Gary Webb Redux: The LGBT Community and Meth

They’re animals, so let them lose their souls.

It is my considered opinion that the Central Intelligence Agency targets the LGBT community with crystal meth in much the same way that it targeted poor black communities with crack cocaine. This latter was reported on by Gary Webb. While Mr. Webb did not accuse the US government of institutional racism and bigotry {some of the large papers that, when push comes to shove, tow the line for the Military Industrial Complex like the Washington Post accused him of it, however}, I am. I will explain why below.


First, of course, the crack cocaine epidemic. The CIA used profits from selling it domestically for black bag operations that were off the books. That is, these were operations and programs that they did not believe they had to report to Congress because the funding was not coming from taxes but rather the exploitation of poor neighborhoods, predominantly African American, in California. This worked, CIA was never punished for this, and it continued after Webb’s reporting on the topic and tracing the money and drugs from Central America to the US.

The result domestically was also that politicians got to “take a stand” against drugs and demonize those who sold it and used it as “super predators.” The stigma remains today as does the high incarceration rate resulting from a CIA operation.

And let us not forget the lengths CIA went to experimenting drugs on human beings under MK/Ultra and other programs using initially the former Nazi scientists brought in under PAPERCLIP, BLOODSTONE, etc. Nor how, for example, notorious gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger got 15 years knocked off a prison sentence for agreeing to be one such guinea pig.


In small farming communities in the US it is often made domestically. Chemicals used on some farms can cover for the purchase of materials necessary to make crystal meth.

However, in Maricopa County, Arizona, it is smuggled in from Mexico. More specifically, the state of Sinaloa, which is where El Chapo and his cartel were located. El Chapo who miraculously escaped several times, once reportedly via a long tunnel about which there is a conspiracy theory that the tunnel was not actually completed but rather Guzman’s CIA handlers released him and used the tunnel as a media stunt to cover up the method of release. Why not? In any case, it comes from the Mexican Cartel located there.


I’ve met probably a few hundred people who currently use or were addicted in the past to crystal meth in the year and a quarter living here. Predominantly, probably 65% are gay men. There’s probably another 10-15% that engage in some form of homosexual activity even though their preference may be for females. While it is not reportedly as addictive as crack cocaine, crystal meth is clearly highly addictive. The lengths many of these current addicts will go to to get that fix makes this clear.

Much like the mythical pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps mantra, officials in the US indicate that simply saying no to drugs is the way to get off them. In civilized countries, it is considered an illness to be addicted, and is treated via healthcare. Emphasis on civilized.

As I’ve noted time and again, the point is to keep us distracted, divided, and fighting among ourselves lest we band together and demand universal healthcare and income. The CIA, and whenever I say that now I also mean the counter-intelligence division of the FBI, they are essentially the same thing, Eisenhower’s fear of a domestic secret “police” has been realized, serves the interests not of the People but of the multinational corporations and that means keeping social nets and benefits as low as possible. As the profits continue to break records, so does the multinationals’ power and influence; it is the snowball, growing in size and increasing momentum, until it overwhelms anything and anyone in its way. To distract from this requires “bad guys” to point a finger at and who better than minorities and those suffering from one form of illness or another? People outside the mainstream make easy targets, as we’ve seen with the transgender bathroom nonsense recently.

As a further reminder of the connection between the CIA and the Mexican Cartels, I point the reader again to the story of Mike and Gary, and how it was that former CIA officer Gary came to be in the cartel’s employ.


Another Fine Meth

There’s something you begin to notice when it comes to scandal when you look at it long and deep enough. There is a point where the more horrible the crime, the less likely it will get covered by the news, result in indictments. Similar to the murder 10 and you’re a killer, murder a million and you’re a world leader meme, it also goes when the crimes are just too unthinkable.

If it’s bad enough to keep the average person awake at night, in general, we don’t want to think about it, or want it framed in such a way that we can accept the justifications for it. The excuse we give is “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” That’s a matter of perceptions, not truth; they require the same proof as any other claims.

Consider this 60 Minutes segment regarding the rape and sometimes murder of children as young as 8 years old. Not only Parliament and Lords involved, not only top MI6 spooks, but covered up by Scotland Yard.

And then there’s this possibly awaiting its turn.

John Vibes, “Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers,” Anti-Media, 17 December 2015:

Every time something like this does come to light, the response is the same: “Revealing the horrible things we do will help the terrorists.” The idea that maybe simply not doing things that make us look like the Great Satan don’t enter into it. Really, this is because they want radicalization because it provides more opportunities to raid the US Treasury.

Now backing up and taking a drive down the pre-Vietnam era drug scene. In Albarelli’s A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, he quotes conversations that the CIA’s Inspector General had that stated Sandoz Corporation and Eli Lilly may not have been the only two manufacturers of LSD-25 for CIA. A report also stated conflicting information about how much Sandoz had on hand but put the number around 20 pounds or 40 kilograms. This is an incredible amount–in the hands of just one supplier–for experimental use given the drug’s potency.

The answer then is, of course, distribution. But what isn’t clear, is why. Taking a guess, I think the first thought was to derail a future anti-war movement via saturation with mind altering substances. I think it’s fair to say some of that backfired, though some did not. The loss of Jimi Hendrix and others via overdose likely didn’t help end the Congressional cash cow that Vietnam had become. But one can see the idea: living in an illusion might effect one’s ability to organize, protest, affect changes to policy.

The second reason, perhaps, was untraceable income, to be used for operations that Congress had not approved. This is in part what the Iran-Contra Scandal was about: Using illegal arm sales to one country to fund revolutions in another country.

Additionally, we’ve seen many of the old Cold War programs, the ones Congress promised would not be repeated, would not occur again, reconstituted post 9/11. In some cases, clearly before that. NSA is wiretapping again. Law enforcement is opening mail again, and spying on civil rights leaders again. Not only is human experimentation back but it brought torture along for the ride.

During MKULTRA and other programs as they related to substances being researched for various purposes included both enhancing and resisting the interrogation as well as other aspects of altering behavior. Some of this research occurred on college and university campuses as well as corporate laboratories. On occasion, CIA also ran operations with the cooperation and/or cover of other agencies within the government itself.

Now to the point today. A National Institute of Standards and Technology {NIST} lab in Maryland exploded recently. The reason it exploded was it apparently contained a meth lab:

Morenike Adebayo, “Meth Lab Found At A Federal Research Facility After It Explodes,” IFL Science, 26 July 2015:

Are we there again? You’ll note that there have been no arrests as of that article, though that will hardly explain a potential that there are similar labs all over the country.

The problem with the War on Drugs, much like the War on Terror, is that it requires a long, hard, honest look in the mirror. The “call,” as in the slasher film trope, is coming from inside the house. Or very, very nearby.