Bad Doctor

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” — Josef Mengele

Though I prefer the more dramatic order of information, I believe people will probably not read to the bottom if I don’t begin with the important background.

First, let me mention yet again the Democracy Now! interview back in 2010 with the ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. He said, while hiding inside an embassy, that he and his people were being targeted with nonlethal sonic and microwave weapons. {See the Microwave section of the Mind-Affecting Tech tab for the interview.}

Second, and again, that Dr. James Lin, who wrote a book on the Frey effect–that is the radio wave hearing / microwave auditory effect, has confirmed that the symptoms reported by Cuban embassy workers from the US and Canada does indeed follow along with the idea that microwave weapons are the likely explanation. CIA and FBI have both denied having any idea what it is.

That’s more than two fairly good sources, isn’t it?

Third, and largely unrelated, Dr. Phil AKA Phillip Calvin McGraw, has been under scrutiny for years now due to claims that his TV show staff have been abusing guests. See the San Jose Mercury News story here about the Boston Globe / Stat investigation:

Martha Ross, “Dr. Phil’s guest drug abuse scandal: Latest in history of lawsuits and allegations of unethical conduct,” San Jose Mercury News, 30 December 2017:

The expose presents accounts from multiple guests on his syndicated show who say their addictions were enabled by members of McGraw’s staff in hopes of boosting ratings.

Todd Herzog, who struggled with alcohol abuse in the years after winning “Survivor,” said that when he arrived at the Dr. Phil Los Angeles studio in 2013, he found a bottle of vodka in his dressing room and was given a Xanax to “calm his nerves.” Herzog had to be carried on set before his sit-down with McGraw, and registered a .263 blood alcohol content — more than three times the legal limit.

What do these things have in common? Not much.

Except tomorrow Dr. Pheeeenylephrine will have on his show a woman who claims to be targeted by microwave weapons AND to see aliens or holographic projections of them. * The point? Once again the military industrial complex is attempting to conflate claims of abuse from known-to-abuse entities such as CIA and its various torture scandals, with being insane. Again, this is the Martha Mitchell effect.

Until the Cuban embassy story, there was very little media attention being paid to nonlethal weapons and claims of them being used on human beings apart from people like Aaron Alexis who had scratched ELF, for extremely low frequency, on his weapon.

So why not use an extremely unscrupulous but popular asshole to sway public opinion before the story breaks big time?

I’ve seen people asking why, for example, Amy Goodman, doesn’t seem to want to focus on things like this or assassination theories like JFK, RFK, and MLK. The reason, I believe, is pretty simple: She doesn’t want to be called the Alex Jones of the Left. This is exactly part of the reason why there is…or is that was?…an Alex Jones of the Right.

There can be no real progress until this kind of thing is exposed. Whether referring to how public opinions are swayed–see how the same company that won Trump the WH also convinced pro-EU people to vote for BREXIT–or the nonlethal weapons used to harass, punish, or even attempt to steer people into actions they would not normally engage in, that is, behavioral modification, AKA “mind control,” it has to happen or there’s no point. You cannot win with a power gap that large if you don’t at least admit that there is a power gap. This includes not only money and reverent power allowing larger platforms for the unscrupulous to speak and achieve their agendas but also the covert games played to socially, psychologically, pharmacologically, and technologically engineer actually happened {to be clear, I don’t believe in the crisis actor conspiracy theory and in fact that sounds exactly like something CIA would come up with} events that convince people of sometimes already held biases such as racism and xenophobia.

Kill the Langley Shit Dragon already. You won’t do anything positive about climate change until that thing is dead.

* It should be noted that there are patents stating that ultrasound can be used to “overlay” fake sensory data on the brain. Sony, for example, hopes to use it for a more immersive {all five senses experienced in-game} gaming experience one day. I have to also remind folks that I once saw phony clouds in the sky, meaning that they weren’t likely actually there. I had thought maybe I’d been given hallucinogens at the time but later read about ultrasound and decided it was more likely that.

Holograms, by the way can be done using lasers. I’m not real clear on the principles, but suspect it’s possible–although likely expensive–to do essentially what she’s suggesting there.

Finally, I remind folks that sometimes people are crazy because they were targeted and sometimes people are targeted because they are crazy because who would believe them?

So while I think it’s probably as I suggest above, there are other possibilities.

Surveillance Abuse of the Thirteenth Kind

Remember this? Well, there’s been two studies since then. The first I’m ignoring because it basically said “we don’t know but everyone else was wrong and it’s not mass hysteria/delusion.”

The other, though.

Nora Gámez Torres, “Computer scientists may have solved the mystery behind the ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba”, Miami Herald, 2 March 2018:

Professor Kevin Fu and members of the Security and Privacy Research Group at the University of Michigan say they have an explanation for what could have happened in Havana: two sources of ultrasound — such as listening devices — placed too close together could generate interference and provoke the intense sounds described by the victims.

This is especially interesting because as I’ve noted before, the legal definition of torture requires intent. Now, prove that spies or counter-intelligence agents, who are already operating under extreme secrecy and typically illegally albeit with approval from above did or did not intend to place two or more devices in close proximity in order to harass the surveillance target. It’s wrapped in so many iron boxes that it’s practically impossible to penetrate and even when you could, there’s the “Golly, gee, we didn’t do it on purpose, Beav” excuse.

Similar to Manning’s harassment/brainwashing being called medical or suicide watch, these agencies have a long history of skewing definitions, playing with words so that they can break the law while pretending its all okay under secret legal papers we can’t view in the first place to judge the legality much less the intent of the law as written.

Anyway, this is why I tweeted it with a note to the State, Justice and Defense Departments’ OIGs and the ACLU. Shall I hold my breath for any resulting OIG reports being made public? Probably just the part that talks about mistakes being made. The rest will be covered in black ink.

And as a bonus, one mo’ time…here’s a short fiction piece I wrote in September of 2013:

“In Plain Sight”

“…Guess what it does.”

It only took him three seconds to respond.


“Yep. Every time we listen in, we are also attacking the same target.”

“With what?”

“Variable sound that appears to be designed to annoy. Imagine a persistent, low-grade headache that won’t go away. The more we keep our eye on them–”

“The more irritated the target we watch becomes. The more violent. The more likely to do or say something suspicious.”


That’s because I didn’t need to be told. I just didn’t know precisely how it was done.


One Mystery Partly Solved

Primarily, I’m talking about this:

Josh Lederman, “Doctors find brain abnormalities in victims of Cuba mystery,” AP, 6 December 2017:

Please allow me to take a brief detour. According to his family members, Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard Shooter, had violence and anger issues. Now imagine that such a person was then subjected to whatever it is that affected Americans and Canadians in Havana. It would, almost predictably, lead to the end result.

As has been noted by neuroscientists for some time now, a full separation of the left and right hemispheres in the brain results in the brain doing various workarounds in order to reconnect them. Sometimes or often, this results in the verbal center of the brain sending messages in sentences that are detectable consciously. In other words, thoughts that resemble voices except that they are purely in the head, not the same as auditory hallucinations which actually seem like external sounds.

This, I believe explains some of what many targeted individuals {TIs} sense as being the use of voice-to-skull–which is a real technology that has worked more or less since the mid-1970s based on the Frey effect. Much like believing one is chipped in those cases where one is not actually implanted with anything {referring to the VICE documentary I reviewed here}, not every time a TI thinks V2K is being employed is there actually someone on the other end doing so. As the Federation of American Scientists notes from their mirror copy of US Army’s MIA definition of voice-to-skull notes, it can also be used subliminally.

It would probably be next to impossible to tell the difference between white matter damage in some cases and actual use of the Frey effect. The result: A target who can be “spun up” and will continue experiencing pain, alarm and discomfort even when they are not actually being harassed.

This, according to historian Alfred McCoy in this interview with The Intercept‘s Jeremy Scahill, is CIA’s M.O. “Self-inflicted” pain such as seen in the Abu Ghraib photos of stress positions is CIA’s favorite kind of method. It puts the target/victim in the position of harming themselves and CIA can focus on other things and then check in periodically to maintain the pressure.

Back to Cuba, the greater mystery is, what specifically was used to cause changes in the white matter of these people? And then, of course, whodunnit?


With regards to the latter, and I really, really hate defending Obama because he was and is a multinational corporation puppet and a war criminal, one cannot help but note Donald Trump’s statements about erasing Obama’s legacy. Nor can one ignore the military industrial complex’s Russia obsession.

Re-opening diplomatic relations with Cuba was something Obama accomplished. {Note that closing the detainment and reprogramming camps at Guantanamo Bay were not; some MSM outlets have been bizarrely stating he did or using words to make it seem as if he succeeded in doing so}. It would be something Trump, CIA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff–as well as a slew of Wall Street special business interests–would want undone.

Additionally, I’d note that the definition of BRIC is Brazil, Russia, Iran, China. Four countries, plus North Korea, not on the same banking system as most of the rest of the planet. Brazil kind of sticks out because it doesn’t receive the same rhetoric as the others from GOP MoCs as the others. But…

…as a partial history of CIA’s very active station in Rio.

{Sucks, I said. With ‘Holly Gooodhead’ of CIA}.


With regards to method, I don’t know. FOX implied it might have been a virus, based on Lederman’s article, which doesn’t mention virii specifically but does mention blood work and CDC monitoring.

The article does mention concussion, however. The “perfect concussion” was a joint CIA/US Navy project that got mentioned in Congressional hearings in 1977 on MKULTRA {links to the PDF and a text version at right under History}, both in the testimony of the recently late Adm. Stansfield Turner and Frank Laubinger of CIA’s/Sidney Gottlieb’s TSD. Both men initially stated that the perfect concussion project had never been funded. Later, Laubinger recalled that MKULTRA subproject 54 was intended to be a continuation of a previous research project that had been funded:

Mr. Laubinger corrected his testimony regarding Subproject 54 during the September 21, 1977 hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Human Resources Committee. The relevant portion is reproduced below:

Mr. LAUBINGER. On project 54, it has got a rather sensational proposal in there, in terms of the work that they propose to do, and you asked about the proposal and I said, in fact, it was never funded under MKULTRA. Now, I overlooked — at least, my memory did not serve me correctly when I went through that file folder to see one memorandum dated January 10, 1956, which makes it quite clear, as a matter of fact, that that proposal was based on prior work that was funded by the Agency.

Senator SCHWEIKER. By what?

Mr. LAUBINGER. By the CIA. So, that information was in their file folder. It did not happen to be in my head when I testified.

Senator SCHWEIKER. I think I might have read you that, and that is why I argued at the time with you, because I think I had in front of me, as I recall, some indication that it was funded there. I did read that to you. So, you did supply it to us; there is no argument about that information.

Mr. LAUBINGER. Perhaps I am sort of headstrong, myself, and in my own view, I am reading under the ULTRA project, that if it had been funded under ULTRA, it would have had a project number and identified as such. The thing that threw me was that it was funded, apparently, outside of any MKULTRA activity and it was under the normal contracting process, so that it was not included in MKULTRA as any work done under that funding umbrella.

The file folder that you have and I have, right here, makes it quite clear, however, that a year’s work was done through navy funding — a navy funding mechanism — on which the proposal was based that ultimately came into the MKULTRA program. That second proposal was never funded. So, there was conflict and I, personally, I think, introduced a little bit of confusion in that in my testimony.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, do you agree or not agree with DOD’s statement here that even though the initial funding was navy, it was really I conduit for the CIA?

Mr. LAUBINGER. I think that is correct.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Yes; I would appreciate that. I would like to know how it went from ONR to CIA after a year. Somebody made a decision to make that transfer, and to make this an MKULTRA subject. There had to be some sort of review that led to a decision to continue that kind of concussion — total blackout, maximum amnesia, and whatever else it was you were interested in — study and testing.

Mr. LAUBINGER. Senator, if I may try to say a few words on that, the files that were available to us for inspection, which are limited, indicated that there was a project being carried on by the Navy having to do with the, effects of brain concussion. The CIA developed an interest in that, and considered funding it, but actually never did, and as the admiral testified, the MKULTRA is merely a funding mechanism, a place they go for money to do such things, but there is no evidence that I know of that that project was ever funded.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, I am confused, because here again is another quote from a document that we have seen, which you have released and supplied to us:

Following is the technical progress made under the current [deleted] contract:

(a) Specializing instrumentation and numerous testing techniques have been developed to obtain the desired dynamic data;

(b) considerable data has now been obtained supporting the resonance-cavilation theory of brain concussion; and

(c) preliminary acceleration threshold data has been obtained for a fluid-filled glass simulated skull.

It goes on to talk about a blast range and a 2,500-square-foot laboratory. The document notes that “Three blast test series have been run to date.” It describes a special blackjack device, “a pancake-type blackjack giving a high peak impact force with a low unit surface pressure.”

I agree the records are inconclusive as to the results of this work, but it certainly seems that some testing was done.

Mr. LAUBINGER. Senator, you are putting us in the same position I think you were stating that you were in earlier referring to documents not before us, but I believe you are quoting from a proposal that someone sent to the Agency to fund this work, and he is referring to past work. The past work would have encompassed a lot of things like that, but CIA was not involved with that.

Senator SCHWEIKER. What do you mean, Admiral, on page 6 of your testimony when you mention projects using magician’s art? How do magicians get into the spook business?

Admiral TURNER. I have interpreted this as to how to slip the mickey into the finn, but I would like to ask my advisers here to comment.

Mr. BRODY. I think that is essentially it, Senator. It is surreptitious administration of material to someone, deceptive practices, how to distract someone’s attention while you are doing something else, as I understand it. It was also some type of a covert communication project involved with the study of how magicians and their assistants perhaps communicate information to one another without having other people know it. This is the type of thing that was involved, sir.

Senator SCHWEIKER. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

This is really old hat, 1950s. And there’s no indication that a concussion can cause more than blackout and short term memory loss. However, what is also notable is that many or all of the Havana victims have recovered and returned to work. Would a virus do that? Wouldn’t a virus be contagious if it reproduced significantly in the brain?

Still a missing puzzle piece, but we’re getting closer.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Roundup of people who claimed e-weapons, mostly sound, were used to harass them. The last is the Trump administration’s response: To eliminate diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Cannot be clearer: The US is responsible for the attacks on US and Canadian diplomats and is doing to in order to have an excuse to cut off Cuba while simultaneously making DJT seem like a defender of the US, less Russia-friendly.

You’ll also note that the outlets and entities that called so many of these people delusional are not stating that the staffs of the two embassies are.


Kim Murphy, “Figure in Kickbacks Alleges Bizarre Plot by U.S. to Kill Him,” Los Angeles Times, 17 April 1988:

Niles became convinced that the marshals had set up an elaborate speaker system around his room to confuse him with artificial sounds.

Democracy Now!, “Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Speaks from the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa,” Amy Goodman, 5 October 2009:

[translated] Yes. What has occurred here is truly rude treatment for a democratically elected president. This is not how you treat a president who is fighting to reinstall democracy in his country. We have been repressed and limited to the embassy. Tear gas has been fired. Our electronic lines, our telephone lines have been cut. We’ve also been under attack from microwaves and the sound cannon, a long-range acoustic device.

What do you mean, acoustic device, a sound cannon?

[translated] There are two kinds of unconventional weapons that have been used against us by the regime. There’s a high-frequency pitch that has been used against protesters. And another weapon that has been used against us is an electronic device that issues microwaves, which is very harmful for your health. It causes headaches.

As president, do you know about this in the Honduran arsenal

[translated] Yes, of course. We all suffered this. We all witnessed it. There’s photographs and videos of this occurring.

“Sacramento Man Arrested for Calling 911 More Than 100 In a Month,” NY Daily News, 22 May 2013:

Shao wrote on his blog that he was approached by FBI who asked him to spy for them {and/or CIA} and he refused.

Peter Hermann and Ann E. Marimow “Navy Yard Shooter Driven by Delusions,” Washington Post, 25 September 2013:

In one document, he wrote: “An ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last three months, and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this.”

Mark Shleub and Stephen Hudak, “FSU shooter Myron May feared ‘energy weapon,’ heard voices, thought police were watching him,” Orlando Sentinel, November 2014:

“He stated that he can constantly hear voices coming through the walls specifically talking about actions he was doing,” an officer wrote in an incident report.

Gardiner Harris, “Tillerson Says U.S. May Close Cuba Embassy Over Mystery Ailments,” New York Times, 17 September 2017:

The Trump administration is considering closing the recently reopened United States Embassy in Havana after 21 Americans associated with the embassy experienced a host of unexplained health problems.

More on Drugs Used at Gitmo

Truthout – Documents Show CIA Stockpiled Antimalaria Drugs as Incapacitating Agents

More on the history and connection to MKULTRA and the use of mefloquine/Loriam and cinchonine. Effects vary.

It also shows some interesting possible connections between reverse engineering torture resistance (the SERE program) and the use of antimalarials. Dr. Ritchie was involved in both and one goal of the former was apparently to cause learned helplessness, a desired side-effect of torture, making the tortured dependent on the torturer.

I would further note that that likely is also a desired goal in using voice-to-skull. If you were to read some of the accounts of the victims (speaking of whom, in case you missed it, see the Stop OS ad via the post below), you’d see what I mean and how it is, no question, possible to turn someone into a killer remotely by using those means over time. Loughner, no question in my mind.

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES: Phantom Sounds, Sights and Symptoms (Updated)

(UPDATE: Added paragraph enclosed with asterisks below).

Ran across this piece from my defunct LiveJournal account. It was “code” for a particularly harried couple of days, when the harassment was intense and near constant. When I wrote it, I was drugged, had my head messed with incessantly, and was sleep deprived.

Note: Friends again… Jumps topics a bit.

It’s not the micros growing in it {that I can deal with), but rather the fiber. Who knew you could drink or otherwise take in couffee like that?

To the young gents who fixed it, I forgive you. Undoubtedly you thought you were doing the right thing. Who knows what kind of pretty things you heard about fixing coffee?

In an unrelated topic, my first longterm job in NYC was with an environmental
consulting firm. Of course. I didnt do the dirty work, I was the IT guy. Only entered containment twice in my nine years with them (and both times, well protected by positive air pressure).

And yet, it’s plausible, isn’t it? Cannot deny that.

I can see why Fleming would avoid writing about such a scene: It’s excruciatingly slow.

The events were in January. I have noted most of them before but no all together. I will try to recall their order and piece them together.

The misspelling of coffee as I read this today I initially thought was a typo. Then I recalled that it wasn’t. It was a reference to the unending coughing I had been experiencing for weeks. It wasn’t until after I posted this on LiveJournal (to friends only apparently) that I figured out it wasn’t asbestos exposure.

January 2010, I was trying to sleep at the condo in Brooklyn. The noise upstairs (seemingly coming from the apartment rented by Anthony and another young man, who as I have written, I believe to be employees of some government apparatus, possibly DHS, or a contractor to the same) was becoming unbearable. The drugs and/or EMP/HPM effects enhanced my sensitivity to them as did the harassment on the street, on the Internet, at work, etc.

As I lay in bed half awake, I sort of heard was sounded like a metal flexible duct being shoved through the wall. There was something off about the sound. It was muffled somehow. I was not sure as I lay there half asleep if I was dreaming it. I forced my eyes open at one point to prove I wasn’t. But the sound was odd, as if in my head but not “in my ears.” I knew absolutely nothing about voice-to-skull at this point.

After the sound abated, the central heat kicked on. Then I had a coughing fit that was probably the worst yet. I tasted salt in my mouth, which I assumed to be blood.

The thought suddenly occurred to me, they might be attempting to dose me with asbestos. A plausible way to murder someone who once worked for an environmental consulting company (yes, the one bought by Bain Capital). Of course, that leap in logic was also the result of electronic brainhacking of some sort. This happened a lot, and was why I got so many things wrong at the beginning of Squidgate. It is in part the fact that I have had so much disinfo shoved into my head that did not fit the facts that I am able to usually pick them out. The other part was learning the hard way just how vicious and sick the individuals are who think this stuff up and how obedient the field people are at following their orders. In case you are still having trouble wrapping your head around that, read or re-read the Operation Northwoods memorandum. Shooting down a plane full of American college students in order to false-flag their way into invading Cuba says all you need to know about the mindset. We are all expendable to them except as cannon-fodder, walking ATMs, and cover for the extinction of “free will” voting.

Now wide awake and mourning my own demise (not for the last time, this happened a few times until I got bored with that too) and unable to stop the coughing any other way, I decided to step out on the balcony and try to paralyze my cilia with nicotine. (Hey, dying anyway, why worry?).

That was when I saw the two “clouds.” Projected onto my cerebral cortex electronically, I saw the two CGI-looking clouds, one a shark and one a mushroom cloud. As I wrote before, there was something off about the color. Grey with shadows of magenta and blue. This “vision” was such that I couldn’t understand why it didn’t have a soundtrack. I recognize in retrospect that that was because it looked like a movie and would have either have had music or sound effects to go with it if it had been in one.

At the time, I sort of thought, “Okay, I’ve been dosed with a drug.” But not really, because it didn’t seem like something my unconscious would do if I had been. “LSD” served as a placeholder until I could figure out what that and the sounds earlier actually were (see the Sony patent link at right).

I went in and wrote the above LJ entry and that was when I realized that the salt taste was from all of the salt being used to melt the snow and ice. Natural that I would breathe it in.

In any case, I was at last ready to go to the doctor to get rid of the cough. (That despite being told that my now ex-partner had been considering trying to get me committed to a mental institution behind my back. Had he been successful, who knows, Lynnae Williams and I might have been wingmates.

Pardon the bitterness–I recognize that was brainhacking as well–but I cannot forget that I did not even once consider such a thing when he had his deep depressions over the loss of his mother, etc. and at least checked with someone before getting him into the NYC suicide-watch-system. Not to mention supporting him financially when he was jobless. Again, I know basically how that happened, but it’s still a bit bothersome that I manage to resist while others who have known mw for a decade or longer don’t seem capable. Makes you look at your fellow humans differently. As I also wrote elsewhere, this happened to Technodyne’s ‘Mark’ and is currently happening to some poor fellow on Facebook as he wrote on Organized Gang Stalking is Terrorism’s wall. A reason why, knowing I have repeatedly alerted the authorities that is happening and that I am far from the first to do so, “the authorities” suck. But, hey, it’s okay everyone, Goldman Sachs is doing great!).

In waiting for the appointment at home, there was considerable noise again. That was when I blasted the “America the Beautiful” (or was it “The Star Spangled Banner”?) and it stopped.

I looked out the front window and there was Balding who had just arrived, laughing but also looking very pissed off (the narrative, whether true or not, was that the song had given those under his charge pause in their harassment).

Before I left, I decided to fight rather than submit to being labelled mentally disturbed. It was quite tempting…I figured I might be left alone if I just played along with whatever diagnosis they could come up with.

*** But there was that person who, it seemed at the time, was depending on me not giving up. That dude in the deli on January 3, 2010. I just couldn’t let it go because of that. So, the LJ post just before I left (see below). This might have been the first time that the deli event bore any meaning at all. It would increase as time went on (such as the encounter with the would-be/implied assassin at McDonalds and resulting shock in February). ***

I went in and ‘Balding’, my favorite Disaffected, was there. I had seen him a few times, usually wearing a fuzzy Russian hat and bright orange coat (again, this is standard discrediting stuff…drugged and dazzled with descriptions that no cop would believe). Balding was reading his BlackBerry (my tweets about the noise and playing the song, it was supposed to be apparent). I just laughed.

Then came the appointment and the attempt to get me to do the blood test early…I was now convinced that I had been misdiagnosed with diabetes from a previous situation like that. The nurse and I had words (this was after I expressly told the receptionist that I could not do the blood test until the appointment time. See how they try to provoke you?).

Eventually we did the appointment. The doctor knew something was awry. I got the impression that DHS had foisted the nurse on him and that Balding had wanted to speak to her. I could here the doctor whispering intensely in the hallway to her, “That man wants to talk to you. Right there! That man right there!”

So it was easy to convince him that I wanted a placebo in order to make my partner feel better. I had also posted just before leaving on LJ about an event I attended with now former Rep. Wexler on the subject of impeaching Dick Cheney. I gave him the link and was to come back for the blood test results later.

During lunch, my partner and I chose one with a bunch of old Saturday morning cartoon characters on the walls. I was horrified and excited at the same time. They were so brightly colored, it seemed. It was like ears ringing for the eyes. Another indication that I had been drugged and that DHS or whoever was covering it up by running the appointment.

I went back and saw the best results I had gotten in years. I tweeted about that (and how it might be a state or federal law about tampering with medical records, I was at the time thinking they were genuine) later in the evening and immediately saw a bunch of people I did not know piling into a minivan laughing. The phony harassing narrative being they were going to alter the records. (This was what l meant by people tripping over each other, I don’t know that I even saw that group again).

They were treating the appointment as though I was being recruited.

I deleted my LiveJournal account on February 8, 2010 as a result of these harassing events / violation of my First Amendment rights. I did not keep a copy (and it’s a shame…had a short story up there I was rather fond of, though I was drugged when I wrote it so cannot know if it was any good. It was about a bridge).

So there are some examples as to how the tech is interwoven with more traditional covert ops, psyops, etc., and how sad it is that Congress prefers the kickbacks they get from Top Secret America to looking out for their constituency.


Doing a little historical reading of some (mostly) old documents housed over at Cryptome. Of recent interest, two May 17, 2012 memos from the Department of Defense. One is on the human effects of nonlethal weapons (PDF) and the other is on civil liberties (PDF). Much of it seems to be assigning responsibility to various offices, but I haven’t delved into it deeply because I’m busy reading some older stuff.

This one contains how (to put it simply) CIA’s “Q branch”, the Directorate of Science and Technology (TSD), came to exist under Eisenhower. Much of the impetus for the scientific push came as a result of finding some Soviet atomic ability more advanced than expected and a new bomber less based on western planes than they expected. As noted previously, this same reasoning was used to justify mind control projects, though I have yet to run across evidence as convincing as that about the atomic tests and plane.

There is some drama in there regarding technical services being placed under the Directorate of Plans and Richard M. Bissell’s direction. He apparently used many of their creations in operations (the U2 spy plane * being one of them, during the Bay of Pigs). Din Land objected:

Both Land and Killian looked upon science and technology almost as a religion, something sacred to be kept from contamination by those who would misuse it for unwholesome ends. Into this category fit the covert operations and “dirty tricks” of Dick Bissell’s Directorate of Plans.

Bissell was also involved with attempting to assassinate Castro, as was Sidney Gottlieb, MK/ULTRA’s lead researcher. Bissell resigned in 1962.

Also of note, Bissell came from the Ford Foundation before going to CIA and remained a consultant much later in his career. As I posted previously, that’s an indirect connection to the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, as Ford had or have at least one facility near Drew University and were a financial supporter of the Festival (as I recall) and has been connected to CIA in other ways.

It has also come to my recent attention that the Ford Foundation has financial ties to Democracy Now. Unsure of the nature of that or what, if anything, that means. Just throwing it out there. Seems to me that the connection between the FF and CIA is so well-known that it’s just as possible that they support them in order to undermine public trust (or more bizarrely, CIA loves playing all sides in a conflict, maybe just to be close to the players). It also provides leverage should intrepid reporters stumble upon something really damaging, doesn’t it? Threatening to pull funding might quash a story. In any case, theories stating that all or a vast majority of alternative media is all CIA-run sounds like a disinformation campaign to me (and that is out there). That they would stick their noses in to see what is happening, to keep on top of damage control? Sure.


* Which sort of shoots my MiB/U2 development theory to pieces. The U2 was apparently developed quicker than I thought and was not really yet contemplated in 1947 and 1949. Neither was the Polaris. So what was it they covered up with those psyops? Another plane or missile being tested, most likely based on obtained German research, I assume.

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