BBD – Walking the Plank

Back when the cloak and dagger nonsense began, after having been drugged or similar with something that both inhibited reason and caused sometimes rather extreme increase in adrenaline flow–thereby mimicking schizophrenia or the like–there was a lot of self-pity going on. I was sure, especially after the encounter in the Brooklyn McDonalds with the funny man who struck up the conversation about assassination, that I was going to get ‘whacked.’ When that didn’t happen, and a few more similar but less dramatic events happened, I became numb to the thought. One gets tired of feeling sorry for oneself, eulogizing yourself.

The point of these exercises are many, but clearly discrediting yourself and being made to feel simultaneously ashamed and to notice that all the people you thought cared about you actually don’t, are two of them. While neither of these thoughts/feelings are entirely valid, the ability to inflict them on a target can be a powerful step in the direction of ‘persistent adversity,’ ‘learned helplessness,’ and the ‘futility’ technique used in torture as reported on recently by Jeff Kaye, Jason Leopold, and Spencer Ackerman. There are parallels between today’s mostly-government done harassment and mostly-government done torture.

In any case, I’m posting this more like a journal entry. Needs to go somewhere and if secrecy can serve the enemies of democracy among us perhaps openness can serve me.

Back in the Spring of 2012, I had decided to make a trek to Canada. You may recall, if you’re a longtime reader, that I stopped off in Kentucky along the way. This, Murray–where I had gone to college–was where I picked up a rental car for the trip. Before leaving the parking lot, I went through two other rental cars, both of which had a several extremely bald tires.

While I was waiting for the car{s} to be ready, I had brunch across the street at a diner, the name of which I have forgotten. By the time I reached my destination in Louisville, I was feeling very ill. I slept sitting up all night because it felt as though I might throw up in my sleep.

The feeling passed, but a few days later, similar happened at a pizza parlor. My dinner companion felt no such similar symptoms. Then still more days later, after having a beer or two in a bar–where the bartender pretended to open the bottle of beer even though I could see he had done so in the back room first–was the third time. There may have been a fourth in Toronto later but it was not as bad.

Note: the bartender and beer probably had nothing to do with it. Look at things like chemtrails. It reminds me of the infamous animal psychology case that launched one expert’s career. A horse always went berserk when it saw a particular colored hat. She investigated and found that the animal had been whipped many times in its stall. Having no idea why it was being whipped, it stared at a post outside the stall upon which hung that color hat. It came to associate the hat with being whipped and so the existence of animal superstition was brought to light.

I think that there is a similar process to thinking chemtrails are poisoning us all, but that is a different topic. The point there being that the likelihood that I would actually catch the real person poisoning me was close to 0%. The bartender may have been bait. They may have hoped for a “there’s something on the wing” type over-reaction, resulting in police forcing me into some sort of psychiatric testing and/or care and/or arrest, depending on how such a thing played out.

But what did follow closely on the heels of having been poisoned three or four times was the chronic cough. I had thought it a harassment technique. I mean, who wants to hire someone who goes into coughing fits periodically? At my age? Doesn’t happen. Not to mention the repeated psychological trauma and covert ops designed to burn all my bridges.

Next I suppose I should explain the healthcare situation. I don’t have any. I paid an extra $95 for last years’ taxes due to not having it and being well under the poverty level in income. It is not automatic, it is not single payer. I think it costs around $400 per month to get it and pay for it yourself, but I don’t know because that is well beyond my means.

The point: I don’t know for certain what the cause of the cough it. I did see a doctor in Canada after getting pink eye–which coincided with the cough beginningeven though the cough came first–and he thought the two related. Pink eye went away, cough did not. Later in Chicago a doctor’s preliminary diagnosis was “likely connected to digestion.”

I think he’s right about that. I think that the “poison,” whatever it was, caused damage and now my esophagus creates excess mucous in order to compensate. There’s a name for this, I discovered recently when someone handed me a pamphlet: G.E.R.D or gastro esophageal reflux disease. I don’t have all of the symptoms, specifically the acid reflux. But I think whatever it is, it is both related to the poisoning and digestion system damage from same.

According to stats, there’s about a 1/3 chance of developing esophageal cancer from GERD. Let’s think about this mathematically and the way that Langley and Pentagon lawyers do.

If someone takes a six-shooter and puts only two bullets in it and pulls the trigger, was it attempted murder? Seems more like reckless endangerment. It is, as is for example the drone memo which relies on the law of two countries that don’t have constitutions, dancing around the legal issues, skirting the edge as closely as possible.

In any case, I don’t know for certain and I know that self-diagnosis is not a good idea. But you do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Who? Well I haven’t picked on ‘Balding’ lately. If there was any truth to the DoJ OIG response letter, then one would likely place him–and ‘Janus’ for that matter–at the Department of Homeland Security. Why not? They’re the ones who clearly had a reason to be involved, eg, the border incident. The street theater, going back to November 2008 with the garbage theft, etc. Assuming all of that was intended for me to see, for what purpose? Why the hidden music CD in the rental car? Etc.?

Because there are no real rules for these people. Not as long as they can convince any interested parties it’s all delusional.

Now on to why they would do this. There are several obvious and some less so reason.

1} To ensure that the odds of my being present for hearings not unlike the Church/Tower ones are minimized.

2} To send a message to everyone about what happens to you when you question the Deep State.

3} To try to root out any support I may have inside the IC, people sympathetic to the Rule of Law, Constitutional rights, etc. *

4} To try to make me desperate enough to do something rash. In point of fact, I also thought I had cancer during the Squidgate trial. Turned out to not be the case.

This last is the ‘walking the plank’ portion of what I’m referring to along with learned helplessness. The point is to convince the target that he or she has nothing to live for. In fact, they are already dying, so why not go out with a bang?

The idea then after that to use as examples to be held up in the news as to why we need fewer rights, why we need more funding for contractors who then feed that money back to the politicians who protect their criminal practices. And, of course, in my case, to try to paint LGBTetc as being as prone to violence as they have Muslims and as they are in the process of doing with African Americans.

That’s how it works. You can’t help wondering, once you’ve seen what they are capable of from a spycraft and brutality standpoint if this isn’t where Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations came from in the first place. They have certainly made a lot of people rich and powerful on the backs of dead Americans, Iraqis, etc.

* Let them look, there aren’t any. You think that if someone is let’s say feeding me inside information via V2K or similar, that that person is a friend? Lol. That person would be making me a target. Don’t really see that as all that friendly.

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