New Fiction {Update}

Part of the third novel in the Infernis, Inthrallis series which is currently titled now titled Infectis.

Update: Besides the title, a few additions.


New Short


New Fiction [Updated]

A truly awful working title, but then have you walked around a bookstore lately? No idea where this is going if anywhere.

Brainjacked – Intro.

Added a sentence about harsh language and education in “worry about” spiel. 🙂

BBD – Life Burglarizes Art, Art Replicants Life

{Author’s Note: A fluffy piece follows the fold. More of a curio than anything groundbreaking or particularly informative. It’s wander-y and ponder-y. It also kinda sorta follows up to this post over at the fiction writing blog.}

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New Shortstory


The Fiction Blog

Four short posts over the past week regarding mostly old movies, books, TV at the fiction blog.

And Inthrallis 54

Ch. 54