MKULTRA Subproject List FOIA Updates

Especially given the recent Facebook hullabaloo *, it seems ever so timely to go through the available Freedom of Information Act releases with regards to MKULTRA and its subprojects. It is still a work in progress. In some cases, I found John Marks had more info that seemed to be available in the FOIA. In others, I found the text files CIA provided had more info. In others, the text file was nearly devoid of helpfulness and the meat was found among the documents themselves. The result is a mix of the three methods.

As you’ll see from the list, there are still several UKNOWN subprojects. We have mostly invoices and some proposals available. There are also a list of companies that I am not at all clear on their collaboration. The B&O Railroad, American Airlines, Greyhound, and J.P. Morgan, to name some. Also, lots and lots of drugs.

I’m going to hazard a guess that #18 was for a “Q-branch” style facility that got built by or under something else. Possibly with or by the Army. See 50, below.

Of particular interest, besides the aforeblogged voting decisions study under subproject 127, there are:

48: Study of Communist Police State psychology and sociology, undoubtedly so they could figure out how to import it.

50: Something that they tried to get around the Agency’s project justification process. “Just give me $500. Do not ask why.” MKNAOMI is why. Change order to the facility under 18?

54: Brain concussion as related to interrogation. “Possible to interrogate someone and they not even remember it? Let’s find out.” WHAM! “What was this subproject’s purpose again?”

Forget the threequel.

56: Alcohol consumption, absorption, at Universities. IOW, Spring Break.

57: LSD, insomnia, and you.

94: Remote direction control of living organisms.

96: Decision making.

98: Mass conversion study. Hello political upheaval.

107: Appears to be inserting individuals and cash into the WPA APA, where CIA’s Cameron was first president. Is this the MOCKINGBIRD effort in the psychiatry circles instead of journalism/media?

108: Ecological factors in natural groups. Guessing this is “Native North American” directed among other groups. You knew there had to be at least one study f—ing with those folks.

109: My favorite. How to turn an adult into a psychological adolescent or child psychopharmacologically. Adult libido, child thinking. Scott Ritter? Matt deHart? Two former fellow NJSF interns? Anthony Weiner? Others?

110: Pathogens and how to give them to people. Let me just open this…


* The New American, “Did Pentagon Help Fund Facebook’s Mood Manipulating Experiment?,” Joe Wolverton, II J.D., 2 July 2014:


BBD – Batcrap Crazy

This, I hope, will to a degree illustrate what I mean in the Introduction to my new book, Wicked Game. When I said it’s possible to be an asset and not know it at the time, this is the example.

I’d been saving this one. It’s now around three years old.

As noted previously, I decided to give helping OFA (that was Organizing for America during the 2010 midterm elections, formerly Obama for America during the 2008 Presidential elections) a shot.

As you can see here, I wound up being Minnesota media director for OFA, which basically meant I was photographer during events. This photo was taken in October when Obama, Franken, and Klobuchar were stumping for Dayton for governor.


Okay, back. The photo.


(Earlier deleted by accident while making some edits. Taken without a zoom.)

Mind you, my “reward” for helping the Democrats was not an end to the harassment and torture and the promise of some kind of life, but rather some months with Heath until, as I stated on this blog previously, I had to call the police due to death threats on the evening before I left Minneapolis and during the trip found that my ex partner of 14+ years, friend for 25 years, had gotten married by looking at Facebook.

This is why I say that the Democrats are just us full of crap as the Republicans are when it comes to actually caring about Americans. It’s just a game to them and we are the pieces.

Back to the point.

I had volunteered to help. I was also looking for work and had assumed that networking with other democrats would lead to something. There were no calls. Emails were left unanswered.

Thinking that it was just a matter of time (though still becoming increasingly frustrated) I still showed up at events.

One event came on the heels of a spider bite to the left lower eyelid. Mere days before the Gay Pride Festival.

By that day I had to wear sunglasses because at least my lower eye seemed to resemble Jonah Hex’s face. I had no idea if it was permanent at the time either and had to psychologically adjust to the idea of a permanent, slight disfigurement. As I stated somewhere down below along with the photos, they always seemed to wash out the purple, so documenting it’s true disturbing appearance didn’t entirely pan out.

I went and worked the OFA/DFL booth. Towards the end, I got word that there was a PAC forming to unseat Michelle Bachmann.

I decided to go to the meeting. It was to take place at a restaurant near the park where the festival took place.

There, I met the local strategist. He was by some referred to as the Karl Rove of the Minnesota DFL.

Also, at least seemingly quite coincidentally, Lizz Winstead, co-creator and former producer of The Daily Show and Minnesota native, was seated nearby. I managed to make her laugh once. Not hard enough to get me a writing gig, but then I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time.

At any rate, the plan as it was laid out to me was that all that was required was a little money to show (correctly in my estimation) that Bachmann was not really a small government libertarian but actually a big spender. The race being close enough would swing things to her challenger. Her district has many libertarians in it.

“How do you keep this secret?” I asked.

“You don’t,” the DFL strategist replied.

So, broke, homelessness looming, Gay Pride fun ruined by an apparent arachnid bite (that might have been permanent), I suddenly got angry.

I called both of Bachmann’s offices and told them about the PAC (called RATPAC, as I recall).

Then, not ten minutes later I am suddenly barraged by images of people scrambling in Bachmann’s offices. Mass hysteria.

I start laughing.

The point: Bachmann’s seat was safe. She raised more money than any Congressional race in history, more than many Senatorial races. That money was wasted and not spent in other closer races.

I got work and other calls started almost immediately. The eye healed, the bumpy skin just peeled away one day.

Now, extrapolate that to anyone you want. Al Qaeda. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Jared Lee Loughner, and James Eagan Holmes. The Tea Party. The Militia. The KKK.

Voice-to-skull, acoustic psycho-correction, and other means of manipulating emotions and thoughts including black ops like what caused the temporary necrosis of skin under my left eye, wrecked my relationships, prevents me from acquiring gainful employment. This applies to all sorts of people.

Maybe Bachmann herself:

ThinkProgress – Phony Muslim Brotherhood Connection Propagated by FOX

See how the game is played? See how these two titans thrash about smashing innocent people in their wake? See why I don’t give a flying f*** which comes out on top? See the country being destroyed by this nonsense?

See why I have no choice?

In a way, Bachmann has a point. But it’s not that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the US government. It’s that NATO, GLADIO, likely runs the Muslim Brotherhood.

Finally, I’d be remiss by not mentioning that “Weiner’s weiner” is about neutralizing a politician who wanted us out of Iraq. Same sort of mind games as above directed and used in a different way.

Hillary might have been wrong about the “rightwing” part, but it is clearly a conspiracy, largely mercenary in nature but also fascistic (which despite neocon attempts to distort history is rightwing. That nazis might have formerly been radically left first is also true about the neocons. “Liberals mugged by reality,” William Kristol’s father said).

Once Again

This is in reference to the recent scandal surrounding Secret Service agents. Google it.

First, this is the exact same principle as what I mentioned in the previous post where CIA dosed the people on Air Force One with LSD in an attempt to derail the SALT talks. In this case, the goal was simply to give the a**holes in Congress an excuse to put the Secret Service in a position to be distracted.

How do I know? As I have already indicated, this is how the NY attorney general toughest on Wall Street corruption got ruined once he became governor. This was how they removed one of the staunchest critics of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and supporter of the peace potential for the so-called Ground Zero mosque from his seat in Congress. Hell, for all I know, this is how they created Monicagate. Clinton was on Scaife’s radar way before the road to the White House. This is how they (coupled with V2K manipulation of the two ladies after) nailed Julian Assange.

This is why I was running around lower Manhattan and frequenting the bars just before and after the Squidgate trial. The feeling of whatever thing they dosed people with I have previously described as feeling like there are rose petals flying out of your heart. You also get a warm, vibraty feeling in your guttywutts (yes, that’s from A Clockwork Orange but is apt) and lower. You know…lower. You feel like Casanova.

Now, when confronted by this phenomenon, so-called psychologists come trotting out on TV and in newspaper interviews with the phony narrative that it’s just the pressure of being so darn driven combined with a secret deep down need to be punished. (Recall again: Ewan Cameron, first president of the World Psychiatry Association attached electrodes to a woman’s brain for the CIA at McGill University. This was not an anomaly where CIA and mind control are concerned, just one of only a few court cases they lost). They are full of s***. These people like their success.

Similarly, you have that proponent of “schizophrenia has a pathogenic cause” E. Fuller Torrey, formerly of St. Elizabeth’s in DC, another hotbed for illegal human experimentation, stating that Jared Lee Loughner is a classic schizophrenic without mentioning the possible cause (and the potential that it was not accidentally introduced).

This means you really cannot believe all you read. Not even in the “good” papers. Not where CIA’s favorite research is concerned.

The question, of course, getting back to the point, is, why distract the Secret Service? If I have to explain that one, we really are doomed.

I’ll say it again: there has been a coup, folks. Neocons are running the show and those bastards are just so damn insane.

So, watch the train wreck in slow-mo helplessly as Congress behaves like they are doing something other than murdering the human race. There is no getting through to those greedy cowardly f***s. They are demanding the head of the head of the Secret Service but never bothered to go after, for example, George Tenet’s or Buzzy Krongard’s for the biggest intelligence failure since Pearl Harbor (though again, when the likes of Halliburton and Blackwater get no-bid contracts, it’s not a failure for the likes of Cheney and Prince). Seems to me that W missed 9-11 and that’s a bit of a bigger deal than trying to paint Secret Service as being anywhere near as misogynist as the GOP and its leader Rush Limbaugh. Yet, Bush got a pass from these same criminals.

Two Former US Senators Allege Saudi Involvement in 911

NYTimes via Reader Supported News

For more than a decade, questions have lingered about the possible role of the Saudi government in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, even as the royal kingdom has made itself a crucial counterterrorism partner in the eyes of American diplomats.

Now, in sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, two former senators who were privy to top secret information on the Saudis’ activities say they believe that the Saudi government might have played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.

Unanswered questions include the work of a number of Saudi-sponsored charities with financial links to Al Qaeda, as well as the role of a Saudi citizen living in San Diego at the time of the attacks, Omar al-Bayoumi, who had ties to two of the hijackers and to Saudi officials, Mr. Graham said in his affidavit.

Still, Washington has continued to stand behind Saudi Arabia publicly, with the Justice Department joining the kingdom in trying to have the lawsuits thrown out of court on the grounds that the Saudis are protected by international immunity.

The senators’ assertions “might inject some temporary strain or awkwardness at a diplomatic level,” said Kenneth L. Wainstein, a senior national security official in the George W. Bush administration. Even so, he said, “the United States and the Saudis have developed strong counterterrorism cooperation over the last decade, and that relationship will not be undermined.”

You mean like the US and Yemen have?

( Democracy Now – US efforts in Yemen have backfired )

So [Yemeni President Ali Abdullah] Saleh has manipulated, masterfully, the threat of al-Qaeda to get weapons and to build up his forces, that could be used then only for the defense of the regime, only to take out his political opponents.

Just a few days ago, there were three public executions of people that were convicted in the Ansar al-Sharia’s court system of providing intelligence to the Americans to be used in drone attacks, including one person who was executed in the very place where Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, who was a U.S. citizen, was killed in a U.S. drone strike. And they executed this man, alleging that he had provided intelligence to the Americans that had contributed to the death of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the 16-year-old son of Anwar al-Awlaki. You know, President Obama authorized strikes that resulted in three U.S. citizens being killed within less than a month in Yemen: Anwar al-Awlaki, who was born in New Mexico; Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son; and then Samir Khan, who was another U.S. citizen from North Carolina and was the editor of Inspire magazine, the English-language publication of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. All three of those U.S. citizens were killed within one month.

And so, you know, in short, what you have is suspicion that maybe Saleh allowed this to happen, on the one hand. But then, on the other hand, all of these powerful tribes, that are infinitely more powerful than al-Qaeda, that al-Qaeda wants no war with at all, because they would lose, are now starting to say, “If there’s no government here, if there’s no services, if the Americans are bombing us and killing Bedouins and our civilians and leaving cluster bombs in our countryside and doing nothing to clean them up, and not providing any civilian infrastructure support but just supporting Saleh’s family military and just bombing us, what motive do we have to fight al-Qaeda? They’re our—they’re people from our tribes. They don’t bother us. So, what’s our motivation?” One tribal leader, who said, very clearly, “Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization. Yes, these guys want to destroy America,” said to me, “You consider them terrorists; we consider the drones terrorism,” because they don’t bother—they don’t bother them. They’re a threat, on a tiny magnitude, to the United States and its allies, that has been given a prominence in the U.S. counterterrorism paranoia machine that is almost laughable, if it’s not so serious.

Yeah, no way that’s going to extend the war on terror indefinitely. That’s the trap, always has been. The more terrorists you kill, the more innocents you kill, the easier it is for the terrorists to recruit, the longer the war on terror lasts, the more money the military and security industries stand to make, the more the military and security industries stir up trouble and keep it going.

All of which would be a lot harder to complain about and gain any traction if the rest of the economy were doing well. It isn’t. It isn’t largely because the banking industry doesn’t think we’re all kissing its ass hard enough. It’s hoarding money. Interest in actually making things is dead because those who would otherwise invest in them want to wait until things are so bad they can get slave wages with no benefits in order to maximize their profits. It’s a non-investment of money coupled with an investment in time.

Watch. It won’t be long before there’s a loud call for the removal of the minimum wage. Labor is under attack and what is the most bizarre is how many Americans (poor and middle class) don’t seem to think they are part of what is being attacked. It’s as though they have come to identify so closely with the uber-rich jerks like Limbaugh and Romney so much that they would rather do what is good for those psychopathic opportunists than what is good for themselves. That’s fear coupled with stupidity coupled with being manipulated by a machine that has lots of lots of cash lying around.

But it’s also being let down by their government. Rather than enforce the law, the government has taken a ridiculously, not bordering on dangerous but over-the-top dangerous, position of non-enforcement.

For example, Rupert Murdoch’s son essentially has to leave Britain because over there they apparently do still enforce laws. He was involved in what has to be some of the most egregious behavior by a news corporation since Hearst (or maybe worse than that). Further, it is known that Murdoch’s companies very likely spied on the families of victims of 911. Yet not only is there is no investigation in this country but this clown who was involved in so much corruption in Britain is coming here to run something or other. What does that say?

It says this place is f***ed and there is no reason to expect anything better after this November. No reason whatsof***ingever. I’m sick of words completely devoid of actions. I’m sick of hearing political platitudes and talk about people’s faith in God while they engage in harassing American citizens and attacking whistleblowers. Our government is spending all of its time and energy protecting corporations from the First Amendment. Period.

I’m sick of bending over backwards only to find that there is yet another way to get f***ed in that position. There comes a point where you just have to assume these things were done intentionally in the hopes that I’d just be so f***ing gullible or stupid to assume it could only be the GOP responsible. That’s obviously not true. Instead, it’s as much the craven party that doesn’t even stand up for nor behind its own members hoping that someone else will do their work for them (and that’s being charitable).

Imagine when Franken gave his plea for the creation of some kind of law to make contractors in Iraq responsible for their actions, that raping an employee should still be a crime even when it happens in Iraq. The GOP naturally scoffed at the idea of corporates being held to any law at all.

But where were the Democrats? Hiding behind the GOP. There in word only, not deed. Implying through Franken that this is how they all think, believe, but showing just how much bulls*** that is by their complete lack of action.

Same with Kucinich on any number of issues. Same with Sanders (who caucuses with them). Same for a handful of others. If the marketing machine has not thoroughly examined an issue for nine months and spent lots and lots of money checking to make sure it’s “okay” to do or say and spent so much time purifying the language that it likely has no meaning by the time it winds up in a fundraising email, it just doesn’t get said except in an echo chamber by one person standing alone.

Then there was Clinton, when Carter called for him to resign. The Dems in Congress immediately jumped on that bandwagon as well. Then people started calling and reminded them that that had nothing to do with the economy (which was doing better than it had under Reagan) and that it had everything to do with politics. They learned a lesson, right?

Wrong. Ground Zero Mosque supporter (because it promotes peace) and supporter of pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan Anthony Weiner likewise was deserted by the Democrats—even though his own district was willing to let it go.

It is no accident that these idiots are losing. Whether or not it is just idiocy or because their personal beliefs (as Larry Craig sort of suggested on Bill Maher recently where gay rights are concerned) more closely align with the GOP… well, does it f***ing matter? Does it matter when the results are the same?

Why send money to losers? Why throw good money after bad? That’s another reason they lose, people know that instinctually.

So, what are we left with? The green or labor parties. Why not? I don’t agree, I’m sure, with some of their stances but at least if I’m going to throw my vote away it’ll be on something for the future, because what’s happening now is not even close to working.


Sans Net

It was last May. I spent some time socializing with friends of my then boyfriend. Right around the time that there was a double drug-related shooting directly in front of his home, his closest friend, a woman and mother of two, found this on her car. As you might imagine, this sort of thing plays havoc with your social life. On the one hand, if other people start to associate their bad luck with you, well most will of course prefer you not visit. On the other, you have to look at that yourself and decide if it’s worth the risk to other people. You also wonder if this isn’t exactly the sort of thing they did to Kaczynski and Laughner. Isolation, especially when the only conversations you have are one-way (and there’s no way to stop them) via voice-to-skull can be painful, disturbing, and set an already unbalanced mind on a path of destruction.

A month or so later, after the boyfriend and I got an apartment together, got both our names on the lease, things started to fall apart there as well. He became increasingly belligerent. I knew where it was going, so when the knife incident occurred, well, I saw that coming as a possibility. That my final night in the Twin Cities would involve a 9-1-1 call, I suppose I didn’t, but it wasn’t really surprising either.

Around the same time, in June or July of 2011 I think, we were over at his friend’s place for a cookout. I got into a political discussion with a neighbor of his friend. She was a young social worker, primarily her job seemed to consist of getting death threats from deadbeat dads from whom she tried to collect child support payments.

She was one of the few people I actually told my situation (such as I understood it at the time, that is the frame-up of me, Peter Watts, and Jeremy Scahill as both a way of “clearing” Blackwater for some crime or other, and as a way of getting revenge on three people that CIA and DOD found to be a problem for different reasons). She mentioned turning to the Democrats for help.

I stated that I had already done so and the only conceivable response I got was to be their slave, to act as a James O’Keefe III for the party. (By the way, saw recently that JOK3 had been in Minneapolis doing his thing to undermine the voting process. Sorry I missed him, we could have compared notes on what a PITA the voice-to-skull stuff can be. Yeah, that’s how he gets his orders and why he got screwed when he tried to bug a Senator’s office…wasn’t the GOP who asked him to do that.) That, clearly, they were just as apt to use people and throw them away as their opponents (and, in fact, that was probably exactly where they got the idea and believe that their only path to winning a few battles is to stoop as low as the Republicans).

She pointed out that Harry Reid (who, by the way, was the one said to have talked Barack Obama into running in the first place) had stated publicly that he and his family had at times found bombs attached to their cars. Some subsequent web research on that would seem to place the blame on some Mormon scheisters trying to sell some probably phony documents regarding the founding of that church. That, as I’ve already pointed out, there was a lot of hiring of Mormons at CIA in the 1980s was not lost on me.

So, sure, the Democrats have been intmidated. Look at what happened (thinking partially of Scott Ritter as well) to Anthony Weiner. One of the most staunch critics of the Iraq war (see his House speeches on the topic on YouTube), a supporter of the healing idea behind the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (even though he is both Jewish and a supporter of Israel’s right to exist).

Look at what happened to Elliot Spitzer. Someone who spent a large portion of his career going after corruption on Wall Street.

Note that all three (Ritter, Weiner and Spitzer) had something in common. Sex scandals. And that, in turn has one thing in common. Behavior. As in the possibility of “behavioral modification”, a term taken directly off of the front of the August 1977 Senate Hearing document into MKULTRA.

You could also point out Julian Assange’s troubles. Dominic Strauss-Kahn.

And, of course, my own in 2006 at GenCon and more recently in New York. (See especially item #11 from the 1955 MKULTRA draft memorandum regarding euphoria).

There are no end to the pundits and dime-store psychologists willing to suggest they were all drunk on power. That could actually be true. But are the two factors, the tendencies of these men AND the use of psychological/neurological research mutually exclusive? Or rather, something to be exploited and pushed, expanded and engineered for embarrassment? Why the hell not?

And then there’s the Lewinsky scandal.

So after the young lady got an earful on how turning to the Democrats for help merely got me further f***ed, she, after a few more beers I think, went inside and grabbed a framed photo off of her wall and showed it to me. I have been unable to find the photo on the Internet but think it’s semi-famous.

It depicts the photographer/artist himself (I think) diving off of a building, arms spread wide as if he expects to fly or swim, while the very inhospitable ground below waits for him. Put simply, the diver appears delusional about the obvious outcome of what he is doing.

She thought she was insulting me, seemed to half-expect it would make me angry. She was half-attacking, half-apologizing (which I think sums up “Minnesota nice” pretty well).

I wasn’t angry. I said I agreed. She looked puzzled.

“What is the sane response to an insane world?” I asked.

“There isn’t one,” she replied.


Of course there are two other things to note. The first I don’t think is really relevant but one of those happy accidents that the psychos in DOD and CIA enjoy, try to exploit and pretend, “We meant to do that” when all it is is that little paranoia in your head trying to connect two things because they share a similar meme.

In the original draft script for the end of the first issue of that comic book I wrote and published, I had the main protagonist jumping off of his balcony and being caught by a fireman, who was there to put the ladder in place because the place was burning and the NYPD/FBI/NSA had the place surrounded. It was a point about how, despite their protests to the contrary, tax dollars do go to things like actually protecting property and life, even though the “religious” (it is a sort of religion when it relies on faith in the face of facts) sort of libertarian zealots believe there shouldn’t even be an organized fire department.

(I kept the drafts of the scripts on Google docs and in GMail).

Anyway, he was leaping off not knowing what was below, much like the Frenchman in the photo.

The other thing. The young lady (clearly a progressive who does not like our wars) is the daughter of a Lockheed-Martin executive.

Yeah, I know. What are the odds?

What prompted all this writing today? Hang up phone call last night from Level 3 Communications at 270-282-2244 (caller ID says “Public safety”). Apparently it’s quite common.

MKULTRA 05-Materials Which Produce the Signs and Symptoms of Recognized Diseases


5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

This one could be quite long. I’ll concentrate on what was done to me primarily.

First, you have the events I detailed here, where they convinced me I had been given an asbestos-related ailment.

Then, in late February of 2010, I noticed a small lump in my anus. I was, thanks to voice-to-skull, about 75% certain it was colon cancer. I considered that an attempt to distract me, so I just ignored it, knowing that after the Squidgate trial I’d go have it looked at.

But consider that for a moment. First, they try to convince me that relatives of a DHS border guard burned down the Conways’ building (same link). Then they try to convince me that I had a possibly fatal ailment. Would someone who was less rational consider that they had anything to lose? Make me angry over the Conway fire and make me think that I’m going to die anyway. Why not do something horrible as retribution? (And, really, I still haven’t gotten to everything that was piled on me in terms of pressure).

That’s your CIA, your Department of Defense, your DHS, your FBI. Not the heroes you see on television. Creators of terrorism. These people are only interested in protecting the power structure that–despite being bailed out–proceeded to reward themselves, gave themselves bonuses for perpetrating one of the biggest financial ripoffs in world history, one that nearly bankrupted (some will say it actually did bankrupt) other countries through the sale of debt as an asset, the mortgage-backed securities. (The inventor of those now lives in China, one assumes out of fear for his life). Currently, there is nearly $7 or 8 trillion being held in reserve between about half in the financial sector and half elsewhere. They are not creating jobs with that money, not because they need less regulation to do business as stated by every single Teapublitarian candidate, but because they want to be in a position to negotiate the end of things like Medicare and Social Security and don’t want a modest increase in taxes to help pay down for all those things (the wars mostly) that they’ve been profiting off of. They want to stick the middle class with that debt as they do the hard part of being shot and blown up for their energy exploration, their grabbing hold of the opium trade, their war profiteering.

Anyway, the lump turned out to be a hemorrhoid. Didn’t find that out until the first week of April in Minneapolis. The doctor said that a sudden change in diet and increase in exercise was probably the reason. (Besides “giving me the finger”, Dr. Greasedmember also gave me an earful about “Obamacare”, which we all know now is just “Guvnuh-Romneycare”). And, of course, these people think (and they aren’t wrong, are they?) that people would normally be too embarrassed to mention a hemorrhoid on the Internet. (The hemorrhoid made it into the novella Learning to Fly).

So, asbestosis, colon cancer, what next?

Well, about five or six days before the Squidgate sentencing hearing, I woke one morning to have a significant portion of my hair falling out. It felt “dead”, like a corpse’s hair. About 2/3 of the hair from my hairline back a few inches came out in clumps over a forty-five minute period. (See this old story about the non-operational plan to make Castro’s beard fall out using thallium salts. I’ve no idea how that was done to me, whether thallium salts were used, merely that it could be done and clearly was).

Then, (I noted this on the blog soon after this happened) I was sharing some fries with the now ex-boyfriend at Santana’s (a neighborhood deli and a favorite of U of M students). Suddenly, my left lymph node in my throat swelled up. I “heard” almost immediately (via voice-to-skull), “I wonder what that could be?”.

(They later tried to pin this on Erik Prince via voice-to-skull. Convenient, isn’t it, that he’s in the UAE where there is no extradition agreement? An untouchable culprit, a dead end. A limited hangout).

I still don’t know what it was caused the swelling, just what it apparently wasn’t. I went to the doctor (a different one) and he prescribed antibiotics. They didn’t work. It has, over the months, reduced in size. Again, this could be mistaken for cancer or, I don’t know, worms eating my brain (the pain all up and down the entire left side of my head was extraordinary; had to take three kinds of pain killers nearly every day for the next six weeks). The question posed via V2K was just to make me worry, to increase my stress, to distract me from doing things like pointing out just how dangerous our intelligence community has become to our democracy, and, of course, another push towards suicide or other violence.

These people are criminals. And I think I can safely say literally and figuratively for purposes of this post, a**holes.

Finally, there was some kind of jock itch that cropped up just after my move out of Minneapolis. All in all, not that big of a deal. It’s gone. So much for embarrassment over mentioning any of this.

Anyway, I assume you can see how CIA would use this on a target. Like making politicians extra-horny and presenting them with a chambermaid or the daughter of a campaign donor, or the owner of an infamous whistleblowing website with two ladies at once, it’s a way of harassing people, of murdering without pulling the trigger.

I have no idea if they can fake malaria, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

On the other hand, as I’ve already pointed out, they also have methods of delivering real diseases without the target even being aware they’ve been initially infected.

You Knew It Was Coming

You Knew It Was Coming

“I never say that and I don’t like people who do.”

(Anyone who thinks I’m doing this for fun or the sheer joy of it, well they’re the one’s who need their heads examined. Though why I still think there’s a need to try or bother also makes me question my own sanity).

Just spent some time reading the top four or five articles over at my old e-penpal’s site NO QUARTER.

While I share the frustration having seen what must have been the biggest ripoff in American history of the American people (meaning the housing bubble and other financial shenanigans), it is the height of hypocrisy for James Carville to be the messenger in my clearly not-so-humble-I-must-admit opinion. You know why. Former President Clinton patching things up with Mr. Scaife? Spending a great deal of time with Bush-41? While I admire the sentiment (which is exactly the sentiment of the current president), it’s facetious for the Democratic elite to do one thing and then turn around and accuse the current POTUS of doing the same as if it’s a bad thing.

(Additionally, Weiner was extremely well-liked in his district. Something is fishy there from start to finish. Unless it’s that his constituents are POed at the DNC for not backing him up for the election result. 43% is still more than double Dick Cheney’s approval rating.)

As ought to be clear by now, sure I would love to see some frog marching in handcuffs. We watched justice drown in a vat of bulls*** during the previous administration and it’s not only disheartening but also frustrating as hell to see that little or nothing has changed after the 2008 election.

But Obama is doing exactly what Clinton did/is doing. You can’t have it both ways.

For example, I would love it if there were repercussions for the remaining seven of eight congressmen who sold nuclear technology to Israel through Turkey. But if you’re going to go after the six Republicans, you have to go after the remaining Democrat and investigate the one who died as well.

Similarly, I think it’s a travesty that Private Bradley Manning, who was clearly set up for political and religious purposes by the seven or eight nutcases who sit on the JSOC or their henchmen, be incarcerated while Blackwater / Xe gets a slap on the wrist and fines (that are a drop in the ocean with regards to what they make off of government contracts) for doing worse. Selling secrets and violating international law is a serious crime that any one of us would be slapped so hard for we’d never recover even if innocent because that’s just how final the Fed likes things to be when it’s you or me.

But when it’s someone with wealth and power the government suddenly looks like weak or in cahoots. It acts differently toward those people, and it’s as clear as can be that this means there are two different sets of rules for Americans depending on something other than having been created equal. Bernie Madoff got nailed because he screwed other rich people.

I would love to see the Rule of Law restored, without question, without reservation. Yes.

Here’s why I think it would be a good thing:

1) Corporations are like spoiled brat children: they need rules, a firm hand, and someone watching them nearly every minute of the day. The single biggest success of the wealthy and cynical has been to turn that truth on its head. Watching is not interfering, that’s a fallacy.

2) It does set a bad example. Heck, I’m about 75% certain that half the reason Top Secret America is so corrupt and parts are getting away with murder (figuratively and literally) is the same reason: they have, by lack of repercussions been told it’s “okay.” (3, below, is the other half…)

3) We are all in the same big boat with climate change. The elite believe that money is going to save them. It might, but only if they spend it the right way, and right now, attempting to grab all the oil left in the world which only exacerbates the problem, and treating people as expendable because they think reducing the population will alleviate things. (I suppose it could, but at what cost? Who decides who lives and who dies and will they make the correct decision?). We have to look at the big picture and I urge Democrats to see that the party is still stuck in the 90s and has no intention of changing course in time, that’s clear. It’s about throwing you a bone, sure, but the big picture will remain the same.

4) There are times when you have to purge the “bad blood.” Now is it. Finding and going after scapegoats isn’t, hasn’t, won’t work. Has to be some real criminals. May I suggest the folks who decided allowing 3,077 people to die one day to go grab the bulk of France’s oil*? Not those who failed to notify but those who ordered that lack of action. Sorry, but the Nation will eventually demand it anyway and if you want to change the way people think, you have to reveal the truth. We don’t have fifty years to wait for the rationale to come out (peak oil, economic morass, daddy needs a new pair of shoes, etc.).

So, it’s not blood thirst but necessity and propriety that makes me agree somewhat with the deductions but not the rationale for them nor the choice of messenger who is clearly compromised in the credibility department. Would Hillary really have gone after all criminals, or would she have done what Rove/Gonzalez did and only go after the opposition? I think it’s a no-brainer. (Still like her mind you, but I know what I’m getting there. We’d have bread-and-circuses but the DNC would still be raking in cash and making excuses why it’s just not enough to make “real change” to those they made empty promises to).

Justice, not vengeance. Vengeance is, as we all know from every long running feud and dispute in history from Cain-Abel to Hatfields-McCoys to Israel-Palestine to North-South Lotsa Places, only begets less cooperation and currently only distracts from the real problems (like extinction or decimation). And, really, who’s likely to win in a fistfight, cavemen or astronauts? In that arena, my money is on the cavemen.

That said, I fail to see how we can rationalize that sociopaths will ever be rational, agreeable, trustworthy, etc. I’m just not getting that part. They really don’t care about other people. What could possibly alter that? Is it that someone thinks restoring their hope will change it? Even I doubt that. The Comedian is a fictional character and the reason for a lack of hope in real people is brain chemistry, not a lack of vision or intellect.

(* Yes, they owned the equipment and had a sweetheart deal with Iraq. Sorry, calling it like I see it. I’m sure we threw them something afterwards as consolation prize.)