MKULTRA Subproject List FOIA Updates

Especially given the recent Facebook hullabaloo *, it seems ever so timely to go through the available Freedom of Information Act releases with regards to MKULTRA and its subprojects. It is still a work in progress. In some cases, I found John Marks had more info that seemed to be available in the FOIA. In others, I found the text files CIA provided had more info. In others, the text file was nearly devoid of helpfulness and the meat was found among the documents themselves. The result is a mix of the three methods.

As you’ll see from the list, there are still several UKNOWN subprojects. We have mostly invoices and some proposals available. There are also a list of companies that I am not at all clear on their collaboration. The B&O Railroad, American Airlines, Greyhound, and J.P. Morgan, to name some. Also, lots and lots of drugs.

I’m going to hazard a guess that #18 was for a “Q-branch” style facility that got built by or under something else. Possibly with or by the Army. See 50, below.

Of particular interest, besides the aforeblogged voting decisions study under subproject 127, there are:

48: Study of Communist Police State psychology and sociology, undoubtedly so they could figure out how to import it.

50: Something that they tried to get around the Agency’s project justification process. “Just give me $500. Do not ask why.” MKNAOMI is why. Change order to the facility under 18?

54: Brain concussion as related to interrogation. “Possible to interrogate someone and they not even remember it? Let’s find out.” WHAM! “What was this subproject’s purpose again?”

Forget the threequel.

56: Alcohol consumption, absorption, at Universities. IOW, Spring Break.

57: LSD, insomnia, and you.

94: Remote direction control of living organisms.

96: Decision making.

98: Mass conversion study. Hello political upheaval.

107: Appears to be inserting individuals and cash into the WPA APA, where CIA’s Cameron was first president. Is this the MOCKINGBIRD effort in the psychiatry circles instead of journalism/media?

108: Ecological factors in natural groups. Guessing this is “Native North American” directed among other groups. You knew there had to be at least one study f—ing with those folks.

109: My favorite. How to turn an adult into a psychological adolescent or child psychopharmacologically. Adult libido, child thinking. Scott Ritter? Matt deHart? Two former fellow NJSF interns? Anthony Weiner? Others?

110: Pathogens and how to give them to people. Let me just open this…


* The New American, “Did Pentagon Help Fund Facebook’s Mood Manipulating Experiment?,” Joe Wolverton, II J.D., 2 July 2014:


Suicide Pill

Just beginning to delve into this subject. Since neurobiology is not in the least my strong suit, I don’t much understand the technical aspects, merely that we have all sorts of receptors in our heads and introducing certain compounds can easily hijack it’s “normal” operation.

Frank Olson, in the events that lead to him being in and falling from a hotel room in New York City, reacted differently to the supposed dose of LSD he received from the others. There are accounts that he was given drink from a different bottle than the others.

Was it laced with something else? There are quite a few substances that could do that. There are reported pesticide-related suicides for example (stuff that looks like it came right out of Shyamalan’s The Happening). There’s CCK-4. There are a lot of others, many that have been around for a long time.

Of course the narrative will be (as I recently read is already being spread) that Al Qaeda is using such things to, for example, prevent would-be suicide bombers from backing out and perhaps to “gear up” for battle. I can imagine the a**holes who are really using it to get rich, who are of the same mindset that lead to the planning stages of the false-flag Operation Northwoods using these ideas to scare the s*** out of Congress and to make them nevermind about it’s illegal use in the US on US citizens.

I’ll say it again: my ex partner came home almost catatonic. So low on energy and any form of “up” that he could hardly move, hardly speak. As I did with the other drugs used on me, he tried to rationalize those feelings as somehow being normal, to assign a reason for them, most likely after the feelings arose.

“Why am I feeling this way? Must be this reason.”

That’s how we think about our feelings. Sometimes “I’m tired” is enough to dismiss it.

The euphoria, which predated having seen that persona in the deli to whom I later assigned it, for example. All kinds of rationalizations for how I could be in love with someone before having actually seen him (not to mention the whole only-seen-for-less-than-a-minute thing later).

While I don’t dismiss the possibility that desert-dwellers could pull off some rudimentary form of suicidal tendencies by chemistry, it’s more likely a disinformation campaign to cover up and excuse the extremely illegal, immoral, unethical and wholly anti-democratic actions that these people have taken for the purposes of making money, grabbing power, and justifying the removal of civil liberties and suspension of the rule of law.

Fear triggers a disconnect from logic and reason. The 9-11 mantra has been used and continues to be used to excuse all sorts of things that actually have nothing or little to do with it. One obvious thing is, it seems clearly possible to eliminate or reduce terrorism by changing minds in a positive chemically-induced method.

Intentional or not, that is what they tested on me, isn’t it?

The key to surviving the light versions of these kinds of attempts, I think, is illustrated in the following anecdote.

In a session with my analyst last year, we discussed hallucinations. It wasn’t that I had any (or any unexplained not related to electronics or extreme sleep deprivation), but it was a related topic to delusions, schizophrenia, etc.

(Slightly off-topic note: The first day I walked into her office I told her to prove that I was insane. She didn’t and soon didn’t seem to think it necessary to try. The other request, helping to cope with something akin to post-traumatic stress, was what she wound up concentrating on).

This was a “what if?” conversation.

I told her that if I had a hallucination, I would, if it were strange enough to be likely phony, know that it wasn’t real.

“So, if you saw a t-rex* outside that window, you’d just remind yourself it wasn’t really there?”


She thought that a good way of dealing with such a potential problem. Of course people who are suffering from seeing things not there generally have other problems preventing any such ability to be that rational.

In any case, it’s the same with anger and depression: it has a cause. They have way overstepped the bounds of remaining in the shadows. They have done so to such an extent, have made their mindset, intentions, and motives so known to me, that the disinformation that they still try to throw my way is meaningless. (Yeah, they finally tried the alien thing. Don’t know what took them so long unless they thought it would be, in combination with Wikileaks’ emails on the subject and conspicuous by it’s absence, seem more probable than Eisenhower seeing that greed would be generating war and strife years ago).

The point: reason beats phony-inducement of emotion, and you don’t have to be a sociopath to do that. That I have plenty of reasons to feel these ways doesn’t mean it has to control me and neither does the introduction of chemicals via surreptitious means.

(By the way, I distinctly recall an investigative reporter who committed suicide in a hotel, probably in the 80s, but I don’t recall his name or the specific federal whistleblowing he was investigating. Whether that was due to a black ops team physically there to fake it or due to being drugged, it was still murder. I trust that forensics will be eventually knocked off of its worship position and realize that like any science, it still has a lot to learn).

* Asterisked for humor.

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Nightmarish (Updated)


(UPDATE: Added info regarding my ex’s near catatonic state in January of 2010 and added the link to the page about the CIA memo describing that very effect).

This is going to be personal. It’s not my intention to shame or embarrass anyone. In fact, I know that the s***heads in my government will try to use whatever I write here to further drive me to whatever end they think is desirable. I’m going to do it anyway. It needs to be said.

First, you might want to take a look at this post and the link I cite there from the Church Hearings report:

(c) The tactics used against Americans often risked and sometimes caused serious emotional, economic, or physical damage. Actions were taken which were designed to break up marriages, terminate funding or employment, and encourage gang warfare between violent rival groups. Due process of law forbids the use of such covert tactics, whether the victims are innocent law-abiding citizens or members of groups suspected of involvement in violence.

(There is a section in the same volume hilariously entitled “History Repeating Itself”).

As you can see, I am far from being the first American citizen screwed over in this way by a government so corrupt that it’s biggest defense is that it it unbelievable just how bad it’s gotten. I mention also that I did the things one might expect one to do before all of this happened. Didn’t make a bit of difference, in fact it probably only made matters worse. Volunteering to help a political party after it happened was just another slap in the face and proof of just how full of s*** the DNC actually is.

In 1987 I met the guy who would later become my longterm partner. We met through a pair of mutual acquaintances who were dating. There was an attraction there almost immediately, but coming from my politically conservative background and his religious conservative background, it wasn’t something that either of us could immediately overcome.

There was a lot of drama going on around us. When his female best friend broke up with my acquaintance, it was problematic. We could no longer socialize the same way. I still recall my last day in the dorms before leaving for New Jersey. We both sat there quietly, me on the bed, him in a chair, I think waiting for the other to make a move that never came.

It wasn’t until 1993 or so that I started trying to reconnect. When I was visiting my parents for the holidays, I tried to find out where he was. Probably about as close to stalking someone as I’ve ever come.

It turned out that he was also visiting his parents. He was out of state in grad school and teaching to support his MA efforts. We reconnected and it took some time for the scars of the past over the old breakup to be put behind us. My old acquaintance was quite the scary individual and my old flame’s friend was understandably concerned about any reminders of him being brought back into her life.

We wound up exchanging email addresses (and lots of email), snail mail addresses (with mix tapes) and visiting each other during long weekends. There was still a psychological wall to being open about our feelings but I did break through a little when I came out to him in, I think, a letter.

Eventually it was openly reciprocal. Plans were made, he moved to Manhattan, lived in a sublet across the hall from my apartment, and went through several jobs before landing the longterm one with Google.

There was still a lot of baggage from our pasts. It was rocky at first. It seemed that any time one of us became comfortable with being gay, the other would start having issues. I would put most of that on me. It wasn’t until the sublet ended and he moved into an Upper East Side apartment that we moved in together. I had been present for several interviews of potential roommates and had found each one more frightening than the last (the clearly quasi-violent Jarhead was outdone by the Florida stripper whose dangerously jealous husband did not know she was stripping for money in NYC).

So I moved in. I had long enjoyed being able to walk to work in about eight minutes and the convenience of living in Midtown in a so gentrified Hell’s Kitchen that it was often called Chelsea by real estate agents who kept expanding the one neighborhood while shrinking the other.

It was in that apartment that things started looking bad back home for my ex. His mother, they were incredibly close and spoke on the phone nearly every day, became ill. She got cancer and got it quickly and badly.

This was up to that time among the most difficult times of my life. I felt very ill-equipped to deal with the depression that accompanied his mother’s illness and eventual death. But we got through it.

As I may have already noted, in 1999 I fell in love with someone else but never intended nor tried to break up with him. Besides being loyal, the subject of my affection was straight (or mostly so…hard to tell sometimes with the French due to their lack of hangups regarding male-to-male affection even among straight men) and I knew it would, even if he had been gay, be an intense relationship that would have burned itself out much like the friendship did. My ex and I were committed to each other. You just don’t do that to people you have those kinds of ties with under normal circumstances. When he said he wanted to, for other stated reasons sever or limit the socializing with my friend, I accepted that.

Following his mother’s illness and death, we of course had those close calls with Cleo, his favorite dog. Then his grandmother got sick and had some close calls. She eventually also passed on. Then his sister got sick. She visited New York for some of her chemotherapy and stayed with us in the Village and later in Brooklyn. The two of us took his sister and his son to see The Fellowship of the Ring scored with live music at Radio City in October of 2009, just as the craziness was starting to intensify. I had suggested we do the same with The Two Towers in 2010, but besides his sister dying, i of course had to move out of New York well before then.

And that’s where this is going. Besides Cleo having to be put to sleep due to that mysterious anemia, Squidgate, the intense psychological harassment, loss of my job, weirdness on a scale you wouldn’t think possible, the return of so many ghosts from the past it would make your head spin, multiple implied death threats, and…

That day he came home nearly catatonic and I figured he had been slipped something at work by whoever (subsequent to Washington Post’s expose, NSA would seem to lead the pack on that extremely illegal act). The complete—despite my extreme optimism as a result of artificially induced euphoria—drowning of the relationship in misunderstandings and unfounded fears. The seeming suicidal episode, as I said I believe induced by drugs from the intel community, was the main reason I felt I had to break up with my ex. It didn’t seem safe for him and he seemed way too eager to, had he had the option, to get me committed (like CIA did to Lynnae Williams). See item 17 of the 1955 MK/ULTRA draft memo.

The day I started packing to leave Brooklyn using the boxes he brought home weeks earlier than we had agreed, he said, “You have no idea how relieved I am that you are leaving.” Phone calls between Minnesota and New York indicating in only slightly uncertain terms: he would just as soon I were dead. Begging and crying on the phone was met with disturbingly friendly sounding euphemisms for “f*** you.” When I thought we might have a chance when he visited in 2010, they were squashed with him over drinking and begging me to kill S**** (because he ruined his life, no concern over what happened to mine, “just move back in with your parents”), due in part to me being fooled into thinking he was somehow responsible for it all, the CIA and NSA doing what they do: creating havoc where none is called for so that a few individuals can continue stealing as many tax dollars as they can, justified by lies they themselves created.

Despite all of this, despite the delusion that my mysterious visitor might reappear and at least we might get a few things understood if not something more pleasant, despite the darkness surrounding me at every turn, the implied hopelessness daily dished out via voice-to-skull and other means, the torture that involved, I still thought that, one day, it would all iron itself out. It would all die down and I would wind up back in Brooklyn, maybe even get my old job back after the economy improved and time had healed whatever wounds had been inflicted during the turbulent beginning of 2010. My ex and I would make up. It would be okay.

And I even (you might think this is ESP) figured that my ex and his boyfriend at the time were discussing marriage. I tried to, if nothing else, keep the friendship, emphasized honesty, suggested things would be better long term if we at least kept in touch. He agreed.

But he lied. Repeatedly. He even told me when I asked that, yes, I was right, they had been discussing marriage (and the Republican run New York State legisltsture was good enough to stop briefly with the “we hate fags” mantra and approve it…that it came long after Iowa tells you something about upstate New York). They were going to get married in November but decided to wait until Spring, he said. Sure, we’ll stay in touch.

They got married on 11/11/11. I found out on Facebook. By accident. Twenty-five years of friendship, fourteen and a half as partners, just wasn’t worth the trouble to let me know even afterwards. I had to call. I had to ask.

So it is damn bizzare. The mysterious visitor who seemed to give a s*** about the Squidgate situation was at least partially responsible for saving my life. Obviously, the euphoria and delusions (or simlly belief in something tha turned out not to be true) played a role as well. But at the same time he also contributed to destroying it, didn’t he? Whether an operative (no reason he had to be with the current state of manipulation, voice-to-skull, brainhacking, etc.) or some dupe, it makes no diffierence. That your savior is also your destroyer strikes me as more Hindu than anything else.

But that is all crap. The hostility and fear that has wrecked all of those New York friendships is also partly the result of con artistry, manipulation, etc. as is the rest. Forty-five seconds in a deli. Love at first sight? Ridiculous. It’s all just a game between pricks who are equally disdainful of freedom, equally bent on gaining power and wealth, equally running the country and by extension the rest of the planet down the toilet.

Pretty talk is cheap. Getting your tax dollars to f*** you repeatedly is expensive. Watching the f***ers responsible pretend to be angels, well that’s just priceless.

More Links

Added a text-only version of the 1977 Senate Hearings on “Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification”.

Includes the 5 May 1955 draft memorandum:

[document begins]



5 May 1955

A portion of the Research and Development Program of TSS/Chemical Division is devoted to the discovery of the following materials and methods:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

2. Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.

3. Materials which will prevent or counteract the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

4. Materials which will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

7. Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion during interrogation and so-called “brain-washing”.

8. Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.

9. Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.

10. Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.

11. Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

13. A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type that the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.

14. Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.

15. Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.

16. A knockout pill which can surreptitiously be administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc., which will be safe to use, provide a maximum of amnesia, and be suitable for use by agent types on an ad hoc basis.

17. A material which can be surreptitiously administered by the above routes and which in very small amounts will make it impossible for a man to perform any physical activity whatsoever.

The development of materials of this type follows the standard practice of such ethical drug houses as [deletion] It is a relatively routine procedure to develop a drug to the point of human testing. Ordinarily, the drug houses depend upon the services of private physicians for the final clinical testing. The physicians are willing to assume the responsibility of such tests in order to advance the science of medicine. It is difficult and sometimes impossible for TSS/CD to offer such an inducement with respect to its products. In practice, it has been possible to use outside cleared contractors for the preliminary phases of this work. However, that part which involves human testing at effective dose levels presents security problems which cannot be handled by the ordinary contractor.

The proposed facility [deletion] offers a unique opportunity for the secure handling of such clinical testing in addition to the many advantages outlined in the project proposal. The security problems mentioned above are eliminated by the fact that the responsibility for the testing will rest completely upon the physician and the hospital. [one line deleted] will allow TSS/CD personnel to supervise the work very closely to make sure that all tests are conducted according to the recognized practices and embody adequate safeguards.

[document ends]

Added CIA Family Jewels page from the National Security Archives so people can see what the CIA did. They spied on journalists, they tested drugs on unwitting US citizens, they harassed groups attempting to address grievances with their government and otherwise express First Amendment Rights as provided for in the basis for our entire system, the Constitution. Today, this is a violation of the law specifically called Conspiracy Against Rights. If you are a victim of stalking or harassment by unknown parties (especially if it seems as though it’s the police or other local or state authorities involved), write to the Inspector General of the CIA and to the FBI tip line. Public pressure is the only way to get this stopped and, really, if I’m correct (and I am), democracy itself is at stake. Do it.

And, finally, added a link to information on Curveball (also at the National Security Archives), a liar who was used to justify the invasion of Iraq (which has cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars, much of which has gone to private corporations, just as Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned could happen when he left office).

Added after posting this: National Security Archives page on Operation Northwoods, how the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon planned to fake a terror attack on US soil in order to justify invading Cuba. Did that make any eyebrows pop up?

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Uncle Sam, Ma Bell and “Hey Little Sister”

NOTE: This was somehow modified. I am correcting it now. An entire phrase was removed from the sentence beginning “Given only these two options, I’ll take the government…” Probably a ‘mistake’ I made myself while typing but obviously from the context not at all what I meant. Putting it back in bold.

“And that slavery is, being enslaved in your mind in believing that the government is the answer to your future and your issues.”
–Herman Cain, The Bill Maher Show, January 13, 2012

He has a point. Neoliberalism is to some extent as invasive (in some ways more so) as neoconservatism.

To illustrate the point, I’ll relay another anecdote that is only really tangentially connected to that point (but doing two or more things at once is economical).

In January of 2010, when the bizarre happenings in Brooklyn were just really getting started (recall, this is after Amy Goodman’s border stop, the events in Port Huron/Squidgate, the judge in that case Monaghan’s “heart trouble” in December, the Amsterdam to Detroit Christmas terror flight, the cyber attacks that allegedly came from China against various fortune 500 companies, the man skulking around Jeremy Scahill’s apartment just before Thanksgiving, and, of course, the arson of the Conway’s condo on the 23rd of December), things were at times tense at home. Despite the fact that (one of the positive effects of the drug or drugs I was on, the euphoric-inducing one whatever that was) I had become a better boyfriend. Really. The bedroom was a better place and I was doing things like cooking–practically unheard of before), had more energy (which turned into exercise, weight loss and getting into better shape), and a more positive outlook despite all those negative things that were happening. (The point there, I believe, was to pick me up, make me numb to how my life was crumbling around me, then “drop” me by ending the euphoria abruptly in the hopes of a violent reaction. It’s brainwashing).

Perhaps in part because of that change (and, my belief that they may have masked or altered my pheromones with some biotech which then gave him an unconscious cue that he could’t put his finger on that I was not “me”–really, it’s how we unconsciously “know” each other folks, like our other warm-blooded, four-legged distant relatives) my long-term partner had said that he no longer recognized me.

This was someone I had known for 24 years, had gone to great lengths to reconnect with once I recognized that we were college sweethearts but in denial about it (our friends even noticed and occasionally joked about it), seen through the death of his mother, his grandmother and his favorite dog just months before. We dated for fourteen-and-a-half years. Marriage was not much discussed, but it surely would have been if it had become legal in New York (as it did subsequently).

Anyway, one evening in January he came home, put his stuff down and said (barely–he was mumbling, seemed to only have just enough energy to move to the bedroom) he was going to bed. Wasn’t I going to go out? To leave him alone?

He later claimed this was a panic attack. While I suppose a panic attack could leave one this low on energy afterwards, there was no sign that this was the case. He was barely able to speak, and was, from my perspective, so depressed that he was a notch or two above catatonic.

Putting the desire for me to leave with the apparent depression (the worst I had ever seen; he and his mother were close and there were bad days after that, but nothing this clinically extreme), I contemplated calling for an ambulance.

Unsure if that was a good idea, I texted one of the smartest and most-trusted people I knew: Mayur. (Mayur is Kate’s ex-boyfriend; as I’ve noted, despite their breakup, we remained friends with Kate and he even hosted a fundraiser for the alternative democratic candidate for NYC Mayor whom Kate supported. We played D&D irregularly, sometimes our socializing was to try some amazing mixed drinks at some of the better bars for that in the Village).

Mayur pointed out that, yes, NYC does have a suicide prevention and rehabilitation system. BUT, once you are in it, it takes an act of God to get you out of it. Essentially, you are on “parole” after that and they require regular checking in to see that you are not suicidal.

Now it’s not my intention here to, for example, argue for Kevorkian. On the other hand one could make a convincing argument for it, overstepping the bounds of what government should be allowed to do. It’s invasive. It’s neoliberal. It is socialism at the end of a gun (or arrest warrant, etc.).

However, I contrast that with neoconservatism where you are simply left to die. They don’t want their corporate friends to have to pay a single goddam penny for any sort of social net. It’s extreme selfishness. Given only these two options, I’ll take the government that cares too much over the one that cares not at all (and I wish it went without saying, one infected by the criminals I have more than anything else detailed on this blog).

I think my point here is, government should be there and have something to offer when we need it (unemployment insurance, for example) but not necessarily foisting it on the unwilling.

Additionally, to address Herman Cain’s point more directly, it isn’t that someone like me thinks that government is my future, it’s that I believe government ought to be the entity that is protecting it from corporate bullies and, as is the case now, corrupt government institutions that have gotten too cozy with their corporate partners (as well as things like fixing trials and elections). It’s not that they are expected to hand me something; it’s that they are expected to prevent someone else from stealing it.

And that is why someone like me will never support any of the Teapublitarian candidates: all of them want their corporate friends to be able to keep increasing their bottom lines (sadly) not by providing a better service more efficiently (that is what capitalism is supposed to be about!) but by shirking the responsibility of paying their fair share for the system that also protects their businesses. Cyberattacks, corporate espionage, infringement of IP, all of those are the responsibility of government to protect and, really, if there’s one goddam thing it does well it’s that.

Some libertarians will argue that those protections should be the private sector’s own responsibility. If that is allowed, there will be mass abuses that will do the exact opposite. The Monsanto’s of the world will eat the Farmer Brown’s alive (switch that to whichever sector: the Bank of Americas will eat the Credit Unions, etc.).

To put a cap on the other topic, I instead of calling NYC for help, made some hot chocolate, got him out of bed and in front of Raising Arizona (probably his favorite comedy), and, well that’s none of your goddam business… The point being, endorphins, brain candy, whatever it took to bring him up closer to baseline brain chemistry.

That he had just come from work at Google, well, it’s suspicious.

Now, my ex is married and building a house in Jersey. I wish him and his husband the best. I am a little disappointed that it was so easy to tear us apart, but then I haven’t been 100% perfect where avoiding the psychological games have been concerned either.

On the other hand, I haven’t shot anyone despite, for example, being drugged and having voice-to-skull messages such af the one–while passing a firing range on the way to a pawn shop soon after arriving in Minneapolis–“Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to shoot?”

No, I don’t think it would have been.