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You might recall my review of VICE UK’s Meet the Targeted Individual Community. Spoilers: It ends with disappointment due to the inability to prove that they have electronic chips inside their bodies. I suggested that it is A} easy to convince someone in their position that they have been chipped and B} this serves an operational purpose: To make them more likely to follow a command or subliminal suggestion because they think that they cannot not follow it due to being chipped. Shorter: Convincing them that they are chipped serves as a placebo to make them more compliant.

Well, the KUBARK {CIA’s code name for the project} Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual suggests convincing interrogatees that they have been drugged for much the same reason: It is proven that it increases the likelihood of compliance in the interrogation. This is in the chapter on hypnosis, which by the way suggests that it is possible to get someone to do something outside their normal range of behavior, etc., contrary to conventional, public thought about hypnosis.

Northwest Research & Covert Book Report, “Weaponized Hypnosis – Part 1, The Kubark Manual,” 12 August 2018:


My sources tell me that CIA is cooking fentanyl and is involved in mixing it with heroin inside the US {remember that exploding government meth lab 30 minutes from Ft. Detrick?} in order to make it appear as if China is importing fentanyl into the US and is therefore responsible for the opioid crisis here instead of CIA importing poppy from Afghanistan in order to fund an unlimited number of illegal programs/operations.

This is an instructional situation. This is what CIA always seems to do: Take a bad situation that it created and make it worse. I cannot think of a single exception.


I remind readers that 9/11 was Micheal Ledeen’s idea carried out by Saudi intelligence and CIA cajoling and directing of Al Qaeda. Prior and post to 9/11, CIA through US AID radicalized generations of Afghan and Pakistan children using books:

Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway, “From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad,” 23 March 2002, Washington Post:

Jihad had a very different meaning before CIA turned it radical. Going on a diet or quitting smoking were considered jihad.

Anyway, guess what happened in New Mexico recently? Authorities found a compound of people abusing children and training them to clear rooms with assault rifles. There were some interesting religious beliefs attached to it all. The leader? Came to the US from Saudi Arabia. The evidence? Includes various books being used to radicalize the kiddies.

Gadi Schwartz over at NBC has covered the court proceedings and what the police have said. They initially thought the kids were being trained to shoot up schools, which FOX News jumped on. Turns out they were instead talking about attacking banks and one supposes the FBI.

This entire thing has CIA fingerprints all over it. And Saudi intelligence. Haven’t we done enough for those oil monarchs? Thought they were pissed at Canada right now.

Here’s a tweet from the middle / evidence section of Gadi’s twitter thread on the story.


Ukraine’s army has officially changed its salute to a Nazi greeting. As the radicalization of Afghanistan and Pakistan lead to 9/11, we can expect probably a nuke, biological weapon, or dirty bomb some time in the next few decades from Nazi terrorist groups CIA created in order to destabilize Ukraine.

Mordechai Sones, “Nazi collaborator greeting becomes official Ukraine army salute,” Israel National News, 16 August 2018:


Black Boot Diaries

And none of this post would have happened if I hadn’t dreamed about the same person again this morning that I have I think for the last ten days or more. This morning’s sleep deprivation subliminal suggestion-inspired dream took the form of his having become a convicted drug offender.

And, by the way, it’s probably not the person you think. Rather someone who’s been out of my life for a long time. Every night for ten plus days.



“There’s always been a CIA and there always will be a CIA.” –A complete ignoramus. CIA was formed in 1947. Many agencies have come and gone and been reformed since.

John Wilkes Booth was a favorite subject of Paul Barry, the founder and director of the Dodge Foundation-backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. As I’ve noted before, the NJSF was where CIA ran some field training using the staff at the Festival as covert training dummies as well as recruiting some of us as “mind control” puppets. It doesn’t and didn’t work like it does in the movies. It’s more like you think you’re doing what you want to do but you have someone else’s heavy influence “helping” you to decide. It wasn’t about the heavy lifting of infiltrating some Russian company’s military factory or assassinating some head of state. It was more about controlling Hollywood, Wall Street, and spying on them, occasionally harassing them, using us as distractions and scapegoats for their attempts to control it all.

As a side note, I’m confident that there’s some odd way of documenting things that defies FOIA. There’s been talk that assassination operations have always been somewhat paperless to begin with. I believe there’s some kind of tech that allows electronic data to be held but is somehow impossible to duplicate and is not attached the regular networks. This is how the really nasty stuff gets planned and executed. Classified technology itself is a FOIA exception, so imagine actually keeping non-technology related information in that format in order to hide it. That’s how they think. They learn from the past problems like Marks success in court that lead to his book The Manchurian Candidate.

But back to the point about Booth. Booth, an actor, thought that his act against Lincoln would re-start the war, reverse emancipation, and he would be welcomed as a hero in the South. While of course some were more concerned that their free labor days were over and applauded his act, take a look at what some others had to say. From Wikipedia, taken just now, before it gets edited by some anonymous IP, mostly from Kunhardt’s book:

We can set aside the debate regarding the general act of forcibly removing heads of state for a moment. The point here is, Booth’s radicalism prevented him from seeing two things clearly: First, people were sick of war. Second, it was actually Lincoln who wanted to take it easy on the South, and was holding back his cabinet who wanted to smother it in some self-righteous indignation that was more likely about their own business interests in the North which would enjoy a more even playing field since the South would now have to pay its laborers.

In other words, it backfired horribly.

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, Chris is an actor. ‘Assassinating’ a government agency {which is not really what I’m doing; I’m just grabbing some catharsis due to what they did to me while someone else does that} could easily backfire. The premiere HUMINT agency might be needed in the near future. We might have another major terror attack without them.”

Nonsense. Their name isn’t Mudd, it’s shit. They thought that everyone would be happy after they facilitated 9/11. They thought that the resulting cash cow would be more than enough to quiet anyone who wondered about an agency willing to murder so many of the citizens of the country it is supposed to be protecting would let it be. Wars must be fought. Prisoners must be tortured.

And so-called mind control must be perfected in order to reduce labor to a zero-dollar game once again. Who would complain? The elites stand to gain everything. Why worry about it? This is what is at stake.

Because, like Booth, the Central Intelligence Agency assumes everyone else is like them. To a small extent, we are; we are all pirates of some kind. We are all imperfect.

But we don’t all drown our conscience in the bathtub. We don’t all think honor is something quaint. We don’t all think an oath is something to be broken along with not only all the laws of foreign countries but our own as well. And we don’t all completely lack empathy and think slavery coming back is a good idea.

And now FBI has been drawn in. Again. As COINTELPRO really stemmed from CIA’s MHCHAOS, FBI’s got Hollywood stars in its eyes and thinks sister CIA is once again the greatest thing since sliced apple pie. It probably still isn’t getting what’s happening. Which doesn’t really bother me that much. As I noted once on Twitter, aeration is what can cause a second ship too close to one that sinks to sink as well. In many ways, it has some serious systemic institutional problems and a problematic, racist history that may be best served at least symbolically by shutting it down as well and making something else from the ground up.

The irony that CIA didn’t really understand the rest of us is, well, ironic. It is changes and challenges, such as paid labor presented to the South, that stirs up competition, and competition is what makes the economy move. Right now, still, after 17 years, fear is running the economy. Companies and investors are afraid to invest heavily because of the atmosphere CIA {and Micheal Ledeen and Saudi Intelligence} created when they made 9/11 happen. It’s stagnating the West. They are pretending that this would have happened anyway. No. It is their doing.

And I’m confident that history is going to show that getting rid of it was not only a good thing to do, but necessary. It’s in the way of every kind of progress imaginable and at the same time destroying things that ought to be preserved.

What good it is? Flush it. Flush the ChIt drAgon before it has a chance to strike again.

It probably does have contingencies planned for having its plug pulled. And we may not find them all and stop them all. But if that mentality isn’t eerily akin to “Is Paris burning?,” what is?

BBD – Strange Bedfellows

It should be noted first and foremost that things are so bizarre and twisted that the rules don’t apply. For example, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Second, I enjoy looking at Eric Prince’s point of view about as much as I enjoy looking at Nixon’s, which is to say not at all.

But then there’s the truth, or at least what is probably so. And thus, this post. I cannot recall if I detailed some of this some other time, and am short on time for hunting it down. Probably did. As one might note, this experience informs quite a bit of my fiction writing.

1986. University. Being so closeted gay that sometimes I even fooled myself , I was in the middle of a separation from my wife and there was an infant son. A friend and fellow theater major was an on and off again Christian. When he was on, he was on.

One evening he was over consoling me due to what would the following year become my divorce. He was pushing me to pray with him. I considered doing so mostly to get him to stop pushing it so hard.

At that moment, a garbage bag, which was sitting in the middle of the nearby kitchen as it had for the preceding two days due to my lazy funk, opened up on its own. Three cans rolled out, one just after the other in what was almost 90 approximately 45 degrees of each other directionally.

We both laughed, I conceded, and for the next several years I wound up getting deeper into religion until such point that I didn’t feel entirely welcome as a gay person and it was clear that there was a lot of politicization going on where things like the Lewinsky scandal was concerned.

Of course I now believe Langley was responsible for this “miracle,” though it would be 23 years before I’d even guess that.

2001. 9/11. Eric Prince was poised to do the dirty work for CIA, including hunting down Al Qaeda in what was clearly an assassination program. Prince saw it, as many Americans did and still do if to a lesser degree, as an attack on Christianity by Muslims.

Pushed to the side was talk of CIA radicalizing Afghan {and Saudi, in order to deflect ire against the Saudi regime} youth via USAID education to repel the Russians. The program in Afghanistan alone started in 1979 with a $35M budget under Carter and was later expanded by Reagan to $350M.

2003, Prince’s wife dies of cancer. 2008, Prince’s 12 year old son Christian saves the life of his younger son Charlie. All of this, coupled with the prosperity it all brought, likely reinforced most of his biases. He becomes the boogeyman for CIA.

Which is exactly how they like it. Much as they manipulated Afghanis, they manipulated Eric Prince. As they used them to make the CIA relevant again after the fall of the Soviet Union, they use Prince as a useful tool to both continue the animosity between religious extremists and as a means of explaining why they are doing it.

Ultimately, it’s just greed. But religion has a way now and again of helping us to ignore that and to point to alternative explanations that disguise the true nature of the CIA and other organizations like FBI. In reality, they served millionaires, later billionaires, and now multinational corporations. Why people do what they do in service to that is merely how they get the job done, not the reason it gets done.

On the flip side, I expect Sam Harris’ situation, which I mentioned a few posts down, is similar. Yet he is an atheist. Let’s pause and think about that.

— —

The 9/11 Post {Updated}

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.”

It really is.

“We’ve got their teeth clutching the sidewalk and out [sic] boot above their head. Now’s the time to curb-stomp the bastards.” –conservative pundit Adam Yoshida on liberals shortly after 9/11.

It really was.

{UPDATE, borrowed from here}:


How full of disinformation must one’s head be, how deeply in denial must one be to ignore the obvious?

Mark Frauenfelder, “How the CIA created the Unabomber,” BoingBoing, 9 May 2014:

Alston Chase, “Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber,” Atlantic, June 2000:


Zbigniew Brzezinski and Osama bin Laden

Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway, “From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad,” Washington Post, 23 March 2002:

Historycommons, “1984-1994: CIA Funds Militant Textbooks for Afghanistan”:

Fauzia Nouristani, “USAID –Politics of Aid and Education in Afghanistan,” Education Policy Talk, 19 March 2014:

Some of the examples of the books distributed by USAID clearly show the US policy agenda: “If out of 10 atheists, 5 are killed by 1 Muslim, 5 would be left. 5 guns + 5 guns = 10 guns; 15 bullets – 10 bullets = 5 bullets, etc.” (Stephens and Ottoway, 2002). These books educated generations of Afghan refugee children to know nothing but war and violence.

Glenn Hefley, “How Generations Were Raised to believe in jihad,”, 6 July 2015:



The MKULTRA subproject for mass conversion FOIA.

And just so you can see how old and widespread the problem of deceit is with regards to warfare and the question of “whodunnit,” an incredible list of false-flag type narratives spanning the globe and the past century:

Washington’s Blog, “False Flag Terror. A Historical Overview,” via GlobalResearch, 11 September 2015:


What was the context of 9/11?

Before I begin, a quick thought experiment. Imagine you are sitting on a rock near the edge of the Grand Canyon. Person A is standing between you and the edge, leaning over and looking. Person B is sitting next to you. Person B “karate chops” your leg just below the knee causing your foot to shoot forward. Person A goes over the edge.

Who’s fault was it? Probably, most of you would say Person B. The knee reflex is involuntary, and therefore you cannot be held accountable.

Now I suggest reading the previous post and then come back to this. And the note that OBL was considered paranoid schizophrenic at the time of his death.

While there is, I suppose, an element of free will in a more complex situation like that one, it is also just really a more complicated series of karate chops and a cascade of reactions that are only as voluntary as being human in general is. Can you always control your emotions? What about when you’re drunk? At what point would you lose it and decide that some kind of payback–even if it costs you your own life–is worth the price?

Let me elaborate further. It was reported some time back that the CIA, in order to spy in certain areas in Afghanistan, posed as health workers giving shots for things like polio. This is the official story, and I don’t think that much is disputed.

What is also apparently not in question is that there have been polio outbreaks in not only Afghanistan, but Pakistan and now Ukraine as well.

If your goal is peace and to gather intelligence, why not use real shots instead of fake ones? You don’t want your opponent to catch on to your methods, so why not do a better job of hiding what you did?

The most obvious outcome is that real health workers will not be trusted in that part of the world. In fact, some will die due to paranoia.

But what else? The enemy figures out what you did and gets really, really angry. They strike back at someone else’s children and CIA and its allies make sure that that, but not their own crossing of the line, gets lots and lots of press.  American eyes and ears are filled with visions of inhuman monsters who don’t care if they kill kids. How dare they?

Public support for Permawar is maintained by having been manipulated into an almost likewise permanent state of hatred and disgust.

But what if these same kinds of operations were done at the end of Charlie Wilson’s War? Or later? What if we thoroughly, after training, arming and radicalizing the mujahedin to fight the Soviets, pissed them off on the way out? What if we poisoned wells, left mines where children play?

What kind of news did we have coming out of Afghanistan prior to 9/11? Damn little. Charlie Wilson’s War happened, where CIA radicalized, trained, and armed Afghanis to fight the Soviets. Later, the Taliban visiting US to make an energy deal. Then we saw the Taliban blowing up religious locations throughout the country. A few rather tightly controlled stories. We don’t know what happened over there because it was all secret and isolated.

The mujahedin fully understood the principles of guerrilla warfare, we taught it to them. They could easily figure out who left the place full of corpses and future fatal hazards, even if they could not prove it. Radicalization is the result.

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual

Pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, including “the troops”–see again the previous post and how that can apply especially to intelligence professionals themselves–is the trick. Why? In order to wage war without dissent, clearly. But if someone has decided that it has to be waged without the informed consent of the governed, then what is the justification for that?

People who just think that they know better than everyone else while simultaneously making lots and lots of money at it. Some realize their own hypocrisy. Others I think bury it in incessant attacks on others and blatant lies in order to not only distract their constituents but I think to even deceive themselves sometimes.

In any case, it is sometimes what we don’t know that allows us to be fooled. This is why transparency is so important as is investigative reporting, as opposed to dictation.

What are the real scandals regarding 9/11?

In the interests in keeping what will almost certainly be a long post short, I am not going to reference every single fact I’m going to rattle off. Most of these I have covered in the past {and you can find here anyway}. For example, CIA officer A. B. “Buzzy” Krongard. Besides attempting to make certain that the fire protection system at CIA headquarters was working in the Summer of 2001 and the unrealized attempt at shortselling airline stock later on 9/11 by Buzzy’s former trading company, he was also instrumental in getting Blackwater their no-bid contract to go almost immediately into Afghanistan after 9/11. This is even said to have saved George Tenet’s job after the “intelligence failure” of not seeing it coming. Or, if you prefer, not tying George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice to chairs so that Richard Clarke could get a meeting.

This also put Blackwater on the map. And, when it came time to look into some of this, it was Buzzy’s brother who was asked to do so as CIA Inspector General.

As suggested above, it doesn’t require a controlled demolition for there to be something fishy any more than Jared Lee Loughner’s attack required crisis actors to be so. I don’t have an engineering degree, so I can only go off of what I think makes sense and what I do know with regards to that otherwise. Mostly this has to do with the possibility of inadequate fire proofing, as I noted in Chapter 11 of Wicked Game as being a condition one could frequently find in NYC.

For example, the vibrations and explosion sound reported by some 9/11 survivors before, they believe, the first plane hit, may have another explanation. The Twin Towers were some of the highest man-made points in the world. This made them very suitable for long distance communications. NSA, the State Department and CIA, and even FBI and other government agencies and departments may have used some of the equipment there. Possibly some trading and banking information as well. This demolition could explain the noise and vibrations and still not be responsible for the collapse.

Thomas Drake notes that some materials may have behaved like bombs within the building itself:

Who else is benefiting from 9/11?

Soon after 9/11, Congress made a big deal out of, and passed legislation about, profiting from 9/11. Some company had within weeks minted 9/11 commemorative coins and/or other memorabilia. The outrage coming from the US Senate left us with the impression that they meant it.

This spirit was extremely short-lived. 9/11 and fear are really a market sector all their own at this point. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to see that we have an apparatus that is far, far too large for the job politicians tell us it does. Many have branched out to Wall Street, multinational corporations, and foreign countries in order to stay afloat. These companies do not have the same reporting requirements for their political donations due to the secret work that they do. And we already know that some legislators have spouses with businesses related to the surveillance industry and top officials like Keith Alexander made some obscure investments indicating he may have had information about the companies via NSA spying.

Put simply, there are more than a few new fortunes, and some growth of some very old ones, due to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Just about as soon as you can stop, take a deep breath, and think about this obvious, indisputable fact, there is either a new attack of some kind or some trumped up issue that gets trotted out again, such as we had today.

Additionally, going back to the second quote at the top, the creepy American History X, Nazified one, the rightwing benefited. This country has taken such a sharp right turn that the Democrats, rather than resist it, went with the flow. No wonder Obama has gone drill-baby-drill. No wonder Hillary touts the Bible as her favorite book. I don’t respect it, but I understand it. Whether this occurred mostly due to one party or the other hardly matters any more; we are stuck with two parties that are ultra-rightwing in deed/doesn’t much matter what they say.

If it weren’t for a myriad of other right-pushing programs, some of which pre-date 9/11 such as the behavioral modification program WWASPS which has ties not only to major GOP players but also probably the CIA, then you might be able to get away with thinking it’s just an accident, fate, etc. But the presence of these other programs really make me draw a red circle around Buzzy’s and Erik’s relationship and just how “lucky” they were, while so many others were not, that they were so prepared for September 12, 2001.

That is troubling. It is especially troubling when you can see that an agency that claims it has a solemn duty to protect its methods actually has its methods peeping out in major news reports all the time. Either it isn’t protecting those methods, or it is the one using them. Either way, that is mission failure.

Wicked Game Update

Added some additional background to chapter 11 regarding my relationship to fireproofing from work, how that of course relates to what happened on 9/11, and how I made a grown man cry, laughed about it, and got a creepy phone call. The person referred to as “my boss” in the chapter is Bob Athey whom I mentioned in the letter to Lindsey, see previous post. Bob passed away last year.

In all seriousness, perhaps contains an interesting angle on structural failure I’ve not much heard discussed: human error.


Regarding this old post, I’m adding this:

Wikipedia, “Videos and Audio Recordings of Osama bin Laden,” last updated 14 October 2014:

See December 13, 2001.

And reiterating what I saw on CNN the day it aired. Afghanis were dreaming about the Trade Center attack prior to its occurrence and OBL said there was one man talking about it he considered killing in order to preserve operation security.

Recall again Charlie Wilson’s war:


And companies and universities working there in the 90s looking for energy there.

I’m feeling too lazy to retype the rest.

The Future is Now

Or, “Welcome to my world. It’s your world, too.”

Normally, I save the suckerpunch for the end of the post in an attempt to leave the reader reeling from the final slap in the hopes of some sort of awakening from zombielike stupor. In this case, I’m leading with it choosing rather to pummel after the first dizzying blow with the lesser jab backup material gathered over recent days mostly via the Twitters.

So many links after the fold.

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