BBD – Meth Throes

Before we delve into the Black Boot Diaries entry, let’s review. Let’s review the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, also known as the Langley Shit Dragon.



Killed JFK and RFK; probably helped kill MLK as well;

Tried to derail the anti-Vietnam War movement by flooding it with LSD;

Had a hand in Watergate and removing Nixon;

Beat, raped, drugged, did radiation experiments on, and pimped out in order to blackmail oversight little American girls in its Nevada desert facility;

Helped to flood black neighborhoods in Los Angeles County with the highly addictive crack cocaine in order to fund programs Congress had not approved;

Kidnapped 4, 5 and 6 years olds in order to send them to Saudi Arabia to be child slaves;

Tortured pretty much since its inception. The post-9/11 thing was just a more hands-on thing whereas the proxy stuff like raping a woman with a broken bottle in front of her husband, boiling the flesh off a man’s hand, and beating a teenager until his entire body was one pulpy mess is what it has always done. This, by the way, always has made war more dangerous for soldiers. Langley Shit Dragon does not care;

Did 9/11 along with Michael Ledeen and Saudi intelligence. Using a combination of radicalization, social engineering, and so-called mind control, they got Al Qaeda to do it. One may note one plane didn’t reach its intended target that day. What a coincidence;

Is currently overfeeding its shitty self with Afghanistan drugs coming into the United States and Europe. This, being cornered, paranoid, desperate and petty {as well as fairly insane in terms of its behavior} it views as its best bet to survival since it means it can afford to perform more false-flag, or quasi-false-flag using unwitting proxies, anywhere it wants whenever it wants;

Also, it incessantly blames anything and everyone else for what it does. This is really its prime function: Taking giant shits and then pointing us all in some other direction for the blame.

I think that sums it up to an extent. There’s more drug and disease stuff. There’s using phony polio vaccines in order to make the Arab world paranoid enough to shoot at doctors and health workers, for example.

So there you have it: Child raping, drug dealing, assassins who don’t follow orders of publicly elected officials because they have enough power and funding that they don’t have to. It is your worst mafia-terrorist-serial-killer-rapist nightmares on steroids.


So despite being guilty of all of the above and then some, the L.S.D. once again has seen fit to not only muck around in my social circle, but actually screw over one of their other former unwitting assets as well. I’m talking of course about Ryan. Of course it’s entirely possible they once again asked FBI counterintelligence to do this, but in my experience in Minneapolis, I find this different from FBI’s normal ops.

Increasingly over the past month or so he’s been saying and doing odd things. Now, obviously as I’ve noted before, he is a crystal meth user. So of course he’s going to go through some odd phases. He’s accused me essentially of being out to get him. Accused me of vindictiveness that–for someone in his position–I’m just not capable of. Despite his ability to annoy me no end, I consider or considered him a friend. I’d sooner punch him in the mouth rather than mess with his already difficult enough day-to-day life.

The point beyond the one-more-time attempt to provoke me is that they again not only show that they have no consideration for former assets {yes, Ryan really did dine with mobsters in Paris and saw a murder, done by a man whose body has never been found}. Just like they have no consideration for truth. Just like they have no conscience for torture. Just like they don’t care about the troops. Just like they don’t care about the poor or the middle class. Truly, I don’t think they really care about the rich or even big corporations either at this point. They’ve just gone completely off the deep end and are begging to be put down.

So, Congress needs to act. Before they drag us all down with it. Because they will if they are left unchecked.


Two Open Letters


You know I tried really hard to find some dirt on Robert Mueller. Best I could come up with, apart from heading up FBI all those years and what went on then, was his assertion that Iraq/Saddam Hussein had WMDs. But, hey, all the cool kids were doing it. And history has shown it was a slam dunk.

Wilmer Hale. While it’s not perfect, who or what is?, that is at least trying. They do defense for corporations and then pro bono for the poor. That’s something. I’ll take something.

But when you abide by the agreement…not with the Devil. Just a pile of poop in the shape of the devil…or a blind, thrashing dinosaur…you undo what you proclaim to do.

I get it. I really, really do. I’m not talking about me, though I think it’s pretty easy to see what could or should have happened and yet did not. I’m referring to the general so-called Targeted Individual community. I’m referring to Black Lives Matter. I’m referring to a clear-as-can-be conflict of interest in the Jeremy Hammond sentencing hearing. And more that doesn’t require mentioning. Deep down, you know.

The agreement. The agreement states that the Department of Justice will not prosecute the Central Intelligence Agency for crimes committed, even on US soil, against US citizens, as long as doing so could reasonably harm national security by exposing sources and methods employed the CIA.

Note that this included, in the 1960s and 1970s, the rape and abuse of under-aged girls in the Nevada desert. Americans. Dr. Luther Wilson Greene oversaw the series of programs that were done there. He ensured the continuance of the programs he oversaw by training the young girls to seduce visiting oversight officials and he and his team recorded those events to blackmail them into silence and the continuation of funding.

Not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. It was explored by Congress in the 1990s. It is part of the public record.

But I get it. Your bosses and your bosses’ bosses don’t actually want you to examine what’s going on. They want you to continue to disrupt and discredit Americans organizing to affect political changes. And it’s no skin off your nose if some “crazy” people suffer for no other reason than…well, you’ll have to read my note to CIA below. Nobody believes them. No one cares. It’s an easy calculation to make. Try to fight it, and you wind up like Terry James Albury.

But where’s the balance, then? Occasionally you do catch some bar people. I mean, cruel, callous, murderous, and/or exploitative of children.

But don’t kid yourselves that merely exposing CIA domestic {much less foreign} malfeasance is punishment enough. It’s not punishment at all if it continues. And it is definitely continuing. Post-9/11? You’re deeply and egregiously lying to yourself if you think otherwise.


First, let me explain why I refer to you as, among other variations, a shithole. It’s because I believe, really always, really in every place I look, I’ve only ever seen your ass. That’s the clearest message, apart from the rest below, that you’ve ever succeeded in sending me. Probably not your intention…unless it’s that you really, really want me to kiss it…more likely deep down kick it. But that’s what your pattern is communicating.

Why is that?

Let’s start with how you lie to yourself. You tell yourself, for example, that you’re studying for a future “mind control” war with China. Or, really, why not? A current mind control war with China. I saw the article. Don’t need to link it. Merely note that this is what you are telling yourself. This is your excuse for everything: Patriotism.

It’s the Big Lie, dear. How can you possibly believe that raping and abusing underage girls in the desert somehow makes them safe? How can you believe they should be proud of their sacrifice to Uncle Sam, when the real point was just funding for programs that probably yielded very little, or even if they didn’t, were unnecessarily cruel to yield what little they did?

Now. I’m going to try one more time even though I’m tired of repeating myself. I’m going to explain how it was I beat you. Because I did best you. I did.

I had an unfair advantage. And just because I’m again borrowing someone else’s words, in this case Thomas Harris I think, doesn’t make it any less true in this context. Doesn’t make it fiction.

“You were insane.”

You aren’t the Devil, though you sometimes like to think you’re both God and the Devil. You aren’t even really Hannibal Lechter.

You’re just very, very sick. You are. I’ve passed many, many of your, and those of other’s, Rorschach tests. You, like Lechter, are incapable of turning your keen eye on yourself and taking stock of what’s there.

That in itself is understandable. No system can truly know itself. I’m convinced now that deep down, that’s why you are running {though there may be other ‘franchises’} surreptitious harassment in the first place. You aren’t so much seeking God—though I’ll get to that in a moment—as you are trying to understand yourself.

So, I’m telling you. You do more harm than good. You might spend three days in a ratfilled basement just to hide from some FIS in order to find out what some head of state’s favorite brand of hummus is, only to have him change his favorite the next week or month or year. You’re constantly running around chasing your own tail and you can’t see what you’re doing. Not to the world, not to your country, not to yourself.

Right. God. Even Erik Prince, Mr. Holy War, Mr. Kill-‘Em-God’s-Already-Told-Me-the-Sorting knows that “the Devil,” whatever that really means in this context, doesn’t just attack the bad people. He’s especially fond of corrupting the good people. Erik knows that much. Maybe you could learn something from him instead of, for example, making me harass him or some movie star for your perverse amusement.

That is sick, honey. Maybe it’s time to take a break and, again, let DIA or somebody do an internal review.

Because really, who won? It was the guy who bought kitty litter FFS. I’m sure you think somewhere in your malfunctioning brain that you’re taking care of him as well. Well, I’ve seen…as I noted in that one short story…I’ve seen what you consider taking care of someone. The man who was talking to his own fist. Really? What could he possibly know today that is still a threat? What could he possibly do if you just stop whatever you’re doing or undo what you did? Not a damn thing.

You’re paranoid. You’re afraid. You might be schizophrenic. You are brilliant, I’m not calling you stupid in any conventional way…just your own little shitty one.

I know that makes you mad. But you know why? Because it’s true, darling. And the truth hurts. That’s why it’s described as a sword.

And the pen is only as mighty as the truth it wields. Sometimes. Maybe just in the end.

I don’t have a capper. I’m just done as I can be. You can continue, and I’ll respond as I feel or think I need or want to. But I’m already done. Because I’ve already won.

And I’d like to say it was really, really hard. Life definitely was. Loss and problems, really hard.

But beating you was really, in its own stupid little way…real easy. I just had to let go, I guess. Or some other allegory I can’t verbalize.



BBD – I Love a Good Narrative

Or, “…a Pretty Lie,” which is really what that means. Or, “Wild Goose Chase no. 578.”

And yet it makes sense. Sort of.

Except there are some plot holes.

Let me ‘splain. What I think is probably true, somehow, as ri-goddam-diculous as it sounds: Neither of our premiere manhunter agencies have any idea where or whom whatshisname is. That in itself is worth a lot of laughter. If they did, they’d have tried something by now. Something nasty and disturbing because that is all that those two piles o’ poop are capable of.

But in order to play a little “which will he do?” game designed to add stress in the Hopes that I’ll finally crack*, one–or more likely both working together–presented a neat little narrative. Since I know there’s no way in hell they’d ever tell me if they knew, I can safely deduce that the narrative is false. And we can at the same time waste some more tax dollars as those parts of FBi that aren’t read in go frantically check it out.

“The White Rose.” First this was a pacifist group that was murdered by the Nazis in the run up to WWII.

We can recall what was probably the best episode of ST:TOS: “City on the Edge of Forever.” Lots of interesting stories about that one. Including the author being locked in an office for a weekend to finish it and getting so hungry and/or spiteful about the situation that he ate the secretary’s potted plant. Of course this was because he had written in more extras than the studio could afford.

Next. “A kook in a grocery store.” Getting it yet? Kwazy pacifist is so smart, so good at it, that he gets locked up in a mental institution a la the Martha Mitchell effect. {Look it up}.

This could also explain a possible reason I haven’t heard nor seen hide nor hair from him since early 2010.

Such a good lie, no?

The remaining question then would be, where? Which asylum is he in? {See the final chapters of Infernis for a kind of parallel version of being locked away permanently; and note my, and others such as Barry Eisler, noting how some of what we write winds up happening later, or already happened and we didn’t know about it. This is called Setting Up Expectations and is on the same Gambits for Deception graphic as The Big Move Hides the Small Move}.

So where? There was a brief DoD program under the Obama administration regarding mental health and soldiers. It was based–guess where?–Hawaii. It’s enough to make you think you might actually like sex on the beach {the song on the Spoon CD that wasn’t actually by Spoon} despite the horrible conditions down there where there’s about as much trash as there is sand. Not to mention the–not shitting here–group of people who now live on the beach. Right out of part two of the Rifters trilogy.

How many months and dollars could I waste investigating each and every one of those beaches? All the asylums in Hawaii after the one in question turns out to not house “him”?

It’s patently absurd. And yet there’s that small part of you that recalls:

The Comedian? Crying?

Hm. Funny story. Sounds unbelievable. Probably true.

So let’s let the “flatfoots” go have a look. I’ll be right here, TYVM4nada.

* What they don’t seem to understand: I don’t break because I’m “Unbreakable.” I don’t break because I’m already broken.

BBD – Not Blogging It

Instead I’m doing the text versions of a montage followed by an impressionist {or some other movement} painting to describe yesterday’s “chance meetings”/diversion. I will start with relevant quotes that I find hilarious and throw together some memes.

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The Bitter Sting of Tears

Or how PSYOP are actually used sometimes to influence artists.

Causally connectible

Yet nothing is invincible.

Sting was at one time self-identified as a Marxist. This was the result of having seen so much poverty on his trips around the world with Andy Summers and son and brother to CiA officers Stewart Copeland.

Similarly, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a strong believer in science and reason. It wasn’t until after he killed off his world famous character that he started to dabble in the occult, the New Age-y stuff. While this is before CIA’s formation, let’s keep in mind that the UK government was likely even more prickly than the US is now in a lot of ways.

I’ve also written in the past about the PSYOP run on Alan Moore. You can see the post two down regarding the author of The Exorcist and why it was that book and movie really came to be.

Sting and his band mates went through some stuff between Zenyatta Mondatta and Spritis in the Material World. Sting began for some reason reading a lot Jung. As I noted on Twitter yesterday, between the weird nightmare around, suspect just after, the time the USSR early warning system went haywire and showed that the US had launched a first nuclear strike, as well as the weird prediction that something bad was going to happen to Michael Jackson some months before the Pepsi commercial accident in January 1984, I, too, became fascinated with the subjects of ESP, etc.

That came to an end when yet more PSYOP were run regarding less exotic Christian themes and I had my own divorce, as the members of The Police had between Spirits and Synchronicity.

Of course I’m still a fan of Sting. Whether he was used–he probably was–and how he was used doesn’t entirely matter. It’s just something to note. As one reviewer said about Dream of the Blue Turtles, the whole non-material stuff {“forever conditioned to believe that we can’t live, we can’t live here and be happy with less”} would be a lot easier to take from a non-millionaire.

There’s this from “They Dance Alone”:

Hey Mr. Pinochet

You’ve sown a bitter crop

It’s foreign money that supports you

One day the money’s going to stop

No wages for your torturers

No budget for your guns

Can you think of your own mother

Dancin’ with her invisible son

A good sentiment. And yet as we’ve seen ever since, even humanitarian crises are frequently leveraged for more warfare. They have games us, from every angle. We can see Democrats, who for years laughed and ridiculed Republicans for believing things demonstrably untrue now gobbling up and latching on to lies regarding chemical weapons attacks, and again a bizarre defense of Israel even when that country is performing what appears to be genocide. It’s damn strange.

Feel like I’m veering off here, but I wondered for a moment when I read that Hillary Clinton claimed her favorite book was The Bible if she hadn’t been brainhacked as well. Now, I’m fairly convinced of it, other things and complaints aside. The whole health issue looks more to me like remote torture than a naturally occurring problem as well. But how can I know for certain?

At any rate, I’m sure there are Americans who would approve of the Department of Defense, the CiA, and the FBi using subterfuge to decide what American thought and sentiment should be. But I’m also certain that if it were all opened up and exposed, that those people would be in the minority. It’s un-American. It’s, if you believe in Him, against God’s will to prevent people using the free will He gave them, such as it is.

And it is downright f***ing evil to kill and ruin people in the pursuit of what a few powerful figures think is God’s will and to try to foist that onto the rest of us. It has to stop.

The Fauxpocalypse is Nigh

Only the good die young.

You night recall my roundup of bad TV, or rather a few of them. There was one on fostering beliefs in things like space aliens, ghosts, etc. Then there was one in particular focused on the “end of days” scenarios.

You’ve probably heard the name William Peter Blatty {IMDB entry}. You might know from having written the book and the screenplay The Exorcist, and also The Ninth Confiiguration, which interestingly was one of my favorite films back when I was a Reaganite a thousand and seven years ago.

What you might not know comes from CounterSpy, the most hated-by-CiA in history magazine:

CounterSpy. “Examining The Exorcist,” Volume 1, Issue 4/5, 1973/1974:

This is remarkable. The idea, if Americans accepted Christianity, they thought, then they would reject Socialism. Blatty, after working for CiA and heading up the US Air Force Psychological Warfare Division, wrote a book and made a movie literally designed to scare the hell out of people.

There have been many stories in this general area. The US Army’s “spiritual fitness test.” The airing of a straight porn film aboard a US Navy vessel in order to curb homosexual tendencies among the crew. Seymour Hersh’s assertion that seven or eight of the Joint Chiefs of Staff believed themselves to be the Knights of Malta or something similar.

If you haven’t done so, you may wish to subscribe to David Sirota’s podcast. A few casts back, he interviewed Tom Secker who co-wrote a book about the Department of Defense’s incredible influence over Hollywood, how a very large portion of blockbuster budget winds up coming from there or other departments, and how access to locations, equipment, and personnel as extras means veto power over even historical scripts. They can literally rewrite history because of the financial hold they have.

Moving on…

Mike Pence thinks God talks to him. Not the way many Christians do, through what happens or through their hearts, but he literally hears a voice in his head:

Hollis Evon Ramsey, “Is Mike Pence Chatting with Jesus, or is He Schizophrenic?”, Atheist Republic, 14 February 2014:

Ted Cruz’s father believes that Ted is destined to be the American version of Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of the House of Saud, the monarchy that controls Saudi Arabia:

Bruce Wilson, “Ted Cruz’s Father Suggested His Son Is ‘Anointed’ to Bring About ‘End Time Transfer of Wealth,” Alternet, 17 October 2013:

Of particular note: In Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud owns everything. Businessmen have to hope that they don’t become too successful or some third cousin or nephew and his entourage will swoop in and take it over. And then, of course, run it into the ground because like most monarchies, the House of Saud also has some inbred, deranged MFers.

There’s your “Sharia Law” nonsense.

As if this happy Addams Family and their delusions weren’t scary enough, enter earthquakes and lightning, a la the “Bad Moon Rising.” Once again:

Robert Friedman, “Earthquake Warfare: Preliminary Report On Pentagon’s Unthinkable Plans,” CounterSpy, Volume 3, Issue 2, 1975

Let me shorten it for you before you roll your eyes. It’s pretty much what we’ve been hearing about now, out of Iceland and elsewhere: Drill down to lava, add water, run. The resulting energy release causes the ground to shake.

Of course they used project names like SKYFIRE, STORMFURY, and PRIME ARGUS, which I assume was a typo since we know the top brass really likes their steak, especially in Saddam Hussein’s former palace while the soldiers are dying from thirst in the desert. Or maybe they really meant the giant with a hundred eyes or Odysseus’ faithful dog. Beats me. Some of these f***ers are even too crazy for me.

You’ll also note, not kidding, weather and hurricane control research. Of course, that’s just pie-in-the-sky thinking for your average wannabe deity:

Tibi Puiu, “Scientists control the path of lightning using lasers,” ZMEScience, 24 June 2015:

Jacopo Prisco, “The man who wants to control the weather with lasers,” CNN, 7 March 2016:

This all boils down to a perfect storm of nuttiness. The temptation to use a weapon is always greater than the self-restraint, especially if the individuals in question also think God is their bestest pal.

Now, stop and think for one moment about the Mueller investigation. Who leaves? Who stays? Who gets a pay increase? Who gets their finger on the button?

I could go on and on about FBi’s weird obsession claiming that shutting down independent sex workers over and over, under both the Obama and Trump administrations is in no apparent way connected to human trafficking. But then that would be redundant with putting Mike “I Hear Ya General-Pretending-to-be-God” Pence in charge.

And even weirder, who is cheerleading this stuff? Same people who are obsessed with Israel no matter how much blood it gets on its hands.

Really, I thought that the Fauxpocalpyse Trilogy was hyper reality; not real but real taken to another degree. I see once again that I am too mild in my thinking and that reality is likely to overtake me in over-the-top and overrun me in time.

Good night and no-the-real-God-if-I-believed-in-Him bless.

BBD – People At Work

So I need to get this out of the way so I can move on to the important stuff. You might even say deadly serious stuff. And this time, I mean something that can and will affect you. But for now…

Found out today that a co-worker was arrested on exploiting a minor charges. That’s about all I know about it. Am guessing it’s possession of kiddie porn, but who knows? There are several other descriptions under that general heading. One notes that Arizona does prosecute possession without even having had to have shared it with anyone else or knowing the children exploited in the pictures/videos.

We had had a falling out some months back. As you might notice about me, I try not to let things like that get in my way. I give people a lot of chances, I don’t hold grudges for mistakes, merely things like Nazism, wanton cruelty, and callousness.

He’s none of those things. However, he kept seeing emails or ads or something about career choices. He took personality tests online to see what his missed calling was. It almost always came up the same: FBi Special Agent.

Now, there are a lot of ways I could go with this. There are a lot of things that may have happened to lead to his arrest. I don’t have enough of the facts yet to make any determination. However, the idea that targeted ads might be part of some entrapment scheme doesn’t strike me as out of possibility. Something to consider: They used to say you don’t know who you’re talking to on the other end of the Internet, inferring criminals or psychos. Whether or not they carry a badge, is I suppose irrelevant.

So, FBi Joe, let’s call him. He was telling me about his thoughts on pursuing a career with the Bureau. I mentioned that, if I knew who had tortured, harassed, and ruined me over the past several years, I’d probably murder him and his entire family.

“Not his kids,” he replied.

“Can’t take the risk that the genes will continue and someone else will have to go through this again due to the behavior of his children, sorry.”

Of course, I probably wouldn’t do that. But I had the sinking suspicion that the conversation was being monitored. After all, when someone brings up a downer like FBi out of the blue, it seems like a possibility.

{Yes, the little ‘i’ is purposeful.}