From the You Have Got to Be…

…you-know-the rest file. If you thought you’d seen crazy before, buckle up me hearties, it’s gonna be a rough sea ahead.

I had thought that the part in the Carl Clark interview (see here) about collecting DNA had been a lark, disinformation…some anomaly I could not guess at, figure out how it fit into the big picture. In essence, I ignored it because it didn’t make sense.

Alas, woe is me, I have figured it out. Or however it is that I understand more and more of the big picture.

Sometimes it is one’s own preconceptions, biases, and mnemonic remnants of a world that never truly existed, merely seemed so that get in the way. These things, much like believing what you see and hear on CNN, serve as an impediment to seeing the world as it truly is. They serve up a version of reality that we are quick to latch onto because there’s a consensus and you know, despite the might-be sinister beard, that Wolf Blitzer seems like such a trusty (it’s like truthy–feels but isn’t) kind of fellow.

Basically, I have a tendency to ignore the possibility that the social dominators who loudly foist their hate-filled and self-glorifying religious beliefs may actually be so self-deluded as to believe the s— they shovel up to try to manipulate the rest of us. For example, George W. Bush is–really! truly!–spending money to try to convert Jews to Christianity in order to expedite the Apocalypse. I read that, laughed, and filed it away. Ignored the possibility that, despite also being a hatemongering greedy sociopath with delusions of grandeur, he might also actually believe it. Now my thought is, should he be successful, I don’t know whether one should hope Cthulhu eats him first, or last.

The point is, these dumbasses are looking for the Second Coming. That’s the reason for stealing blood samples. They are trying to trace lineage. The hardest part to understand about the wanton cruelty of MKULTRA and these more recent ops is how and why the people carrying them out are so damn cruel to the people they do this to when the targets are not connected to the intelligence community and/or media. They are trying to provoke God into finishing up His Plan by being absolute bastards.

My sub-reaction to what we all know deep down is true: the world is run by people who only get to call themselves eccentric due to the possession of wealth and power (ie, they are insane), is that whoever convinced them of this BS… Well, that person must be the best con artist in the history of the world. Seriously. He or she has my respect. In the vicinity of gallows humor, that’s the funniest s— I’ve ever heard.


What’s Wrong with the Labor Movement?

This is really about just one thing that I noted in one place. Despite that, I expect it is common enough to matter. There are of course several (one being it’s already largely been dismantled by the Federal and state governments), but what is one reason that it might have trouble recovering?


As I write this, I can’t recall any other behind-the-scenes instance of gangstalking that I ran across. Unconscious seems to be saying that’s wrong, but it hasn’t reminded me of the others.

At one plant I worked at, a female union member was concerned about her vehicle. She made this comment a few times during my shift, so I eventually made her stop and explain it. I also note that my supervisor thought that she was paranoid, crazy, didn’t believe her.

Anyway, the pecking order kind of works like this. Seniority (time with the union) means you get top preference when a job opens up. Someone else retires, they create a new position, or there’s a temporary opening due to a long term illness of some sort with the expectation that the sick worker will eventually return to work.

This is fine as long as it’s a man. When it’s a woman, though they abide by the rules usually (there is a time limit if she believes she’s been treated unfairly to file a grievance) there is a disrespect that sometimes accompanies that seniority that I didn’t see when it was a man. It’s as if they think it’s a bit of a joke.

She said that after she got a position that someone with less seniority wanted, they did things like follow her home, let air out of her tires, etc.

Additionally, at this plant, they work 24-hours, three 8-hour shifts. The least favorite for most people is the midnight shift, but it’s typically two weeks until everyone shifts to the next slot anyway.

In that case, they wanted her to trade with someone else, a man. She refused. She complained to the union rep who listened intently, told her not to worry about it, and then started asking her if it would be possible to switch shifts.

(Note that many of these people are related. Nephews, cousins, all work together. There is often also a strong old-school military mindset wjth many having served).

The pranks pulled on her were, given my experience, rather tame in comparison. But it does show the process, the good ol’ boy network in action, and how, when it comes to dealing with the bigger, more important issues of being essentially neutered, the union mentality may actually be hurting its own cause.

(It’s like actually usually allowing me to say whatever I want but wreaking havoc on my life for having done so. It’s still illegal and still a violation of the 1st amendment.)

Additionally, I’m not certain that, despite some very public disputes between labor and management, that some labor leaders might actually be siding with management over those they are charged to protect when it really matters.

A commitment to the workers and the side-issues like women’s rights, would make the movement stronger, more effective. Without unity, it’s all subject to divide-and-conquer.

That’s pretty much it. She generally handled it pretty well, actually. They once laid a razor blade on her work chair but panicked once they realized she had collected it as evidence. These are misguided, often sweet, but none too bright, men.

I suggested if they followed her home again to pull over and get out of the car and walk towards them. There is nothing quite like a p.o.’ed woman to snap some men into obedience. (I’ve answered the phone when their wives call. They tend to snap to.)

Except maybe–maybethe goddam Batman.

Are We Done Yet?

You can read the whole thing here (and there is even apparently video of Dr. Barry Trower’s lecture at the University of Toronto). I have some issues with what he says (for example, if a cell tower were used–he isn’t exactly saying that–wouldn’t it affect everyone in range?), but unlike some of the other things I’ve run across, this one comes closest to passing the smell test if only from the history and how close it comes to matching many things I’ve run across and experienced.

It’s damn well true that Clinton signed an executive order banning the testing of microwaves on unsuspecting human subjects. It is also true, as stated in that same order that such testing was done.

But what is interesting is how well this list lines up, generally speaking with many of the symptoms and events that I have documented here and commented on from other places. Take a look:

Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation

Pulses or Modulations per second

Possible Result

1 Heartbeat Rhythm

1-3 Sleep Pattern

3-5 Paranoia/Hallucinations/Amnesia/ Illusions/Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling

6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings/Visual Distortion/Confusion

8-11 Cannot Relax/Feeling Unwell/Unhappy

11-13 Anger/Manic Behaviour/Problems with Movement/Flashes/Loss of Appetite

14-18 Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/ Auditory/Visual Hallucinations

18+ Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound)

24+** Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/ Dizziness

35+ Mania/Hyperactivity

40+ Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions

While I don’t think I have personally had anything at the 14+ range, it sure sounds like some other TIs have in reading their accounts.

So, let’s take them from the top.

1 – The “Heart Attack Machine.” Monaghan, the judge in the Squidgate preliminary hearing. Rush Limbaugh just at the beginning of 2010 after his girlfriend’s arrest in Chicago after New Year’s Eve. As I said, probably twice used on myself.

1-3 Sleep pattern. All over the place. Another thing that made/makes fulltime work impossible or nearly so.

3-5 Paranoia. Obviously. However, Balding damn well exists and damn well showed up at my doctor’s office, some Brit did have that creepy conversation with me and the Asian fellow did sit next to me at the movies, etc. Just part of the “treatment”, make them paranoid and spook them a little, spin them up so they run around after with their own brains mucking with them.

Then there were the Canadian border guards exactly two weeks prior to the Squidgate event who held reporter Amy Goodman for no apparent reason other than they were a bit paranoid.

3-5 Hallucinations/Illusions. As I said (as far as visual ones anyway) there was only the cloud thing which, given how bad/CGI-looking it was and lacking in imagination, I still say was the result of something like the SONY patent linked to at right. The only other things I chalked up to lack of sleep (which was also likely the result of microwaves), thinking on two or three occasions that I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. At no time did I see something that someone else who was there stated that they did not.

Additionally where the clouds were concerned, though it does appear in the end notes of a Watts book I read, that was far from my mind at the time and it was over a year later before I reviewed that to find it again and even consider that possibility. As I said, I originally kind of thought they slipped me a psychoactive (except the message seemed too deliberate).

As for auditory, I suppose that is possible. How can I know? But as I pointed out, clearly it was sometimes voice-to-skull because it relayed information that I otherwise could not have known. The noises that occurred in Brooklyn my ex also heard when he was there. But the noises in Minneapolis were again more like projected, not hallucinated since the guy living below me heard a lot of noise as well (and the direction being downward, my guess that it was coming from above, eg, a satellite).

3-5 Amnesia. A bit. There was that odd thing of thinking I had bought that massive hardback Sandman and I had not. But again, that is very specific and clearly intentional on someone’s part. Therefore, I have trouble with thinking of that as a random brainhack.

3-5 Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling. Drowsiness on occasion for sure. Not sure what an absent feeling is.

6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings. My ex the day I nearly called 911 and he seemed almost catatonic. Of course I’ve been depressed now and again myself, but then I have real reasons I can point to (more than most).

6-7 Visual distortion. Nope. Not that I can recall.

6-7 Confusion. Oh, yeah. Nearly got hit by a car at least twice. This was what I thought of as being zombified. Hardly noticed the cars approaching.

How often does that happen? What questions are asked when there is a hit-and-run? Is one of them, “Was the driver and/or pedestrian affected by microwaves?” I’m guessing not. Another assassination tool and maybe the one I’ve mentioned with regards to both my son and the Squidgate juror’s son having been hit in much the same way with drivers behaving similarly (though my son was on a bike, hers was not).

The next range is kind of vague. Let’s jump ahead.

11-13 Anger. Now we’re talking. Hello tea partiers shouting incoherently at Congressmen. Hello proxy terrorists and shooters. Hello Arab Spring. Hello Civil War. Hello border guard who runs, punches and sprays before finding out what is going on. Hello me becoming livid at cop at grocery store acting weird and pulling on his sidearm in its holster.

Goodbye, society.

Another One Bites the Dust

Covering three topics.

Church of Scientology

There was apparently a show on NBC about former Church of Scientology members being harassed for having left. I think the video is here, haven’t seen it yet myself. Don’t have to, we’ve had quite the discussion over at MCForums Yahoo group.

In discussing the next part, that will seem like a leap but actually isn’t if you f***ing pay attention… Are you? In discussing it, you have to understand the history.

Hollywood was always been considered both a bastion for lefty thought and a tool for propaganda. Old westerns and war movies were part of creating narratives. There was the similar MOCKINGBIRD that we know was about influencing the news and the arts (an article about CIA promoting art in the 50s that they thought was atrocious but was Western and not Soviet, appeared in 2010 or 2011, as I recall. That was a similar effort).

So, got that so far? Washington had and has a very strong influence on Hollywood. As was also reported not long ago, the Department of Defense has been providing film producers with equipment, locations, and personnel without charge to the film. Tax payer funded. In exchange, they got editing rights over the scripts.

Moving on…

As such, I find it inconceivable that these controlling parties would allow a church to have such a strong influence over our media capital without having an influence over the church. Put simply, I (and voice-to-skull) posit that the Church of Scientology is a CIA front or similar now. Probably has been for some time.

Recall again all the dabbling in the occult during the Cold War, the interest in Jonestown, the idea of the Guerilla Warfare manual to control the minds of the public, the troops and the enemy troops. Whether it’s love, admiration or fear, John Wayne, as cowboy or soldier, inspired it all. Belief is a means of controlling minds as well.

Still not convinced? Read this one again. Propaganda piece starring the posterboy for the CoS and one actor who had some MK-Ultra type trouble of his own not long before shooting started that closely resembled any number of incidents I’ve cited on this blog (like Limbaugh’s girlfriend slugging a cop New Year’s Eve 09/10). Not to mention the you-have-got-to-be-s***ting-me-for-the-thousandth-time fact that I met the guy just days before that happened but did not have a single thing to do with it happening.

(For the record, I love Travolta’s work and as I said enjoyed the film for the fiction that it was. Jonny of course, too).

Arizona Shooting

Additionally, if you’ve read enough of this blog then you know what I think about what happened in Arizona. I don’t need to elaborate much.

A 3D-chess move that intimidates Hollywood while potentially hurting film sales while potentially sparking a revoking or limitation on the right to bear arms. While I do not think armed insurrection is the answer, I do think that last point is to make any coming resistance so lopsided that, when martial law or whatever you call a military coup these days comes, it will be very brief and ineffective.

Airline pilot eye injury via laser

This did not get that much attention but then after people eating each others’ faces, what would? It’s been a growing problem these lasers vs airplanes.

But then so may be arson utilizing the same tool. I’ll repeat what I sent out on Twitter: if they had caught the sock-puppet arsonist from the December 23, 2009 Brooklyn fire by now, we might have better legislation regarding lasers being used as weapons and fire-starters.

But then it follows the trend of allowing as much lawlessness as we can in order to cause strife. I get it. You don’t trust the public to behave when and if the s*** hits the fan with ecology and the economy.

Isn’t the whole damn point of what was done to me that there are constructive ways to avoid that? Christ, just hit us all with the happy gas or whatever it is and let it be.

Ghosts, Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

“When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything—you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” — Robert A. Heinlein

This is another windy and windy (read it with the short and long ‘i’–at least it’s not whiny) post. You have been warned. As if that weren’t ridiculous enough in itself, there’s a mini review of a movie I haven’t even seen. (Peril of delusions of being a synthesist). It is of course also going to wander a bit. It’s big picture stuff.

Back in the fall of 2009, I was considering outlining (at least) a potential film script for an Alien prequel. I had lots of energy and some free time. I even bought some of the more recent offshoot comics to see what had been done with the nonofficial storylines (also as an effort to lend some financial support my local comic store which, as I’ve posted about before, was robbed and trashed while they were reviewing my comic in October of 2009). Ridley Scott’s company was a client from work and I figured at some point I would be able to slip it to them once our project was over. (And I think I’ve already said that I intended to give them a copy of Blindsight or Starfish).

As I recall, the only information I had on the Alien prequel at the time was that there was interest, that Ridley Scott himself was considering doing it. As you probably know, he did do it and the film is out. I haven’t seen it and forgive the inability of me for not being able to resist the joke, but to go to the movies, I’d just about at this point accept an invite from a border guard. (Well, not really, because in part, the main point of this post is just how bad Hollywood has become at doing what it once did best and why).

This first part is a bit of a defense of the film (which I have not seen).

In considering this, I either read or assumed it would require revisiting the wrecked hulking alien ship that appeared in the first two films. In order to do that, one needed to explain whose ship it was and how that calcified corpse on the viewing couch came to be there. Looked very, very old, so going back just a few years before the Nostromo visit did not seem plausible.

The next question is, can you do a film about giant aliens who look kinda like elephant men? Would the producers, the film company even allow a film completely devoid of human beings? I assumed the answer was no, however I had some thoughts that if the giants were somehow identifiable, if the audience could somehow relate to them, it might be possible. Or, failing that, it would have to be incredibly engrossing visually in order to entertain enough to meet the asses-in-the-seats test. However I also recognized that this would take some serious expertise and that it had the potential to spell flop if it wasn’t pulled off masterfully (and at the same time, I was becoming painfully aware of how many people seem to miss the point when Hollywood tries to be clever or smart. I mean, who was There Will Be Blood preaching to? The religious–who should take note–or the liberal elite, AKA “the choir”?).

This meant that we needed humans in it most likely. Okay. This calcified guy is a space traveler. He could pick up some human slaves or what-have-you from the early days of homo sapien. Maybe that is what he is, a biologist or zookeeper (as opposed to the hunters that the predators represent). Fairly old, well-covered plot ideas for science fiction but that isn’t always bad when dealing with the public at large who may not be familiar with or recall those stories.

So, the big dude and his crew bring the flying zoo to that planet whose name-number designation I cannot currently recall and am feeling too lazy to look up. They find the alien somehow or an already collected alien escapes, you know the rest. This would also allow other interesting lifeforms on the ship, collected from all over.

It did occur to me also, maybe the giants bioengineered mankind. Why not? But I didn’t explore that long.

What it is sounding like from the discussions and reactions I’ve read is that Prometheus failed to frighten like the original and give enough of what was expected from the franchise (a decision…Scott doesn’t much like covering the same ground twice I take it, so likely largely a conscious one) but also, and more important to this discussion of entertainment, of current entertainment as a whole, is that the questions it raised were not dealt with in a state-of-the-art kind of way, that this was not “hard scifi”, that there was little new raised or even hinted at in answer to the big why-are-we-here question. I can see why Scott would want to do a film about that topic and when someone is throwing money at you to do an Alien prequel, well I can see how the movie happened.

But that is sort of the point. We are–CLEARLY–in an age of advanced science that, because it has not been covered enough in the right way on, for example, the often misleadingly named Science Channel (Discovery and History, I’m looking at you, too) attributes to fictional sources. The s*** that is being churned out on these and similar channels right now, I swear, is making people dumber. It is as though George W. Bush is the programming director. Shows about ghost encounters for example no longer discuss the possibility of EMFs having even in Medieval days, causing hallucinations (something about how beds were constructed then). No, it’s all somehow part of God’s plan (even though the occult is pretty much slammed in the New Testament as being cavorting with the devil or whatever) and even with some of the worst special effects, video editing, etc. clearly are designed to propagate belief in non-science, in the supernatural. More claptrap priming for Fauxpocalypse. If you want an example of that being considered, read how we considered using such things on the Iraqis (article “When Seeing is Not Believing” linked at right).

Hollywood, the entertainment industry is catering to beliefs that literally are leading mankind to extinction and at the same time increasing the disinformation for other people. Additionally, they are creating and enhancing an atmosphere where whatever one wants to do, no matter how horrific, can be easily excused because some thing from another dimension (or planet) said it was okay. It’s “God’s will” to harass one’s fellow citizens, to destroy their lives, to lock them up without a legal basis, and to torture them.

This is pure big brother, war propaganda. As has been reported, the Pentagon has had script line veto power by offering access to personnel, equipment and locations for “free” (in other words, the tax payers are funding the military industrial complex’s marketing) while there is a stunning silence on the part of phony fiscal conservatives. Apparently the flowchart for this is ridiculously simple and as follows:

Does it kill or torture people? Spend! Does it help people? Tax waste!

And everything–Wall Street, the banking industry, Top Secret America, both large political parties–is all aligned with that as well. Illegalize free speech to make money on black ops. That is what is happening.

But here is an example of what I mean, how confused people are, how Clarke’s Third Law has been used to good effect. A forum post by a TI:

I have been murdered in the year 2008 in a Brazilian Health Center called PAM3, a PSEUDO HEALTH UNIT MADE OF OF FALSE PSYCHIATRISTS THAT TEST MICROCHIPS FOR THE ALIEN INVADERS (FEDERAL CIVIL SERVANTS UNDER ALIEN CONTROL), whose address Rua. Manoel Lobato, 151 – Vila Cruzeiro 90850-530 Porto Alegre – RS Tel.: (51) 32303067 / 32303078. PORTO ALEGRE –

First, the writer probably does not speak English as a first language. Second, it is not my intention in any way to poke fun at them. Whatever it is really happened to them, they have my sympathy.

Note that we get it all. Aliens and God. Note that it isn’t that there is not life on other planets, there well may be, merely that their ability to find much less reach us is highly unlikely. Also, what is perceived as alien technology is merely human technology beyond where we think it is based on what entertainment (and I include the news in that) tell is it is.

And if there is a loving God, his attention is clearly elsewhere.

But the point is, Hollywood as heir to Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle, has failed, though where the latter is concerned, at least it points to war profiteering and the conflict between explaining phenomena as science or occult and the attempt to make the former look like the latter. It has nonetheless failed to keep us abreast of advances in science which are not based on alien puppetmasters, but rather scientists working in labs all over the world. It has failed to show that we don’t know everything where criminal forensics are concerned and that there are always new ways to kill, torture, and otherwise try to “play” the gaps in the law especially when one has an army of attorneys all bent on handing the unbelievably corrupt more power, absolute power over the minds (and therefore the hearts) of the world populace.

There are a couple of interesting things to note. If they had not chosen to target the American people, they would ultimately have a better chance at succeeding at dominating the world. The fact that gas was cheap and life was pretty good in the US was one of the main reasons that most of us have ignored the worst that our government does in terms of foreign policy. Now that they clearly have declared war on the American people as well, I don’t think they will ultimately succeed. Eventually, mind control or no, it will fail.

But our entertainment industry is failing unless you consider permanent war a success, unless the Fourth Reich is something you are looking forward to, unless a ruling elite with wealth and a starving, begging mass of dying poor is your idea of a good time, they are failing by pointing to the same straw men, propagating the same disinformation that those involved in otherwise eroding society have been pushing: that space aliens, angels and demons, the Illuminati, or some similar faceless fictional entity is responsible for graft in Congress, the revolving door in government and private corporations, and the financial industry holding out until people beg to have all of their benefits taken away and their pay reduced to the point they won’t be able to eat without working three jobs.

Which brings me to another point. I have seen, no doubt in my mind, and infrequently continue to see, use of behavoral modification, mind control, etc. No doubt in my mind about it.

The question of, not so much the speicifics of what kind: sound, microwaves, etc., but from where it is emanating and how it is controlled comes to mind. Is it almost purely surreptitious drugging? Doesn’t seem likely as there is on occasion evidence. Is is almost always psychological warfare teams? Seems unlikely because that would mean a very large number of employees running around all over the planet (not impossible just implausible).

Is it then, as I sort of jokingly once suggested, in satellites? Is there a software program that, for example, as part of Trailblazer, Stellar Wind, and/or T.I.A. (and DOES sort of build a replica of brains or personalities based on that data) reads this blog post and turns around and, by computer utilizing software and some kind of rudimentary artificial intelligence with preprogrammed criteria, makes my life painful by altering what is going on around me, puts ideas into my head and those around me?

Is someone playing God by using satellites and computers?

As crazy as that sounds to me, it is a coherent explanation for what I have seen and experienced and read about the experiences of others. It sounds like the kind of thing that Cheney would have signed off on. It sounds like the kind of thing that some members of the Joint Chiefs would suggest not unlike their predecessors who thought up Operation Northwoods (which included murdering US college students and blaming it on Cuba). It is not unlike the same kinds of people in Congress would fund who similarly extended the Vietnam war because they owned the ships that brought in new supplies. It is not unlike the CIA who drugged the unwilling and attached wires to brains to see what it would do and carried out torture and covered it up. And it is not unlike a news media and faux-attentive population who believed a boy was inside a big balloon to ignore it all because CNN hasn’t said it is true.

My guess is, it’s a bit of all of those things. Its a shell game and guessing which shell the little ball is under is a psyop unto itself. When you guess wrong about a cause of a particular “trick”, It tends to undermine your confidence, make you question your own sanity. Definitely, ‘Balding’ was a real operative, not merely mind controlled or duped (though he could be those other things on top of that).

But was that just to try to “spin me up”? To try to get me to see operatives where there are none down the road, as seems to be happening to many other TIs who even come to blame their own family members as having been “turned”? They seem as I said to be thinking each other to be their persecutors, that playing TI against TI is part of it as well. The drugs (whatever it is, electronic, chemical, biological) help confuse because it alters perception and inhibits logical thinking.

But then there is the frequency of the electronic stuff, the voice-to-skull, the weird coincidences. While it could be traveling psyop teams, I have to wonder if it isn’t a computer system designed to “police” the world, set on harassing people over certain criteria that it decides based on emails, phone calls, etc. That seems more plausible in terms of the thousands all over the planet having similar experiences.

I dunno. I can’t figure which is simpler between people and automatic by machines; probably the roving teams. What would Occam say about that?

Most of what happens to TIs is what would be under other circumstances minor annoyances if it weren’t for the frequency of occurence and other psychologically frustrating things like family and friends not believing because it hasn’t happened to them (and because that one instance seems like a minor annoyance, “Why is my friend/family member so upset over that little thing?”). And Hollywood has done such a crappy job of documenting the history of, for example, MK-Ultra. Psychologists, like friends and family, tend jump to the conclusion that someone’s emotional state implies delusion or acausal mental illness when, if you actually try to put yourself in the position of the harassed, you would find that there is ample reason for being upset: it is torture.

These things don’t happen, they say in a circle that reinforces itself despite ample current reporting that nowadays it damn well does and the 1970s hearings on how it once damn well did.

It is the “death of a thousand cuts” and it comes from people. That they may lack remorse or empathy, well that may also explain why it seems so alien.

Their biggest weakness: they have dealt so long in lies that they themselves can no longer tell fact from fiction, fantasy from reality. Saying this won’t help them find their way out of that.

BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Weather, Earthquakes, and Chemtrails

From the CIA Guerilla Warfare Manual:

Guerilla warfare is essentially a political war. For this reason, its area of operations goes beyond the limits of conventional warfare, penetrating the political being “par excellence” itself: the “political animal” defined by Aristoteles.

In effect, the human being must be considered as the the priority objective in a political war. And viewed as the military target of guerilla warfare, the most critical point of the human being is the mind. Once the mind has been reached, the “political animal” has been vanquished, without necessarily having received any shots.

Guerilla warfare emerges and grows in a political environment; in the constant struggle to dominate that area of the political mentality which is inherent in every human being, and which collectively constitutes the “environment” in which guerilla warfare moves, and which is precisely the arena in which its triumph or defeat is defined.

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

I’m going to back up a bit and re-cover some ground already covered on this blog albeit a while back.

First, the weather. As you’ll see, there is, much like the USAF document from the 90s describing the usage of electronics to control people, etc. a similar more recent document about controlling the weather by 2025. We have to acknowledge that that is not that far off.

At least twice, maybe three times, I had some very odd experiences in Minneapolis where weather is concerned. Starting with the smallest which I think was also the first chronologically, my “favorite” tree near the Stone Arch Bridge was struck by lightning and destroyed. I’ll cover what I think happened later.

Next, twice (I suppose because I didn’t react the first time) I was out walking and shopping and got caught in what was tornado weather. One moment the sky is clear and a few minutes later, whammo, I’m seeking refuge under a roof overhang. (Actually that’s what happened the second time. The first time I just literally pretended there was no rain, got extremely soaked, etc.)

Next, as I noted somewhere on this blog, there was a Saturday where I was crossing a walking overpass over the interstate and I heard via voice-to-skull, a Midwestern sounding voice, “I wish there’d be an earthquake right now.” The next day, there was one in Virginia.

After the first tornado weather experience, I practically had to consider the possibility of weather control. It was just too strange, the odds of clear skies to torrential rainfall along with all the other harassment was just too much to ignore (not to mention I undoubtedly had the usual projection of thoughts into my head to get me to buy off on what was most likely disinformation).

But then I recalled the card trick. The one where the magician need only know the location and face of one card but he can make it seem like he knows many or all of them. It’s the trick of making the order of events (in the card trick’s case, the order of the cards pulled) seem other than they are.

So, let’s apply that first to the lightning destroying the tree. There are a couple of ways. This tree was not the wishing tree I mentioned before. So why was it my “favorite”? Don’t know. I suppose that was a planted idea as well. The other option, as I linked to at some point, there is a way to direct lightning using lasers. One imagines that lightning effects (I did not see it happen, after all) could be faked anyway.

Next, caught in bad weather. The first time was just as I recall, by semi-weekly jog and workout. I developed a pattern, and it was perhaps bound to happen sooner or later. That a psyops team may have taken advantage of that should come as no surprise. One day I should compile some of the really stupid ineffective things they tried. Usually they fall under the heading of, as Romeo says, “scars that never felt a wound.” That is, things that were clearly designed to upset me but that held no real psychological impact. That is the way most of these things are at this point.

The second time I’m fairly certain was in order to catch me out in it. In fact, I am certain. I was walking quite a distance to a store I go to periodically and on the way, when the clouds started gathering, V2K said to buy it at a closer one I preferred not to shop at. When I stepped outside, there was a deluge and hail. This is when a piece of roof fell about two or three feet from where I was standing but as I pulled my camera out to take a picture, an employee of the store ran out and grabbed the piece of metal and took it inside. The timing of all of that reeks of brainhacking, much at the visit in the Brooklyn deli in January of 2010 did.

So, the weather was to be the weather regardless. That I happened to be out of something and decided to go buy it is again most likely the suggestion of ideas electronically.

Next the earthquake. I am of course torn about this. The bizarre situation where Senator Paul Wellstone claims Cheney threatened him, combined with Cheney’s close friends in the DoD, combined with neoconservative disregard for human rights, combined with obvious desire to develop earthquake weapons all points to there being a real possibility of a sonic earthquake weapon in the US arsenal. However, that particular event on the walkway over the interstate may have another explanation.

There were something like 300 tiny tremors leading up to that earthquake in Virginia and they started at least the day before. It would not have been impossible to predict a bigger one coming and, after all, I was not given an exact time and date for one via V2K. In fact, maybe they expected it at any time and the fact that it happened the next day was actually not a stellar result. I could not resist the temptation * to play it off as God’s revenge on Langley at the time. (And flipping it around again, might the whole thing have been some kind of test? The Scandinavians found that resulting tremors from attempting to use underground volcanic activity to generate steam for energy were ten times the magnitude expected from models. Enter quantum physics to try to explain it. Was some lab in Virginia playing with something like that?).

So, disinformation again (probably). Just the desire to see just what it takes to make a rational person cling to the irrational, as they succeeded in doing in 1989 and 1990 when I had not other good explanations.

Note again: lightning and earthquakes. This post also earns the Fauxpocalypse tag. So much of this, as Eleanor White recently observed, would seem to support faking many, many supernatural phenomena. ESP and prophecy/synthetic telepathy, stigmata/Morgellons, voices and visions/V2K & SONY, lycanthropy/hypnotism, vampirism/acute anemia, telekinesis/EMF, disease/phony symptoms, natural disaster, demonic possession/V2K, ghosts/SONY, zombiism/drugs, etc. It’s just too much not to wonder of the desire isn’t to scare most everyone into being religious. I’m also convinced that many of the so-called perps are in fact other TIs who think that the TIs they are harassing are themselves perps. Playing everyone off against everyone else, this reeks of some idiot’s anti-Christ scenario. Is there really someone this f***ing stupid as to think they could pull that off? Yikes, this completely ruins that whole idea that money and smarts go together. I’ll have to agree with Ben Stein in that it is more about fortitude than being clever where wealth accumulation is concerned.

Moving on. This is another one I’ve avoided for what will be obvious reasons. It’s one of those where, stepping outside myself, I would find easier to believe was the result of insanity rather than electronic hypnotic suggestion. I had of course heard the stories about people claiming that the CIA put chips in their heads. I tended not to believe it, largely because they would never let such a person loose to talk about it if they had done so. Would they love to do that? Of course, these are fascist psychos we are talking about.

So I did not believe it. I even recall one story where a man making such a claim had an x-ray and they did see something in there. However, one would expect, even with the electronic brainhacking to the point it is, a bit more news coverage on that if it were true.

I think it was Summer ’10, I was laying on my bed at my first apartment in Minneapolis. I had I think been reading Twitter and, I think it was someone from Boing Boing, said something about making people change their minds with the “flip of a switch”. I think it was hours after reading that that I “felt” (and how does one feel such a thing if it were true?) a switch flipping in the left side of my heed. Bizarre. I chalk that up to the same hypnotic suggestion that made me “feel” a gun to my head and it going off at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival twenty-one years prior. (The lame excuse as to when and how they got this “switch” into my head: during a sleep study in 2005 or so, which by the way was in or near a building I’m reasonably certain an external shot of which was used toward the end of the third Bourne picture. Note that convincing TIs that fictional accounts are about them is a frequent form of covert harassment.)

So, hypnosis and disinformation.

And at last I arrive at the point. Chemtrails. The alleged release of toxins and / or biological agents on the American and Canadian people via air planes (apparently only the high-flying ones because that is where the condensation occurs that causes contrails). I have to lean toward disinformation. I think the dissemination of things like Morgellons (this is one of the theories) is probably more tightly controlled than dropping it everywhere. One interesting theory is that they are dropping metal particles which, once they enter the body, make EMF harassment more effective. Kind of a neat idea but it seems to work just fine and instilling hypochondria is another thing they like to do.

While again, I don’t underestimate the sick depravity of portions of the military industrial complex and its friends, it’s just that there are too many ways to confirm this being done too easily. I don’t believe in a massive government conspiracy and that’s what this would take, the cooperation of the EPA on top of everyone else involved. (Note how easy it was to debunk EPA’s intentionally bad report on the effects of workers at the WTC site. Heck, I knew it was crap when it came out, there was still asbestos in the buildings in inaccessible and unabated areas, not to mention mercury in all those eye-banging fluorescent light fixtures. It was a sad joke from the folks who brought you “compassionate conservatism” which, until proven otherwise, I take as a contradiction in terms. Their excuse: to avoid panic and lawsuits, the latter of which we have because so many have fallen ill).

Seen mind control in action. Had it done to me. This is where Occam’s razor comes in. We are not talking about a natural phenomenon which means it does not–from my perspective–apply in the usual way. What I mean is, it’s easier to believe I’m nuts than that I experienced any of this except there is the occasional witness, the infrequent piece of evidence, and the knowing of things I could not have known without V2K telling me. Therefore, from my perspective, I say there is intentional human involvement. Once we agree that there is intentional human involvement, we can throw “what’s simpler” out the window–sort of! Humans have the ability to make things complicated. But, to accomplish a magic trick, why go with insanely elaborate when you can do it simpler with drugs, electronics and hypnotic suggestion? That is how I see Occam’s being useful when a human desire to deceive is concerned: what was the easiest way to do this “trick”?

The Chemtrails to me are the license plate triggers of the sky. Would some sickos love to dump crap on us to see what it does? Of course. Are they? I don’t think so, but then I don’t have that experience that many who believe it true. And population reduction as motive would not surprise me as there are so many things (Islamophobia, homophobia, distrust of education and the educated, etc.) pointing that direction.

If there are traces of metals after a flyover, well, it is a large, exceedingly fast moving, vibrating object. Metal dust is bound to be left behind as are whatever the by-products of the expending of jet fuel are (DoD is the world’s largest polluter. That alone, intentionally or not, means some folks are going to starve, become ill and/or die as a result of it).

I do also note that, combining the drones which are coming to North America, and the chemtrail idea, fits into some hefty disease outbreak control that Peter Watts covers in the second and third books of the Rifters trilogy. Botflies used to wipe out entire communities before an outbreak can spread, well how far behind being willing to shoot down a plane that has been hijacked is that? How many people would bat an eye over wiping out a building to save a city, a city to save a state, a state to save a nation? This is the logic for the whole damn thing. Selfishness. Rather than heal the sick, just immolate them. Rather than feed the poor, just starve them and make sure that they have no legal recourse whatever and then when they rebel, arrest them, lock them up in NDAA camps, and torture them for false information in order to repeat the process more easily.

The interesting dichotomy about brainhacking is that, it seems to me, the people most likely to be able to resist it are sociopaths. ** There are two primary reasons. First, they are likely to step back and look at the suggested behavior and ask themselves what the likely outcome is. They are less likely to want to let their passions wind them up dead or in prison is the bottom line. The flipside, they are also less likely to care about harming others if that is the suggested course of action via voice-to-skull, etc. Stepping into relevant fiction for a moment (Casino Royale), I swear, if Vesper hadn’t died leaving Bond an empty shell from circumstances, M would have arranged it.

Mind control: it’s gotta go.

* It’s the only thing I can’t resist. Well that and sometimes mind control, but neither can you.

** Though I stumbled upon a recent article that is rethinking that and saying that emotionally disturbed is more apt than emotionally devoid. I don’t know what to think about that.


This was one that sort of slipped by me. I thought nothing of it at the time and it wasn’t until later that I realized what may have occurred.

At some point, probably mid-December or so, as Peter Watts was awaiting the preliminary hearing (December 23, 2009 as it turned out) or the trial (March 2010), there were some people showing up at his blog posting insults, threats and other harassing sorts of things. There was one in particular who also had his own blog.

In googling that particular character, I came across another website that at first seemed to be the same person perhaps. Recall again that by this time I had undoubtedly been drugged and otherwise had my head mucked with, so the logic circuits in my head were at times very slow to engage (sometimes very, very slow…like months or years slow).

It was a photography site. The photos were exclusively of ten, eleven and twelve year old boys with their shirts off. I found that initially hilarious and sought the most incriminating photo I could find, thinking I could post a link to it back on Pete’s blog and shut the idiot harasser up.

Well, i didn’t find any naked photos, so that was kind of a wash. As I read this Frenchman’s writing on his website it also became clear that this pervy photographer had a much better grasp of the English language than the harasser did. So, I figured it wasn’t the same person and lamented that I wouldn’t be able to drop the shut-up bomb on him at Rifters.

But let’s look at that from another perspective. The harasser may have been just a crank (though if so I would heavily suggest he was being sock-puppeted to do so much like that woman who harassed Scott Bakker) or…he may have been a phony identity. The military and CIA have a piece of software that allows one operative sitting wherever to pretend to be several. This package can spoof IP addresses and keep the same person logged into social networking sites as different people simultaneously (note that that latter part is a simple thing to do on a native Linux machine without much trouble by using different instances of the operating system. Being the government, we undoubtedly paid someone a fortune to reinvent the wheel).

What if it was a trap? How hard would it be to generate a phony report from that and attach a few photos regarding my browsing history? Leave out the google seaches that landed me there and it looks a bit creepy.

Anyway, as this was shortly before several people started acting strangely at work, you gotta wonder, though I chalk that up to brainhacking and psyops as well.

See also this post which I also recently linked to. For those who don’t know, RUMINT stands for Rumor Intelligence which is typically used to get an intel apparatus to take out someone’s enemies. It’s like ELINT (electronic intelligence), PHOTINT (photographic intelligence), etc. I don’t know if those terms are still used, they are cold war or older terms.

The other point of doing these sorts of ops is to try to embarrass the target to make them STFU. These and those involving bodily functions, rashes, etc. are designed to do that.

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