The Beginning of the End

It couldn’t really be more perfect. A perusal of right and left outlets and opinion on Facebook shows the “game” has really been stepped up.

Anti-government sentiment will be so high in the coming years that people will be clamoring for multinational control. They pretty much have it now, but I mean direct control. Control of resources, control of masses via control of food, “news”/propaganda, gas, lodging, work, and who goes in the slammer and who gets to watch those in the slammer because, you know, unemployment rate due to outsourcing, automation and over-working the remaining human work force.

Taking a sharp turn, you can get the general idea of where things are gonna go by reading Peter Watts’ Rifters trilogy, or watching SyFy’s Incorporated. You can also watch some of history repeat itself via Taboo, when the East India Company ruled the world.

We’re just too gullible, too willing to accept what the people who are leading us to the cliff say is the problem and who is responsible for it. Let me straighten that out for you. Not that you’ll listen, not that you’ll understand.

It’s power. It’s always power. And today more than ever there’s a very big gap between those who have it and those who don’t. And they have every institution that is supposed to be an impediment to having it absolutely on their side.

C’est fini.




It’s always good to step back now and again and attempt to explain why this blog is here, why I mention the stuff that I do, and why you should care about any of it.


While on a school trip to Germany in 1988, there were a couple of odd occurrences. This came after I had decided not to pursue any sort of foreign service that I had spent much of my teenage years intending to pursue. I would describe my 1980s self as someone not unlike the psychopathic PTSD murderer depicted in the latest from Dirty Harry. Though the Soviet threat still loomed it was clear from the books available that terrorism was on its way to replacing communism as the next big threat, by which now I mean a means of taking all your stuff and rights under the auspices of protecting you.

The notion of protecting the American people is of course utter bullshit. Like Son of Sam and other devil-told-me-to-do-it psychopaths, the US government and its Siamese twin Wall Street requires the deaths of Americans in order to maintain the cash cow that the global war on terror is. The enemies that the one hand is focused on defeating were nurtured, trained, radicalized, encouraged, cajoled, manipulated, exaggerated, and every other kind of deceptive practice for everything from Charlie Wilson’s war in Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia’s incessant hate-US education system to “Balkanization” which grew out of OPERATION GLADIO after WWII.


Foreign strife is not enough for a system that demands more profit next year than this one. That is of course unsustainable, but they don’t look that far down the road, merely expect the worse things get, the more economic opportunities that will provide. We will not only be divided into the haves and have-nots as this progresses, but also predator and prey.

But why this blog? The balance of nature requires that prey keep just slightly ahead of prey. That is, prey must remain just slightly smarter, faster, more knowledgeable, and whatever else is required for survival. When this does not occur, the predators also suffer because they run out of prey. This kind of balance is what made capitalism work in so far as it did. Now, capitalism is the biggest threat to itself.

Do not let the bullshit of the Republicans and Tea Party favorites mislead you: the Democrats are every bit as vulture in their capitalistic attitudes as these other species. HCR was a handout to the health care sector. The principles of collective bargaining don’t really apply because the reform doesn’t give people, merely the states in so far as their corruption allows, that power.

And there really isn’t anything else to point to. By way of example, watch as the GOP accuses Obama of cut and run in Yemen, whereas they complained that he didn’t in Benghazi.

But that’s just an inside family feud. See again the previous post.

The point then is to alert folks who don’t reject the truth out of hand due to the existence of Mel Gibson, Alex Jones, and their ilk. MKULTRA really existed as did many subproject. CIA really is in it for the bucks, as is FBI, NSA, Booz Allen Hamilton, HB Gary Federal, Stratfor, and Palantir. The Constitution is dead. Pointing to one or two exceptions, as “whistleblower advocate” Brad Moss might do doesn’t make it otherwise. The law must apply to and serve everyone or it is simply a tool of tyranny.

So we have the Primer,  the Mind-Affecting Technology tabs up top. The rest. The book explaining a portion of my “oddysey” through various forms of illegal activities now allowed because of terrorism and fear. Those same means, methods, and organizations are one the one hand causing most of our problems and then turning around and saying let us take the gloves off, give us more money. Some of the money of course wends its way back to politicians who then turn around and request undoing investigations into what made us less safe, ruined our view of reality, and made the US not only less safe, but committers of crimes against humanity.

It is torture, of a sort, that is absolutely occurring on US soil, against US citizens, for these same purposes. I know. They did it to me.

While you might not be locked in a cage when this is done to you, there will be many reasons–engineered by the public and private psycho clown parade–why you won’t want to step outside. While they won’t have guards waking you up every few minutes, you may experience sleep deprivation from a sudden inexplicable rush of adrenalin that won’t go away, incessant phone calls from anyone and everything, neighbors, roommates, city workers who suddenly decide it is time to make a lot of noise.

Most of these tricks revolve around altering your perception of cause and effect and the order of events. See for example again the previous post. They didn’t cajole Jason Hammond into a plea deal because I cared about him; they got me to care about him because they knew that they were going to do that.

All in order to try to turn me into a terrorist or similar. As was the very possible murder of my grandmother. That ploy, of course, an attempt to make me blame Palin and her ilk for it as Palin had said HCR was a “plot to kill grandma.” All of which makes the Democrats the most likely perps.

Similar to this was the 23 December 2009 fire in which parties unknown tried to frame a DHS border guard’s family.

Now, the burning question becomes, why me, why take me on a tour of the dark bloated underbelly of the intelligence community–and then some–if I’m just lost in the noise… Someone not much believed… Dismissed out of hand due to normalcy bias and it-can’t-be-therfore-it-isn’t. Why do that?

The best answer I can give is, this system is schizophrenic. It is certainly broken, and so exhibiting symptoms of mental illness makes some sense. Is it the serial killer who has an impulse to get caught? Is it one agency or subcontractor fighting against the direction things are going, or playing some sort of turf war? Is it some mentally disturbed, legal pretzel compliance with the Open Government Directive combined with a vague mission statement from 1947? Is it an insider, a sort of whistleblower, using me as his or her mouthpiece?

In any case it appears more like a colossal joke from where I sit. The truth is so damn crazy, that I didn’t much believe it, still don’t want to, and I was drugged, harassed, tortured out of my frickin’ mind before I could come to accept it.

Up next: some more memories of Chicago and my lament that it wasn’t in fact the most dangerous neighborhood there, just the third or so.

Like a Beast

I’m on the prowl and I watch you closely
I lie waiting for you
I’m the wolf with the sheepskins clothing
I lick my chops and your tasting good
I do whatever I want to, to ya
I’ll nail your ass to the sheets
A pelvic thrust and the sweat starts to sting ya

Going to start with the big picture and narrow it down to specifics with this one.

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Dead Black Guy Day

“In the End, we will remember not
the words of our enemies, but
the silence of our friends.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The underlying message, and it’s not a comforting one, of what this blog is really about is that the United States of America is a phony…Uncle Sam is a scheister. I know that there are folks who have always thought so for various reasons.

For example, the treatment of Native Americans. This will  be redemonstrated for people of all colors in the near future via the indefinite detention clauses of the National Defense of America Act (NDAA). The NDAA always both passes and gets signed by the POTUS without much at all in the way of overall criticism of those responsible for that nor those to whom such absolute power is given through the legislation by the mainstream media.

Slavery is another. The surreptitious return of that utilizing psychological and neurological means is another point of this blog. Perhaps another way of stating that is: if they can, they will…and they can. Do the math.

But back to phony patriotism, faux nationalism, fair-weather compassion from those in government, I don’t think people realize the lengths that they would go to, the depths of the depravity possessed by those in power. At least in part, this is due to two related things that ultimately just mean good P.R. Most people are dangerously unaware of the scope, breadth, and depth of COINTELPRO and MKULTRA (among other concerted illegal operations and programs). They just aren’t aware beyond a few often simple, often whitewashed, details. Hand-in-hand with this is the hero worship that Hollywood has, as Washington’s bitch and that bastion of progressivism, succeeded in perpetuating. We are at the point, thanks to Operation Northwoods Updated, aka 9/11, at the point where the average American thinks that torture is fine, works the way that those who enjoy its use claim, and makes him feel better instead of worse for wanton cruelty being done on his dime. This despite the fact that torture doesn’t provide reliable intel if you are actually in the business of wanting to know what’s really going on. That has been the accepted truth for well over there centuries, but–again–Republican hatred of the education system has succeeded in creating an astoundingly ignorant populace especially where history is concerned. This is the point of that, of course, to make people easier to fool.

In short, they’ve also succeeded in making people so hatefilled of one another that when they do start rounding people up at the behest of four- and five-star brass, they will be happy to see others so miserable. Among the dumber things we’ve come to accept is trust of officials despite the typically low approval ratings. They haven’t only suceeded in making the self-dealing corporatists and sadistic psychopaths in CIA and FBI appear as heroes who wake up every day thinking about protecting people living in trailer parks (assuming they can still afford some kind of home at all), but also the unbelievably corrupt top military brass. Really, check out any show that has an episode with a corrupt agent or military leader and see if they aren’t depicted as the exception rather than the rule, as it is in real life. People line up to be used by these organizations who do not at all share the same values as those who worship at their feet; that’s just the lie they agree upon in order to continue to pull the wool over your eyes.

I should know about all of these criticisms having fallen prey to each and every one myself in the past. I have the “advantage” of having seen what they really do for a living. While that’s a great way to let go of various myths, the price is of course steep. It is difficult to blame others for not wanting to know. That tiny lying voice in your head that says it’ll all just work itself out and I’ll be blissfully unaware is preferable in most ways to admitting that there’s something big and hungry and you are on the menu.

The other sort of related thing they almost always manage to do is to get all of us to blame the wrong people, typically for all the wrong reasons. For example, the military budget and the war costs have themselves become national security issues because they threaten the economic strength of the country. And yet there are many Americans who do–having fallen prey to the Big Lie tactic of repeating it over and over–blame welfare fraud for the fact that they pay taxes and blame paying taxes for their lack of being a millionaire. The sheer number of lies accepted as truth “common sense” paints an ugly picture for any hope of correcting course.

Bottom-lined, they do precisely what Malcolm  X said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” We accept the excuses given for curtailing the rights of others given to us by those doing the curtailing. We overlook the crimes committed by some corporations because they “provide jobs,” as if that is their sole purpose for existing and not, instead, attempting to get labor as cheaply as possible. As Aldous Huxley similarly stared, there will come a point where we will enjoy having our rights taken away, come to love our slavery. We’re almost there.

What is almost always missing from these anti-government criticisms and discussions is why they do these things. Though I’ve already alluded to part of the answer, they do it to garner favors with corporations, there’s likely more. Before moving on to that, I’ll state plainly that having a power opposed to other things like corporate power is the way things are supposed to work. That isn’t working because they are now mostly one and the same beast and you are the latest country to be invaded, the untapped oil field. They want to pick you up by your heels and shake all the change out of your pockets. Once that’s done, they want to sell your carcass for whatever they can get for it.

Now moving on to the more part…

Some months ago in the context of the NSA powers, someone suggested that there is a point where money isn’t the driving factor. Though I would still point to greed as a central piece of the Big Picture Puzzle™, I think maybe he was on to something. After all, the accumulation of wealth isn’t so great unless it means you can do something that other people can’t. It’s also about status. Being able to break the law and get away with it is the ultimate status symbol. Better still to be asked to do so by politicians as in the case of FBI and CIA past and present whether in the context of “national security” or the business of performing political hit jobs on behalf of members of the Senate as in the case of the old COINTELPRO and CIA involvement in Watergate, or for private citizens who themselves enjoy the other set of rules that don’t require adherence to the law due to wealth and connections.

Simply, what’s the point in being better than others if you can’t constantly remind them and yourself of that fact?

And so we come around the bend at last to the point: more evidence that the US government murdered Martin Luther King:

Probe, “The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis,” Jim Douglass:

I can hardly believe the fact that, apart from the courtroom participants, only Memphis TV reporter Wendell Stacy and I attended from beginning to end this historic three-and-one-half week trial. Because of journalistic neglect scarcely anyone else in this land of ours even knows what went on in it.

In addition to this, the undoubtedly skewed, but then so’s the government so what’s it matter?, The COINTELPRO Papers book that documents the attempt by the FBI to goad King into suicide just before he was to accept the Nobel prize based on documents released via FOIA and declassification.

As it is and remains for any story of true importance, the mainstream media discounts anyone who questions whatever power says as insane or radical. The worse the truth actually is, the less coverage it actually gets even when ignoring it presents serious and life-threatening consequences for many people.

This was not how we were told the world worked growing up. But then we were also told that people go into public service to serve the public, respect their oaths, and care about others in their community. Instead, Uncle Sam more resembles a combination of Sam Giancana, Son of Sam, and some dude hiding inside a white sheet named Bubba.

An additional note. Saw Starship Troopers 3: Marauder recently. Was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Has false-flag, mind control, blatant lies under the guise of patriotism, equating questions and protest with treason, and the damnedest song that really captures where it’s all going in a few short bars in which the lyrics say absolutely nothing at all, just the right combo of buzz words and a catchy jingle. Effing genius. Lacks some of the brutal charm of part one, but may make up for it with “bug god” and the inevitable ending. See it.

BBD – A Note

I have mostly–mostly!–taken the stance that the more these kinds of things are discussed, the more times I say, for example, so-and-so is a target, a victim of illegal black ops performed by some entity or entities within the US government and/or its NATO allies, the safer it is for everyone, especially so-and-so.

There are two problems with that. First, these people of course anticipate that, and do their best to “disprove” that, to disavow me of that idea. They are of course wrong.

But what else that shows is just how desperate they are. Why go to this much trouble? Because if you control the “mind control” (I hate that cheesy phrase) then you control pretty much everything. It can provide endless income and those dreams of avarice. They don’t want it exposed.

But I cannot make that choice for other people. There is a very real danger. As I wrote somewhere in Wicked Game, they sometimes just continue because it makes it seem even more implausible. Because why continue after being exposed? It’s a form of reverse psychology.

Well, it’s not exposed yet, is it? We’re talking about Syria and not so much about how NSA and other members of the intelligence community are hurting the economy, for example, and breaking the highest laws of the land for no reasons other than profit and power.

We are not talking about the obvious, but so painful, so unthinkable, truth that much of today’s domestic and foreign strife is false-flag. It is. (We cannot know percentages since those whose job it is to find the truth are such liars, and reforms, true reforms, have yet to be enacted).

You’ve had b.s. shoved into your head about the mindset of people different from you for so long, that you can’t see it. Not yet.

So, while I believe being as open and honest as possible about things is the best course of action (black ops require secrecy to work properly), I can’t make that call for someone else. Would they, even if they agree, or especially if they agree, think it would be safer to say so? Even after being on the wrong end of things themselves?

But then that’s the other point: divide and conquer. Build a wall between natural allies and they will never, the crooks think, mount an effective offensive nor even a decent defense.

I don’t have a choice. Lots of reasons why that is so. The book elaborates on most of them. Not a war of my choosing, but I can’t back away because they’ve left me no alternatives.

Others may not be in quite that same boat. Therefore, they gotta decide for themselves.

NSA’s Millionaires

Reminding first of my seemingly hyperbolic declarative statements regarding a pair of agencies that have outgrown and outlived their usefulness:



This Salon article, an interview with NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake (who makes a seemingly hyperbolic declarative statement of his own; see the title of the article and the final paragraph) has Drake saying much the same thing I’ve been harping about here, specifically that people inside the IC have made a fortune going to work for private contractors and that in order to continue the cash cow have had to create the “boogeyman”.

You see, anyone is a potential ATM for these people. The greater the tensions, the more fear they create, the more suspicion, the more horses*** they can shovel into the security apparatus, the more they can bill and bilk the taxpayer. The mere fact that you almost never hear a conservative complain about tax waste of this kind is a pretty good indicator that they are full of it where true fiscal conservatism is concerned. (They actually cry, complain and otherwise raise hell if anyone even suggests that our obscenely bloated defense budget should be trimmed at all, and even accuse Obama of having cut it when in fact he just left it right where is was the year before. Check your Real Time reruns from the past six months). Given NSA’s preposterous expansion of domestic spying and archiving of Internet and other communication activities, it’s obvious that this is more cash cow. Take something someone said out of context and paint them a radical. Connect them through six degrees of separation and present them a “supporter of terrorism.” That’s what nearly all of this bulls*** is about.

The article speaks for itself where NSA is concerned. Want to see the same for CIA? See the link to Cryptome at right, “175 CIA Subcontractors.” Of course, it doesn’t end there. As you read through all of those Wall Street stock price inspired press releases for CIA contractors, you’ll notice some of them also work for other members of the IC, such as DHS (thinking specifically of the license plate recognition system…but there are others). If their work is so sensitive, why the press releases? Because it’s not about national security for all, it’s about financial security for a few. Those kinds of press releases are designed to introduce potential investors to a company, what it does, what it has done, and what it’s stock ticker is.

And then you have the most obvious source of security/intel bloat, WaPo’s Top Secret America expose.

And finally, the point that again explains how I got stuck in this mess, witnessing human experimentation in 1989 and 1990 and how my suspicions are that it was to be used to stir up trouble domestically for these same reasons (along with political gain). MK/ULTRA was real. So is NK/INTRA.

Anatomy of a Broken System


This is a mostly off-topic post. It’s a reflection on one of those things that probably many of us run into but never realize quite what it was that happened.

This was my third jury duty in New York City. This time, as opposed to the other two which were criminal cases, it was a civil suit. Civil trials of this sort are divided into two portions: fault and award (not sure if those are the terms they used, but that’s the idea: first, who is at fault?, if both parties, what % do you assign to each; then second, how much money is due and that number gets multiplied by the percentage that the defendant was found at fault).

This was a minor car accident. The defendant was a young man who had since moved to California and worked for a music company. His car had apparently sideswiped another car, driven by a woman in her thirties on a bridge. She had claimed she broke her nose as a result of the sideswipe.

We found him at fault because he left the scene and failed to call the police. His excuse was that she had sideswiped him and that he was afraid for his life thinking it was a crazy person and went home. The fact that he said that and still did not call the police was a problem for his version. He was in college at the time. Perhaps he had been drinking and was more concerned about that. It would be obvious why he might not want to bring that up in court. By the way, I think this was ten years after the accident that it made its way into court. She was now in her forties, he about thirty.

I note in passing, as I noted in passing to the other jurors who thought nothing of it, it was probably not only the woman’s nose that has seen the scalpel. She gave Dolly Parton a run for her money on breast size. She had had work done, no question.

So, we found him 100% responsible (or maybe it was 90/10). Now, at this point I’m thinking, because we did already cover some of the costs, that she’s due about $5,000 maximum. Though I had to agree with the auto repairs, the nose was just too much to buy into off. A sideswipe causing a head-on nose break on a steering wheel? From someone clearly the recipient of plastic surgery (and we were told, had had several other car accidents) it wasn’t going to wash with me.

But that is all only partially relevant to the point. The defendant’s attorney began giving his closing arguments for phase two and, in the middle of them, seemed to give up…got choked up, became crestfallen. I glanced at my fellow jurors and none looked like they were out for blood. Yet he behaved as though it was pointless to go on, we obviously hated his client. It was also very bad acting, and I was trying to figure out what he was trying to do. Didn’t need to at the time because…

They settled during lunch. The plaintiff had been asking for, I was told by her attorney afterwards, “a phone number.” One million plus. They had settled for $95,000 or $100,000 or so. What does that tell you by itself? If you were really due, really out of pocket a million dollars, would you settle for 1/10th?

But what only occurred to me more recently was that the defendant’s attorney was on the take. He purposely left out the facts like her multiple accidents until after phase one was complete. His godawful acting of getting choked up only made sense this way: he was attempting to herd his client into settling. He wasn’t trying to convince the jury of anything, his acting was just for his client and the judge.

So instead of the $5,000 she was due, she got $95,000.

His attorney also quickly ushered him away rather than have him talk to the jury. Typically, attorneys like to talk to jurors to see what they could do better next time. I’d have been curious as well had I been the defendant just how much would the jury have thought that she was due. Being afraid of a seven figure number made him settle for the five or six one. His attorney played him and dragged him out to prevent him figuring out the scam.

The first point is, I guess, don’t hire a cheap defense attorney in a civil case. The other side can and will buy him.

The second is, how easy it is to excuse, miss, ignore and rationalize away rampant corruption even when it’s right in front of your face (or wherever). Maybe this is on topic after all.