nothing happened at Mesa Springs Behaviorial Hospital. In fact, I was able to deny drugs. The (Name) person is the name of the lawyer, the ONLY one I was able to EVER attain, because once diagnosed, SCREW YOU.

      It also, BTW, was a Clery Act loophole. Clery Act was really the only people (I’ve written countless media, organizations, OCR, etc and they either deny, anonymously report me, or ignore me), and Clery was the only one that sort of attempted to look. However, they denied me because it started as an off-campus allegation of a break in.

      Also, I was angry at some people, so I may have tried to get something in order to get them to back off, aka, might have exaggerated. I wrote on that summer that I was going to do something about “narcissistic people.”

      I wrote on the intake at TCU, after their TCU cops went to Fort Worth PD and picked me up (the Ft Worth people DID though check the premise, so I wasn’t totally hallucinating and called my mother) about “narcissistic X and narcissistic X – relative names here for Xs- unwanted contact and an electrical outage.” NOTHING ABOUT ELECTRICAL SIGNALS!

      I was an easy choice, wasn’t I? Also, Swartz paused before she said “therapist” as if maybe she was something else?

      No, everything seems fine after the ward, the first one, but then, 2 1/2 months later, MKUltra comes. I even did an online, free Stanford “Medical Education in the New Millennium” class and dropped out of an awful CNA class from late Oct-mid December. I had to deny a virology research position at another university, because of those 2 weeks in January, where yeah, I almost died but didn’t. I did NOT get to go to Baylor University’s nursing program that I was accepted to for that Spring (I was only at TCU to finish 4 pre-requisites). And, I lost a major up to $30,000 per year scholarship from a California Company.

      But of course, go ahead, discredit, vilify me, etc. I am sure that is all you will do and have done these past 2 1/2 years. OMG, don’t say anything bad about holier than thou TCU, with its cute facade, “good” reviews, and so on… but look inside, and then you see MKULTRA. You see, psych experimentation. You see, believers in “mental illness.” You see, no questioning of authority. They also, never sent the documents they faxed in without permission during the intake at Mesa, where the lawyer said I did nothing wrong.”

      –I read what she sent upside down, and it was never included in either Mesa Spring’s or TCU’s sent records. (TCU just sent some page admitting that I was not homicidal or suicidal, I knew I had to get psych eval or withdraw, etc, page)

      — I know there were students before me, but one of Mesa Springs Behavorial Hospital’s staff said that TCU had been the most forceful with me, with kicking me off campus.

      — Students are kicked out daily, and there are psych victims daily, but no media will present that, nor any “human rights/civil rights” or other entities. Though, it clearly is a lot worse than imagined.

  4. I am 99% sure that that was an MKUltra-like experience. Also, the “pulsating blood and burning veins” matches ONE part, as seen here, but not the other effects I had. I don’t see the barometric pressure (this guy in Seattle asked me what I knew about it, and I said I didn’t know – bc well I didn’t know who he was/if an agent, though he claimed reporter), and I went back on the buses. I don’t see how if you go up stairs, and so, certain rooms and such. Also, I don’t see, well a lot of things.

    Also, NO ONE investigates. Believe me, I’ve emailed all over/sent online reports.

  5. I am almost assassinated “naturally” tonight INDOORS… you never reply to me nor care. It is like I have to become an animal or vampire, as if I’m in Tanzania like Bodea Borothi…. why don’t you look at higher technology. I’m Tessa Mercer. I write all over, and instead it’s eugenic societies. Nobody cares or believes me bc it is “mental hygiene”/not really health… it’s make it mental instead of external

    Nobody saves me, bc they cannot anyhow. It’s everywhere and controlled on purpose. Fine, ignore me. You and your MKUktra/Texas Christian University/Amanda Swartz buddies…. never ask me what happened or the secrets… instead psych me out or “naturally” try to kill me…

    Now am I going to die at my appointment? I’ve waited so long though…

    — heaving indoors like throwing up but through lights/indoor technology

    I email everywhere. Society is wrong!

    • I guess I have to stay out here until dawn….

      Are you blinded and what is wrong with you

      • Darn… now I cannot delete this lol. Anyways, it’s bad stuff, and nope, NEVER found what what “randomly” causes burning blood. Great, now this is here. Also, I wrote some reviews of what I sent earlier on Texas Christian University, so it might come up in search if you type in “MKUltra TCU.”

        It’s sad because the groups online just well, can be toxic as well to make a person overthink, but they all claim no proof really bc psyched out. Punished instead! Not that anyone would believe it all.

  6. Trying to find out this information about this TOXIC GOVERNMENT PROJECT! Your blog is still the only one out there about it?!

    “Can anyone please tell me that in MKUltra projects, such as by TCU – Texas Christian University, that they can look at the connections with relatives, and even FACEBOOK BROWSING HISTORY?! Like what photos you maybe saw on a profile or who you were talking to. Thanks…”

    I’m trying to know because I was checking into relative history back then, and about 1 month before I stopped texting AND looking at FB profile of (which became more private after contacting) this person who had a black german shepherd, okay. SOOO I am wondering why some cops that stopped me during those 2 weeks in Seattle asked if I knew like a dog trainer in So Cal? I was confused and it made me think of them.

    Plus, does anyone see EARRINGS, or maybe, it is like some reference to whatever you see on the person’s profile to make you think of that person. Say that I maybe only saw 3 photos of the person, then 1 of the photos made private after contacting had earrings. AND I STOPPED TALKING TO THEM. AND I knew NO other dog trainers in California. Also, can they then use these symbols, such as earrings, like PUT ON IN FRONT ME ME TWICE. By one of those cops, and then later outside the Bay Area, when my rental car went into a ditch… oops, but not the cop, some fake “nurse” that was in an um, wood, repair, gardening truck. Explain this as well.

    OH and I AM TOTALLY HAPPY AND DOING GREAT. Just ’cause I recall weird facts, doesn’t mean I’m not good. So no “speech gestapo.”

    I am trying to ask in groups, though I’m blocked/censored on Fedbook. And all they want to do is focus on the blocked groups, not the symbolism/THE REAL ISSUE HERE.

    Motivationology is the best for deprogramming and reverse training!

    • Sounds like some psychological triggers, but no idea why German Shepherd, earrings, etc. The “caffeine zone” and heightened awareness stuff sometimes leads to brain suggesting things are important when they only perhaps have some unconscious significance and nothing directly to do with the harassment.

      • Oh cool! Thanks so much for replying. I’m actually Anti-Psych with Motivationology (externalizing, and so on).… I’m working still on it.

        But I know it sounds weird, and I thought so as well. But there were two cops, and I was in a store, and I DID buy the milk. Sadly, because I had been running like a chicken with my head cut off for a while, I guess I smelled and security sniffed me, chased me around, sort of. But I DID buy milk, and it was closing. It was non-stop traveling.

        Anyways, there were two cops. I was just sitting in a chair (sometimes I did get tired). I wore my college sweatshirt (California State one). It was a “crisis call.” I told them all I didn’t want them and fine, but continued to sit because tired. They knew I went there to the CSU, but among that chatting, they did ask if I had a friend in So Cal with a dog, training, thing. Like, I remember that. But I’m serious… I was just sitting there, and they were standing, and the guy one (one brunette guy and a blond female) put on long earrings! Really I thought so. Then later he took me to the Loyalty Inn, and the cop cars are creepy. I lost that card somewhere, maybe in the ward.. later on. Then that other guy, like it seemed obvious too.

        But honestly, why would they ask me? It creeped me out like they knew that guy. I really doubt that guy/relative talked to them either. Though they’re all cops. That one pic of him with the earring was made private on FACEBOOK. So, I wondered, I don’t know 😦

        I mean I know, because I think he got scared of me talking to him. Like I used a PI to find his number, and hid more posts on his FB. I stopped texting, and mad like a month before. See, things were “calm” for a couple months after TCU first psyched me. I was worried about what was going to happen though… and it did 😦

        Oh, and there’s a person on Facebook who talks about Barium, but here’s another story:

        “Anyways, I wanted to reply to your BARIUM post… Here’s my reply since I cannot post in your group for a month……. ” Weird – the water though is a possibility, EVEN IN HOTELS!! My first horrible blood burning event was in Seattle’s Quality Inn, right after I drank from the tap.. however, I wasn’t sure.
        Oh, also I cannot post that in his group —-… Also, the staff noticed I think how awful I was because one of the desk people said that “somebody died upstairs” before. But I left for the bus after it disspated from um, spitting into napkins, I kept getting soooo dehydrated.”

      • Probably wasn’t actually barium. They do like their little fake health hazards, though. To induce stress and get you to waste money on healthcare over a prank. See item 5.

  7. Thanks for the comment, McCoyote! I also wasn’t so sure about what substance, because to me, this experience is WAY WAY more intense than any “targeted individuals” that I’ve talked to regarding any poisoning. Also, theirs is totally different from my experience often times. So, I don’t have many to ask or talk to…

    Also, as for the physicians/hospitals being in on it… EverGreen in Kirkland, WA seemed like torture as well. EMTs also if you say you were ever diagnosed, will immediately put you into the restraints, and I thought I was in them for like 2 1/2 days in an isolated room. I think they also changed rooms when I was passed out, because in one the button was broken, but I wake up and then it isn’t anymore. Literally nothing in that room except that gurney and maybe a table thing, and the restriants. Seriously security outside the room. I said to the EMT I thought like Carbon Monoxide poisoning or dioxide, but they just pay attention to the part of being psyched in Texas, and so on.

    I had NEVER been diagnosed before TCU, so they got me there.

    I thought that the clothes/gown things, whatever, were creepy, like cut zig zag in some red around the middle/heart area. I know, tottally weird. But I also turned them backward/etc so that it would cover up these areas. I mean that is really creepy! I also try reporting every location, and everything just comes back unsubstantiated.

    They forced “saline” into me, and it burned so badly, like burning, and squirming, alone in this isolated room. I mean, I wasn’t sure if it was my blood already, or that. Also, somebody else in the Cascade “hospital” that I was transferred to, on Military Road, also kept figiting/involuntarily their body, like kinda like I had been. Also, I thought people were trying to like, filter their cups?! I was confused. What happens is it is bad at first, then they really make it awful, then you reel from what just happened, try to recover, and then well, you’re still psyched, so, screwed.

    So, I wondered if in on it. Bad sadly, there’s no where to report it all.

    Also, that Bodea-Borothi guy was the one checking it all at Mesa Springs, where I read that horrible stuff/lies upside down, and he got angry when I said it wasn’t true. I tried telling them all that it was all lies. Plus, they like can place what to IMO emphasize on you, so IMO the electrical signal BS was done in order to probably make me focus on that… you know?

    ALSO ABOUT THE REMEMBERING. Okay, so that Seattle Quality Inn, the security guard got soooooo angry at me. It was a total nightmare. So he told me to “stay” but to survive, I move around, cross legs/arms, etc, and rotate between the air conditioners on one side, and the fireplace on the other (temperature also hard), and the burning blood etc/pulsating so awful like torture. HE TOLD ME TO “STAY” at one point, right? Of course I maybe a second pause, but then I kept moving, anyways. I didn’t want to die/it go to my head/ or you know.

    Well, on that GREYHOUND IN OREGON, later on, where I thought that guy in front of me had the same effects, until I move the vent. I thought the woman sitting next to me said “stay.” as well… so, there’s two “stays.”

    Is that also similar? They didn’t move the vent. And well, I guess I was imagining double agents killing each other. I don’t know. My imaginations ran wild.

    Later, in fall 2015, after I got in huge trouble at the California University for emailing conspiracies and freaking out because of the science classes provoking memories of it all, I then bought tickets to the Northeast, via amtrak. I also wanted to test stuff, I guess. I missed the first one. And then, on that Greyhound, I guess the FBI was there, and questioned this guy outside. I (I DO NOT KNOW WHY) sat where he had sat on there, and there were SOCKS IN THE VENTS. Who puts socks into vents?!

    I sent so much crap online… I wouldn’t kid you how much I freaked out for so long.

    Everyday Psych Victims Project (saying it’s all wrong) and Motivationology, plus goals combines. Most TIs never get out of their … view.

    • Also, I would love to expose all this… someday. But, you know, you cannot tell your own story, but only other people’s stories, because otherwise, they attack you.

      Entrepreneurship/Business is the way. Seriously, they even put the director of the student center on me at CSUC that fall, and lied that they would help with my computer, when I thought it was hacked (I guess weird effects, and well, it’s all a feed, anyways). You know, trying to claim that I once “wanted to be a doctor.” Well you know, screw that… the business people used to fund it all. Who knows if they still do. This pyramid should be flipped.

      They did not kill me, nor did they make me “kill” (not really sure what that was) that person in front of me. Like don’t move the vent. i was like, pleeeeassssee when is this over. And so dry air. The Greyhounds have really dry air. It’s awful.

      I’m saddened that nobody Ever asked me. Also that Ninan Duvall/Massie Monroe people chickened out. Taking reports and then nothing. Then the Eric Griffen guy never emailed me. Those “targeted individuals” aren’t even organized, though they’re trying. Then I had a blow out with Anthony Thomas (V’s show) recently. Not seeing the business idea I’m trying to make.

      The scariest field to them is business. I know this. I’m not the right personality. I often wondered if they chose somebody else, if they would have either self-deathed or killed somebody. Not totally sure. But I always think opposite. I even go in the wrong directions. Haha, funny 😦

      • Anyways, thanks very much for this blog, because who knows how INVALIDATED I would feel until I came across it last year.

        It truly is a dangerous project, and it can kill people. They also obviously don’t care what kind of person you were either. Thankfully for me, though, I’m not the typical personality and an Arizonian desert rat. Like an animal 😦

  8. SCHLUND v. BUSH :

    • Did you see what I wrote?! This is real! Also, I am glad that more people saw the Google review, even if I do it in 3rd person as “the student.”

      I’m writing a story/book which I will publish under a different name. It will be called and is called “Entrepreneur vs. MKUltra.” I notice the personality part and the environment actually a lot, and did during it as well. See, being a disobedient innovative type that is anti-psych makes me uncontrollable/unpredictable IMO. I guess I was “prepared.” It probably will be under Amanda X. I have about 66 pages right now, and I’m not even done with the 2 weeks (and the lead up to that) quite yet. Then, I’m writing in it about The Aftermath.

      This school’s and these projects’ biggest problem will be my alternative business, and if I ever get money lol. Because as you know, most victims likely are poor OR isolated or both. I honestly could have gone to a far better school with my GPA and background at that time, if it wasn’t for nursing’s impact. I’m actually not the right personality for that major, either, almost all in Matrix C.

      • I guess I cannot say the “Matrix C” thing totally because it doesn’t show up in search. I just tried it. It was just something they required in class, to choose words that you preferred for yourself, and Matrix C was like: Entrepreneurship, innovation, artistic, inventive, and so on…
        If I write about it, I will have to ask the professor what the “brain game” was again. I threw it all away, of course. “Medical” or science like professions was like Matrix A, accounting like Matrix B, and teaching/probably nursing like things/human resources Matrix D. Then colors like yellow (mine), blue, green, and red.
        They said “yellow” likes to play on and is creative. We’re the ideas people… I was the only one in class with that high of yellow personality, despite it being a managerial/business class.

        I really think it was deadly and I’m angry. I can travel now without issues, but even yet, I still think about all of that which occurred. Then, there’s no clarification from anyone except this, really. THIS DOESN”T EVEN TALK ABOUT TOXINS OR BAROMETRIC PRESSURE! No where. One day, maybe I can find some “poison specialist” which could tell me what substances 😦

        I think most other people just fail. I’m no longer “programmed” (or paranoid) either really. I’m so angry that the most validation is an online review. Not the first one I did over the years, either.

  9. If anyone reading wants to know the full details, I will have the book (66 circa pages so far, and not done yet) at

    This google document. I came back on here to copy and past those manuscripts of project 119 into it. No names of people are used, but I name TCU, Saul Sells, MKUltra, etc. Just not individuals. There’s still more. It is under a different name and will be, so it is indirectly there. I’m still in college 😦 so I don’t wish to be suspended again lol. Also there are some edits from an editor, so some things may be unclear. I have different “poisoning” or types of torture, I guess, in titles, with it mainly under states or areas.

    I haven’t found a “TI” with these effects, so it’s an anomaly. Also, no it is not decades long. Though of course I did make reports, I see from after I saw this blog… last year the last ones, but whatever. I also reverse trained with Motivationology, alternatives, and so on.

    Thanks again and sorry for filling up your blog. It’s a nightmare to almost die, then it cannot be recognized except for trying to twist you with psych, suspensions, and so on. Get fired. Even this guy once in fall 2016, before he quit, and I later got fired, asked, “Are you okaaay? Have you talked to the CIA?” I guess because stuff I was talking about. I just said fine, I guess, or that’s funny to say…

    This crap really makes you paranoid over angles, chemicals, perspectives, symbols, gestures, air movements, and all of that I guess, PsyOps. Then being invalidated is the worst, because you make up stuff. I wish I had the name earlier because maybe people wouldn’t think I was so out there.

    • MCCoyote, I just had a medical procedure with IV and anathesia and there was NO burning blood. In fact the nurse said they had never heard of it. I even said that a person had told me it could happen if put in wrong subcutaneously, and they still said they hadn’t heard of it 😦

      Evergreen not only had burning blood like acid extremely painfully that of course while restrained, it DID go to the middle, so I had a “weakened” heart for months, but the woman during a forced catheter sprayed stuff into there, which ALSO burned though differently, and claimed she was “cleaning it” :(. I never had that happen to me again, not even in Cedars where they forced it again Oct 2016. She then also said it was “light and dark up there” which made me think they knew about a public health department report that I had made days earlier about Contra Costa’s colored injections. She also said, “there is nothing up there, as he said.”

      So PsyOps also is obsessed with causing so-called “trauma” over and over again, right? Well, they also do sexual stuff and I wondered what was REALLY on that IV though it could have been my blood messed up already. They of course just wrote “the music is after her” before transferring me to Cascade.. where some military people were there. I am still in debt from those places, but I guess it doesn’t matter for MKULTRA.

      Should I write to TCU again to accuse them? I wrote once according to these comments and shortly maybe I stopped getting tortured.

      Sadly,”targeted individual” people and places think I’m a joke really because it was so short, though I really did almost DIE. I’ve been suspended for emailing like at a Cali Uni fall 15, and I’m now trying to get copies o those emails for that BOOK that I am writing. Also the TI places just focus on “V2K” and “microwaves” and totally ignore BIOelectric signals or poisons/toxins.

      It is like MKULTRA Victims from schools don’t exist. Of course, maybe they died, but I don’t know. As I say, I only had “V2K” which sounded like radio interference during those weeks, other than little thoughts to myself.

      They don’t care… Targeted Justice didn’t even reply to the email where I linked the 50+ (growing) book of the experience. I think the experience is useful because nobody talks about barometric or air pressure, either.

      I even offered to bring more public awareness via the alternative social network that I am making, and ignored.

      The only other weirdness was Oct 16, and when I wrote on here a couple times. Of course I thought harassed but idk. A lotvis after math effects… nothing like the deadly intensity January 15, though, 3 months after TCU…

      Just thanks again for this blog and hopefully someday I can get enough money and somehow contact someone to figure it out. Also, even that “barium” TI was obsessed over urine tests, but they clearly forced it on me. Also there won’t be anything else because I’m totally healthy. Nobody gets it 😦

      MKULTRA (whatever it is called now) still exists :(…. just maybe people are brainwashed or dead. Who knows?

      • Actually it is Matrix D and it was Herrmann’s Whole Brain 😛 test. The “Experimental” one.

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