Missing Data, Logical Fallacies, And Psych Coverups

The document I link below is a great example of either well-meaning, and yet not entirely correct, analysis; or a downright misleading response. In and of itself, it might seem innocuous. If you look a bit closer, you might see a problem with regards to the diagnosis of what is and what is not “delusional.” After all, what better way to hide criminality than to say the person reporting it is delusional? *


The authors mention MKULTRA being invoked, but fail to mention the MKULTRA included several subprojects studying various mental disorders and that there hasn’t really been any suggestion as to why apart from the obvious reasons I detail below, ie, to mimic mental illness in order to harass, discredit, and ultimately character “assassinate” a target.

Similarly, they invoke similarities between 17th century “mind control” but fail to note the the Central Intelligence Agency is just as capable of reading history as the researchers are. This is again one of those situations where the perceived order of events is jumbled to create one picture when another is possible {see, from the Snowden docs, Gambits for Deception, “Time-shift Perceived Behaviour”}. That is, they point to similarities between pre-CIA mental disorders suggesting the phenomenon is connected to the former but fail to acknowledge CIA is aware of this and capable of using it to hide their involvement.

They also fail to mention one of the main stated goals was to mimic other ailments including the symptoms of them. So why not mimic demonic possession while you’re at it? And one should note that LSD sprang from the supposed origin behind werewolf legends: Ergot.

It’s all right there in the CIA memo included in the Senate report on MKULTRA, see items 1 and 5:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

2. Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.

3. Materials which will prevent or counteract the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

4. Materials which will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

You don’t even have to delve into the American Psychology Association’s strong connections to both MKULTRA and the post-9/11 torture scandal. But I’ll mention it anyway.

But the interesting part of the paper is how they are suggesting that simply because a culture or subculture believes a certain thing does not mean–as it has been historically!–that the belief should not be considered “delusional.” In other words, authority, perhaps corporate mainstream news, should decide what is and what is not delusional without regards to who otherwise does and does not believe it.

It is of course in the current climate difficult to defend many, but not all, non-mainstream beliefs. The phrase “fake news” invokes all sorts of interesting responses for example.

Then there’s been concerted attempts at, for example, painting Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporters as either Russian PSYOP dupes or sympathizers, mentally ill, or some combination of the above.

Now read the footnote. ;}

* Turns out that practice may actually have a long–read: over a century–history of being practiced in rich families where some unscrupulous family members didn’t like what was written in the will. We can all imagine their lawyers challenging the sanity of the dying patron or matron, but the “ghostlighting” portion employed to use it may have lead to the strict-ish adherence of judges sticking to the “sound mind at the time the will was signed” decision.

Seems there was a lot of people seemingly “going crazy” after signing wills that became disputed even late 19th century. Haven’t explored/researched this enough to speak to specifics yet, but thought it interesting to note what should be unsurprising: There’s a point where greed and subterfuge meet in the real world and all the fluff, pop culture and big corporate news crap cannot hide that fact.

Maybe this time “the will” is the Constitution.

New Atheists and Old Un-/Intended Consequences

“Our asylums are full of people who think they’re Napoleon. Or God.”

Even fascist assassins can find a gold nugget now and again. Of course nowadays, these people run multinationals, banks, Wall Street firms, government agencies, countries.


US Senate

US Senate/Committee on the Judiciary/Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, “Individual Rights and Federal Role in Behavior Modification,” November 1974:



As disturbing as behavior modification may be on a theoretical level, the unchecked growth of the practical technology of behavior control is cause for even greater concern. … As technology has expanded our capacity for meeting society’s needs, it has also increased, to a startling degree, our ability to enter and affect the lives of individual citizens.

In addition, the subcommittee has long been concerned with constitutional issues arising out of the treatment of the mentally ill. … In 1965 the Congress enacted The District of Columbia Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill Act…

—Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., subcommittee chairman

More recently

DC Department of Mental Health, “Saint Elizabeths Hospital and the U.S. Departmnent of Justice June 25, 2007 Settlement Agreement,” via Waybackmachine, 18 April 2011:


The DoJ investigated St. E’s due a rise in violence at the facility. Was this rise one element in a post-9/11 return of MKULTRA?

As I’ve written several times, whereas surveillance can be about learning about you, brainhacking can be about altering who you are. Voyeurism v rape is in some ways not a bad analogy apart from most of us not knowing how traumatic actual rape can be {and I do not seek to diminish that in any way}.


Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, “Penny Lane: Secret CIA Guantanamo Facility Trained Prisoners To Be Double Agents,” HuffPo, 26 November 2013:


But what is it that they were actually doing? When there are so many financial benefits to manufacturting terrorists instead of moles to point out drone targets, what is really happening comes into question.

It also seems likely that the program did not end, merely got moved elsewhere. They never give them up completely.

See the new top-tab-page here if you require more in order to understand how it is a wide range of methods from breaking down the personality and will, to inflicting psychological pain, to indoctrination. And note that none of the three top subjects were particularly religious, merely radical and/or mentally disturbed.

And the US government’s brainwashing document on the Soviet and Chinese Cold War methods. They know precisely what they are doing.

And Shaker Aamer’s document about his treatment.

And how in general there’s a corrupt psychiatric industrial complex:

Bruce E. Levine, “America’s Mental Health Industry Is a Threat to Our Sanity,” TruthOut, 8 January 2012:



I am starting to think that we are looking at an Ann Coulter type situation. Coulter’s popularity dropped considerably once TIME published the piece on her in 2005, the Right {and some on the Left who didn’t get it} quickly tried to distract us with a kerfuffle about the cover photo. What the article says, clearly, is that Coulter likes to watch and laugh at the reactions to her outrageous comments with friends over a glass of wine. This explains that her primary goal is to throw out red meat which the Left spends time, energy, money, ink, and pixels refuting. This serves to ‘degrade’ Leftist activists’ effectiveness. Note the ‘degrade’ is one of the “4 D’s” mentioned in the GCHQ/JTRIG slides {the others being deny, disrupt, and deceive} though this concept is neither new nor originated with them.

That said, and I’ve spent a lot of conscious and unconscious thought on this myself, here’s a pair of refutations of Harris’ statements, retractions, denials, etc.

Adam Johnson, “Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins just don’t get it: The real reason(s) progressives can’t stand them, The pair still can’t understand why their self-victimization shtick plays so poorly on the left. We have some ideas,” Salon/Alternet, 6 October 2015:


Omar Baddar, “Sam Harris’ dangerous new idiocy: Incoherent, Islamophobic and simply immoral; Harris’ latest airport profiling proposal isn’t just anti-Muslim, it makes no sense and would not keep anyone safe,” Salon, 10 October 2015:


Now on to why I think all of this is related and the irony of agreeing with Harris on so many givens while simultaneously coming to different conclusions on the solutions and problems themselves.

His shared paper on neural correlates and religious and non-religious belief.


According to Boyer, religious beliefs and concepts must arise from mental categories and cognitive propensities that predate religion—and these underlying structures might determine the stereotypical form that religious beliefs and practices take.

Yes. See optimism bias. You can’t run around taking care of business worrying today about the collapse of magnetic forces that hold matter together or yesterday that it will never rain again. So you may as well ascribe your safety to the unseen, maybe do a dance. Better to buy off on a delusion and stop thinking about it. That’s evolution and this is to a large extent a beneficial adaptation. As long as you don’t sit around waiting for Superman when your action is required.

We may, in fact, be what Bloom [46] has called “common sense dualists”—that is, we may be constitutionally inclined to see mind as distinct from body and, therefore, will tend to intuit the existence of disembodied minds at work in the world.

Hallelujah, they are not nearly as distinct as we believe. It’s worth noting that Harris and I also share the view that free will is not what we think it is. But it’s not religion per se that leads to violence, as noted with Kaczynski, ‘Whitey’, and Lang. So why is eliminating or switching off that “center” if it exists the focus?

And who else is interested in finding out where ‘religion’ resides in the brain-body and how to switch it on and off? DARPA.

Activist Post, “Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document,” 29 July 2013:


Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. The DARPA funding for this project can be confirmed on the ASU website here. The head of the project, Steve Corman, has worked extensively in the area of strategic communication as it applies to terrorism and “extremism” – or what could be called “the war of ideas.”

As with surveillance and every other power we handed over to government, to think such a thing, if possible, would only be used to alter the thoughts of terrorists is at best incredibly naïve. Every single Cold War excess has and is being used for purposes of personal financial gain and power expansion.

And this is hardly a first. There have been hypnosis studies on religious conversion for half a century or more.

As silly as this program might sound on its face, here’s a fun kind-of-related story:

David Derbyshire, “Scientists discover moral compass in the brain which can be controlled by magnets,” DailyMailUK, 30 March 2010:


Dr. Liane Young, who led the study, said: ‘You think of morality as being a really high-level behaviour. To be able to apply a magnetic field to a specific brain region and change people’s moral judgements is really astonishing.’

The moral compass lies in a part of the brain called the right temporo-parietal junction. It lies near the surface of the brain, just behind the right ear.

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a non-invasive technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation to disrupt the area of the brain.

The technique generates a magnetic field on a small part of the skull which creates weak electric currents in the brain. These currents interfere with nearby brain cells and prevent them from firing normally.

FOIA’d DARPA-ASU project progress report docs can be found here:


Is or was Sam Harris also in DoD’s employ? Or did they zap him, Dawkins and Maher in the head too?



Saucy Jack

There have been several people dismissed recently from the APA with regards to aiding, abetting, and protecting the CIA’s and Department of Defense’s torture program. As I’ve noted recently, there are almost certainly other items the APA has worked with the intelligence community to try to achieve. As the Red Scare was the excuse for abuses that lead to the Church/Tower and other hearings, so it the global war on terror the excuse today. We’ve already seen proof that so many other programs have been reinstated, sometimes even “legalized” by Congress, that we were told in the 1970s were illegal and were assured would never happen again. Opening mail, mass surveillance, spying on and harassing journalists and others, assassination by drone, torture/interrogation/brainwashing, and human experimentation have all been shown to have been occurring since 9/11 {and some of it even before}. How likely is it then that MKULTRA and COINTELPRO have been overlooked?

I’ve written about this before, so this is more of a refresher. The idea of using psychopaths in the service of “government” or multinational corporations is not new. Nor did it begin with the work of Peter Watts:

Rifters II: Maelstrom

Rifters III: Behemoth

But he is good at making the motives and possibilities clear in fiction, taking the ideas of experts and other science fiction writers and running with it. In these two books, a character named Achilles Desjardins is used as a drone pilot. Typical assignments include containing outbreaks of diseases and rebellion via deadly flying robots. He is controlled largely with drugs, until that all goes horribly wrong.

Now, let us recall that the Secretary of Defense was unable to say with any certainty when asked by Congress that the domestic drone rollout which transpired last year would not be used against the American people. Let’s also recall the much-ado about why/should various commercial airlines have been shot down on 9/11. Then, if you really want to dig deep, recall that the original OPERATION NORTHWOODS called for shooting down a plane full of American college students in order to build support for an invasion of Cuba; after being criticized, the modified plan called for shooting down a plane full of dead bodies.

If there’s one meme that must be dispensed with, it is that anyone in power wakes up wondering how they can help the average citizen. That is not what power does, it is not what it thinks about. Rather, how to exploit them is foremost in Power’s mind.

Enter Dick Cheney’s “Walk on the Dark Side.” The speech in which he used the phrase was rather vague in terms of details. But consider this:

Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski was a CIA test subject. Notorious mobster “Whitey” Bulger was a test subject. Though I have in the past considered him more of an after-the-fact subject of study, Aquarius {though not very accurate historically} has reminded me just how deeply Charles Manson was in the LSD subculture–LSD having been invented on behalf of and extensively tested by the CIA. I may have to rethink that. Lois Lang, shooter of a CIA bag man, was also involved in behavioral modification studies. Multiple MKULTRA subprojects were dedicated to mental illness, and psychopathy in particular.

How then, can one ignore the possibility–probability!–that some thinktank wrote that there should be some manner of harnessing the many serial killers roaming free inside the United States and using them in the war on terror? In an era of mass surveillance? It seems only logical when you want to build a spook army to look for talent who is already good at getting away with murder.

Is there any other basis, apart from the psychological profile of the parties involved and historical precedent, for this idea? Of course there is. The stats on serial killers by the national expert:

Christopher Beam, “The Decline of the Serial Killer,” Slate, 5 January 2011:


Statistics on serial murder are hard to come by—the FBI doesn’t keep numbers, according to a spokeswoman—but the data we do have suggests serial murders peaked in the 1980s and have been declining ever since. James Alan Fox, a criminology professor at Northeastern University and co-author of Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder, keeps a database of confirmed serial murderers starting in 1900. According to his count, based on newspaper clippings, books, and Web sources, there were only a dozen or so serial killers before 1960 in the United States. Then serial killings took off: There were 19 in the 1960s, 119 in the ’70s, and 200 in the ’80s. In the ’90s, the number of cases dropped to 141. And the 2000s saw only 61 serial murderers. (Definitions of serial murder” vary, but Fox defines it as “a string of four or more homicides committed by one or a few perpetrators that spans a period of days, weeks, months, or even years.” To avoid double-counting, he assigns killers to the decade in which they reached the midpoint of their careers.)

There are plenty of structural explanations for the rise of reported serial murders through the 1980s. Data collection and record-keeping improved, making it easier to find cases of serial murder. Law enforcement developed more sophisticated methods of investigation, enabling police to identify linkages between cases—especially across states—that they would have otherwise ignored. The media’s growing obsession with serial killers in the 1970s and ’80s may have created a minor snowball effect, offering a short path to celebrity.

And any indication of APA involvement? Yes:

Spencer Ackerman, “Psychologist accused of enabling US torture backed by former FBI chief: Louis Freeh calls report that preceded Stephen Behnke’s ousting from the American Psychological Association leadership a ‘gross mischaracterization’,” Guardian, 12 July 2015:

Behnke has longstanding connections to the FBI. His CV cites his work since 2001 on an FBI child-abduction and serial murder research advisory panel. A John D Behnke, who appears to be his brother, served as a long-time and distinguished FBI agent before joining Freeh’s risk-management firm as a managing director.

Certainly, FBI being retooled to being more Jack Bauer and less Will Graham {and “coincidentally” less interested in fraud committed by banks, for example} could have had something to do with the decline. Assume for a moment, for the sake of argument, that the 2000s should have +/-120 serial killers. Let’s say 20 were found suitable and recruited by the intelligence community for training and special ops. What about the other 40?

USA Today, “Series Of Missing Ohio Women Stirs Fears Of Serial Killer,” WFMY News, 25 June 2015:


That town in Ohio is just one of several places with similar issues. Who is the most likely target of serial killers?

It’s a stereotype for a reason.

The idea then? Local police get sex workers “removed.” They also {with or without the help of the killer} can frame any local criminal they please with the crimes and get them put away as well. It becomes a win-win for a misguided, holier-than-thou, superstitious, fear-mongering and -infested system that also “just happens” to love money and power more than anything else.

Let’s Scare Joe Public to Death

{This is not, actually, about the heightened awareness and mass news media cycle for the weekend regarding potential ISIS attacks during the 4th of July celebration. I think that speaks for itself even if people we armed and tried to leverage into taking out Assad in Syria do manage to pull something off.}

Really didn’t expect to do a second piece on the previous post, but it occurred to me today that there may be other psychiatric phenomena reverse engineered for the so-called intelligence community.

While I don’t have an answer to the more complex and dramatic uses of placebos such as one alleged in the New York Times in the 1990s regarding a cancer patient whose tumors reportedly melted away until he was told only water had been injected into him, at which point they returned and he died. But the idea that attitude has physiological effects is not a new one. Modern medicine has gotten on board–to an extent–with “faith healing”:

Ted J. Kaptchuk and Franklin G. Miller, “Placebo Effects in Medicine,” New England Journal of Medicine, 373:8-9, 2 July 2015, DOI 10.1056/NEJMp1504023:


What may be the point in “reverse engineering” placebos? Assassination a la ‘voodoo’ simply by convincing the target that they are dying or ill. Once again the 1955 draft MKLUTRA memorandum from the 1977 Senate report comes into play. Item #5:

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

Also see a related section of the report itself on CI interrogations:

Although no studies are known to have been made of the placebo phenomenon as applied to narco-interrogation, it seems reasonable that when a subject’s sense of guilt interferes with productive interrogation, a placebo for pseudo-narcosis could have the effect of absolving him of the responsibility for his acts and thus clear the way for free communication.

While this latter quote does not indicate use for killing, it’s not really a bridge too far to expect that was later considered. This is in fact sometimes how one project lead to another, with a result prompting more ideas.

Item 5 is perhaps not just about bankrupting a target, turning them into a hypochondriac, or simply wasting their time and energy worrying. Taken to the extreme, you can make a difference on their lifespan. Think of a bullet that takes months or years to arrive at its target but carefully and methodically gets a gentle push to ensure that it eventually arrives. When the target eventually succumbs to whatever it is they develop from loss of sleep, stress, worry, and psychosomatic symptoms {think of a hysterical pregnancy but giving birth instead to tumors}, it appears that it was just nature taking its course. The broken, bloated, and ever-tax-dollar-guzzling intelligence apparatus, corporation or political organization responsible never even enters into the minds of the public, investigators, medical examiners, etc. Perhaps to enhance this, other substances may be used, such as whatever item 6 was referring to:

6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

Substitute “hypnosis” for “suggestion” and you can achieve this via PSYOP.

Discomfort is the central and most common complaint from so-called targeted individuals of organized stalking. There was even a mailing list where a target was sort of live-emailing his or her imminent demise. I doubt that they actually died, rather were too embarrassed to re-appear for some time to admit they hadn’t, but the person really seemed to believe that it was happening. Bodily pains and one’s head not feeling right represent the bulk of complaints in general from what I have read and been told.

The ability to inflict pain from remotely and anonymously is not science fiction. Neither is the long-standing interest in drugs that alter perception and make a person seem–if not indeed be–mentally ill.

There should be an axiom regarding capability and occurrence, but I’m not aware of one. Let’s consider it a work in progress:

If a thing is possible, someone, somewhere, is doing it.

The intelligence community’s sometime interest in the occult becomes clearer, beyond the study of drugs used in rituals and simple cover stories. It’s our own decency and belief in law, rights, and limits that prevent us seeing what some of the darker corners of our system are capable of.

And a bonus idea. As noted in Wicked Game, there was one MKULTRA subproject {#109} dealing with “pharmacological age.” As noted there, they may have been searching for the “fountain of youth” and instead discovered a way to, for example, enhance the likelihood that a UN weapons inspector might engage in things that would get him into legal trouble.

However, on top of that, we have a legal system where {for now anyway} adolescent and child criminal records get sealed. The reasoning behind this is that the young are not able to make decisions the same way that adults are. Using the brain apparently takes practice.

What if that, too, could be altered? What if you could take a 45 year old man and reduce his thinking to that of a fifteen year old? You could greatly increase the likelihood of committing a crime, if you wanted to entrap him. And, as we now know, that’s sometimes how people are “persuaded” to betray their country.

Let’s Make a Suicide Bomber

…or “lone wolf” shooter. The way that the Bush and Obama administrations did/do it. Similat to he way NATO did when it took control of pretty much every terrorist  organization after WWII.

Jeff Kaye, “Gladio: A Conspiracy So Big That It Demands Your Attention {Take That Cass Sunstein!},” Public Record, 4 April 2010:


Though you might find similar techniques used by FBI informants in their sting operations for money, that typically–so far as we know thus far–requires the direct involvement of the informant as charismatic “cult leader.” What I’m referring to here is a “hands off” approach in which the target is mostly unaware of human involvement in his or her decision-making process.

The thing you have to do, perhaps after an initial period of using both positive and negative PSYOPs and other reinforcement/punishment methods {see, for example, item 11 of the 1955 draft MKULTRA memo linked at top}, is to concentrate solely on negative punishment. This is required so that the covert organization can get the target to the point that he or she buys into the notion that living is no longer worth the effort and yet angry and frustrated enough to take it out on whichever group, organization, or individual{s} the PSYOPs and general base psychology of the individual deems appropriate in their modified behavioral state.

In essence, the operation moves from an initial Operant Conditioning status {a “loosening up” and isolation phase} to an ABA one {the process of altering world view to an entirely negative one}.

One example may be Dylann Roof’s problems with his love life {see also David Attias and Elliot Rodger}. We can easily assume or accept that he was awkward and had social issues related to dealing with the opposite sex and therefore lost a potential girlfriend who happened to wind up with an African American. However, even if partially true, this is not an either/or situation. It is quite possible that part of it occurred naturally and the PSYOPs team capitalized on it, enhanced it, made certain that Roof was unable to think of much else for extended periods of time. Looking for a method of coping with potential psychological harassment techniques, he may also have been steered toward hate groups that openly, and news outlets that espouse, race-based hatred.

There is a double-standard applied to young people, as there often is to the poor, especially African-Americans. In the latter case, poor neighborhoods are bombarded with advertising and mass media indicating that everyone should want X, Y, and Z in order to have a “normal” life. At the same time, the means to achieve such a life are denied, often in absurdly shallow and cruel ways. So it is with youth and the incessant need to have “bae.” Our opportunistic overlords pay attention to these things and use our desire to be viewed as productive members of society worthy of being loved to their benefit.

Operant Conditioning

Miltenberger, R. G. “Behavioral Modification: Principles and Procedures”. Thomson/Wadsworth, 2008

ABA / Applied behavior analysis

Baer, D.M., Wolf, M.M., & Risley, T.R. (1968). “Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis”Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1 (1): 91–97.PMC 1310980PMID 16795165

In a similar manner to how the APA reverse engineered SERE…

Todd Essig, “Why APA Leadership Should Resign Over Torture Scandal, And Why You Should Care,” Forbes, 10 May 2015:


…it seems quite probable that they altered conditioning designed to decrease unwanted behavior in patients to increasing it in targets of the intelligence community of the United States of America. I can see no other reason for consistent “punishment” type ops apart from driving an individual to a suicidal/homicidal state. Naturally, because we are talking about black ops, the events that occur on the surface must appear to have other causation, is, naturally occurring, online radicalization, “bad luck,” consequences of drug addiction and/or mental illness, etc. The clever liar, and this is perhaps the one thing the US need never worry about running short of, knows how to spin such stories and utilize narratives that we are already familiar with from mass media and to disguise what is not in reality the actions of an individual but rather the machinations of a political and largely for-profit/privatized extension of the military industrial complex.

If we are ever to wrest control of our lives away from warhawks and selfish privateers, we must first understand their methods and motivations. Corporate sociopathy combined with corruption of public officials has lead us to this point; only an open and courageous examination can restore sanity.

The APA has more shame yet to be revealed. History will show that this is close to what transpired. It is only a matter of time.

It should also be noted that political operatives can also be manipulated similarly and the two major political parties engage in similar black bag operations. Creating angry individuals who are radically loyal to one party or the other can be accomplished similarly.

On a Cold, Cold Trail

Actually several things popping up at once, but this one required some immediate attention so it’s getting pushed to the front of the line.

First, read a short article about the diaries of Abu Zubaydah by IC-dubbed FOIA terrorist Jason Leopold. Please note that any “tinfoil hattiness” you may experience is all mine and not Jason’s. But do stick with me to the end of the post please.

Leopold, Jason, “Exclusive: The secret diaries of Gitmo detainee Abu Zubaydah,” Al Jazeera America, 7 November 2013:


It mentions how secretive the government has been about the diaries, and how they used it to justify many otherwise impossible due to illegal actions. In essence, it’s a big scary narrative about terrorism.

While I do not doubt that that is true, it is the nature of terrorism itself, at least where certain groups and “lone wolf” individuals are concerned that I question the conventional wisdom.

I’ve generally found that one of the obstacles in succeeding in getting one’s thesis across is getting people to hold the rest of the story, the labyrinth, in their head at the same time as they read a piece. We read news articles and typically don’t think of them as being connected at all to anything else. We can read two contradictory pieces even and not bat an eye.

So, let’s briefly review some facts before I move on.

The CIA has used and continues to use organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association for its own purposes. Historically, Donald Ewen Cameron, for example, was a member and president of also the World Psychiatric Association. This is not in any way to discredit the profession as a whole, merely to point out that in places where the worlds of mental health and NATSEC collide require some scrutiny. CIA pays people at the top of their professions as consultants. Sometimes they don’t even know who their real benefactors are and are paid through subcontractors, cover organizations and individuals. This is a long-standing and well-documented practice. In fact, it was the stated concern of continuing this practice that kept so many of the cooperating individuals and organizations out of the spotlight in 1977 when MKUltra was being investigated by the Senate.

While it is likely somewhat misleading that I note that, thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know the budgets of both NSA and CIA, at least for a previous year, CIA’s budget is 50% more than NSA’s. NSA’s was recently around $10B and they “collect it all,” as a matter of course. CIA’s was $14.7B. The reason it may be misleading is that NSA uses, to an extent, the phone carriers and ISPs as part of their system. I have no idea where that would put their real budget, but the point at least still partially stands. What does CIA spend so much money on every year?

The 1970s showed us programs like SHAMROCK and MINARET at NSA and MKULTRA, MOCKINGBIRD, BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE, MKSEARCH and others at CIA. PRISM and other NSA programs are essentially a repeat of those programs that the American public were assured would not continue. Is it not logical to assume that CIA has likewise resumed its old programs?

{Of course I know the answer to that, to the extent that I do. I write this for those of you who do not.}

More recently, the ADA has been charged with having conspired with the CIA in order to reverse engineer the SERE program–that is the program designed to help soldiers and spies resist enemy torture and interrogation–in order to figure out how to better torture people. Jeff Kaye has reported on this extensively. Here’s the latest:

Kaye, Jeff, “APA ‘Independent’ Torture Review Led by Attorney Who Worked With CIA’s Tenet,” Firedoglake, 7 December 2014:


David Hoffman, a Chicago attorney for the international law firm Sidley Austin, was handpicked by APA as an “independent reviewer” to investigate charges in a new book by New York Times writer James Risen that some of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) top leadership colluded with the CIA and the U.S. military in the implementation of the Bush Administration’s torture program. Hoffman is to report to a “special committee” drawn from APA’s Board of Directors.

The article goes on to detail denials and then several other members of the good ol’ boy network all content to pretend that one organization didn’t commit crimes against humanity that have made Americans less safe and that another didn’t violate its most precious tenet about doing harm.

Next, I take another detour into the world of MKUltra itself. I ran across some VICE documentaries recently, and they are fascinating. In order to put it in context, let’s recall that ergot, a fungus that grows on wheat, may have formed the basis for Saint Anthony’s fire and werewolf legends. Likewise, CIA researched as many substances as it could, including things like Mexican mushrooms:

Marks, John, “Chapter 7: Mushrooms to Counterculture,” The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, 1978:

For example:

On the other hand, Gordon Wasson found revelation. After a lifetime of exploring and adoring mushrooms, he had discovered the greatest wonder of all in that remote Indian village. His experience inspired him to write an account of his journey for the “Great Adventures” series in Life magazine. The story, spread across 17 pages of text and color photographs, was called “Seeking the Magic Mushroom: A New York banker goes to Mexico’s mountains to participate in the age-old rituals of Indians who chew strange growths that produce visions.” In 1957, before the Russian sputnik shook America later that year, Life introduced its millions of readers to the mysteries of hallucinogens, with a tone of glowing but dignified respect. Wasson wrote movingly of his long search for mushroom lore, and he became positively rhapsodic in reflecting on his Mexican “trip”:

In man’s evolutionary past, as he groped his way out from his lowly past, there must have come a moment in time when he discovered the secret of the hallucinatory mushrooms. Their effect on him, as I see it, could only have been profound, a detonator to new ideas. For the mushrooms revealed to him worlds beyond the horizons known to him, in space and time, even worlds on a different plane of being, a heaven and perhaps a hell. For the credulous, primitive mind, the mushrooms must have reinforced mightily the idea of the miraculous. Many emotions are shared by men with the animal kingdom, but awe and reverence and the fear of God are peculiar to men. When we bear in mind the beatific sense of awe and ecstasy and caritas engendered by the divine mushrooms, one is emboldened to the point of asking whether they may not have planted in primitive man the very idea of God.

The article caused a sensation in the United States, where people had already been awakened to ideas like these by Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception. It lured waves of respectable adults—precursors of later hippie travelers—to Mexico in search of their own curanderas. (Wasson came to have mixed feelings about the response to his story, after several tiny Mexican villages were all but trampled by American tourists on the prowl for divinity.) One person whose curiosity was stimulated by the article was a young psychology professor named Timothy Leary. In 1959, in Mexico on vacation, he ate his first mushrooms. He recalls he “had no idea it was going to change my life.” Leary had just been promised tenure at Harvard, but his life of conventional prestige lost appeal for him within five hours of swallowing the mushroom: “The revelation had come. The veil had been pulled back…. The prophetic call. The works. God had spoken.”

There’s much more at the link. CIA paid people like Thomas Moore to catalog them.

The point, seeing how they could manipulate humans. That’s what it’s all about, whether you’re talking disinfo, torture, propaganda, or getting you to shell out for the next wave of gadgets and social networking sites that spy on you.

Reverse engineered SERE…turned torture resistance into torture…

See where I’m going with this? What does an unscrupulous gathering of scary people do with someone they deem a threat…a potential witness against other crimes? * As with Martha Mitchell with regards to hiding Watergate, you first make them seem insane. Next, you need to get them out of the picture altogether. One way to do that would be to get them to do something illegal–preferably that which could be labeled an act of terror so that it becomes a federal issue–and get them off the street and cut off from the outside world.

Is that what happened with Abu Zubaydah except he and others were slipped something that made them break with reality? Recall again, the 1980s were the period of Charlie Wilson’s war; the CIA used men like Osama Bin Laden against the Soviet Union as proxy warriors. The 1990s then followed along with energy exploration and–how could they miss it?–noting the abundant poppy fields. Both decades provided access and opportunity.


At last back to Zubaydah’s diaries:

The first volume of Abu Zubaydah’s diary begins 23 years ago, when he was a troubled college student. He feels so betrayed by friendship that he decides to address his 30-year-old self in the diaries.

A voracious reader of books about psychology, parapsychology, philosophy and war games, Zubaydah was mindful that talking to oneself might be interpreted as psychotic, so he made a point of noting in his diary that he was not mentally ill.

“I am not a schizophrenic, which is a split personality disease; rather, I am trying to divide myself into two parts because; I believe that everything changes with time, even human beings. Therefore, it is inevitable that you Hani 2 at 30 years of age are different than Hani 1 … Me … at 20 years old.”

Nonetheless, the fact that Zubaydah wrote to different versions of himself led some in the intelligence community, notably FBI Special Agent Dan Coleman, who was assigned to the CIA’s elite Al-Qaeda-tracking Bin Laden Unit, to conclude that Zubaydah had a “schizophrenic personality.”

Coleman examined the diaries for the FBI after Zubaydah’s capture. After he read through them, he advised an FBI official that Zubaydah was an “insane, certifiable split personality” because he wrote to different versions of himself, journalist Ron Suskind wrote in his book “The One Percent Doctrine.” Coleman later publicly took issue with the CIA and Bush administration’s characterization of Zubaydah as a top Al-Qaeda operative and was highly critical of the use of torture as an interrogation tool.

Now retired from the FBI and working as an elder care expert at Mom’s House in New York City, Coleman did not return calls or emails for comment. A colleague of his, FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan — who interrogated Zubaydah after his capture — noted in his book “The Black Banners” that it was wrong to conclude Zubaydah was mentally ill just because he wrote in different voices. (Daniel Freedman, a spokesman for Soufan, told Al Jazeera America that the former special agent could not comment on anything about Zubaydah’s diaries beyond what Soufan had written in his book.)

You’ll find somewhere on this blog a few posts from years ago where I use the third person. I had wondered why in the hell I was doing that even as I was doing it. I decided it was partly to protect my reputation {laughable in retrospect, it was utterly destroyed}. But I’m really not sure that was why.

While still in Brooklyn, I’m going to guess March of 2010 or so, there was an old acting resume picture of me that my partner had. For some reason, I started scratching the eyes off, then disfigured the face. This was, as I’ve noted before, at a time when I was “tripping balls.”

Was it a drug? A combination of drugs and the psychological harassment?

Combine this with Shaker Aamer’s doctor’s report alleging electronics or something that makes you think it is–while please holding the rest of these details regarding documented history, budget, and the general subject of greed in your head–and I think a pattern begins to emerge. Are we still doing this? Doing this at Guantanamo Bay’s secretive ‘Penny Lane’ section? Creating more terrorists under the guise of turning them?

Keep the War on Terror going just like they kept the Vietnam war going. It was highly profitable for people in Congress. Some owned the ships, for example, that carried ammunition.

The Military-Congressional Industrial Complex. All roads seem to lead there, no matter where you start. Of course if there’s one thing that makes me suspicious, it’s trails that even a zombie could follow.

Daniel Stuckey and Sabu
I’m not sure why this is here.

* In my case I believe that this was insider trading and other financial misdeeds. I’ve noted this both here and in Wicked Game. Keith Alexander’s exposed trading in odd Eastern investments and A.B. ‘Buzzy’ Krongard’s old firm potential shortselling of airline stock on 9/11 would both seem to support the idea that it occurs.

MKULTRA Subproject 107, Sky Penis Edition

Some feedback on the previous post with regards to subproject 107. What appeared to have been “World” redacted may have instead been “Amer-” redacted. Darn those hyphens.

Here’s some old coverage regarding CIA infiltrating the APA during the Cold War.

APA Monitor, pp. 1, 10-11, “CIA’s Behavior Caper,” Patricia Greenfield, December 1977:


This gets even worse when you consider APA’s ambivalence towards modern day torture:

Counterpunch, “APA Fails to Sanction Psychologist in Guantanamo Torture Case,” Steve Reisner, Roy Eidelson, Stephen Soldz, Brad Olson, Jean Maria Arrigo and Trudy Bond, 11 February 2014:


APA Ethics Committee, “No Defense for Torture,” June 2009:


Credit for pointing out the old article goes to California-based psychologist Jeffrey Kaye {@jeff_kaye}. Besides being something of an expert on not only the use of German scientists and their research from WWII but also the perhaps even more frightening Japanese counterparts who experimented extensively on Chinese POWs with some of the most horrifying diseases known to man, he also has co-written articles with H.P. Albarelli, author of A Terrible Mistake, and Jason Leopold {@JasonLeopold}, whose work you really should be following. Self-described “FOIA terrorist” has been at it with CIA, FBI, NSA, and others and has been covering some of the more interesting things that aren’t getting the coverage they deserve.

For example, a former CIA officer attempted for some time to blow the whistle on extraordinary rendition and, among others who also ignored it, Hillary “Snowden and Manning could have used proper channels plus my favorite book is the Bible and that’s not for political purposes” Clinton helped stonewall Sabrina De Sousa {@Sadiso}.

AJAM, “Exclusive: Scapegoating the whistleblower,” Jason Leopold, 26 June 2014:


In case you haven’t at least heard me or someone else say so, the top Dems are Republicans on 97% of issues and those 3% are carefully crafted to make you their portion of the ever-split and duped tribal population think otherwise.

“Can’t you see the difference?”

Quick shout out to Katrina vanden Heuvel for not being a warmonger and calling out the neocons.

Can you be considered a lover of freedom, support gay marriage, and be a warmongering, cloak-and-dagger addict? I don’t think you can. It’s as incongruous as the ultra-far Right’s love of money and God at the same time. Doesn’t work according to the rules that they themselves set forward and claim as theirs.

But back to Jeff, John Schindler, NWCPhD, once called him a Marxist Genocidaire or similar for I think pointing out that the neonazis in the Ukraine are US trained and funded. I think that’s a badge of honor.

{Photo credit: @CultOfNatSec}

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