New to me CIA chemical program called MK-BURN via investigative journalist Jack Anderson in 1982.

Also note the following quote from the MK-ULTRA prison drug experiment lawsuit:

MK-ULTRA’s purpose was “research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials [for use] in clandestine operations to control human behavior.” The CIA hoped the “psychoactive chemicals” would work on the victim’s mind and emotions to “release him from the restraint of self-control.”

Jack Anderson, “Lawsuit Forces CIA Confession on MK-ULTRA,” Washington Post, 28 August 1982:

See also Mental Floss on the release of “useful” documentation like UFOs and supernatural under STARGATE.

Kirstin Fawcett, “CIA Publishes Nearly 13 Million Declassified Records Online,” Mental Floss, 18 January 2017.

… There’s even information on alleged UFO sightings and psychic research conducted under the organization’s “Star Gate” program.

For security purposes, many of the documents contain redactions, but aside from that, “none of this is cherry-picked,” CIA spokeswoman Heather Fritz Horniak told CNN.



New Atheists and Old Un-/Intended Consequences

“Our asylums are full of people who think they’re Napoleon. Or God.”

Even fascist assassins can find a gold nugget now and again. Of course nowadays, these people run multinationals, banks, Wall Street firms, government agencies, countries.


US Senate

US Senate/Committee on the Judiciary/Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, “Individual Rights and Federal Role in Behavior Modification,” November 1974:

As disturbing as behavior modification may be on a theoretical level, the unchecked growth of the practical technology of behavior control is cause for even greater concern. … As technology has expanded our capacity for meeting society’s needs, it has also increased, to a startling degree, our ability to enter and affect the lives of individual citizens.

In addition, the subcommittee has long been concerned with constitutional issues arising out of the treatment of the mentally ill. … In 1965 the Congress enacted The District of Columbia Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill Act…

—Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., subcommittee chairman

More recently

DC Department of Mental Health, “Saint Elizabeths Hospital and the U.S. Departmnent of Justice June 25, 2007 Settlement Agreement,” via Waybackmachine, 18 April 2011:,A,3,Q,639789.asp

The DoJ investigated St. E’s due a rise in violence at the facility. Was this rise one element in a post-9/11 return of MKULTRA?

As I’ve written several times, whereas surveillance can be about learning about you, brainhacking can be about altering who you are. Voyeurism v rape is in some ways not a bad analogy apart from most of us not knowing how traumatic actual rape can be {and I do not seek to diminish that in any way}.


Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, “Penny Lane: Secret CIA Guantanamo Facility Trained Prisoners To Be Double Agents,” HuffPo, 26 November 2013:

But what is it that they were actually doing? When there are so many financial benefits to manufacturting terrorists instead of moles to point out drone targets, what is really happening comes into question.

It also seems likely that the program did not end, merely got moved elsewhere. They never give them up completely.

See the new top-tab-page here if you require more in order to understand how it is a wide range of methods from breaking down the personality and will, to inflicting psychological pain, to indoctrination. And note that none of the three top subjects were particularly religious, merely radical and/or mentally disturbed.

And the US government’s brainwashing document on the Soviet and Chinese Cold War methods. They know precisely what they are doing.

And Shaker Aamer’s document about his treatment.

And how in general there’s a corrupt psychiatric industrial complex:

Bruce E. Levine, “America’s Mental Health Industry Is a Threat to Our Sanity,” TruthOut, 8 January 2012:


I am starting to think that we are looking at an Ann Coulter type situation. Coulter’s popularity dropped considerably once TIME published the piece on her in 2005, the Right {and some on the Left who didn’t get it} quickly tried to distract us with a kerfuffle about the cover photo. What the article says, clearly, is that Coulter likes to watch and laugh at the reactions to her outrageous comments with friends over a glass of wine. This explains that her primary goal is to throw out red meat which the Left spends time, energy, money, ink, and pixels refuting. This serves to ‘degrade’ Leftist activists’ effectiveness. Note the ‘degrade’ is one of the “4 D’s” mentioned in the GCHQ/JTRIG slides {the others being deny, disrupt, and deceive} though this concept is neither new nor originated with them.

That said, and I’ve spent a lot of conscious and unconscious thought on this myself, here’s a pair of refutations of Harris’ statements, retractions, denials, etc.

Adam Johnson, “Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins just don’t get it: The real reason(s) progressives can’t stand them, The pair still can’t understand why their self-victimization shtick plays so poorly on the left. We have some ideas,” Salon/Alternet, 6 October 2015:

Omar Baddar, “Sam Harris’ dangerous new idiocy: Incoherent, Islamophobic and simply immoral; Harris’ latest airport profiling proposal isn’t just anti-Muslim, it makes no sense and would not keep anyone safe,” Salon, 10 October 2015:

Now on to why I think all of this is related and the irony of agreeing with Harris on so many givens while simultaneously coming to different conclusions on the solutions and problems themselves.

His shared paper on neural correlates and religious and non-religious belief.

According to Boyer, religious beliefs and concepts must arise from mental categories and cognitive propensities that predate religion—and these underlying structures might determine the stereotypical form that religious beliefs and practices take.

Yes. See optimism bias. You can’t run around taking care of business worrying today about the collapse of magnetic forces that hold matter together or yesterday that it will never rain again. So you may as well ascribe your safety to the unseen, maybe do a dance. Better to buy off on a delusion and stop thinking about it. That’s evolution and this is to a large extent a beneficial adaptation. As long as you don’t sit around waiting for Superman when your action is required.

We may, in fact, be what Bloom [46] has called “common sense dualists”—that is, we may be constitutionally inclined to see mind as distinct from body and, therefore, will tend to intuit the existence of disembodied minds at work in the world.

Hallelujah, they are not nearly as distinct as we believe. It’s worth noting that Harris and I also share the view that free will is not what we think it is. But it’s not religion per se that leads to violence, as noted with Kaczynski, ‘Whitey’, and Lang. So why is eliminating or switching off that “center” if it exists the focus?

And who else is interested in finding out where ‘religion’ resides in the brain-body and how to switch it on and off? DARPA.

Activist Post, “Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document,” 29 July 2013:

Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. The DARPA funding for this project can be confirmed on the ASU website here. The head of the project, Steve Corman, has worked extensively in the area of strategic communication as it applies to terrorism and “extremism” – or what could be called “the war of ideas.”

As with surveillance and every other power we handed over to government, to think such a thing, if possible, would only be used to alter the thoughts of terrorists is at best incredibly naïve. Every single Cold War excess has and is being used for purposes of personal financial gain and power expansion.

And this is hardly a first. There have been hypnosis studies on religious conversion for half a century or more.

As silly as this program might sound on its face, here’s a fun kind-of-related story:

David Derbyshire, “Scientists discover moral compass in the brain which can be controlled by magnets,” DailyMailUK, 30 March 2010:

Dr. Liane Young, who led the study, said: ‘You think of morality as being a really high-level behaviour. To be able to apply a magnetic field to a specific brain region and change people’s moral judgements is really astonishing.’

The moral compass lies in a part of the brain called the right temporo-parietal junction. It lies near the surface of the brain, just behind the right ear.

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a non-invasive technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation to disrupt the area of the brain.

The technique generates a magnetic field on a small part of the skull which creates weak electric currents in the brain. These currents interfere with nearby brain cells and prevent them from firing normally.

FOIA’d DARPA-ASU project progress report docs can be found here:

Is or was Sam Harris also in DoD’s employ? Or did they zap him, Dawkins and Maher in the head too?



Nonlethal Links

Three new links regarding what little is known publicly about USSR/Russian nonconventional weapons research as compared to US’ (eg, mind control electronics and deterrents with militarized police/crowd control applications). Some new terminology in there. Torsionics and information weapons to name two.

INQUISITR, “Mind Control Research In Russia Was A Weapons Race With US”, December 18, 2013:

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said last year that his ministry was working on “weaponry based on new physics principles.” This includes “direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, genetic weapons” and other science fiction-sounding technology. He has since been fired.

Emphasis added. Putin must be a Monty Python fan. This is the same guy I quoted some posts below.

RT, “Billion dollar race: Soviet Union vied with US in ‘mind control research’”, December, 17, 2013:

“Over the past years, US researchers have confirmed the possibility of affecting functions of the nervous system by weak electromagnetic fields (EMFs), as it was previously said by Soviet researchers. EMFs may cause acoustic hallucination (’radiosound’) and reduce the sensitivity of humans and animals to some other stimuli, to change the activity of the brain (especially the hypothalamus and the cortex), to break the processes of formation processing and information storage in the brain. These nonspecific changes in the central nervous system can serve as a basis for studying the possibilities of the direct influence of EMFs on specific functions of CNS,” read an article in Nauka (Science) magazine in 1982.

And a recent paper:

Cornell University Library, “Unconventional research in USSR and Russia: short overview”, Serge Kernbach, December 4, 2013:

And an older one, probably better than the 1991 paper presented to NATO I usually pimp (though what the doctor described is startlingly similar to the experiences of many TIs) on doing this stuff for political purposes is this article:

Global Research, “Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain”, Mojmir Babacek, August, 6 2004:

“cause the blocking of the freedom of will of a human being on a subliminal level” or “instillation into the consciousness or subconsciousness of a human being of information which will trigger a faulty or erroneous perception of reality” (19).

If in use, wouldn’t it be much bigger news than NSA surveillance (though proper use of some of this tech would require that)?


Case Study in Behavioral Modification – Philip Kresnik

The name is, so far as I know, fictional. I’m using poor, non-existent Philip Kresnik as my virtual guinea pig to demonstrate the principle or principles behind how he came to kill his likewise non-existent wife and himself. The name may be a simple anagram of Kreskin, who I view as a fake, a charlatan, and therefore the name seems appropriate for someone who does not exist. Likewise, the case study is fictional but from what I can see, possible and similar happens regularly.

Philip Kresnik is a third generation American. His grandparents immigrated to the United States in the 1940s. He married his wife while they were both undergrads. He went to law school and is now an assistant state attorney on the path to becoming a district attorney ten or fifteen years down the road depending on when his boss who has held the job for two decades decides to retire and other factors related to garnering support, campaign funds, and gearing himself towards running for office.

He has no terrible skeletons in his closet. He once had a close call that turned out to be nothing. A misunderstanding at a picnic while he was in law school involving his then three year old son could have ended his career before it began. However, he managed to straighten things out and the incident is long forgotten. The truth was that there was no inappropriate behavior, merely a misunderstanding.

It is thirteen years later. He and his wife just had a conversation, one that seemed perfectly normal. At the conclusion of this short conversation, he shot her and then himself.

Here are three versions of what happened. As you’ll see, some may describe them as existing on a different level of consciousness. I don’t know if that is an accurate description. There is nothing supernatural nor transcendental about any of them. Rather, I see it as layers of an onion. Peeling the outer ones away is necessary if there is ever to be a leveling of the playing field and/or a staving off of whatever kind of oppressive system is waiting around the corner.

One – The police investigation.

Subject, Philip Kresnik, was working on a criminal case involving bank fraud as related to a gun and drug running gang known to operate in this state and others. At approximately 9:35PM last night, he shot his wife and shot himself a short time later. Both were pronounced DOA at 1:30AM at Municipal Hospital.

Their son, 16 y.o., happened to be leaving a voicemail via his cellphone with a schoolmate while in the next room. Forensics managed to enhance the audio to discern the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Kresnik. It is as follows:




A shot. A second shot.

Mr. K: (Sobbing).

A third shot.

–End of audio.

Further investigation suggests that the stress of the high profile case combined with harassing phone calls lead to a nervous breakdown for Philip Kresnik resulting in murder-suicide. Police have thus far been unable to determine who made the threatening calls to Mr. Kresnik’s office. His secretary has been cooperative.

Result: The case against the bank and gang for conspiracy is delayed considerably. Mr. Kresnik’s situation is called “a tragedy” by the news media. Psychologist “talking heads” discuss a lot about job stress.

Two – The investigative reporter’s book.

Unsatisfied with the official accounting of what happened and titillated by the story he has heard thus far, an investigative reporter decides to dig deeper.

He discovers that, in addition to the threatening phone calls, someone sent child pornography to Mr. Kresnik’s email account, a fact that Mr. Kresnik’s secretary kept from the police out of loyalty and anger at those responsible (which she will tell anyone must be members of the gang he was prosecuting). He also finds that sometimes the calls got passed through to Kresnik when the secretary thought it was someone calling other than the harassers.

The discovery that excites him most, however, is the significance of the conversation recorded on the son’s cellphone call. He discovers by looking through old family photos that the son himself wore a shirt with a cartoon character on it along with those words. It is his “Rosebud” moment and presents a perfect “bow” on the narrative he constructed.

Putting those two things together, he suggests that the Assistant DA may have had some kind of sexual deviant past though he is unable to uncover any actual evidence of that despite that is seems that the gang may have succeeded in doing so to drive him to that extreme.

Change: There is debate in the media between a few of Kresnik’s (many) friends willing to stick their necks out and say that he was not a pedophile and those who take the reporter’s book to its seemingly logical conclusion and say that it’s possible (while of course discussing it as though it is fact). Overall desire to always depict two opposing sides as equal allows the debate to continue because it propagates the discussion, keeps people watching.

Result: Same as the police investigation except now the bank’s attorneys manage to move public opinion by smearing the DA’s office.

Three – The Covert Op.

Thirteen years ago it may or may not have been arranged. The group responsible for what happened more recently either discovered the picnic non-incident or arranged it, understanding that Kresnik was an up and comer, likely to achieve some status due to his drive and intellect. In fact, they may have helped his career along hoping to use the old picnic incident to blackmail him should the need arise. They do this a lot, this is standard operating procedure for them.

When the discovery and subsequent investigation regarding the illegal activities of the gang and bank occur, they decide that it is too late to simply use public relations to shut it down before the trail leads to other operations that they are involved in. Some of the players involved know too much about these other activities.

Therefore they begin with the harassment and drug Mr. Kresnik without his knowledge. He and those close to him assume it is the stress and lack of sleep responsible for his change in behavior.

They also use voice-to-skull in the subliminal audio mode to make Kresnik recall the picnic incident over and over. Similarly, they use it to give his wife a hypnotic suggestion to continue to forget it. What she does recall, is that their son once used the phrase on his shirt when Mr. Kresnik was upset and that it made him laugh to hear his three year old say so and it reminded him not to take things so seriously. Conversely for him and unknown to his wife, V2K is used so that the recollection of the shirt becomes the focus and the day he nearly lost everything due to a misunderstanding. Those words become a psychological trigger. Between the drugs (which alternately cause feelings of anger, depression, and low self esteem causing him to underestimate the strength of his case against the bank and gang), the harassing phone calls (one of which implies that they know about the picnic incident) and his wife’s innocent comment (that he takes in that moment as a sign that she has turned on him, that “they” have “gotten” to her as well and that she will turn on him in the press before he can make closing arguments; not only will “they” win but he and his life will be destroyed in the process; this seems the better way out) he crumbles under the pressure while being bombarded with violent thoughts and thoughts of failure via V2K.

The situation is created and the reactions fixed and the people dance as if choreographed in a ballet. The inability for one person to hear what the other actually means when they say what they say becomes the weakness. Love of ones family, job, community, become weaknesses to be exploited. Seeing how motive, when it is strong enough, requires further investigation just doesn’t happen.

Change: None whatsoever despite ample evidence that these technologies exist and that these methods have been studied for over half a century. An apparent inability to see the dangers or grasp the ruthlessness with which they are used leaves it largely untouched as a topic in serious discussion now even though it was discussed seriously from the 1950s to the 1970s. Advances in this tech and these methods mean the danger for abuse and likelihood for no subsequent detection are both increasing.

Result: The criminals win, everybody else loses.

These same principles can be applied to less dramatic actions. This includes those that would seem on the surface to be unlikely on the part of people like Mr. Kresnik.

For example, a high speed car accident. Was the person involved running to or from something? What overcame the desire for personal safety and increased the chances that a momentary loss of motor control would prove deadly? Similarly, subjects for whom some parties find it desirable to be cut off from friends and family, these same principles apply. Fear of family being harmed can drive people away if they believe they are the cause or the center of the danger.

In short, it involves turning whatever it is the subject holds dear or believes against him or her. One could try to change what those things are, but it is in many cases much harder unless the target, the subject, is already a member of a cult or cultlike group.

Furthermore, the applications for these principles coupled with this technology are many. Mostly, we see this within political movements where group cohesion cannot be maintained. Wedges are driven between people who would otherwise make effective allies. Suspicion about motives, true loyalties, and the best ways to move forward overcome the desire to work cooperatively. Each group or individual finds themselves having to take on an opposition that does not have the same problem because it understands these principles and its loyalties are simple: love of money and power. The desire to “win” overcomes objectivity and the result is either risk-taking (resulting in injury, death, imprisonment, or other forms of being neutralized) or backstabbing among would-be allies that weakens the overall message. Additionally, the opposition uses these same principles to maintain discipline in their ranks.

As you can see, the case of Philip Kresnik was a bit of both. They hoped to control him at first but when he pushed onward with the case anyway they instead used it to destroy him.

In Remembrance

This is likely not going to be one of my better or more interesting posts. More of a loose association of ideas, primarily based on today’s bizarre plane incident and a reminder about some of the older incidents related to this whole mess I’ve been blogging about for years now. Good to remind people now and again lest they doubt what I’ve written.

In case you haven’t heard:

A passenger [23 year old Alexander Michael Herrera] who made “unusual” statements and tried to open an airplane door in-flight today was subdued by passengers and crew members until the plane landed in Portland, Ore.

Over here for ABC’s version.

I wonder what the unusual comments were. Probably not, “I think this is my stop” or “I think I left the coffee pot on.” I also wonder if we’ll find out.

It does remind me of this one a little regarding Delta Flight 3948 on February 28, 2011. (Maybe his comment was, “There’s something on the wing.”) Of course it was only a woman who felt faint that time. Easily verifiable since the flight was diverted. As I recall, to St. Louis.

I also wonder how many service members were on Herrera’s flight.

I also remind, in case I have any new readers, that the juror in the Squidgate trial, the one who wrote a letter to the judge on behalf of the accused, and a day short of a year later found herself in legal jeopardy due to what I refer to as “The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron” *. Some time after her defense attorney managed to turn the local heat down a bit, he was attacked at the court house by what appeared to be a mentally disturbed man. Not connected to planes, but strange behavior most assuredly.

This is taking the Martha Mitchell effect a bit further and mixing it with false-flag to create a third thing: plausibly deniable terrorism, or at least deeply disturbing possibilities for the average citizen wherever they go.

Which brings me around to one of the problems with fascists. They love to try to ruin holidays.

* Actually, it was coyote fur that the robber glued to his face, but werecoyote doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Subliminal Communication Technology Part 6

It gets even more hilarious.

Mr. Glickman. Are you aware of any research the Defense Department has done in any of these areas?

Mr. Tyler. I am not. I understand that you [Dr. Becker] are.

Tyler turns the spotlight back to Becker.

Dr. Becker. I am not at liberty to answer that question. I am sorry.

Mr. Tyler. In the press there was some indication. Mother Jones, some indication it has been done. We have never been contacted.

Mr. Glickman. I had Army folks a couple of years ago give me a little course in something called neurolinguistic programming. But that is not the same thing as subliminal conditioning.
But it has parallels in certain areas.

Tyler goes on to dispute (apparently correctly) the effectiveness of NLP.

I note, also, that NLP sounds a lot like what Jared Lee Loughner was raving about at some point. The use of grammar to control minds. Something like that.

But to the point, Becker was involved in defense research related to using subliminals to affect human behavior, clearly.

By the way, here’s Becker’s Tulane page. You think that there’s anything missing with regards to his accomplishments? He does not even have a Wikipedia entry (some marketing guru does) nor did I even find a reference to him there.

Next Drs. Silverman and Shevrin. Silverman did not provide a written statement. Shevrin winds up speaking first.

You immediately get a shift in tone.  Shevrin outlines what he’s about to discuss and says he will end it with recommendations regarding legislation for regulating the use of subliminal technology and use and states plainly that it has already been used for commercial exploitation.

He also does not hedge about the effectiveness:

The original findings [in the 1950s], since replicated and supported by improved methods, showed that pictures or words flashed so quickly that the person could not report seeing them, nevertheless registered in the mind unconsciously and influenced consciousness without the person being aware of it.

Such unconscious influences could be detected in dreams, images, hypnotic states, or by subtle changes in the perception of conscious stimuli presented at the same time as the subliminal stimulus. Thus, a neutral face would be seen as angry or happy, depending on whether the word angry or happy had been flashed subliminally at the same time as the neutral face was being displayed.

There’s your election fraud in a nutshell. Simple enough.

It’s also likely one of the ways, somehow similar in principle, that they are able to ruin relationships. As I’ve noted before, voice-to-skull can be used to project an obvious sound into the head of a human being but can also be used to do so with subliminal audio.

The number of possible nefarious applications is only limited by the imagination and funding to find out if said application works.


It was as if when outside of awareness the stimulus was treated in a more dream-like way and appeared to be caught up in the person’s inner preoccupations and fantasies. … it would appear that subliminal stimuli are responded to in quite idiosyncratic and private ways.

Shevrin seems to meander a bit, discusses the differences in brain activity, for example, in a man with blood phobia when shown words that he associates with the sight of blood, both supraliminally and subliminally. He then mentions the 1977 research of Russian scientists Kostandov and Arzumanov. They tested words related to crimes committed by violent offenders. They found that they could almost establish guilt based on presenting words related to the crimes that only the actual perpetrator would know. Shevrin sums it up thusly:

Although this may sound like science fiction, we may be on the threshold of invading the individual’s last stronghold of personal privacy–his own inner thoughts, and this is 1984.

Mindreading via reading brainwave activity. Not the point I was interested in making, but certainly related. He continues:

I hesitate to think what future applications might be if these kinds of findings are further advanced and I would assume as in all scientific fields that they will be advanced. It is only a matter of time.

I am quite concerned that findings of this sort, which are of fundamental scientific importance and which can ultimately be used to benefit mankind, could in the wrong hands be used for invasive and manipulative purposes.

Nearly three decades since then.

I should probably note that many people who consider themselves targeted individuals of organized stalking and/or electronic harassment believe that their thoughts are being read. Typically, but not always, these experiences are similar to Jung’s synchronicity.

I will state that, on occasion I have had experiences for which my mind having been read is one possible explanation. However, since I know (and by now so should you) without a doubt that voice-to-skull exists, it is also possible (and frankly far more probable) that instead of reading my mind, they simply “wrote” the idea in it subliminally and tried to make me think that it was mine that they read and put into the mouth of someone else.

I’ve heard that this has happened to many TIs and many of them wind up thinking that the person speaking can read their thoughts, is one of “them”, the perps, regardless of who it is. I think my explanation far more likely. The person said the same words for the same reason I was thinking them: voice-to-skull or similar. The confusion is likely due to whatever else had been done to the TI, ie, drugs or some substance or pathogen that causes confusion. See again item #1, 1955 draft MK/Ultra memo, causing a person to have illogical thoughts and to behave erratically in public in order to discredit them.

And so there we have Shevrin hitting the nail on the head. Sounds like scifi. The words of Aldous Huxley from 22 years seem prophetic.

Behold the power of science fiction.

Subliminal Communication Technology Part 2

Back to business.

Another from Dr. Becker:

It is important however, to realize that even though professionals and amateurs as well have experimented with subliminals over the last 100 years, there has been no proven case of significant harm having come to anyone from the use of subliminals, and even aspirin does not have a good record.

He goes on to show the video and audio processing units his company made.

Finally, he presents summary material to the committee. Much describes success with weight loss videos.

He goes on to reference the controversy of using subconscious stimuli to influence behavior in general.

Then Dr. Becker’s summary material references Budzynski and something called twilight learning:

The videotapes of this program that employ subliminal stimuli also employ relaxing, lilting background music to lull the viewer into a relaxed, almost trance-like state. It now appears that such an altered state of consciousness is precisely what Budzynski and others have found conducive to “…a loosening of the reality-oriented frame of reference and a suspension of the critical cognitive faculties. Moreover, evidence from several areas of research, including sleep, sleeplearning, arousal level, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, attitude change, altered states, and psychotherapy supports the concept of hypersuggestibility.” For example, Barber [“Experiments in hyonosis”, Scientific American, 1957, 196, 54-61.] was able to show that subjects were just as suggestible when in a light sleep or in a drowsy condition as when hypnotized.

This brings to mind so very many events, it is difficult to select only a few to describe.

First, there’s sleep deprivation. This has long been recognized as a way of “softening up” prisoners. There appear to be at least four primary methods of doing this to a target without actually having them in a holding cell (such as happened to Private Bradley Manning, who was awakened every five minutes by his guards. The prison authorities of course claimed it was just part of suicide watch, just as at Guantanamo Bay they gave prisoners mefloquine under the cover of protecting them from malaria. Both acts are torture, clearly, and at least a possible step in brainwashing.)

Before I enumerate and reminisce on the apparent methods used to deprive sleep, I think I should again describe the legal definition of torture. There are three primary requirements. The victim must be in custody; the torture must be intentional; and it must leave some kind of permanent damage. (As you can see, the excuses of suicide watch and malaria protection work as legal cover for the second requirement).

Regarding sleep deprivation methods, first, the obvious. An actual operative moves in upstairs, next door, or checks in adjacent if the target is at a hotel. Both of these things happened (or may have) to me. The condo above mine was rented out to a couple of young men, one of whom went by Anthony, at some point in December of 2009. They were there until I left in March 2010.

When I stayed at the hotel in Port Huron before and during the Squidgate trial, similarly, there were loud footsteps overhead the first night, I think, as well as someone down the hall who played the TV extremely loud at two to three in the morning. Interestingly, this only occurred the first night. The next night, the one before the trial, was quiet. The hotel was largely unoccupied.

This was possibly left-hand/right-hand torture. One group slips a drug into your food that makes you more sensitive to the noise while the other makes the noise. They likely are unaware of each other, having only performed one portion of the overall dirty work. This, along with not actually being in custody, serves again to avoid violating the legal definjtion of torture but at the same time get as close to the effect as is possible under those circumstances.

I also recall, perhaps mid 2010, seeing Cory Doctorow complaining on Twitter that there was loud construction going on near his apartment. As noted before, Neil Gaiman also mentioned in early ’10 that at least twice someone pulled the fire alarm at the hotels he was staying in the morning before he had interviews or appearances to make.

These kind of events are something that TIs (targeted individuals) frequently complain about. They also often wind up assuming that the construction crew is purposefully and knowingly out to get them, or that whoever ordered the work is. Again, I suspect the use of some kind of drug is responsible for coming to that conclusion if the TI was normal before their situation changed. Though it’s also likely that at some point, there may be subliminals used on one or more of the folks there in order to enhance the effectiveness of coming to the wrong conclusion and increasing the likelihood that the TI will not be believed should they share that notion.

The second way involves simply putting the target in such a state that they cannot sleep. Simply being disoriented from wondering why is all of this weird stuff happening might be enough to lose sleep. Add to that one drug that may.cause or enhance the confusion and another that increases energy and the effect is increased. (This latter I previously cited as the likely culprit where Heath Ledger is concerned. Lack of sleep can lower the effectiveness of the immune system, lead to extreme exhaustion, etc.).

Then you can wake them with what I’ve on occasion referred to as phantom sounds. Voice-to-skull and similar tech, perhaps using ultrasound for example. Sony’s patent for a sensory immersed gaming system that projects sensory data onto the cerebral cortex (link at right), for example, appears to operate on the same or similar principle, or will one day. (If they had such a thing and needed to field test, who better to try it out on than people who are already drugged silly and have no credibility due to baving already been drugged and harassed to the point of near madness? No one believes them anyway, so they get that on top of whatever else has already been done).

Then there’s the possibility of drugging or otherwise doing something similar to your otherwise completely innocent neighbor who makes noise because they can’t sleep either. Some combination of these things happened in Minneapolis as I’ve documented before. I was annoyed at the noise coming from the apartment above. Heath noticed it, too.

Then, one night when the only occurrences in the apartment were watching a movie and sex (in bed, not on the floor that time), I got a letter from the neighbor downstairs from me complaining about power tools and other noises that clearly were not used. “Especially last night between 10 and 11,” he said. That was what sealed it. That had been when the least amount of walking. Imagine if he’d banged on the door during sex and shouted “Turn off the power drill!”

This, as so many of these tricks do, had the potential to start a feud between two innocent neighbors. The real perpetrators never even had to enter the building necessarily. It’s false-flag via trickery, and that is why I believe all or most of the major terror attacks are likely so as well.

If nothing else, surely we can agree that sleep deprivation can lead to irritability. Increased irritability can increase the likelihood in turn of a violent or provacative act. Throw in subliminal suggestions as to where and when one should act out, and you have near traceless violence-by-proxy.

Likely this also has to be combined, as I’ve said, with black ops such as destroying the target’s life, wrecking their relationships, isolating them, harassing them to increase frustration, etc. Similar uses for the same methods can accomplish that, pull people apart.

Over time, it should be noted, sleep deprivation can also have diverse physical effects if one is deprived of allowing the proper organ repair and other tasks that the brain and body handle during sleep. Such things might be difficult to prove in court, though sleep apnea proponents claim that ailment can cause major organ damage from lack of the deeper stages of sleep.

Former President Clinton once noted, I think on the Daily Show, that much of the irritability of members of Congress was due to lack of sleep because they have to spend so much time fundraising. (Additionally, they no longer generally socialize due to moving out of DC proper and spending so much time away, again, fundraising).

Becker goes on with how the diet program worked. Much of it was subliminal education about what to eat.

His next summary paper is one from experiments he and colleagues at Tulane performed involving using two projectors, symbols, and three oil company names.

Apart from the fact that they found it worked, most notable for my purposes is likely the following, the final paragraph:

Finally, a comforting note is sounded in the summary of [William] Bevan’s paper when he states that one of the roles of subliminal variables “…is similar to that of supraliminal variables and the behavior, far from being irrational, is not only rational but appropriate to the circumstances as the behaving indivudual perceives them.” (“Subliminal stimulation: A pervasive problem for psychology,” Psychological Bulletin, 61:2, 84-92, February 1964).

This seems to indicate that subliminals alone did not seem to cause irrational behavior, as observed as defined by Bevan at least. That would largely seem to follow what I’ve suggested, that it often takes more to turn someone into a killer or terrorist. This probably also applies to driving them to suicide.

More later.