BBD – A Spookwork Orange

…because nothing rhymes with orange.

And worth repeating:

“That stained glass curtain that you’re hiding behind never let’s in the Sun.”

This is going to be another mash-up. I will provide some insight into the psychology of the covert field agent based on my experience as a target and explain how this is bad for America. In the same post here, I will also add some new information with regards to Wicked Game, in this case what I have in Chapter 13 regarding my work as a real estate consultant in New York City.

In early 2010, Brooklyn had to my eye turned into a spook free-for-all. While it is impossible to be 100% accurate as to what/who was, and wasn’t, there were a few that I think were very apparent. As I noted there, there was a man whom I nicknamed ‘Balding’ who I saw on a few occasions, all but once in Brooklyn, the exception being the doctor’s appointment where my then-partner wanted to get me on some anti-psychotic drug or similar. ‘Balding’ seemed to me to be the boss or supervisor of a few others, primarily Anthony and his roommate who rented the condo above the one my partner owned. Anthony and the other guy made a lot of noise. There was the time I saw them moving in and they broke the door that served as the primary means of egress in case of fire–apart from jumping from the balcony or getting stuck in the parking garage–for our half of the building. The condo board was oddly in no hurry to fix this and became angry with me for requesting the they do so after days of the door being inoperable. This was all in a time of fire in a borough that was reeling from several arsons–including the one that claimed the home of my friend Kate Conway and her father.

Aside from Anthony and ‘Balding’ there quite a few others. A few doppelgangers which I’ve noted elsewhere, most of whom were not very exact in their resemblance with one exception, a younger double for Larry Johnson sitting in a car one evening wearing sunglasses.

But the real pains-in-the-ass were, for some reason, mostly young women. I’m going to take a guess that they over-did things in order to seek approval of the man’s world in which they found themselves working. They were really extremely impolite and overzealous in their harassment, and as I’ve noted a few posts below, almost certainly aware that I had been drugged and therefore even more frazzled at what a person under normal circumstances would consider one odd event if they had witnessed only that one.

The most blatant was a woman–not young, don’t know what her excuse was–mocking me, what I was saying on the phone to my ex-partner, while I was on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. She did it repeatedly and loudly. I finally said, “Ain’t that the f—ing truth?!?” loudly. She jumped, shut up, and fully failed to make eye contact with me.

This was when I realized that spooks are at heart cowards. They hate the light being shined on their dirty deeds and the methods they use to achieve them. Since they are as a whole in the service of multinational corporations, banks, and oligarchs and have declared war on the rest of us, it is imperative that both occur. Really, it is a matter of survival.

But any rational person undergoing the psychological harassment that I endured in New York and in Minneapolis after moving there would call it torture, torture-lite at best. The legal definition, you see, requires captivity. In this case, there was only the captivity that being drugged surreptitiously out of your mind, psychological herding, covert ops designed to get you fired and ruin your relationships provides. So while not technically torture in the legal sense, it is torture in the layman definition sense. It has the same purpose: To get the target to do something they would not normally do.

What is the motivation for the field agent overall, though? What are they thinking when they do this, not to members of Al Qaeda, but to their own fellow citizens?

Once again I present a Derren Brown experiment. Absolutely no hypnotism involved, merely human psychology. I suggest beginning at the 07:30 mark:

Derren Brown The Experiments – Remote Control. Link removed.

New link {2019 April 26}.

Anonymity and group-think or mob-mentality lead to some seriously cruel results. Spooks enjoy anonymity, comes with the territory. They also have the implicit approval of their superiors to increase domestic terrorism in order to further secure more funding. Funding which goes partially to private firms and then gets kicked back to politicians who vehemently defend the organizations. Organizations which, by the way, do not have to disclose to whom and how much they contribute to political campaigns.

It really was a bit like what you see in the video except on occasion something positive would seem to happen. It was as if someone were trying to intentionally put me on an emotional roller coaster, perhaps with the intent of making me as socio- or psychopathic as possible; emotionally disturbed. Then with the further intent of driving me to violence, which would then be used to a} further justify more contracts, trampling of rights in general and b} to add LGBT to the list of people the Deep State can use bigotry to distract from their theft of wealth from and destruction of the middle class.

Except of course for me this was not just one hellish night followed by an apology and replacement of what was destroyed. This went on for over a year and Barack Obama, whom I assume to be stone-cold psychopath, has prevented anything being done about it at every turn with his war on whistleblowers. Separate what the man says from what he does, because they are rarely kin, and I think you see more of the same as we got from Bush and will get from the next POTUS.

Shifting gears, it has also came to my attention that there was a lot more to the so-called Ground Zero Mosque story than I would have guessed:

Matthew Phelan, “The Ground Zero Mosque Was an Inside Job,” Gawker/Black Bag, 11 September 2014:

You’ll note the involvement of the son of a man shot by a bag lady, allegedly a CIA drug smuggling money man. You’ll note the involvement of a FBI consultant. I was entirely unaware of any of this when I was doing work on the project in late 2009.

You’ll also see, if you click on the tax form, the Aspen address. Aspen is home to the Aspen Institute and it’s Aspen Strategy Group and is another of those spy-world-magnet places, where there are annual meetings of spies and muckity-mucks.

You may also recall I. ‘Scooter’ Libby’s “poem” to Judy Miller of the New York Times:

You went into jail in the summer. It is fall now. You will have stories to cover — Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program. Out west, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work — to life.

Tim Grieve, “Scooter Libby, Judy Miller and those turning aspens: What did Libby mean in his cryptic letter to Miller? She provides some clues,” Salon, 31 January 2007:

Between MKULTRA killers/targets, Aspen, Plamegate, the Cordoba House, and connections to not one but two agencies in the intelligence community, this is a meme hurricane. I don’t much know what to make of it except it does fit with some of those other clients I mention in the chapter linked at top of this post.

The only other things I’ll add is that this might not only serve the Republicans but the Democrats as well. Not that the Democrats really want peace, but that many who vote for them believe that they do, and that’s all that matters. The Ground Zero Mosque may have been an op to mobilize the bases of both main parties, and not just the Republicans.

But one should also note that this heavily implies the involvement of the intelligence community in elections. I would say that that is the biggest no-no for them, but there are so many no-nos to choose from, many of which we already know to have been violated, eg, CIA not only spying domestically but on the US Senate, torture, DoD spying on protestors, FBI’s parallel construction and entrapment ops, etc.

Just gets weirder and weirder and yet somehow clearer and clearer.

Still More Wicked Game Updating

This time I added what happened at the 2008 Halloween party and how the host is under future blackmail should he ever decide to run for office plus a few other changes. A sad chapter title, but he definitely owns it.

Still requires some updating regarding what and how things were done. We, the outsiders, can only guess. Often there are more mundane and elegant ways to provide effects that seem like magic or high-tech, but are actually simple and ingenious.

You’re stuck with me, alas, because people in this part of the shadow sector don’t blow the whistle. Tels sont les psychopathes.

Living Hell

There are many reasons not to post things like this. For one, those responsible may assume they have succeeded at least in part with what they were attempting to do. Second, they may try to adjust in order to improve their approach. Third, this is a learning process for them as well, and they can, have and will apply it to torture other people.

I am choosing to do so in the hopes that other TIs will understand better what is being done to them.

I suppose I should throw in that, since I added DIA (and DARPA) to the direct list of suspects, things have taken a darker turn. This is pure speculation, I could have it backwards or be completely wrong about which specifically was responsible for what, but it seems as though, if the latest round of remote torture is the work of DIA, they are even more…what is the word? I hate to use ‘evil’…it sounds so cartoonish. But then, as I was saying elsewhere in a different context, humans devoid of compassion, empathy, guilt and decency are two-dimensional. There is no justification for any of what has been done to me and other TIs.

Speaking of whom, I should probably point out again that yet another probable goal is simply training field operatives. See Robert Baer’s first book about his CIA training. Part of it was he and the rest of his class going live on the citizens of Washington, DC, if I remember correctly. One test was getting oneself into an apartment. This could be accomplished by any means I assume but the expected method was talking one’s way in.

Additionally, there was that convicted professional killer, “Iceman,” Richard Kuklinski. He was interviewed and discussed training others and trying out new methods. Often, a random individual was chosen. Police would never solve these kinds of killings because there was no personal motive, no connection between the killer and the deceased.

Extend that to the electronic harassment and behavioral modification methods. TIs are, in part, crash test dummies for training new Jar Heads who may eventually be deployed overseas. However, even if that is true, it does not mean that targets are not chosen for other reasons (discrediting someone deemed a threat to control and training at the same time…I know some of what I experienced in Brooklyn sure seemed that way, Anthony and Balding being a prime example). It also feeds into what I’ve been saying, slowly turning up the distrust, eating away at the fabric of civility and society which means mercenaries get more contracts to “keep the peace.” It’s all of that: increasing capabilities through training and research, profiting, and increasing power of those who control the tech and their financial allies.

That aside, I will relate last evening’s session of voice-to-skull or whatever means was employed…it may be something I haven’t even thought of yet, that has no hint of existing in any of the public record apart from–this is established fact–DARPA’s request of the private sector to create “synthetic telepathy.” That means primarily an electronic equivalent of what mankind has dreamed of in the supernatural for a long, long time.

Or it might be as I’ve already stated. The apparent ability to “hear” my silent thought replies might just be because they are “scripting” my responses. They say something, I think a response, and that response is simply them saying something again. It’s a magic trick. Maybe.

First, I was unable to sleep. I could tell I was being harassed. Involuntary thoughts, none particularly pleasant. They mostly centered around my dead long term relationship. As I’ve noted over and over again, as seems plain when they have ruined politicians or tried using sex or other means, it’s largely about probing for weaknesses. As is blatantly obvious, I am someone who does not easily give up on people, not even when they disappoint me over and over again, not even when their every action or inaction implies that they just wish I was dead.

For example, I was brainwashed (see item 12 from the MK-Ultra memo, dependence on someone else) in early January. And yet, I tried repeatedly to save my dying relationship. It wasn’t that I wanted to abandon the longterm one, it was when it became plain that it was going to go away (I had assumed foolishly temporarily) that it wasn’t as crushing. When I knew that they drugged (or just as likely hit him with electronic emotion manipulation while at work at Google) and he was close to what seemed to me to be the worst depression I had ever seen him in, it was suddenly in his best interests that I get away. Or so it seemed. He might be safer if I left.

They knew all of that. That was why they hit it from so many angles, so many different ways of intentionally destroying it and those other aspects of my life: long friendships, my job, my financial security, etc.

So, the past week has largely been about banging on that, sudden reminders about it, implied things that, sadly, are at least partially true. Here is someone who, apart from family, I have known longer than anyone else I’ve ever known, spent more time with, been more intimate with, had the longest relationship with.

He does not seem to care one iota. I don’t know how, even given this unbelievable situation, that he could have so completely abandoned me in every way. Even ‘mind control’ seems to take a break now and again.

In any case, he seems to be doing quite fine. While I certainly don’t wish bad things for him, it also comes across to me as incredibly insensitive. I could and would never have left him in the state he threw me out in. I just could not do that. At least not before trying everything I could think of to make it right.

But that’s the point. The reason they are hammering this specifically is what it implies on a larger scale. If someone I have known and been friends with for over two decades doesn’t give a s*** if I’m dead, how could anyone else?

Last night, when I thought at last I might drift off (a bit before the previous post went up), I was “told” to check my ex’s FB page. “I” thought, “I don’t care.” Meaning, he’s moved on, so am I, leave it alone. What choice is there? The reply, “You might!”

Now, some of you who have not been through your government thinking it should be able to murder anyone it damn well pleases might wonder why I did what they suggested. There were a couple of reasons, of course. Still some concern, had something horrible happened?

But the main reason is I knew (many, many times this has happened) they would continue to bother me about it until I did as suggested. Preferring sleep to being tortured, I did it.

The very top post in his feed was a photo of one of what once was our dogs with his nephew in my ex’s new house which he bought with his new husband.

Now, anyone with the capability can check exactly what and when I did it. I initially tried to get to his page via my mobile browser with no success. I checked my general newsfeed first to see if I could find it there because for some reason I could not find his page directly. V2K suggested using the app instead. I found it there.

This is what our government does. Why expose me to all of this tech and then try to kill me for it? Why involve me in the first place?

I don’t really have an answer. It seems clear there are at least two parties involved, one thinking it should be public, one desiring to use the tech for ill ends.

While I have a clearly biased view based on having been on the wrong end of it, I am not much happy with the other group either. I was and am clearly still being used. I don’t appreciate that even when the reasons might seem justified, for the “greater good.” it’s still f***ing slavery.

All of these people are in the way of any sort of life I could lead or could have lead. One effect of torture over time is referred to as “learned helplessness.” Essentially, it’s the victim being conditioned to be dependent on the torturers. I suppose that might be the reasoning in part for the occasional (more and more rare) helpful V2K suggestion. The longer this goes on, the lower the chances for any sort of recovery, the greater the chance of a successful coverup. They know this. The stress alone (which probably isn’t as high as you might expect) increases the chances of disease. They know this.

Even if I could work a fulltime job (and that’s a real question) I have zero f***ing indication that they wouldn’t just get me released from it again. It’s the same with various phony offers of unpaid things I would normally be interested in. This is the problem. One group is in the way of that and the other isn’t doing what it should to put an end to it, just half-assed pushing others in the way as proxies. I see no point in attempting to do those things when the people who should be putting an end to it refuse, are too afraid, are too dumb or ignorant, or just don’t care. It’s just an exercise in frustration, something else to watch be snatched away while cowards do nothing to end it.

Is that learned helplessness? I don’t know. It is obvious that it is true, they can take anything away and there is no opposition to speak of. Exposure is the only way to end covert harassment / organized stalking / intel community abuse of its own citizens. But here we sit with Joe Lieberman accusing the Obama administration of not being tough enough on whistleblowers and he is not running for re-election and therefore has nothing to lose by clamping down on the only issue that really matters: ending NK/Intra.

And that, ladies and germs, is why I come across as so angry. I am. Torture will do that.

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES: Phantom Sounds, Sights and Symptoms (Updated)

(UPDATE: Added paragraph enclosed with asterisks below).

Ran across this piece from my defunct LiveJournal account. It was “code” for a particularly harried couple of days, when the harassment was intense and near constant. When I wrote it, I was drugged, had my head messed with incessantly, and was sleep deprived.

Note: Friends again… Jumps topics a bit.

It’s not the micros growing in it {that I can deal with), but rather the fiber. Who knew you could drink or otherwise take in couffee like that?

To the young gents who fixed it, I forgive you. Undoubtedly you thought you were doing the right thing. Who knows what kind of pretty things you heard about fixing coffee?

In an unrelated topic, my first longterm job in NYC was with an environmental
consulting firm. Of course. I didnt do the dirty work, I was the IT guy. Only entered containment twice in my nine years with them (and both times, well protected by positive air pressure).

And yet, it’s plausible, isn’t it? Cannot deny that.

I can see why Fleming would avoid writing about such a scene: It’s excruciatingly slow.

The events were in January. I have noted most of them before but no all together. I will try to recall their order and piece them together.

The misspelling of coffee as I read this today I initially thought was a typo. Then I recalled that it wasn’t. It was a reference to the unending coughing I had been experiencing for weeks. It wasn’t until after I posted this on LiveJournal (to friends only apparently) that I figured out it wasn’t asbestos exposure.

January 2010, I was trying to sleep at the condo in Brooklyn. The noise upstairs (seemingly coming from the apartment rented by Anthony and another young man, who as I have written, I believe to be employees of some government apparatus, possibly DHS, or a contractor to the same) was becoming unbearable. The drugs and/or EMP/HPM effects enhanced my sensitivity to them as did the harassment on the street, on the Internet, at work, etc.

As I lay in bed half awake, I sort of heard was sounded like a metal flexible duct being shoved through the wall. There was something off about the sound. It was muffled somehow. I was not sure as I lay there half asleep if I was dreaming it. I forced my eyes open at one point to prove I wasn’t. But the sound was odd, as if in my head but not “in my ears.” I knew absolutely nothing about voice-to-skull at this point.

After the sound abated, the central heat kicked on. Then I had a coughing fit that was probably the worst yet. I tasted salt in my mouth, which I assumed to be blood.

The thought suddenly occurred to me, they might be attempting to dose me with asbestos. A plausible way to murder someone who once worked for an environmental consulting company (yes, the one bought by Bain Capital). Of course, that leap in logic was also the result of electronic brainhacking of some sort. This happened a lot, and was why I got so many things wrong at the beginning of Squidgate. It is in part the fact that I have had so much disinfo shoved into my head that did not fit the facts that I am able to usually pick them out. The other part was learning the hard way just how vicious and sick the individuals are who think this stuff up and how obedient the field people are at following their orders. In case you are still having trouble wrapping your head around that, read or re-read the Operation Northwoods memorandum. Shooting down a plane full of American college students in order to false-flag their way into invading Cuba says all you need to know about the mindset. We are all expendable to them except as cannon-fodder, walking ATMs, and cover for the extinction of “free will” voting.

Now wide awake and mourning my own demise (not for the last time, this happened a few times until I got bored with that too) and unable to stop the coughing any other way, I decided to step out on the balcony and try to paralyze my cilia with nicotine. (Hey, dying anyway, why worry?).

That was when I saw the two “clouds.” Projected onto my cerebral cortex electronically, I saw the two CGI-looking clouds, one a shark and one a mushroom cloud. As I wrote before, there was something off about the color. Grey with shadows of magenta and blue. This “vision” was such that I couldn’t understand why it didn’t have a soundtrack. I recognize in retrospect that that was because it looked like a movie and would have either have had music or sound effects to go with it if it had been in one.

At the time, I sort of thought, “Okay, I’ve been dosed with a drug.” But not really, because it didn’t seem like something my unconscious would do if I had been. “LSD” served as a placeholder until I could figure out what that and the sounds earlier actually were (see the Sony patent link at right).

I went in and wrote the above LJ entry and that was when I realized that the salt taste was from all of the salt being used to melt the snow and ice. Natural that I would breathe it in.

In any case, I was at last ready to go to the doctor to get rid of the cough. (That despite being told that my now ex-partner had been considering trying to get me committed to a mental institution behind my back. Had he been successful, who knows, Lynnae Williams and I might have been wingmates.

Pardon the bitterness–I recognize that was brainhacking as well–but I cannot forget that I did not even once consider such a thing when he had his deep depressions over the loss of his mother, etc. and at least checked with someone before getting him into the NYC suicide-watch-system. Not to mention supporting him financially when he was jobless. Again, I know basically how that happened, but it’s still a bit bothersome that I manage to resist while others who have known mw for a decade or longer don’t seem capable. Makes you look at your fellow humans differently. As I also wrote elsewhere, this happened to Technodyne’s ‘Mark’ and is currently happening to some poor fellow on Facebook as he wrote on Organized Gang Stalking is Terrorism’s wall. A reason why, knowing I have repeatedly alerted the authorities that is happening and that I am far from the first to do so, “the authorities” suck. But, hey, it’s okay everyone, Goldman Sachs is doing great!).

In waiting for the appointment at home, there was considerable noise again. That was when I blasted the “America the Beautiful” (or was it “The Star Spangled Banner”?) and it stopped.

I looked out the front window and there was Balding who had just arrived, laughing but also looking very pissed off (the narrative, whether true or not, was that the song had given those under his charge pause in their harassment).

Before I left, I decided to fight rather than submit to being labelled mentally disturbed. It was quite tempting…I figured I might be left alone if I just played along with whatever diagnosis they could come up with.

*** But there was that person who, it seemed at the time, was depending on me not giving up. That dude in the deli on January 3, 2010. I just couldn’t let it go because of that. So, the LJ post just before I left (see below). This might have been the first time that the deli event bore any meaning at all. It would increase as time went on (such as the encounter with the would-be/implied assassin at McDonalds and resulting shock in February). ***

I went in and ‘Balding’, my favorite Disaffected, was there. I had seen him a few times, usually wearing a fuzzy Russian hat and bright orange coat (again, this is standard discrediting stuff…drugged and dazzled with descriptions that no cop would believe). Balding was reading his BlackBerry (my tweets about the noise and playing the song, it was supposed to be apparent). I just laughed.

Then came the appointment and the attempt to get me to do the blood test early…I was now convinced that I had been misdiagnosed with diabetes from a previous situation like that. The nurse and I had words (this was after I expressly told the receptionist that I could not do the blood test until the appointment time. See how they try to provoke you?).

Eventually we did the appointment. The doctor knew something was awry. I got the impression that DHS had foisted the nurse on him and that Balding had wanted to speak to her. I could here the doctor whispering intensely in the hallway to her, “That man wants to talk to you. Right there! That man right there!”

So it was easy to convince him that I wanted a placebo in order to make my partner feel better. I had also posted just before leaving on LJ about an event I attended with now former Rep. Wexler on the subject of impeaching Dick Cheney. I gave him the link and was to come back for the blood test results later.

During lunch, my partner and I chose one with a bunch of old Saturday morning cartoon characters on the walls. I was horrified and excited at the same time. They were so brightly colored, it seemed. It was like ears ringing for the eyes. Another indication that I had been drugged and that DHS or whoever was covering it up by running the appointment.

I went back and saw the best results I had gotten in years. I tweeted about that (and how it might be a state or federal law about tampering with medical records, I was at the time thinking they were genuine) later in the evening and immediately saw a bunch of people I did not know piling into a minivan laughing. The phony harassing narrative being they were going to alter the records. (This was what l meant by people tripping over each other, I don’t know that I even saw that group again).

They were treating the appointment as though I was being recruited.

I deleted my LiveJournal account on February 8, 2010 as a result of these harassing events / violation of my First Amendment rights. I did not keep a copy (and it’s a shame…had a short story up there I was rather fond of, though I was drugged when I wrote it so cannot know if it was any good. It was about a bridge).

So there are some examples as to how the tech is interwoven with more traditional covert ops, psyops, etc., and how sad it is that Congress prefers the kickbacks they get from Top Secret America to looking out for their constituency.

Top Secret America Operative Psychological Profile


I figure there are three general types involved actively in destroying America on the field level. Naturally, the motives for the people doing the heavy lifting have different motives than those who order and ignore what they do. It takes several ignored and neglected problems at once to make a perfect s*** storm, such as we have today.


“Who cares?”

This dude or dudette is is your typical see-it-all type. He has seen good co-workers get destroyed over stupid s*** and seen the worst of the lot get promoted, rewarded and, once they take a walk out the revolving door, become wealthy. She is jaded, pessimistic and thinks at times that the human race is a waste of space.

So why not do whatever you can to make some other schmuck’s life a living hell? You’re being paid for it, Congress doesn’t want to know what you’re really doing (even though they clearly have an inkling) and it’s one of your only joys in life seeing someone even more miserable than you and even less deserving of punishment.

This type might wind up an interrogator, planner of disrupting First Amendment activities, infiltrating and discrediting groups dedicated to protecting Americans, or other sorts of ops. That they are not allowed much in the way of personal relationships, so they are usually closest to their targets, living vicariously through them until they manage to make the target’s life so hellish that the thought of that becomes abhorrent.

‘Balding’ is likely this type. Probably, he secretly hates his superiors, Congress, humans in general due to having seen so much of their scumbagginess, but has done so much illegal stuff that he is essentially blackmailed into being a slave of the broken system, and so continues as an evil clown.

The Disaffected is usually smart enough to realize exactly how broken and f***ed up things are. He or she may retreat into alcohol and multiple meaningless sex partners in order to escape thinking about it for a time.


“It gets better, right?”

This person is likely younger, a college graduate, and less experienced than the Disaffected. He or she decided on this hellish profession without realizing exactly how much it truly sucks for anyone who actually cares about their country and fellow human as much as the Dupe did when seeking employment. The surprises just keep coming and the Dupe begins to wonder how the Disaffected trainer, manager, or partner has survived if it’s always been this screwed up. He has yet to completely grasp how the Disaffected thinks. She laughs at the Jarhead’s jokes (see below) but a little uneasily.

The Dupe is on one of several paths. Becoming a Disaffected is one. Quitting or finding a job in a less screwy related field is another. It is unlikely that the Dupe will become a Jarhead due to having on average fifteen to twenty points of IQ over him.

Anthony is likely this kind. Well-meaning to some degree but all too willing to please his superiors and about as possible of fighting the system at a German guard at Auschwitz. She doesn’t sleep a lot, but being young, overworked and constantly fed phony reports about his fellow citizens, he rarely has time to stop and think about it.

In the rare times he does, he probably thinks he can change things for the better while going along to get along. When he realizes that that belief is a lie he tells himself, he will likely already be a Disaffected.


“That’s our flag!”

The Jarhead believes “my country, right or wrong.” Since he or she believes this, there is little point in wondering which category anything he is asked to do happens to fall under. He likes to see people in pain, it gives him a feeling of power and accomplishment. He will do whatever the hell he is told without question.

He has been taught that anyone who is not white, male, straight, American, conservative and Christian is not to be trusted and in fact is the enemy. Therefore he makes no bones whatsoever about what is asked. The idea that much of what he is asked to do only profits a few, the notion that what made his country great was the notion of rights for all, the idea that the more harsh and depraved and less professional and humane he acts actually makes his country less safe are all completely lost on him.

One day, he will be working side-by-side with robots and Dupes that have had their behaviors modified (“zombies”). He won’t notice the difference.

The Jarhead is the most likely person to be on the other end of the voice-to-skull device. His training makes up for his lack of intelligence and he is well-trained. He probably hates “fags”, liberals, etc. so using it gives him a feeling of personal satisfaction while also giving him the “doing God’s will” high that suicide bombers get just before blowing themselves and others up.

Jarheads can be older and the man who was illegally spying on Scahill’s apartment in November of 2009 likely fits the bill.

False Narratives


I had planned to link to it, but kept losing the link. There was an interview with a former high-ranking officer on The Daily Show back in 2009. He was selling his book. The point of it: controlling the narrative is the key to winning wars in the 21st century.

Whether that’s staging the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue (brought to you by INSCOM, if memory serves), lying about the circumstances of Pat Tilman’s death (turned out to be friendly fire), that someone like Dakota Meyer or Lynnae Williams is insane (I think I’ve explained both adequately; just aren’t certain as to why Lynnae was targeted), etc. it’s all about selling lies.

I have tried diligently to tell the truth. There are always a number of obstacles to doing that. Mostly, it’s memory. Some of this stuff happened quickly, some of it during periods in which I was drugged, sometimes I may not want to include details that might get someone else harmed.

It was probably July or August of 2010. Recall again that, “He’s not coming,” was repeated often referring to that unknown person I was brainwashed over. One of those messages, one of the first, came on “Juneteenth” (a Sunday set aside for various community events every year) at the park at which I was volunteering to help the DFL and OFA. That also coincided with my ex making it clear that we were through (though we did give it a brief go a few months later, but that was just so the CIA could try again to get me to target S**** by having my ex suggest it. I told him then no, that he was a witness as well. Damn this agency, it’s does more harm than good). Got that? Two “dear john” messages within minutes of each other. And then dealing with DNC bulls***.

(I will never forgive them trying to take advantage of my misery. Not ever. That we are engaged in a war that they may yet be forced to actually do something about, may actually have to do something besides talk to help the average American is all that there is to our “alliance.” As far as I’m concerned, they are only superficially different from the inhumans on the other side of the aisle. They have the same lack of empathy, the same selfishness, just maybe a little guilt they alleviate by pretending to help and then lose time and again to the GOP).

But that was June. Okay. He is not coming after all. Why?

They tried, and actually succeeded for a short period of time, in convincing me that he had jumped to his death off of the tall apartment building in Brooklyn where I had seen someone perhaps resembling him in February. That was where I forwarded the catalog that got returned “no such person.”

The reason for the jump was because of the novella (I think I recently referred to it as a novelette; these terms actually mean something in terms of length; novella is correct). In it, a character, Aron, jumps off of a cliff.

Now, do I need to spell that out? The person (who is not real, just a joke played on me in a deli in January of 2010, on my birthday no less) I was brainwashed to be dependent on through the careful use of psychology, drugs, voice-to-skull, etc., had committed suicide because of something I wrote. I “saw” it (this one was visual, fake remote viewing instead of remote listening). It seemed real even if it wasn’t.

Now, I wouldn’t say I completely believed it. But it was an explanation as to why, this person who had seemed so keen on me helping out Peter, could not or would not come and visit me once the trial was over.

I did believe it enough that I took down the novella from the blog. Maybe it was what was going to happen, not what already had.

The funny thing? Well, all of the characters are technically me, it’s always that way with authors, even in I suppose non-fiction. Because even then you are developing a “character” from other sources, picking and choosing what to include and in which order to present them. Even when that person actually exists.

But Aron was a lot closer to being “me” (with the euphoria) than who I imagined this other person to be. Ken, on the other hand is sort of a cypher. We don’t know much about what is going on inside Ken’s head.

That was the trick: sort of do a superficial this but a personality that. Switch them around and then at the end have them “merge” as one.

I don’t recall much of the days that followed thinking, as a dog does after only a few days of its owner’s absence, that he must be dead. There was a lot of drinking. A lot of sleeping during the day. A lot of crying, probably. A lot of dark, angry thoughts. I don’t much recall.

There were many other similar things they tried. Was he an operative, maybe one who worked with Anthony and ‘Balding’? Why the f*** not? Those two certainly didn’t mind inflicting pain one iota.

The one they pushed the most often was that he was from some wealthy family…you know…illuminati or whatever. That was backed up by reminding me of the weirdness surrounding a fellow D&D player who said he was interviewed to work for one of those extremely wealthy families who pretends to be middle class. They actually exist. Pretty sure it’s been covered in the press at some point. Primary reasons given for living that way are to give their kids (who may not even know how wealthy they are) a more middle class type upbringing and to avoid potential kidnappings. I think Paul McCartney at least tried to live that way to some extent at some point for his kids. Obviously, they knew who their dad was, that they were well off financially, but that was the idea.

Anyway the acquaintance did not get the job. “Was it a background check of some sort?” was what they tried to push. Well, that and you have to try commit suicide to be considered “brave” enough to be asked to join the illuminati and also be a complete evil prick. See how their bulls*** goes? Behave evil, do evil, and you’ll be rewarded by your dreamboat and riches…

Which is similar to the guy who shot Chasen in Hollywood. He was convinced he was getting $10,000 for the job, he told a neighbor, and yet police confirmed that he was never actually told that by anyone.

There are so many more they tried to pass off as fact, I’ll have to relate them later as they come. But using items 11 and 12 from the 1955 MK/ULTRA draft memo, followed by trying to make me think that I killed that person? That’s another assassination attempt. I grant difficult to prove because these people have no oversight and are never held responsible for what they do. Also, the technology and even the psychology has yet to be commonly known (again, Frey effect was discovered in the 1930s; why has it never been in a movie, on a science channel, etc.?). And it’s my word against the monsters’.

So that was it.

One other thing they did was after I found out on Facebook that my ex got married on 11/11/11 (despite assertions that we would keep in touch and be honest with each other—I assume he did it to inflict pain. And why not? it’s easy to kick people when they’re down, just ask CIA), I “heard” what was supposed to be his new hubbies voice say, “It’s none of his business.” Saw my ex around a month after that in December, he said no such comment was ever uttered, that his husband is laid back and left all of those decisions up to my ex. I believed that, which confirmed that at least some of the V2K stuff was complete lies.

Imagine if instead I had done what they wanted: confronted the two of them in anger. It’s a pattern. One that plenty of other people failed to notice in time and are now newspaper headlines as a result.

Yes. CIA and DOD are playing a proxy war. This is how Loughner and Breivik came to be. This is how they “built” Ted Kaczynski. This is how they drove Bruce Ivins insane.

And, why not? They have no compunction at all about inflicting death either. This is how they got several planes hijacked on 9/11. Recall, Charlie Wilson’s war—presence in Afghanistan, that is opportunity. Recall, oil and gas exploration in the 1990s in Afghanistan, that is one motive. Recall, Taliban visiting Texas, that showed interest in cooperation with American business, if not actual cooperation. Recall, Clinton refusing to recognize the Taliban government due to civil rights issues surrounding their treatment of women, followed by an assassination attempt by Al Qaeda that missed.

Yep. No wonder they are fighting so hard. The whole damn house of cards is in play.

Definitions and Examples

(Note: this is a work in progress. I will be adding to it and modifying it over the coming week).

Organized Stalking


ANCHORING – Focusing the cause of the stalking on some false lead; also making the TI focus on some specific item, color, etc. via constant exposure to same during stressful events.

Examples: Balding wore a bright orange coat and and a silly “Russian” fur hat. There were also several other people walking around, usually in front of my apartment, with other bright primary color clothing. This included two young military-looking men in blue who both jogged by while I was watching one or two similarly dressed individuals playing with something on the roof of the apartment building catty-corner from Jeremy Scahill’s apartment building, having a conversation on Twitter and watching (without my glasses) a doppelgänger interaction in front of the apartment building two doors from my own.

BAITING / ENTRAPMENT – Encouraging and setting up situations wherein the TI may unknowingly break a law or be encouraged to do so.

Example one: Jared encouraging me to go get a gun because “people are being hurt.” This is the clearest indication that the US government is encouraging homegrown terrorism. The more strife there is, the more money CIA, DHS, and DOD are given, the more limited our civil liberties become. These people represent a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States and should be treated as terrorist organizations because that is what they are. That they have protection from certain members of Congress only further illustrates that it is well past time to go Elliot Ness on somebody’s a**. That entire affair was designed to make me think initially that Doctorow/EFF and later FBI was responsible. That’s how I know it was neither.

Example two: Driving Jerry’s car so it would not get ticketed and towed after he passed out at my apartment. While it was his car, on paper, I would learn later, it appears to belong to someone else because though money passed hands they never tidied up the paperwork. This “punishes” a good deed which sums up just how evil the CIA and DOD have become. They don’t want kindness, love and compassion, they want fear, hatred and spite. They are fascists, corporatists, racists, bigots, nazis, and religious radicals. The worst combination imaginable.

Further, they consider “the troops” expendable, tools, a means to a greedy end, and therefore are deserving of neither respect nor mercy. Insurrection, rebellion, mutiny all carry the death penalty. To get a feel for the mindset, read the FOIA on Operation Northwoods. They do not care if they get soldiers and civilians killed, only that the Complex gets fed no-bid contracts. They are the worst imaginable example of America, they are a cancer, they are evil incarnate. I look forward to the future Nuremberg trials and only wish I could be the one pulling the lever. I would sleep soundly, except I’d party all night first. They are responsible for more death and pain in the world than Osama Bin Laden could have dreamed of. Justice may be slow, but it’s not dead.

BRIGHTING – Flashing of bright lights at the TI for various purposes. When combined with certain drugs (such a mefloquine), the exposure to this kind of stimulus is torturous. Noise campaigns are also done for similar reasons. Extended sleep deprivation can cause the TI to further behave irrationally and make them more susceptible to voice-to-skull suggestions.

Example: even my partner noticed the strange, loud, brightly lit garbage truck that drove slowly by the apartment early one morning. I think it was he (though I had the same thought) who said it more resembled a UFO the way it sounded and was overlit. Imagine my internal reaction having been unknowingly drugged.

CAR ACCIDENTS – Example: Ran my son over while he was riding his bike with a SUV in 2004. The driver, another young man about the same age, had hit multiple objects, ran over three or four dogs, and hit a few other people. This individual is the Loughner of driving, directed by voice-to-skull or some other tech to choose targets and to test it. It’s assassination-by-proxy. My son survived, broken collarbone, leg injury. This coincided with a debate on EZBoard over a religious question at a military school, as I recall. EZBoard was later hacked and many discussions disappeared systemwide. The FBI believed that a disgruntled former employee was responsible. That’s not impossible, just that he was directed, like the driver, via so-called mind control.

Note that the incident occurred not long before the GenCon Indy convention and that was where I would later meet NSA, DIA or ONI agent Anthony Gipe when he inserted himself into my social circle in 2005.

I also note that former CIA/DIA agent Lynnae Williams had a car accident.

COLOR HARASSMENT – Use of color as a harassing factor. Note the example at this website. This is reminiscent of the Men in Black incidents. The men were all wearing orange makeup and harassing witnesses to what I believe was the development phase of the U2 spy plane in the late 1940s.

See also ANCHORING, above.

CONVOY – Tailgating or driving by the TIs home.

Example: this one is an example of the hilarious. (Note- Heathcliff witnessed this as well). Must have been sixty or seventy police cars, all told. They just kept coming.

The hilarious part? They were all K9 units. Every last one. They were from all over Minnesota. I assume there was some kind of training thing going on in or near the Twin Cities, as my street is the main drag between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I actually saw several more the next day as well.

So, what was actually happening? Voice-to-skull was used to get me outside to see it (“Smoke time!”) and then to notice it. That is all. They were not (unless Governor Dayton has one helluva sense of humor) “targeting” me.

CROWDING / MOBBING – Groups of people box in or invade the personal space of the TI.

I have not experienced this per se. However, there was a period of time where I was getting my picture snapped repeatedly by people on the street. Most looked like the kinds of people who would read BoingBoing. Kinda trendy and nerdy at the same time. You can guess the false narrative, I suppose.

I also saw a Marine on the subway in 2010 snapping people’s pictures and laughing maniacally as though he was listening to some voice the rest of us could not hear. I suppose I was a little relieved it was a camera and not a gun.

CYBER-STALKING – Many, many examples of this. Changing my default iTunes language to Farsi is one. Using my comic book contact email to create a Skype account in the name of one of the comic book characters (and who knows WTF was said over Skype by these a-holes?) resulting in the cancelation of the email account by NSA/Google. After the October 2009 breaking into and robbing my local comic store, leaving a mess with my comic sitting on top of it, you have to assume these people do not give a s*** about the Constitution/First Amendment.

Additionally, they frequently send politicians and others emails that appear to originate from me but did not. I’ve documented that here and elsewhere.

DIRECTED CONVERSATIONS – Definitely both run by operatives and via voice-to-skull. This is an intimidation and mindf*** tactic. Some stranger says something to you that they have no apparent way of knowing. Something private or old.

Now, it’s been said that when someone runs a background check on you for, for example, sensitive work, they will find out everything about you, will speak to everyone you have ever known, etc. That’s part of, but not all, of “how” they pull off this trick. Here’s the rest.

First, when someone says, “I’ve never told anyone that before,” they probably have and have forgotten. For example, I forgot that I had mentioned a couple of times how the CIA was hiring Mormons at a strange rate in the 1980s while at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. It came up because there was an actor slated to play Joseph Smith in a propaganda piece. So, when someone wrote more recently, “The LDS has what’s left of my family now,” the message is clear (even if that’s a bit off on the truth of the matter) and I recall having talked about it.

Likewise Heathcliff repeating what my mother said to me on the payphone at the NJSF. Our stay at NJSF was a CIA/DOD operation. Of course they recorded all of that. (It’s things like this that make you lament/celebrate the sad state of the intel community).

Additionally, there is the psychology of shotgun memes. In other words, they might hit you in one day with twenty or thirty things that would, under the same circumstances, alarm most people. It’s just that you only notice the one or two or three that are on your mind. It seems like the supernatural but you filtered out the twenty plus other attempts that didn’t work. This is, in my opinion, the basis for fortunetelling: they tell you five vague things only one of which has to come to pass in order for it to seem divinatory.

Example: I met a homeless man in early 2010 in Manhattan. Gave him some money. As I was walking away, he said, “Look out for the sharks.”

Not actually sure if he was operative or if that was V2K. I turned back around and said, “Ok, now I have to know, why did you say that?”

He explained that he had read in the papers that someone’s son, someone else’s daughter, had been eaten by sharks recently in Central or South America.

See the connection to me giving him money? Me neither.

This was plain and simple scumbaggery threats against my son. Not the only example, not by a longshot. There were other examples of the shark meme (“…with my swimfins on my back” and the shark cloud via Sony’s cerebral cortex toy detailed elsewhere on this blog) as well, which was why I stopped to ask him why he said it. I lean toward V2K, but there was something about him that didn’t quite fit the NYC homeless pattern either. In any case, he didn’t seem hostile.

DOPPELGANGER – A person who resembles another person, living or dead, currently or in the past (that is, they might be an impossibly young version of someone you know). This is sometimes combined with the use of drugs and voice-to-skull to enhance the TIs reaction.

Examples: January of 2010, after getting locked out of my place of work without explanation, saw a cross between Jacques Cousteau and Peter Watts in Midtown Manhattan near Midtown Comics, while waiting for the store to open. Saw at least three doppelgängers of former CIA anti-terror agent Larry Johnson, two in Brooklyn and one online, apparent owner of a blog who commented on the Squidgate story (the one who said, “Hasn’t the guy ever heard of a lock and chain?” in reference to Watts’ laptop).


GHOSTING – Moving, temporarily hiding or rearranging property in order to disturb the TI and make any complaints about the rearranging and suddenly reappearing property seem as though they are coming from a deranged person. This serves to further isolate the TI from law enforcement, to undo what Sir Robert Peel said was essential for the success of law and order: the public and the police must be one. These people are driving a wedge of distrust between people and the government for personal gain, to profit off of discord, like Blackwater in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Example: the disappearance for three days of a black bag and writing Moleskin within it in January 2010. It reappeared next to the apartment door three days later. This, and the lights flickering and noises from the apartment above (where Anthony and roommate were renting that condo) were right out of the film Gaslight. My partner and I watched the film the previous November after recording it on or just before Halloween.

MIMICRY – Korean in the movie theater December 2009 did that. When I showed my partner the copy of The Boys I had just bought, the funny little man next to me got out his book and started reading it in a bizarre fashion. When I got out a cough drop, he did likewise. Pure intel community skullf***ery designed to destroy my life because I witnessed the testing of this kind of crap in 1989 and 1990.

Additionally, as the White House has undoubtedly figured out by now, it was about trying to make a “fan” of George Clooney, Barack Obama, the Clintons, Jeremy Scahill, Robert Baer, supporter of Joe and Valerie Wilson look like a terrorist and/or a deranged person like Jared Lee Loughner. Note anything consistent in that list? How about that the fire at the Conway’s occurred on Bill Kristol’s birthday, December 23rd? I actually emailed Bill to warn him that someone was trying to direct my ire at him and that there might be others.

Another example, that cow who was loudly repeating what I was saying to my ex-partner on the phone in Minneapolis while on the Stone Arch Bridge (I ended it by saying to her, “Ain’t that the f***ing truth?” Brooklyn style. Minnesotans are not used to direct confrontation, preferring the passive-aggressive “Minnesota nice.” That shut her up). She was probably an operative. This is the level of s***headery we have in the intel community these days and she was enjoying harassing me too much to be just a baseline a**hole.


TI – Targeted Individual.

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