Several Topics Briefly

You might recall my review of VICE UK’s Meet the Targeted Individual Community. Spoilers: It ends with disappointment due to the inability to prove that they have electronic chips inside their bodies. I suggested that it is A} easy to convince someone in their position that they have been chipped and B} this serves an operational purpose: To make them more likely to follow a command or subliminal suggestion because they think that they cannot not follow it due to being chipped. Shorter: Convincing them that they are chipped serves as a placebo to make them more compliant.

Well, the KUBARK {CIA’s code name for the project} Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual suggests convincing interrogatees that they have been drugged for much the same reason: It is proven that it increases the likelihood of compliance in the interrogation. This is in the chapter on hypnosis, which by the way suggests that it is possible to get someone to do something outside their normal range of behavior, etc., contrary to conventional, public thought about hypnosis.

Northwest Research & Covert Book Report, “Weaponized Hypnosis – Part 1, The Kubark Manual,” 12 August 2018:


My sources tell me that CIA is cooking fentanyl and is involved in mixing it with heroin inside the US {remember that exploding government meth lab 30 minutes from Ft. Detrick?} in order to make it appear as if China is importing fentanyl into the US and is therefore responsible for the opioid crisis here instead of CIA importing poppy from Afghanistan in order to fund an unlimited number of illegal programs/operations.

This is an instructional situation. This is what CIA always seems to do: Take a bad situation that it created and make it worse. I cannot think of a single exception.


I remind readers that 9/11 was Micheal Ledeen’s idea carried out by Saudi intelligence and CIA cajoling and directing of Al Qaeda. Prior and post to 9/11, CIA through US AID radicalized generations of Afghan and Pakistan children using books:

Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway, “From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad,” 23 March 2002, Washington Post:

Jihad had a very different meaning before CIA turned it radical. Going on a diet or quitting smoking were considered jihad.

Anyway, guess what happened in New Mexico recently? Authorities found a compound of people abusing children and training them to clear rooms with assault rifles. There were some interesting religious beliefs attached to it all. The leader? Came to the US from Saudi Arabia. The evidence? Includes various books being used to radicalize the kiddies.

Gadi Schwartz over at NBC has covered the court proceedings and what the police have said. They initially thought the kids were being trained to shoot up schools, which FOX News jumped on. Turns out they were instead talking about attacking banks and one supposes the FBI.

This entire thing has CIA fingerprints all over it. And Saudi intelligence. Haven’t we done enough for those oil monarchs? Thought they were pissed at Canada right now.

Here’s a tweet from the middle / evidence section of Gadi’s twitter thread on the story.


Ukraine’s army has officially changed its salute to a Nazi greeting. As the radicalization of Afghanistan and Pakistan lead to 9/11, we can expect probably a nuke, biological weapon, or dirty bomb some time in the next few decades from Nazi terrorist groups CIA created in order to destabilize Ukraine.

Mordechai Sones, “Nazi collaborator greeting becomes official Ukraine army salute,” Israel National News, 16 August 2018:


Black Boot Diaries

And none of this post would have happened if I hadn’t dreamed about the same person again this morning that I have I think for the last ten days or more. This morning’s sleep deprivation subliminal suggestion-inspired dream took the form of his having become a convicted drug offender.

And, by the way, it’s probably not the person you think. Rather someone who’s been out of my life for a long time. Every night for ten plus days.


Way Down We Go

It’s obligatory, isn’t it? I was going to go with a different title, but apparently Caitlin Sweet, et al, beat me to it, referring to the deserving portion. Instead you get a step away from that with a Kaleo lyric from a song containing a similar phrase.


Let me get the personal crap out of the way first. The party that decided it would be fun to screw me over in 2010-2011 got their asses handed to them last night. Am I gloating? Only a little.

But then I’m not looking for housing in Canada {again}, planning mass protests, or even sharpening my hacker skills either.


I see three or four different issues here.


A very quick but interesting rundown on manufacturing job losses in the US and where they occurred by Andrew Flowers over at Nate Silver’s FiveThiryEight. Note how well it matches the red you may have seen on your various e-screens last night. In 2008, Edwards was the only candidate talking about poverty. After he dropped out, there was no candidate talking about poverty. And, so, eight years later the working class gave Washington, DC the finger. I’d cheer except of course I see several problems with Trump bringing back manufacturing, assuming he even intends to do so.

Automation is one. Even if there were a manufacturing boom in the US in a few years, much of it would be automated. Sorry, Joe the Widget-Assembler.

Two, there would be the unattractive choices of either lowering minimum wage {which Trump has already suggested he wants to do} or raising pay so that people can buy whatever it is being manufactured. Of course, they could also reduce the requirements to get loans in order to afford the stuff. You know, what almost destroyed the world economy back in ’08.

This is a recipe for a second Great Depression. But don’t get too worried yet. I will explain how this is going to be President Pence anyway, with Trump sticking his head in every few months shouting at people and screwing things up until he disappears again to do whatever he can to build his fortune further.


The Republicans have done such a great job of painting Hillary as a radical liberal {she really, really isn’t even a moderate one} while joining her at bible study for decades and decades that they couldn’t pull it back…assuming they really wanted to. The Bushes may have publicly endorsed her, but I wonder who they really voted for in the booth.

I’m still hearing this ridiculous mantra. “Never-you-mind we’ve had solid pro-business running things since Carter. Trust us, they want to tax you to death. And we can’t steal your money as quickly if it goes to the gubberment first.”


The saying went, “Bill Clinton took a step to the right and the Republicans in Congress took three.” So the Dems decided to keep stepping to the right to watch the GOP fall off the cliff.

Except the working class didn’t give a shit about the rest of that. Didn’t care about Trump’s personal baggage. Didn’t care that he was a racist. DC failed working people. Here’s a guy talking negative about NAFTA. F— the Times and MSNBC, they aren’t helping either and are stuck on shit like who gets to use which bathroom while these non-working working people are struggling to pay bills. Maybe I should have gone with “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

In essence, given the choice between a Republican in name and a Republican in policy only, they chose the former. The Democrats also abandoned the unions in order to move that far right. Turns out Wall Street does have immense influence over media but when people are pissed off enough they don’t listen to it. Wall Street provides cash, but it doesn’t actually vote. This fact should give us hope but look what we wound up with.

At the last moment, the Republicans fell to the ground and the Democrats were the ones who went over the cliff. This is what they get for abandoning people and embracing multinationals. They forgot where their strength came from.


Read: Racism and xenophobia. Watts {see the first link up top} covered this. It is very likely in the genes and that makes sense if you think about human history. It would be nice if we started surviving via cooperation, but there’s those hardwired things in the head again.


Right. The Republicans have control of it all for now. It will be the Pence-Ryan show. Repeal Obamacare. Maybe try to repeal or mess with gay marriage, we’ll see. More corporate welfare in the guise of creating jobs {again, multinationals make money by providing services while eliminating jobs and paying less for those that remain; they are the real enemy}.

Trump is going to find out, probably very, very rudely, that he isn’t in charge, not really. What will he do? Hard to say, probably have a meltdown.

The racism and poverty problems will be exacerbated. Trump will have his fingers in his ears and it won’t be him running the show anyway. There will be months of disconnect between what Trump says and what Pence is doing, providing much confusion.

Wars will continue and maybe we’ll even have new ones. In other words, the status quo.


OPiuM for Political Hacks

Today, John McCain was going batty over China and “cyber.” This is not so much any sign of sincerity, but rather a variant on the old politician trick made famous by Nazis {but only because they used it to perform genocide} and neoconservatives because Michael Ledeen codified it in neocon writings.

The basic idea is to ascribe to your opponents your own worst attributes. Nazis accused Jews of killing children. Neocons accuse everyone else of voter fraud. It’s to get out ahead of any revelations as to the truth of their own involvement in the same. To a weak mind, subsequent reports of those having made those statements actually being the ones doing it may sound like tit-for-tat.

So it likely is with the Office of Personnel Management hack. The amount they scream about China is directly proportional to the amount of time they spend in bed with it.

As noted somewhere in the long tweet thread from the previous post and noted in the post before that, the GOP created their own CIA which was in part the actual CIA. They have the same capabilities and since CIA officers can freely moonlight on Wall Street in their free time what they are up to during that time is anyone’s guess.

But how to make the OPM Hack possible? They had to leave a backdoor, which is what the intelligence community keeps asking for more of. Just as making the American people as ignorant–and therefore pliable–as possible, one must first gut education funding, they prevented funding from going to protecting the identities and personal data of most covert employees of the US government. Blackmail and extortion–that is, threatening someone’s family–are all quite possible once you have this data.

Congress was warned about the possible problem, failed to provide funding to fix it. Here:

IT News AU, “OPM Chief blames hack on decades of infosec underinvestment,” 18 June 2015:

And does anyone really believe that we are at ‘war’ with China? It’s effing preposterous. This is George W. Bush’s “favored status” nation. Crooks always need a boogeyman in order to distract you when they pick your pocket.

The point of the op was several-fold. First, you have the very private dirt on new FBI agents just out of the academy. Should they ever get the silly idea of actually doing their jobs–already apparently soundly beaten out of the older, existing variety–you can threaten or blackmail them into not doing that. Second, you can recruit more agents into your GOP-CIA and DNC-CIA shadow organizations in order to further subvert the law and the American people while shoveling as much NATSEC money into your own pockets as possible.

And China will play the fall-guy for you. Why not? It’s not as though we haven’t been hacking the hell out of them too.

Of course none of this will see the light of day for decades. Instead we have Obama making absurd statements like the one about deeds following words. Does he get the irony? I think he does, I just don’t know how he reconciles his ability to sometimes eloquently state the right thing to do and then do the opposite, knowing that the effects will be catastrophic down the road, playing ye ol’ kick the can, the game that is becoming ever more dangerous to play.

GOP will share, or have already shared, the data with the Democrat spymasters as well, you can be sure. This is part of keeping it quiet, sharing the loot with the other crime family. They will then divvy up the people they find a use for like a football draft. The battle between two shit-eating species of vulture will pick over the bones of their kills, whether that be the middle class, the country or the planet. There will be no suitable-for-the-masses solution to climate change so long as CIA exists and these two parties are dominant.

This was, despite our friendly standing with China, treason. But it’s not treated like treason when you have the right friends and already keep the Department of Justice’s tiny, shriveled gonads in your freezer.

Now, we are only hearing that we need more cyber-police {the old Michael Hayden call for ‘digital Blackwater’}, because politicians are in reality more concerned about what you know, what you think, than protecting a single goddam thing. By not protecting things, they get more kickbacks. It really is that simple.

They won’t use any additional powers that we hand them to fix what’s broke, but rather figure out how to screw the American people further. It’s just what they do.

Guess what kind of people are not in the OPM database.

You Heard It Here First

FBI, DoJ, regularly cover for Chinese military intelligence operating on US soil, against US citizens.

Just remember. Here. It’ll come out. It’ll be hilarious also watching those testify before the people who have them do it (Congress, Senate) trying to explain why.

Most likely, supporters of Al Qaeda like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, being among the most guilty, will appear the angriest at this “startling revelation.”

PS: McCain, after backing Al Qaeda in Syria, wants to run for President again. That would be the icing on the s— cake, wouldn’t it? A supporter of terrorists and Commie spies elected President.

Oh, wait…they all do that.

On the Potential Benefits of Thermonuclear War

An interesting summary of the situation we currently face. Written by a former assistant US Treasury secretary and Wall Street Journal associate editor and columnist. I’ve often sought Republicans who find this (mostly) neocon mess just as disgusting as I and people like Chris Hedges do, but have typically had trouble finding them. Knew they had to exist, though.

“Neocon nazis”. Think that sums it up fairly well (though it leaves out the part where the Democrats surrendered DC to them). I think it’s well worth the read unless you prefer not to know ahead of time that you will likely be disintegrated or die of radiation poisoning, or starve due to crashed infrastructure resulting from nukes going off.

Roberts is not alone in being conservative and critical, though. The narrowly failed initiative to curb (one of) the excesses of the NSA had considerable GOP support. And even partisan hack Lindsey Graham changed his mind about spying on seven AP reporters once it was told that there was one from FOX as well.

But, let’s see how the Pentagon’s/NATO’s first strike might turn out. I grossly oversimplify in order to basically ask, “Who benefits?”

SCENARIO A – The Chinese, only capable of striking a relatively small area compared to the US decide to hit mostly regions with high population densities. The Neocons win, since removing NY *, California, and Chicago means an overwhelming (sorry but largely true) uninformed, propagandized conservative majority that will serve as cannon fodder baby factories for their future misadventures. On the plus side, we’d be united again.

SCENARIO B – The Chinese are actually smarter than that and do the reverse. They instead tip the balance to the Left. They wipe out Tennessee, Texas (ending the border security debate) and Oklahoma to be sure. Also, having removed much lowly populated farmland, the US becomes dependent on other countries for food. That’s something they could potentially take advantage of if they have enough remaining infrastructure to do so. A loss for the neocons except in that “told you I could take it with me” kind of way.

But that’s the problem with B. They likely won’t have the infrastructure, so it’s more likely that they will do something more liable to make as much of the country uninhabitable as possible. And there you get into weather patterns, fallout behavior, and it gets harder to predict the outcome.

Kind of a crap shoot deciding where to live, idn’t it?

In any case, I look forward to the mainstream media making certain that we all believe it was a Chinese first strike instead of the other way around. It’ll be the uniting call: follow Chancellor Cheney **, as the lowest approval rating in history and not even technically being in office proves to not make a single goddam difference where policy is concerned. In fact, you gotta wonder if somehow power and popularity are somehow inversely proportional (though that doesn’t seem to be working for Obama).

Take it away, man in black!

“Deeeeeeeeespuh-righto…why don’t you come your senses?”

* Which on the plus side may temporarily reduce predatory greed on Wall Street.

** Not literally. He’ll be in hiding.

On Chinese Hacking DoD

This story  reflects exactly what Mark formerly of NSA subcontractor Technodyne described at the event with Keith Ellison where I met him. This was 2011. Plenty of time to avert this doomsday scenario they are painting up for us.

The Pentagon bought computers from China that had backdoor capabilities. It seemed apparent that someone over there knew it and approved the purchase anyway.

It serves to stoke fear and justify further expenditures toward web security which they will use to further control information and further smother the truth in BS.

Fiction and Fact

(Or, “Better Killing Through Neurochemistry”).

I’m going to ignore the FNAQ* regarding the previous post for now and merely mention in passing that HSBC, my bank after they acquired Republic Bank of NY in the 90s, my identity twice stolen while their customer, is settling over the LIBOR scandal, the laundering of drug cartel money through the US, and doing business with Iran. Deutsche Bank, a former client and tenant at 1251 6th Avenue where I worked from 1991 until 2010 for the landlord and many tenants (and never once spied on any of them), is similarly under investigation for tax dodging, though many of the same charges may apply to them as HSBC and like the German bank involved in the Mollath Affair.

Instead, I’m going to focus on how the reason some of what I’ve been blogging about might seem like fiction. Where fiction comes from. At least the good kind that serves to inform while entertaining.

Whether you think the neocon military coup sounds like Doctor Strangelove or not, or some other story from some novel I haven’t even read, does not mean it hasn’t happened. Recall again, this is the progression of the investigation that Seymour Hersh has delved into that began as “Cheney left some stay-behinds in the Obama administration” to “seven or eight radical generals loyal to Cheney have taken over portions of the government.” Not my idea. A decent explanation for why, as Chris Matthews noted some months ago, Obama looks like the “Manchurian candidate.” (Well, that and why not? the use of voice-to-skull subliminals on the President as well. Prove they aren’t).

Recall again that the reason we had a scare on Christmas Day 2009 with the so-called underwear bomber was because a database containing the suspect’s name (maintained by a Top Secret America subcontractor, who I doubt was the actual culprit that caused the name to be missed) somehow did not connect the dots as it was supposed to. The suspect’s father had contacted the American embassy repeatedly in order to make sure that his son did not harm anyone.

Around this same time, late 2009, early 2010, was when the s*** hit the fan in my life. Apart from the personal psychological harassment and things like apparently being framed as a co-conspirator with Wikileaks, there were odd things going on in NY that clearly were not directly aimed at me.

For example, there was what I would refer to as a very angry tea party type shouting at my co-workers and I on Fifth Avenue, I think it was, on the way to the Apple store. There was that odd, still unexplained issuance of information from the Obama administration indicating that INTERPOL agents working in the US had carte blanche for actions taken, but there was no indication as to what they were doing.

At the same time, as has been noted here a few times, the Open Government Directive was issued in early December 2009, the same day as the arrest of Peter Watts, the apparent beginning of what we’ve come to refer to as Squidgate (squid being a slang term for marine biologists, which Watts is).

And then there was the attacks on various fortune 500s allegedly by the Chinese. I question that explanation for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Thomas Drake’s assertion that assholes in NSA created phony threats in order to profit off of it and former head of same Michael Hayden calling for a “digital Blackwater.”

Is that why INTERPOL was called in? A massive defense and intelligence uprising (which appears to have been planned before the ’08 election)? The “testing” of a new president as was suggested by VP Biden early on after the ’08 election? Or a rebellion against any form of actual justice for the many, many crimes of the previous administration?

And again I note that Cheney went wild with trying to re-classify previously de-classified materials. The broad range of subjects this covered makes it difficult to pinpoint one thing in particular that he might have been most concerned about, but I’ve made a few guesses.

First, there’s the waterboarding issue. Despite my many misgivings and, let me be honest, adamant hatred of all things Langley, the facts are that CIA legal asked the Bush White House for legal clarification repeatedly over the request to engage in enhanced interrogation techniques. Of course there are two things to note in addition to that. First, they may have already been engaging in it before the request was even made. This echoes the Nixon administration asking for CIA (and others) to go after Vietnam war protesters, the reply that it would be illegal so no, meanwhile they had previously engaged in it. (This was, by the way, the main thrust of Seymour Hersh’s article in the NY Times). If not so directly, then handing people over to the Poles, Russians, or Egyptians to do these (or worse) techniques amounts to the same thing. So, second, it was more out of self-preservation than any sense of morality, legality, or concern over the fates of captured American and allied troops that they asked for clarification. In any case, there were very old documents regarding waterboarding on the list to be hidden away.

Next, not actually directly part of the re-classification (but possibly connected) there was NSA’s report asserting that the Gulf of Tonkin incident actually occurred. This event was what started the Vietnam war and, the official story had been that Johnson was told three days later that the event was false/did not actually occur as reported, but he had already given the order to enter the country and so was not going to countermand it. The report coming in 2007 sounds to me like an attempt to re-write history, as would hiding it, hence the connection there.

But why?

Again, I think we have to look at what was revealed by CBS in 2003. OPERATION NORTHWOODS. The notes from a planning session were declassified. The notes included plans to shoot down a commercial airliner on which would be several US college students, then pin that attack on Cuba in order to sway public opinion to be able to invade Cuba politically, to have the support of the American people for it. In essence, a false-flag attack that worked as a massive PSYOP. News would pick it up, plaster pictures of the kids that DoD and CIA murdered all over the place, we would become so angry that we would demand they invade the place, depose Castro, etc.

(If I’m accused of being a Cuba sympathizer for pointing out how wrong it is for a so-called representative democracy to engage in that, then there is something very, very wrong. I consider that notion to be insane, and therefore just the kind of thing that would come out of the pathological liars club at CIA or the delusional paranoiacs at the Pentagon. Both groups also greedy enough to kill for a buck).

Instead, of course, we got the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The brainchild of CIA’s Richard M. Bissell, formerly of the Ford Foundation.

Anyway, that, NORTHWOODS, had to be on Cheney’s list. The implication of that, and knowing now that voice-to-skull existed in the 1980s, can really only mean one thing. NORTHWOODS was dusted off, rewritten, and executed as 9/11. Has to be that way.

You have CIA’s Buzzy Krongard’s former trading company shortselling airline stock that day. You have the eery similarities in what followed. The toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue, for example, was a PSYOP designed to show what the Bay of Pigs invasion did not: that the invaded people were happy about the invasion. You have the mad rush to profit off of 9/11 in general, and the resulting wars. All of which with most of Congress’ blessings. Those opposed got deposed (and in one case murdered in an airplane “accident”).

Basically, that’s Die Hard. It’s crooks posing as terrorists. Financially-motivated, and not really politically-motivated, violence. Theft disguised as terrorism.

Then there is Bruce Ivens and the Amerithrax events. That’s roughly Die Hard 4, except Ivens, unlike fictional NSA’s Thomas Gabriel and hacking of infrastructure (or realworld Hayden and Michael Chertoff), did not so far as I know seek financial gain for “helping” us see that Anthrax would be so easy to weaponize. Rather, there were others who capitalized off of Iven’s having gone off the deep end.

Both 9/11 and Ivens could be arranged via the same methods I’ve suggested are responsible for Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, James Eagan Holmes, Jacob Tyler Roberts, etc. Drive someone nearly out of their minds with PSYOPS, frustrate them through social engineering black ops and use of surreptitious untraceable drugs and voice-to-skull, and then direct them when there is a secondary target (as in the case of Jared Lee Loughner) to the target(s) via voice-to-skull subliminals. I mean you notice that this s*** never happens to CEOs of mulinational banks who launder drug and terror money, right? Maybe it should.

Prove me wrong. You can’t. You can’t because voice-to-skull can be in the hands of practically anyone at this point (though clearly military/defense and intelligence/security top the list along with their multinational partners). If there are any laws specifically preventing its use, I am unaware of them. The kind of psychopaths who approve this stuff undoubtedly consider the ability to remotely hypnotize someone into being violent as having been violent to begin with, despite also wrecking their lives through the use of other teams unaware of what the whole operation is up to. Maybe. Or maybe it’s all INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP’s Army PSYOPS teams doing it to protect their commanding officers’ many crimes and the banks who have been partners in the money-laundering business (do I need to remind that heroin production has increased since 2001?). Why not? It must bring a great feeling of power being able to cause destruction on American soil against those pesky citizens, “how dare they think civilians should have control of the military?”

That’s what they tried to do to me except I figured it out before they were able to close the deal. But they have not stopped trying either. That, and having so utterly destroyed my life mean I have no choice but to see this through to the end. They’ve made their positions clear: we are enemies for life, there is no other way it can be. They try to drop in via V2K “let it go” messages, the opportunity to “start over”, and I know full well it’s complete bulls***, a goddam delaying tactic, that if I had not already done damage to their operation they would have stopped long ago.

These people do not have any form of mercy in them, and therefore, when the time comes, deserve none. (But being more “important” than the American people at large–clearly, or at least there would not have been so many shootings this week–they can expect pardons for having murdered so many of their fellow humans anyway). Nor do they as far as I can tell have anything that approaches reason. I’ve tried, they refused, so it’s do or die, to the end.

All of which is coming around to the main point. There are no original ideas. They all derive from somewhere. Die Hard 4 was based on an article, “A Farewell to Arms”, about the uselessness of military action against attacks on infrastructure from hackers. The Ivens situation was based on what he viewed as being a dangerous security hole regarding anthrax.

And so I turn to R. Scott Bakker’s Neuropath and Peter Watts’ Rifters Trilogy:





Spoilers below.

First, Bakker’s book. It contains government operatives who voluntarily give up their conscience in order to be “better” at what they do. They are going to be asked to do horrible things, so they let this be done to them, do this to themselves, so as to not feel guilty about it. Additionally, it shows that by careful toying with the brain, you can induce all sorts of interesting side-effects.

Similarly, in the Rifters trilogy, you have methods such as using engineered virii to instill company loyalty, to contain people chosen for their position due to having been a “born” sociopath. Essentially, Achilles Desjardins is a drone pilot. His drones (that Watts labels botflies) are weaponized. The multinational corporations who have essentially taken over (sounding familiar yet?) use them to contain uprisings and outbreaks of viruses. They use sociopaths to carry out the work of eliminating entire communities of unwanted people and use the drugs, viruses, etc. to control the sociopaths, to prevent them using their what-would-otherwise-be-autonomous power on areas and people that the corporations don’t want destroyed.

Simply put: it’s mind control for financial gain. Does that yet sound familiar?

Like Die Hard 4, all of that, Bakker’s tale and Watts’ trilogy, are based on the work of others. All they did was take the “what if?” and make it into a story. (I say “all” they did with a bit of sarcasm…writing a novel is no easy task and both of these gents are very good at it).

Watts’ approach is as a scientist Bakker’s as a philosopher. And yet they both see the same issues at heart: what might we do to ourselves? What might we do to each other? All because we can, as neuroscience learns more and more about how the human brain works, the more easily we can all be manipulated, controlled.

And that points, especially in Watts’ case, to the interest in him as a target. He showed exactly what might happen. And so it is ironic I suppose that I am working to make the work of my favorite science fiction writer irrelevant.

You will also find in the Rifter’s Trilogy that the world geography has changed. There were unnamed secessions, conflicts, etc. that lead to redrawing the lines between various places.

That is where this is all going. That is the point, I suppose, of having gone after him in the first place.

As I have said repeatedly, I believe that my and likely other former denizens of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival main function were as red herrings, fall guys, dupes, patsies. If anything went wrong with an op, we were close by to take the blame, to draw suspicions.

That the first book of Watts’ next trilogy had its audio book version narrated by one such person and it was handed to me months later to read is in itself odd. I don’t think he had any more conscious intention of causing any harm to Watts than I did or do. Rather, I think it was as I said and that when exposure got to be imminent, they have tried to cover it up by all sorts of methods, not the least of which is attempting to undermine my credibility via all sorts of means including making me so crazy that it seems I must have always been that way, must have imagined it all.

And yet there is enough in the odd coincidence category to make even the most cynical wonder. The problem, the people who can confirm parts of my story are estranged (another thing they have done, isolated me from my old friends) and tight-lipped, order-following, investigators who likely have already been told to butt-out due to national security concerns.

It is a national (and international) security concern. It’s just that those they are trusting to handle it are bribed, intimidated, or brainwashed into allowing it all to proceed.

Can democracy survive the discovery of biochemical methods of controlling people? Of black ops run rampant in the name of protecting us from our own terrorist proxies? Of “job-supplying,” “economy-building” multinationals who would just as soon have slave labor? A pile of lies so high and large that it could take many, many historians their entire lives just to sort them out?

Can it survive power, the likes of which the world has never seen, handed to a few people to utilize? Imagine being able to get virtually anything you want by making other people want to get/do it for you. Do you think that you could resist that temptation? If so, how?

I don’t know. Maybe just having one’s conscience removed is preferable. Would make shutting up easier. Would make fighting the tide by oneself easier. Would make torture and loss easier. Would make watching our internal enemies in government murder school children while the rest is helpless to stop them easier. Just take and take while pretending to do one goddam useful thing like many other people, like most of our government and their private partnership does. Overall, it would be easier.

But then I’ve always hated following trends.

Up next, my version of The Forgotten. The one that explains what it really means, and why memes like UFOs and aliens always seem to get thrown in.

Hint: unfounded belief that assholes in government agencies like NSA and DIA have your best interests in mind, Clarke’s Third Law and voice-to-skull subliminals and other methods of disseminating disinformation, and, of course, the real reason: unbridled greed and selling us all out to the likes of HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and other non-state terrorist sponsors. Thank the neocons for that. They played us all for suckers and continue to do so.

* Frequently Not Asked Questions. The timing of the NDAA indicates that it was merely a codifying, a post-legal act, to make the “coup” a bit more legal. In other words, “We’ve illegally taken over the Legislative branch. So now let’s make that legal.” It’s the Pentagon’s version of “first we kill all the lawyers.” Get it? Got it? Good. Now what?

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