On the Coming Fauxpocalypse

Ful ofte in game a sooth I have herd saye!” –Chaucer

“In vino veritas.” — James Joyce

Every time I think I’ve seen it all, the thing…whatever it is…the “plan,” life, the situation, the RacCoyote Daily Briefing if you like, unfolds again and there’s more. It’s just about enough to drive you crazy if you let it.

I’ve been bothered, as I’ve mentioned before, by the seeming mockery towards Christianity and/or the Bible I’ve seen come out of whatever it is going on. Though I am not a believer like a lot of other people, I’m not militant about it like let’s say neuroscientist Sam Harris. From what I can tell, that way leads you to the same conclusion that lead to the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition. I’m more inductive/backwards than forward/deductive. Sometimes that’s an asset and not a liability.

But why is…let’s just call him the Big Guy. You can call him John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, or even my deceased uncle’s name, Jim Moore if you like. In any case, why is he, and he’s probably a true believer unlike myself. Maybe even Catholic. Why is he kinda sorta mocking religion through this crazy op?

Because he knows what someone else, also not a true believer, is planning. Even as Rove, who I no longer hate; he was just doing his job and really he is very good at it…but even as atheist Karl Rove got the religious out of their churches and into the polling booths for his party, so is something else–yes, that Shit Dragon in Langley, Virginia–attempting to unite us all through totalitarianism and austerity at such levels that we cannot really conceive of it.

When the bad guys have laid claim to “legitimate” religion, what do you have left but to poke some gentle fun at it? Really, though I’m a fairly brave guy–more through the school of hard knocks and necessity than any virtues I possessed coming in–I’m too afraid to do that. I know some radical won’t understand what I’m saying and might come shoot me because he thinks I’m trying to help usher in the anti-Christ.

Oh, the irony. I’m saying plainly that things like–shit you not–animal flu are actually designed or enhanced or spread by covert means, really not yet but this is the plan, in order to demoralize us all and make us more receptive to their coming demagogue that they hope will end all demagogues. Don’t know who that will be. Certainly a certain Saudi prince seems to be making the rounds and getting hand-kissed by everyone in sight. Saudi Arabia and Israel working together almost sounds hopeful but of course it’s about killing Yemenis and making a buck, so blame the intelligence services of those two countries as well as CIA. After all, it really was the three of them did 9/11 with Al Qaeda’s help.

Now, you’ve likely turned me off. Wait a second. You’ve seen hints of what’s possible. You see how news, and newscasters, can be manipulated. You’ve seen head-scratching mass shootings. Some you can make sense of; some you cannot. You’ve seen government defying the will of the People no matter who is in charge and you’ve seen the defiers get re-elected over and over again.

And, if you’ve paid any attention at all, you’ve seen the list under the Mind-Affecting Technology tab up top.

So, why not? Why the hell not? CIA’s objectives are not freedom, you know that. It’s not fair elections. It’s clearly not ending addiction. It’s not protecting American or any others lives, you know that. Then what is it?

It’s kissing the ass of the richest buns in the room. That’s all. They know the game: If they kiss it hard enough they will survive no matter what else happens, even if the entire government were to fall, they will be propped up in some form {Booz, we’re looking at you}, due to having helped that powerful entity or person get where they got.

I’d remind them that that didn’t work out very well for me, but they are too arrogant to much see how vulnerable and unnecessary they’ll be afterwards. They trust in their ability to be required in the new, harsh, totalitarian global regime. Maybe they’ll pull that off for a time. Who knows?

But ultimately it doesn’t have to look cartoonish. Imagine a younger Saudi prince who calls for an end to war throughout the globe and people listen. Or an even more progressive Pope. Wouldn’t most of us think that would be something to get behind?

But the real idea will be “I don’t need my slaves to fight amongst themselves any more. I just need them to do what I want. Which is any damn thing I want from here on out.”

They might even “drug” us. We might even be happy in our servitude. Maybe I’ll even forget what it is makes me so miserable and happy every day because of the neurochemical cocktail in my head. Maybe I’ll forget all this shit and enjoy my slave labor. Working with my hands is at times something I enjoy anyway. Takes my mind off of my mind.

But is this the fate we want? Why did God or Mother Nature give us “free will,” such as it is? If our minds are made up for us all the time over everything by someone else, whether it’s a news network, political party, government agency, Wall Street and multinational banks, or any number of religions or cults regardless of origin, all of which are fallible because none of their rules, even when they aren’t wrong, apply all the time to every situation–maybe that’s what consciousness is for, I don’t know…if our minds are always made up for us, what’s the point of living? Where’s the mystery, wonder, hope? What’s there to look forward to as nothing more than a servant to the deepest pocket on the planet?

Does that sound like “God’s plan”/Heaven on Earth to believers? Does that sound like Utopia to atheists?

Not with a man at the helm. I’m starting to think that a really wise superior being would know that he doesn’t know all the answers and just let us find some for ourselves. Maybe send a message and see what we do with it. Pretty clear that dread, fear, disgust and hate are not love no matter how much people who, for example, don’t understand or want to understand transgender people claim that they are. Love them first. Then talk to them about fashion. And what’s wrong with using their preferred names? Do you want to be called Bible-thumper? Why? You can teach parrots scriptures. Doesn’t mean that they understand them. Peace and love are part of it. When you work toward the opposite, simply calling it something else doesn’t change what even a dog can see is anger, and smell, is fear.

Or you could just ignore such issues and focus on something positive instead.

Yes, I’ve veered off course. But not really. This is exactly why this can and probably will happen: Because we are largely authoritarian, meaning it’s how someone says something and who says it, not what they actually say and do that really matters to most of us. If the new demagogue says to kill all of one group or another, there won’t be any stopping those filled with fear. They’ll be trying to please him because they don’t want to be the next on the hit list and they’ll be running toward it to pretend there is no kinship between them and the current targets.

That’s where it is going, folks. This is why I’m here. Even though I’d really prefer to be doing something else. Absolutely, no question about it. I like having a good time. But when bad times, past as example, current as foreshadowing, and future as nightmares we can scarcely conceive of dance in your head, kinda ruins it all.

( Well, almost all. )

So look for a new this person or that is the anti-Christ push. That’s coming as well. You really think you can talk people out of that? Not without pulling back the curtain you can’t. Not without cutting off all the funding for the Shit Dragon you won’t. I don’t care who blows the whistle any more. That won’t be enough to stop the momentum. It’s moving too quickly in this strange, new world of ours.

Your moment of truth:

and the bit about mass killing of pets:



BBD – Not Blogging It

Instead I’m doing the text versions of a montage followed by an impressionist {or some other movement} painting to describe yesterday’s “chance meetings”/diversion. I will start with relevant quotes that I find hilarious and throw together some memes.

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The Bitter Sting of Tears

Or how PSYOP are actually used sometimes to influence artists.

Causally connectible

Yet nothing is invincible.

Sting was at one time self-identified as a Marxist. This was the result of having seen so much poverty on his trips around the world with Andy Summers and son and brother to CiA officers Stewart Copeland.

Similarly, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a strong believer in science and reason. It wasn’t until after he killed off his world famous character that he started to dabble in the occult, the New Age-y stuff. While this is before CIA’s formation, let’s keep in mind that the UK government was likely even more prickly than the US is now in a lot of ways.

I’ve also written in the past about the PSYOP run on Alan Moore. You can see the post two down regarding the author of The Exorcist and why it was that book and movie really came to be.

Sting and his band mates went through some stuff between Zenyatta Mondatta and Spritis in the Material World. Sting began for some reason reading a lot Jung. As I noted on Twitter yesterday, between the weird nightmare around, suspect just after, the time the USSR early warning system went haywire and showed that the US had launched a first nuclear strike, as well as the weird prediction that something bad was going to happen to Michael Jackson some months before the Pepsi commercial accident in January 1984, I, too, became fascinated with the subjects of ESP, etc.

That came to an end when yet more PSYOP were run regarding less exotic Christian themes and I had my own divorce, as the members of The Police had between Spirits and Synchronicity.

Of course I’m still a fan of Sting. Whether he was used–he probably was–and how he was used doesn’t entirely matter. It’s just something to note. As one reviewer said about Dream of the Blue Turtles, the whole non-material stuff {“forever conditioned to believe that we can’t live, we can’t live here and be happy with less”} would be a lot easier to take from a non-millionaire.

There’s this from “They Dance Alone”:

Hey Mr. Pinochet

You’ve sown a bitter crop

It’s foreign money that supports you

One day the money’s going to stop

No wages for your torturers

No budget for your guns

Can you think of your own mother

Dancin’ with her invisible son

A good sentiment. And yet as we’ve seen ever since, even humanitarian crises are frequently leveraged for more warfare. They have games us, from every angle. We can see Democrats, who for years laughed and ridiculed Republicans for believing things demonstrably untrue now gobbling up and latching on to lies regarding chemical weapons attacks, and again a bizarre defense of Israel even when that country is performing what appears to be genocide. It’s damn strange.

Feel like I’m veering off here, but I wondered for a moment when I read that Hillary Clinton claimed her favorite book was The Bible if she hadn’t been brainhacked as well. Now, I’m fairly convinced of it, other things and complaints aside. The whole health issue looks more to me like remote torture than a naturally occurring problem as well. But how can I know for certain?

At any rate, I’m sure there are Americans who would approve of the Department of Defense, the CiA, and the FBi using subterfuge to decide what American thought and sentiment should be. But I’m also certain that if it were all opened up and exposed, that those people would be in the minority. It’s un-American. It’s, if you believe in Him, against God’s will to prevent people using the free will He gave them, such as it is.

And it is downright f***ing evil to kill and ruin people in the pursuit of what a few powerful figures think is God’s will and to try to foist that onto the rest of us. It has to stop.

The Fauxpocalypse is Nigh

Only the good die young.

You night recall my roundup of bad TV, or rather a few of them. There was one on fostering beliefs in things like space aliens, ghosts, etc. Then there was one in particular focused on the “end of days” scenarios.

You’ve probably heard the name William Peter Blatty {IMDB entry}. You might know from having written the book and the screenplay The Exorcist, and also The Ninth Confiiguration, which interestingly was one of my favorite films back when I was a Reaganite a thousand and seven years ago.

What you might not know comes from CounterSpy, the most hated-by-CiA in history magazine:

CounterSpy. “Examining The Exorcist,” Volume 1, Issue 4/5, 1973/1974:


This is remarkable. The idea, if Americans accepted Christianity, they thought, then they would reject Socialism. Blatty, after working for CiA and heading up the US Air Force Psychological Warfare Division, wrote a book and made a movie literally designed to scare the hell out of people.

There have been many stories in this general area. The US Army’s “spiritual fitness test.” The airing of a straight porn film aboard a US Navy vessel in order to curb homosexual tendencies among the crew. Seymour Hersh’s assertion that seven or eight of the Joint Chiefs of Staff believed themselves to be the Knights of Malta or something similar.

If you haven’t done so, you may wish to subscribe to David Sirota’s podcast. A few casts back, he interviewed Tom Secker who co-wrote a book about the Department of Defense’s incredible influence over Hollywood, how a very large portion of blockbuster budget winds up coming from there or other departments, and how access to locations, equipment, and personnel as extras means veto power over even historical scripts. They can literally rewrite history because of the financial hold they have.

Moving on…

Mike Pence thinks God talks to him. Not the way many Christians do, through what happens or through their hearts, but he literally hears a voice in his head:

Hollis Evon Ramsey, “Is Mike Pence Chatting with Jesus, or is He Schizophrenic?”, Atheist Republic, 14 February 2014:


Ted Cruz’s father believes that Ted is destined to be the American version of Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of the House of Saud, the monarchy that controls Saudi Arabia:

Bruce Wilson, “Ted Cruz’s Father Suggested His Son Is ‘Anointed’ to Bring About ‘End Time Transfer of Wealth,” Alternet, 17 October 2013:


Of particular note: In Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud owns everything. Businessmen have to hope that they don’t become too successful or some third cousin or nephew and his entourage will swoop in and take it over. And then, of course, run it into the ground because like most monarchies, the House of Saud also has some inbred, deranged MFers.

There’s your “Sharia Law” nonsense.

As if this happy Addams Family and their delusions weren’t scary enough, enter earthquakes and lightning, a la the “Bad Moon Rising.” Once again:

Robert Friedman, “Earthquake Warfare: Preliminary Report On Pentagon’s Unthinkable Plans,” CounterSpy, Volume 3, Issue 2, 1975

Let me shorten it for you before you roll your eyes. It’s pretty much what we’ve been hearing about now, out of Iceland and elsewhere: Drill down to lava, add water, run. The resulting energy release causes the ground to shake.

Of course they used project names like SKYFIRE, STORMFURY, and PRIME ARGUS, which I assume was a typo since we know the top brass really likes their steak, especially in Saddam Hussein’s former palace while the soldiers are dying from thirst in the desert. Or maybe they really meant the giant with a hundred eyes or Odysseus’ faithful dog. Beats me. Some of these f***ers are even too crazy for me.

You’ll also note, not kidding, weather and hurricane control research. Of course, that’s just pie-in-the-sky thinking for your average wannabe deity:

Tibi Puiu, “Scientists control the path of lightning using lasers,” ZMEScience, 24 June 2015:


Jacopo Prisco, “The man who wants to control the weather with lasers,” CNN, 7 March 2016:


This all boils down to a perfect storm of nuttiness. The temptation to use a weapon is always greater than the self-restraint, especially if the individuals in question also think God is their bestest pal.

Now, stop and think for one moment about the Mueller investigation. Who leaves? Who stays? Who gets a pay increase? Who gets their finger on the button?

I could go on and on about FBi’s weird obsession claiming that shutting down independent sex workers over and over, under both the Obama and Trump administrations is in no apparent way connected to human trafficking. But then that would be redundant with putting Mike “I Hear Ya General-Pretending-to-be-God” Pence in charge.

And even weirder, who is cheerleading this stuff? Same people who are obsessed with Israel no matter how much blood it gets on its hands.

Really, I thought that the Fauxpocalpyse Trilogy was hyper reality; not real but real taken to another degree. I see once again that I am too mild in my thinking and that reality is likely to overtake me in over-the-top and overrun me in time.

Good night and no-the-real-God-if-I-believed-in-Him bless.

An Infectis Trio

First, probably about halfway through the book, were I to actually ever finish this book much less the previous two:


Next, two back-to-back right near the end.



Normally I don’t like giving away the ending. But things are not normal. At all.

No Words, Just Birds

Contending ‘gainst obedience, as they would
Make war with mankind.


By April 1961 the head of TSS was able to report “we now have a ‘production capability’ ” in brain stimulation and “we are close to having debugged a prototype system whereby dogs can be guided along specific courses.” Six months later, a CIA document noted, “The feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated…. Special investigations and evaluations will be conducted toward the application of selected elements of these techniques to man.” 

John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, 1979, chapter 12.

For example, though if true that there was some outside influence involved it is kind of funny in a sad, sick kind of way, that Clint Eastwood talking to himself at his table on live television at a Romney event might have been the result of brainhacking. A lot of it is about distracting the target, getting them into a mental state where they lose track of what is happening around them.

Me, “Skipping to the End,” 2015.


And Inthrallis 54

Ch. 54