A Short Beer with Alice


Infectis Snippet


More Infectis

Two more chapters over yonder. One and two.

And what happens after that in Infectis


But what about after that? And after that?

An Infectis Trio

First, probably about halfway through the book, were I to actually ever finish this book much less the previous two:


Next, two back-to-back right near the end.



Normally I don’t like giving away the ending. But things are not normal. At all.

BBD – More Weird: Infectis

Fiction: Chapter written on 27 January 2018 about using drones to start fires:


Nonfiction: Drone catches forest on fire 6 March 2108:


Barry Eisler notes this happens to him often enough for him to notice. With so many things occurring in the world, it is of course possible, probably even likely, that it’s just a coincidence.

However, actually so frequently knowing/finding out about the coincidences I’m not so sure is a coincidence. That’s the card magician trick again: When you’ve got access to really fast computers paying attention to damn near everything like our government and its private contractors do, you can quickly find stuff to mess with people and even, given enough info bombardments, alter their opinion.

More Infectis

Should also be noted I converted an old short story into an Infectis chapter as well, the one titled “Ground Control.”

Here’s the new one.

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