Coupla News Stories (Updated)

First, a former rightwing terrorist turned rightwing author, a Catholic, shot himself dead in a chapel you’ve likely never heard of over in Paris, France. This was, it was reported, his reaction to adapting of same-sex marriage in France.

The Daily Beast

Next, a man in San Diego Sacramento has likely set the world’s record for most 911 calls. Why? He says satellites are attempting mind control on him and he won’t stop until Congress takes it seriously.

CBS13 San Diego.

I remind folks that NSA whistleblower William Binney stated that what TIs were referring to was actually the old Soviet non-lethal weapons. * Not far below I mentioned a Defense News (1993) article about US-Russian cooperation on controlling knowledge about those very devices.

Other theories usually involve chip implants (not at all required with voice-to-skull and subliminals).

Anyway, this story has some OS/EH activists up in arms due to concerns of being discredited. Of course my view is that that is in fact part of the point. Another possible victim is disowned by the community that very much needs to stick together. Divide and conquer.

That’s all apart from some very, very brief new fiction over at the writing blog.

6 Jan 2014 update. Acquaintance of Binney’s states that Binney is not in fact familiar with the old Soviet NLWs (a recent paper describing the Russian programs from the 1930s to the 2000s says they spent $1B during that time). Whether or not this reopens the satellite question is an open one. Acquaintance also states that he is convinced that FFCHS and Derrick Robibson are “controlled opposition,” that is more about spreading disinfo than real activism. My only personal data point apart from seeing ridiculous claims stated but not corrected (and association at least once with a supersoldier/space alien/UFO event which I had hoped was to correct the record, not join the disinfo campaign) is that I provided Derrick with Anonymous’ evidence that Alex Jones/Infowars is a Stratfor/CIA disinfo puppet and it never made mention in the newsletter.

Here’s the interview FFCHS supposedly had with Binney:

My data points on the possibility of it being satellite directed are few and largely circumstantial. Though there is evidence of technology that can penetrate cloud cover and even through-the-wall, that’s not enough for conclusions.

Another data point is that INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP contains cryptic references to satellites for propaganda purposes. This is probably the best info I have, but still think it may refer to using subliminal messages over TV, radio, cell phones, as opposed to “beaming” thoughts or whatever. Could also refer to the more mundane, simple Voice of America type stuff, but we already do that everywhere, so I don’t think so. They could/would just hang up the phone, turn off the radio/tv, etc.

The last data point was someone just hinted at it. The idea that a particular mood-altering frequency could be aimed and fired on the ground…why not? Issues would be accidental/incidental targeting of others. Don’t think they’d care. And there was at least one instance when I found both myself and a neighbor (and his wife, actually) in inexplicable bad moods at the samw time in Minneapolis. But that might be a trick…don’t like hanging my hat on that kind of maybe.

But then there’s also this:


And my preferred doge and ceiling cat versions:



The problem here, quite possible US IC is attempting to start another “Star Wars” escalation of research/spending with one or more foreign governments. Or, like MKULTRA, might be a lot more effective already than we imagine.


But Enough About Me

So, what do you think subliminal audio messages er, I mean the US Supreme Court, no, f*** it, I mean mind control, will decide with Prop 8 and DOMA?

Puppet theater can be fun if you learn how to enjoy it.

Come out, come out, come out, Virginia.

Undermine democracy, and they likely give you a medal.

Mmmm…and a cross of gold.