The CIA Assault on the First Amendment {Updated}

The Central Intelligence Agency is the herpes of information. The highly contagious kind.


Not that this should be needed, but see MOCKINGBIRD where CIA ran several reporters and got them to plant stories, MUDHEN where they sought to discredit investigative reporter Jack Anderson, and a recent discovery: Not only did G. Gordon Liddy talk about, for example, putting LSD on Anderson’s steering wheel or a deadly knife attack to be blamed on the DC locals, but he and former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt actually scouted out Anderson’s home.

Karl Frisch, “New book: Liddy’s talk of killing journalist went well beyond talk,” MediaMatters, 14 September 2010:

It should also be noted that screwing up bureacracy is really old hat around CIA. In fact, it predates it by a bit since it’s actually OSS, the Office of Strategic Services:

Richard Feloni, “The 16 best ways to sabotage your organization’s productivity, from a CIA manual published in 1944,” Business Insider, 5 November 2015:


This really needs little introduction, doesn’t it?

First, we noticed some time back that Google, among others, were downgrading sites considered “leftist,” such as anything with the word socialist involved and outlets like The Intercept, Democracy Now!, Common Dreams,, and even the ACLU as well as Wikileaks. {Note, Facebook may have done similar to some rightwing sites, citing “fake news” as the reason.}

Niles Niemuth, “Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results,” World Socialist Web Site, 22 November 2017:

Now I’m going to cross the streams again, but we have no time for squabbles. See also Yasha Levine’s new book, Surveillance Valley, about the origins of the Internet and its connection to being used as a tool to put down insurgencies. Yasha has also reported extensively on the makeup of Google and other SilVal companies, detailing many former miliary and intelligence officers among the ranks of the companies’ managers.

More recently, we have the Redscare nonsense about the Russians controlling Facebook, Twitter, etc. While I have little doubt that such things sometimes occur, we must recall that much earlier than this, like we found out about it before the Snowden releases, the Department of Defense had developed “sockpuppet” software in order for one operative to seem like several distinct people online. They can then pretend that something is more or less popular than it actually is, team up and bully some person or group, or bury something they don’t want seen by spamming a site with bulls*** comments, pushing the one they don’t want to get any traffic off the page. To name just a few things possible.

In other words, we were already developing these offensive abilities in, at the latest, 2011. Well before even 2013, or 2014, when we destabilized Russia’s neighbor Ukraine.

Seumas Milne, “It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to brink of war,” The Guardian, 30 April 2014:

Certainly before 2016 and the campaign. But I noted an attempt to pull things back to 2013 in a subtle attempt to make it seem as if Russia interference–whatever that actually consisted of, whatever effects it may or not have had–was unprovoked. Note that the plan to destabilize Ukraine had to have been planned years prior. The Magnitsky Act, imposing sanctions against Russia, was 2009; and if it was in reality about the death of a tax expert in a Moscow prison, was guilty torture-dog barking.

And of course all the scaremongering is resulting in steps–steps, I say!–being taken!

Chip Gibbons, “The FBI Is Setting Up a Task Force to Monitor Social Media: But is the worst possible candidate for the job,” The Nation, 1 February 2018:

Well, I don’t know about the worst, Chip.

Second worst.

Sad/humorous side tangent re clickbait, which enters our story later.


By the way, there is little worse this side of FOX News than Facebook’s incessant stream of fake news clickbait advertisements. Every hot celebrity is either leaving a show that they aren’t, retiring from showbiz or sports or whatever when they are not, or did something that the fake article will only hint at, prompting you to click and score some change for some kind of crap they’re selling. Truly, even the dullest, most dry, half-baked-didn’t-ever-read-Marx-kinda-made-it-all-up “Commie” manifesto points would not be as abusive. But your time is Wall Street’s money and FB wants a cut.

He isn’t.

No, he’s not.

“I wonder what it could be. Maybe I should just click and find ou–”

“Stop that, stop it, stop it!

Well, maybe. But that’s because he’s 673 years old.



Now, you might have noticed that NBC just hired the man who spied on the United States Senate in order to suppress the release of their report on torture.

Jon Levine, “Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Signs as MSNBC/NBC Contributor,” The Wrap, 2 February 2018:

Meet the Press and Morning Joe? Herpes.

You might have noticed that the man who lied to the Senate about NSA spying has also been making his appearances and has joined CNN along with the Bob Hope of the intelligence community, Michael Hayden.

Caitlin Johnstone, “‘Deep State’ Veterans Find New Homes in Mainstream Media,” Consortium News, 5 February 2018:

I like this Johnstone lady. And I like Consortium News now and again.

She also explains what the Deep State is, that it is real and a reasonable thing to believe in even if most of the RW nutty news outlets have latched onto it as an explanation as to why Trump is so goddam awful at optics with anyone but his loyalists.

But the irony…

Graham Fuller, “Who is Containing Whom?,” Consortium News, 7 February 2018:

Folks, the author of this is Graham Fuller. This is a man who worked for CIA in Afghanistan in the 1980s. During the Reagan administration. He was almost certainly involved one way or another with radicalizing Afghanis, as noted towards the bottom over here.

Additionally, he is the former {?} CIA officer who married for a time into the Tsarnaev family. Yes, the Boston Marathon Bomber family. While there is ample evidence of FBI malfeasance in the investigation, as ACLU has noted, there is also the likelihood of some portions of the op–assuming there was one and I kind of do–performed by CIA.

Re-read part above/at link about radicalizing Afghan youth. Re-read part about Liddy/Hunt “eyes on” scouting mission. Connect operational modus dots. Win a cyber cookie.

But it doesn’t stop here. Remember this old tldr post, “In Which David Sirota Saves the Planet?” Of course, you don’t, but don’tclick ityet, just take my word for it.

Well, guess who’s leaving the International Business Times along with various other investigative reporters and support personnel from there and sister outlet Newsweek. Now, guess why.

Re-read part about OSS manual on destroying organizations. Re-read part about Facebook clickbait.

It’s like an octopus. Much scarier than the Kochtopus, but the two are connected somewhere as well no doubt, perhaps via detachable penis.

With herpes.


James Bond Sucks {Updated}

…and so does Eliot Ness. UPDATE: And Jack Ryan.


No, this isn’t directly about #MeToo. Though certainly someone should do a piece about the most notorious fictional character of the 20th Century, and, for example, his ‘conversion therapy’ of Pussy Galore. Come to think of it after having put that in writing, maybe a piece on how Ian Fleming named some of his characters.

Rather, I am talking about CIA’s position as historically having the highest suicide rate among agencies in the entire US government. Though certainly there may be the sort of Wormwood/Frank Olson type thing {i.e. murder} from time to time, there’s something else at play as the major factor.

Let me add that I dislike discussing this kind of thing. Even though I do see the need, and actually believe to a large extent I do, understand the psychology of our common enemy within, it puts me too close to their thinking to write about it. It’s uncomfortable.

And maybe it’s also because this hits home.

It’s the fact that people go in expecting to do what the PR suggests: Fighting Teh Bad Guyz.

What one finds instead is any number of so counter-intuitive situations and tasks that one practically do have to be a brain zombie to not suspect it’s not so much counter-intuitive as just plain corrupt and ultimately bad for the country. For example, I found this from my early morning soft-trolling {typically the only kind I do with the exception of NYT, WaPo, etc. when they are carrying water for the military industrial complex} of a former CIA officer on Twitter: *

David Grossman, “CIA Uses Board Games for Training: And they actually sound fun,” Popular Mechanics,

{Note: The Arstechnica article by Sam Machkovech used as source may be more fun.}

The part that catches the eye:

Games also develop for specific situations. Kingpin: The Hunt for El Chapo, works to “train analysts who might work with law enforcement and other partners around world to find a well-armed, well-defended, well-protected bad guy,” CIA Intelligence Educator Volko Ruhnke said at the panel. “It’s a game about finding a fugitive from justice who, if not found sooner than later, will likely do harm to innocent people and harm US interests.”

As I have noted, learning from what Gary Webb reported on, which Director John M. Deutch had to apologize for to the black community in Los Angeles, plus all the Gary and Mike stuff I blogged about before, is that without a doubt, Guzman was CIA’s man. Probably isn’t now, but also see:


So, imagine joining up to take out the bad guys only to discover, nope!, the bad guys are who we use and protect in order to sustain democracy in the United States of America not! keep multinational corporations, especially banks, in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed…which is to say waging wars for them on a whim and ever expanding the enemies list to feed an insatiable maw that is attached to an anus that only really craps out more money to those who don’t actually need any more.

* To his credit, he responded in a friendly manner. Which is not what one may expect from someone with a Twitter account banner featuring a selfie with Gen. Michael Hayden. Then again, Hayden may be the intelligence community’s version of Bob Hope. Here’s what Marlon Brando once said about Bob Hope:

Bob Hope will go to the opening of a phone booth in a gas station in Anaheim, providing they have a camera there and three people.

Then again, here’s what Bob Hope said about CIA in Spies Like Us:

Doctor. Doctor. I’m glad I’m not sick.


BBD – Strange Bedfellows

It should be noted first and foremost that things are so bizarre and twisted that the rules don’t apply. For example, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Second, I enjoy looking at Eric Prince’s point of view about as much as I enjoy looking at Nixon’s, which is to say not at all.

But then there’s the truth, or at least what is probably so. And thus, this post. I cannot recall if I detailed some of this some other time, and am short on time for hunting it down. Probably did. As one might note, this experience informs quite a bit of my fiction writing.

1986. University. Being so closeted gay that sometimes I even fooled myself , I was in the middle of a separation from my wife and there was an infant son. A friend and fellow theater major was an on and off again Christian. When he was on, he was on.

One evening he was over consoling me due to what would the following year become my divorce. He was pushing me to pray with him. I considered doing so mostly to get him to stop pushing it so hard.

At that moment, a garbage bag, which was sitting in the middle of the nearby kitchen as it had for the preceding two days due to my lazy funk, opened up on its own. Three cans rolled out, one just after the other in what was almost 90 approximately 45 degrees of each other directionally.

We both laughed, I conceded, and for the next several years I wound up getting deeper into religion until such point that I didn’t feel entirely welcome as a gay person and it was clear that there was a lot of politicization going on where things like the Lewinsky scandal was concerned.

Of course I now believe Langley was responsible for this “miracle,” though it would be 23 years before I’d even guess that.

2001. 9/11. Eric Prince was poised to do the dirty work for CIA, including hunting down Al Qaeda in what was clearly an assassination program. Prince saw it, as many Americans did and still do if to a lesser degree, as an attack on Christianity by Muslims.

Pushed to the side was talk of CIA radicalizing Afghan {and Saudi, in order to deflect ire against the Saudi regime} youth via USAID education to repel the Russians. The program in Afghanistan alone started in 1979 with a $35M budget under Carter and was later expanded by Reagan to $350M.

2003, Prince’s wife dies of cancer. 2008, Prince’s 12 year old son Christian saves the life of his younger son Charlie. All of this, coupled with the prosperity it all brought, likely reinforced most of his biases. He becomes the boogeyman for CIA.

Which is exactly how they like it. Much as they manipulated Afghanis, they manipulated Eric Prince. As they used them to make the CIA relevant again after the fall of the Soviet Union, they use Prince as a useful tool to both continue the animosity between religious extremists and as a means of explaining why they are doing it.

Ultimately, it’s just greed. But religion has a way now and again of helping us to ignore that and to point to alternative explanations that disguise the true nature of the CIA and other organizations like FBI. In reality, they served millionaires, later billionaires, and now multinational corporations. Why people do what they do in service to that is merely how they get the job done, not the reason it gets done.

On the flip side, I expect Sam Harris’ situation, which I mentioned a few posts down, is similar. Yet he is an atheist. Let’s pause and think about that.

— —

What’s Happening Plus What Happens In Vegas… {Updated x2}

{1 Nov 2017, newer update in bold. Something fishy about things being fishy.}

Briefly. Taking a step back and not defending anyone here, merely calmly noting events.

One will note DJT’s reputation as an assaulter of women. Then one will note the Harvey Weinstein scandal. And then Spacey’s.

One will note the Russia connection to DJT. Then one will note the Clinton campaign connection to it.

There’s clearly an attempt to make sides, in this case the two large political parties and their proponents, seem equal utilizing the news. It’s not that they’re that unequal; the difference between Nazis and warhawk mass-surveillance defenders is all too thin for my liking. The DNC’s problem is attempting to separate social justice and economic justice; it’s not possible, they are one and the same ultimately. The GOP’s problem is it is so far up the collective asses of multinational corporations that, of course, Nazism seems a good method of achieving their goals. Removes the asking of questions and places blame on the powerless instead of the powerful where it belongs.


Know some of you were probably expecting something on Vegas. Precisely what happened eludes me at present. Alt-right has latched onto Ellen Degeneres interview with formerly AWOL security guard Jesus Campos. While it seems likely Ellen was helping friends in Vegas get back into business {note again DNC supporters}, that in itself is plenty of reason to disregard their assertions that she or her friends therefore had something to do with Paddock’s actions.

The NYT did a pretty good video meshing together several taken on phones from witnesses. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that there were multiple shooters in there, though one can clearly hear echoes throughout the skyscraper “canyon” after one of them.

I bring this up because a young female survivor was certain that she and her friends were being chased by gunmen on the ground. Her Facebook post archived:

I say “was” because she died in her sleep some days after. She had a pituitary tumor and her grandmother thinks it was probably that plus the stress. If so, that is really odds-defying, though I can find no motive beyond perhaps actually trying to stoke fears that there were multiple gunmen. One assumes if there had been, they would have been firing blanks.

Rene Ray De La Cruz, “After escaping Las Vegas shooting, High Desert Phoenix Foundation co-founder dies suddenly,” Valley Daily Press, 9 October 2017:

As I’ve written before, it does make some sense that average people, especially laymen where it comes to combat, experience situations like this that the adrenaline rush may lead to confusion as to what is happening just after. On the other hand, as I’ve also written before, when you want to make certain your real target is going to be dead at the end of the event, you provide additional shooters because you cannot assume that a person with mental illness is going to be a decent assassin. But I don’t see a specific target.

Paddock doesn’t fit, so far as the information we have, any of the usual patterns.

Was it a “workplace” shooting? He did well just before, so we can probably scrap the usual Reaganomics factors, though one might argue all roads ultimately lead there. Reportedly he also booked a hotel in Chicago near Lollapalooza, so it may not have been Vegas-specific.

Was he connected to ISIS, as ISIS itself and the alt-right have been alleging? Doesn’t seem likely. All ISIS would have to do is release the chat logs or whatever contact they had with him to prove it.

And the usual goals of depicting subgroups as dangerous don’t seem to apply. While he was a year or two from retirement, I don’t think that my first instinct about painting senior citizens as violent, which will happen soon enough anyway, is the likely scenario.

What is odd is how this came on the heels of a leaked FBI report depicting Black Lives Matter members as potential terrorists.

ACLU on the report

Somehow, I think that if Paddock was not a acting solely on his own, was somehow influenced to do what he did, that it is connected to that. The fact that he did make money gambling and was so tight-lipped may have meant he thought he was on some “mission.”

Which by the way is exactly what the State’s psychiatrist said that James Eagan Holmes stated on SHOWTIME‘s new show about mass shootings. Also, “Harold,” the shooter of Ronni Chasen, had stated he expected to be paid for a hit, though there was no evidence anyone had actually told him that in person or in writing. See voice-to-skull if you find that confusing.

FBI being uncharacteristically tight-lipped about it all only makes it seem like there is something missing from the public view. I suspect they know what it is but for whatever reason aren’t saying.

Could this be it? Evidence of two aircraft using the same call letters of an airplane and one of them was likely a chopper. Don’t know how to verify this, but really strange if true. Mind the unproven but somewhat logical-to-assume headline based on alleged aircraft movement.

Anonymous/Intellihub, “Las Vegas: Flight Records Show 2nd Gunman Extracted By Helicopter After Shooting,”, date unknown:

Original source:

Shepard Ambellas, “Flight records indicate a covert helicopter rooftop EXFIL may have taken place just minutes after the massacre,” Intellhub, 28 October 2017:

Note that Ambellas is a frequent contributor to Infowars. Kinda thinking this is “reverse false-flag” somehow. That is, was a true lone wolf and Trump admin is trying to make it seem like its false-flag.

But I’m just not sure.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Roundup of people who claimed e-weapons, mostly sound, were used to harass them. The last is the Trump administration’s response: To eliminate diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Cannot be clearer: The US is responsible for the attacks on US and Canadian diplomats and is doing to in order to have an excuse to cut off Cuba while simultaneously making DJT seem like a defender of the US, less Russia-friendly.

You’ll also note that the outlets and entities that called so many of these people delusional are not stating that the staffs of the two embassies are.


Kim Murphy, “Figure in Kickbacks Alleges Bizarre Plot by U.S. to Kill Him,” Los Angeles Times, 17 April 1988:

Niles became convinced that the marshals had set up an elaborate speaker system around his room to confuse him with artificial sounds.

Democracy Now!, “Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Speaks from the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa,” Amy Goodman, 5 October 2009:

[translated] Yes. What has occurred here is truly rude treatment for a democratically elected president. This is not how you treat a president who is fighting to reinstall democracy in his country. We have been repressed and limited to the embassy. Tear gas has been fired. Our electronic lines, our telephone lines have been cut. We’ve also been under attack from microwaves and the sound cannon, a long-range acoustic device.

What do you mean, acoustic device, a sound cannon?

[translated] There are two kinds of unconventional weapons that have been used against us by the regime. There’s a high-frequency pitch that has been used against protesters. And another weapon that has been used against us is an electronic device that issues microwaves, which is very harmful for your health. It causes headaches.

As president, do you know about this in the Honduran arsenal

[translated] Yes, of course. We all suffered this. We all witnessed it. There’s photographs and videos of this occurring.

“Sacramento Man Arrested for Calling 911 More Than 100 In a Month,” NY Daily News, 22 May 2013:

Shao wrote on his blog that he was approached by FBI who asked him to spy for them {and/or CIA} and he refused.

Peter Hermann and Ann E. Marimow “Navy Yard Shooter Driven by Delusions,” Washington Post, 25 September 2013:

In one document, he wrote: “An ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last three months, and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this.”

Mark Shleub and Stephen Hudak, “FSU shooter Myron May feared ‘energy weapon,’ heard voices, thought police were watching him,” Orlando Sentinel, November 2014:

“He stated that he can constantly hear voices coming through the walls specifically talking about actions he was doing,” an officer wrote in an incident report.

Gardiner Harris, “Tillerson Says U.S. May Close Cuba Embassy Over Mystery Ailments,” New York Times, 17 September 2017:

The Trump administration is considering closing the recently reopened United States Embassy in Havana after 21 Americans associated with the embassy experienced a host of unexplained health problems.

BBD – More BLM


Something like five or six incidents at work in the past few to several days, two of those involving violence, all very heated, the second one that I was actually there for ended with the customer threatening to shoot me, and all involved African American males.

I’ve been over this before. I documented as best I could the strange incident in Minneapolis where a cop at a grocery store was behaving strangely and I got a sudden urge to punch him, and how that reminded me of the YouTube video that got Barrett Brown into trouble. I also wrote, though that’s pretty far back, about how I saw a man being beaten and ran into another who was raging mad for no apparent reason in Minneapolis.

I’ll be honest here. I don’t know if it’s the FBI counterintelligence, the CIA, or GOP’s black bag department {or if there’s even much difference between those three entities} using their little toys to create this…disharmony.

But what I do know is it’s very odd to be doing this anywhere near me at this point. What’s the point ultimately? There isn’t going to be any big revelation regarding the state of the art brainhacking; nor worse yet, how it’s being used in practice. Not without a whistleblower. And even then, I’m not really certain the public will get it, assuming such a whistleblower doesn’t just wind up dead before that happens.

So it must be something else. But I’ll be damned if I know what that could be.


Gary Webb Redux: The LGBT Community and Meth

They’re animals, so let them lose their souls.

It is my considered opinion that the Central Intelligence Agency targets the LGBT community with crystal meth in much the same way that it targeted poor black communities with crack cocaine. This latter was reported on by Gary Webb. While Mr. Webb did not accuse the US government of institutional racism and bigotry {some of the large papers that, when push comes to shove, tow the line for the Military Industrial Complex like the Washington Post accused him of it, however}, I am. I will explain why below.


First, of course, the crack cocaine epidemic. The CIA used profits from selling it domestically for black bag operations that were off the books. That is, these were operations and programs that they did not believe they had to report to Congress because the funding was not coming from taxes but rather the exploitation of poor neighborhoods, predominantly African American, in California. This worked, CIA was never punished for this, and it continued after Webb’s reporting on the topic and tracing the money and drugs from Central America to the US.

The result domestically was also that politicians got to “take a stand” against drugs and demonize those who sold it and used it as “super predators.” The stigma remains today as does the high incarceration rate resulting from a CIA operation.

And let us not forget the lengths CIA went to experimenting drugs on human beings under MK/Ultra and other programs using initially the former Nazi scientists brought in under PAPERCLIP, BLOODSTONE, etc. Nor how, for example, notorious gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger got 15 years knocked off a prison sentence for agreeing to be one such guinea pig.


In small farming communities in the US it is often made domestically. Chemicals used on some farms can cover for the purchase of materials necessary to make crystal meth.

However, in Maricopa County, Arizona, it is smuggled in from Mexico. More specifically, the state of Sinaloa, which is where El Chapo and his cartel were located. El Chapo who miraculously escaped several times, once reportedly via a long tunnel about which there is a conspiracy theory that the tunnel was not actually completed but rather Guzman’s CIA handlers released him and used the tunnel as a media stunt to cover up the method of release. Why not? In any case, it comes from the Mexican Cartel located there.


I’ve met probably a few hundred people who currently use or were addicted in the past to crystal meth in the year and a quarter living here. Predominantly, probably 65% are gay men. There’s probably another 10-15% that engage in some form of homosexual activity even though their preference may be for females. While it is not reportedly as addictive as crack cocaine, crystal meth is clearly highly addictive. The lengths many of these current addicts will go to to get that fix makes this clear.

Much like the mythical pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps mantra, officials in the US indicate that simply saying no to drugs is the way to get off them. In civilized countries, it is considered an illness to be addicted, and is treated via healthcare. Emphasis on civilized.

As I’ve noted time and again, the point is to keep us distracted, divided, and fighting among ourselves lest we band together and demand universal healthcare and income. The CIA, and whenever I say that now I also mean the counter-intelligence division of the FBI, they are essentially the same thing, Eisenhower’s fear of a domestic secret “police” has been realized, serves the interests not of the People but of the multinational corporations and that means keeping social nets and benefits as low as possible. As the profits continue to break records, so does the multinationals’ power and influence; it is the snowball, growing in size and increasing momentum, until it overwhelms anything and anyone in its way. To distract from this requires “bad guys” to point a finger at and who better than minorities and those suffering from one form of illness or another? People outside the mainstream make easy targets, as we’ve seen with the transgender bathroom nonsense recently.

As a further reminder of the connection between the CIA and the Mexican Cartels, I point the reader again to the story of Mike and Gary, and how it was that former CIA officer Gary came to be in the cartel’s employ.